Sunday, March 27, 2016

Privacy Invasion or Police State?

It Never Stops
If you  think your privacy IS important, then pay attention. Law enforcement is "DEMANDING" people who have private DNA databases to yield their information for the new POLICE STATE that is growing in the US. Much like the Apple computer fiasco, police are overstepping their authority by commanding cooperation with no legal basis for doing so. Apple refuses to give police the "key" to unlock their phones.

Police departments across the US are aware that thousands of individuals have paid $200 to $300 to have their genetic material analyzed to determine family lineage. is one of the most popular of these entities. Ancestry has cooperated with police and released genetic details on several customers whom the police were interested in investigating. They did so without asking for the customer's permission. Where's the privacy protection? There is NONE!

The police can and do, use this information much like fingerprints at crime scenes to prosecute individuals. It's like the "black box" that's installed in all new cars. The recorded information can, and IS used in accident cases AGAINST the drivers.

OK, you say you have nothing to hide because you're NOT a criminal. That's NOT the point! What's happening is the blatant deterioration of your privacy and the destruction of the 4th Amendment (ILLEGAL SEARCH AND SEIZURE). The police in these examples do NOT have any search warrants and are truly INVADING individual privacy unilaterally. AND, the bad thing is that the companies who have your private information are freely giving it to the police.

Bottom Line
Don't pay to have your genetic material analyzed. It can be used against you without ANY LEGAL MEANS! Insurance companies would LOVE to know your genetic information so they can raise your rates because of risk of specific diseases. They may be the next to "demand" your information.

Why take the risk?

Sunday, March 20, 2016

GOP Elites Continue to Ignore

This past week the Republican Party leadership IGNORED their constituents AND their Conservative principles. They sold-out their Republican base and allowed Obama's choice for Education Secretary.

John King is a staunch supporter of Common Core in spite of the fact that Conservatives want the States in charge of their own education curriculum. Thank Mitch McConnell once again for being Obama's best buddy.

Under McConnell and John Boehner (both TRAITORs to Conservative principles), the US Congress dropped their promise to lower spending by passing the Omnibus Spending bill. They funded ObamaCare and allowed it to expand coverage for ILLEGALS. They refused to pass Kate's Law because it may offend ILLEGALS. They renewed the Patriot Act which STEALS personal freedoms for the sake of protection. They renewed the National Defense Authorization Act that ILLEGALLY gives our military the power to arrest US citizens and hold them indefinitely without benefit of a lawyer.

Yes, Congress has been busy. The Establishment continues to drive America into the ground and there is NO ACCOUNTABILITY for their incompetent actions.

SO when you have a chance to vote, this is your last chance to try and fix the problems facing the nation. VOTE-OUT ALL INCUMBENTS. If they have served more that 2 terms, they all need to go. They are the reason America is going in the WRONG DIRECTION. Don't keep re-electing these BASTARDS!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Choose Wisely - NOT Emotionally

Voting based on ANGER is NOT the best way to select your presidential candidate. In fact, it's dangerous. Hold-on. We're ALL MAD at the establishment politicians in both parties. We have good reason for this. They are corrupt, greedy, and power hungry. They have all betrayed their constituents and we are finally so upset that we are NOT thinking but letting our emotions rule instead.

We have candidates on both sides that we would probably NEVER consider if we weren't so disgusted with the establishment politicians. That alone should run-up the RED Flag. However, primary voters (so far) are NOT thinking. That's the problem.

On the Democrat side we have a Socialist Senator who wants to give everybody everything and make a small percentage pay for it. The other candidate is NOT trustworthy and is being seriously being investigated for possible federal crimes. The Republicans have reduced their numbers to three contenders. One establishment candidate who supports AMNESTY, one who was a Democrat and donated to many LIBERALS over the years. That one doesn't discuss his support for the Constitution. He avoids it. The other candidate has no friends in the Senate because he has defended the Constitution which they continueally keep trashing.

If you actually stop and think, you may surprise yourself at your candidate selection. Does your choice candidate fit with your political views. What is their history? What is their temperament? Why do you REALLY like them? Are they truly suited to be in charge of our nuclear weapons? Do they have a