Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Paring-Down the Candidates

Yes, we like what Trump is saying. Yes, we are fed-up with the corruption and incompetence in Washington, DC. Yes, we don't trust EITHER political party because they both lied to us. Yes, we like ANY candidate who is NOT a politician.

However, that limits our choices down to three from 17. OK, that's a more manageable number. We don't have to enumerate all the reasons why we don't like the other 14 Clowns in the race. They are all politicians and that spells it out. Granted, Ted Cruz is more like a non-politician so he may be considered the fourth candidate.

So now we have four. Trump is leading followed by a close Doctor Ben Carson, then Carly Fiorina, and Ted Cruz.

Trump: He's saying what Americans are thinking. He is creating the agenda for HIS ticket. His ideas reflect the silent majority of America. However, he has many views that are NOT too Conservative. The GOP elites have no clue about how to deal with him because he's exposed them for what they are - CHARLATANS and LIARS. Actually both parties are corrupted. Can Trump win the presidential election? His popularity (if you believe the polls) is at about 21%. If this is the criteria, then NO he cannot win. Will Americans trust him in the final analysis? Perhaps not. They have good reasons not to.

Ben Carson: He's a brilliant retired neurosurgeon. He can solve complex problems. He knows that he should surround himself with other brilliant thinkers. His popularity is over 61% but presidents don't win on popularity alone. His message is somewhat different than Trumps and Carson has NEVER supported or admitted to being a Democrat in the past. Dr. Carson DOES support Conservative views. Is he too soft-spoken to become president? Who knows? His debate performance may boost him even higher.

Carly Fiorina: A successful business woman who managed a top level high tech company during a hard economic time. She made her opponents look like amateurs in the first debate. Will the majority of Americans support the first woman to become president? Chances are "NO." However, she could make a perfect Vice Preseident.

Ted Cruz: A Tea Party favorite who actually closed-down the government while defending Conservative principles. Can he get the support from Democrats and Independent voters. That depends on how well he does in the upcoming debates. The GOP elites HATE Cruz and that's a good thing. He's on our side.

The next debate is in less that 2 weeks. Watch and decide if any of these 4 have a chance to gain some advantage.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

DEMOCRATIC Iranian Supporters

You probably haven't heard but there are 10 Democrats who are voting in support of Obama's Nuke Deal with Iran. Well, actually there are more than 10. However, the only problem is that these 10 Democrats have accepted campaign donations from IRANIAN Lobbyists! If these people are representing you, you many want to re-think voting for them next time! They ARE NOT voting as you may wish because they have been "influenced."

Supporters Of IRAN Who Get Money From Iran
They are as follows:

  • Sen. Edward  Markey (MA)
  • Sen. Alan Franken (MN)
  • Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (NH)
  • Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (NY)
  • Sen. Barbara Boxer (CA)
  • Rep. Michael Honda (CA)
  • Rep. André Carson (IN)
  • Rep. Gerald Connolly (VA)
  • Rep. Donna Edwards (MD)
  • Rep. Jackie Speier (CA)

In some circles people who befriend our enemies are sometimes called "Traitors." One thing for certain, they certainly have a conflict of interest in their Nuke deal vote. Let them know how you feel.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The REAL Situation

The Federal Reserve has played all of its cards. They have no more tricks to keep the current economic bubbles from breaking. If they raise the interest rates, that will kill our economy even faster. Meanwhile, Obama and his fellow Democrats are all saying that the economy is rebounding in a positive way. Do you feel that optimistic?

The Federal Reserve and Obama's policies have manipulated the stock market in order to make you think that everything's just rosy. But in fact, you saw what happened to the Dow Jones Average starting on Friday and continued to Monday. A massive sell-off and a drop of over 1,000 points by panicked investors because China's failing economy is collapsing from within under Communist management. That was the warning siren and most people have ignored it as usual.

So today the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) announced that our unsustainable debts will come to fruition in 2018. That's the not bad news. They may be wrong about 2018 because the indicators may be telling us the collapse is starting now.

The Federal Reserve has no idea how to save the economy because of their monitizing our debt. They continue printing our money from thin air causing the slow devaluation of our dollars. That's why your savings accounts only pay 0.01% interest. They are making your money worth less. The government doesn't want you to save. They want you to spend because they can't "fix" the problem - only make it worse with their bungling.

After the CBO's report, it's clear that the ONLY way to "fix" the unsustainable debt is to let it happen - just like Greece. Default on our debts and the whole system will re-set. That would wipe-out our debts and allow the economy to start all over again. GREAT! However, in the mean time what money you do have (whether savings, 401K, mutual funds, etc) will all be wiped-out. NOT-SO-GREAT; That's your contribution to the fix. You will loose everything. Your money will become worthless.

Other than that, have a nice day. Thank the government and the privately owned Federal Reserve for the coming CRASH. It's already started.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Signs of a CRASH

China is in serious economic trouble. It has lowered (devalued) its currency three times in the last week or so. That in-turn has caused the Dow Jones (DJ) Industrial Average to plunge 530 points. So what's the big deal? If you see a drop of 600+ points, that's a CRASH in OUR economy!

We should be aware that the statistics published from China about their economy are bogus, just like our own. They are a Communist country and their leaders will never give accurate stats that would make them look bad to the rest of the world. Neither does Obama by the way!

China devalues their currency because it actually helps boost their economy. They rely a lot on their exports to float their economy. When they devalue their currency, Americans (and the rest of the world), have to pay more for their products. That helps China but hurts the rest of the world.

Countries around the globe are all worried that if the Chinese economy collapses, so will theirs. They have a right to feel this way. China buys things like copper and oil and when they stop buying these commodities, that hurts the countries selling them like Canada, Venezuela and Australia.

Bottom Line
Keep a close watch on the DJ average tomorrow (Monday). If it keeps dropping that's the RED FLAG for our economy. Are you Prepared?

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Fox News - Fair & Balanced?

So you think that there's no agenda on Fox News? Stop and REALLY listen objectively to "news" anchor Shepard Smith. He's not exactly Fair & Balanced when he gives his version of the "news." He always throws-in some snide remarks about Donald Trump thinking that he's being funny. If he disagrees with what he's reporting, he let's you know his opinion while "reporting" the news. What ever happened to just the news?? Skip the BS remarks and try and stay objective.

ALL media is serving us their personalized form of PROPAGANDA - even Fox News. Megyn Kelly is on her second vacation in less that a week or two. She has been absent after clashing with Donald Trump in the first debate. Regardless of what they say at Fox, this is damage control to keep her out of the lime-light for a while until you forget about the bad rap she got after attacking several candidates in the debate as one of the moderators.

Then of course, there's Bill O'Reilly. He's ALWAYS RIGHT and never lets his guests finish a sentence when they deviate from what he believes.

The bottom line: You're all being manipulated by the media - Even Fox News. They are NOT Fair or Balanced. Listen with a clear mind and you will hear their distinct message in their broadcasts.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sanger's Planned Parenthood

Margret Sanger was a Negative Eugenicist. She believed in the "SCIENCE" of improving the human population by controlling breeding to increase the occurrence of more desirable human traits and characteristics.  In other words, preventing the reproduction of what she and others deemed "unfit."

In her book The Morality of Birth Control she divided society into three groups:

  1. The "Educated and Informed Class" that regulated the size of their families
  2. The "Intelligent and Responsible Class" who desired to control the size of their families but don't have the knowledge or the means to do so
  3. The "Irresponsible and Reckless Class" who's lack of scruples prevent their exercising control over their numbers. Sanger states "there is no doubt in the minds of all thinking people that the procreation of this group should be stopped."

Sanger's first clinic was opened in black Harlem, New York.  This site was chosen because of Sanger's negative personal beliefs regarding the black population concentrated there. Sanger's writings verbalized her ideas about the inferiority and loose morality of particular races.  This was the first birth control clinic in the USA.  Later, it became known as the Planned Parenthood Federation of America - or just "Planned Parenthood."

Planned Parenthood performs over 700,000 abortions each year.  It is noteworthy that most of the 700 clinics are located in poor minority neighborhoods across the US.  So Sanger's ideas and philosophy continue today.  Provide abortions aimed at the "Irresponsible and Reckless Class."

The uninformed population is misinformed into believing that Planned Parenthood is a good thing, when in fact, Planned Parenthood is committing genocide aimed at minorities to keep their numbers in check.

After seeing that Planned Parenthood is also selling human body parts, we as a nation must HALT ALL FUNDING to this BARBARIAN ORGANIZATION!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Guest Article on the HOAX of Climate Change

Climate Change: The HOAX that Costs Us $Billion a Day
By: James Delingpole

"The global climate change industry is worth an annual $1.5 trillion, according to Climate Change Business Journal. That’s the equivalent of $4 billion a day spent on vital stuff like carbon trading, biofuels, and wind turbines. Or — as Jo Nova notes — it’s the same amount the world spends every year on online shopping.

But there’s a subtle difference between these two industries — the global warming one and the online shopping one. Can you guess what it is?

Well, it’s like this. When you go to, say, Charles Tyrwhitt to buy a nice, smart shirt, or Amazon to buy the box set of Game of Thrones, or to replace your girlfriend’s worn out rabbit, no one is holding a gun to your head. You are buying these things of your own free volition either for yourself or for someone you love. You have paid for them, out of your own money, because you have made the calculation that they will make your life that little bit better. Better than it would, say, if you’d kept the money in your bank account or spent it on something less desirable — a novelty dog poo ornament, say, or a handknitted sweater with Jimmy Savile’s face on it and “I HEART paedos” picked out in gold lamé lettering.

When, on the other hand, you buy stuff from the climate change industry, you have no choice in the matter whatsoever. It’s already priced into your taxes, your electricity bills, the cost of your petrol, the cost of your airfare, the cost of every product you buy and every service you use. It is utterly inescapable, this expenditure. Yet unlike your online shopping — which, remember, costs roughly the same as you spend each year on the climate change industry — you get precisely nothing in return.

No, it’s worse than that. You get less than nothing. You get stuff forced on you that you really don’t want: bat-chomping, bird-slicing eco-crucifixes looming on your horizon, keeping you awake, trashing  your property values; fields of solar panels where they used to grow wheat or you used to walk your dog; prissy missives from your local council expecting you to be grateful for the fact that now you’ve got to separate your trash into seven different recycling bags rather than the previous five, and that they’re only going to collect your rubbish once a fortnight instead of once a week; teachers filling your kids’ heads with junk science propaganda; free parking slots for electric cars you don’t own but which you subsidise for richer friends who do; feel-bad nature documentaries about how it’s all your fault that this stuff “may” soon disappear; energy-saving lightbulbs that take your nocturnal home back to the kind of sepulchral gloom Western civilisation thought it had bade farewell to in the 1890s; the Prius, the car which recalls the style and comfort of the cars the fall of the Berlin Wall was supposed to have ended; yawning gaps where used to grow the woods which have been chopped down and chipped to create biomass for burning in power stations which used to run more cheaply and efficiently on coal…

Then there are the people who benefit financially from this $1.5 trillion climate change industry: the carbon traders; the dodgy academics; the vulture capitalists pecking on the bloated carcass of renewable energy; the environmental NGOs; the environmental consultancies who specialise in giving “expert” testimony at planning appeals, arguing on the most spurious grounds that no the bats and birds in this area aren’t going to be affected by this new wind turbine they’re going to be happier than ever no really; the sustainability officers at every level of local government; the green advisers attached to every business who advise them how to reduce their CO2 count; the PR companies that specialise in green awareness; Dale Vince….

These people do not deserve your money. Not a penny, a cent, or a sou of it.

Look, I don’t begrudge anyone the right to earn a living — just so long as they’re providing someone, somewhere with something they actually need. Not a single person working in the climate change industry fulfils this criterion. Not one. If you scrapped Michael Mann’s job tomorrow the world would not suffer the slightest loss and science would be all the better for it.

Sure, you might argue, there’s some kind of trickledown effect as the money we’re force to pay these shysters and bludgers and charlatans and scroungers via various taxes and tariffs feeds back into the economy. But you could make the same argument were these people paid the same amount of money by the government to dig holes in the ground and fill them up again — which would be a vastly preferable use of tax payer money because then these utterly useless parasites would be reminded every day how pointless the “work” they do actually is, whereas as things are, many of them suffer under the delusion that their green non-jobs are somehow virtuous and important.

In the headline I call the climate change industry a hoax. That’s because, on any objective level it is. I don’t mean that all the scientists and businesses and politicians promoting it are abject  liars — just most of them, even if it means that in order to keep earning their living they have to be dishonest with themselves about something they know in their hearts not to be true.

Alex Epstein, author of the Moral Case For Fossil Fuels, sets out the fundamental problem with the climate change industry here:

..Increasing the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere from 0.03 per cent to 0.04 per cent has not caused and is not causing catastrophic runaway global warming. Dishonest references to “97 per cent of scientists” equate a mild warming influence, which most scientists agree with and more importantly can demonstrate, with a catastrophic warming influence – which most don’t agree with and none can demonstrate.

That’s it. If you accept the validity of that statement — and how can you not: it is unimpeachably accurate and verifiable — then it follows that the $1.5 trillion global warming industry represents the most grotesque misuse of manpower and scarce resources in the history of the world."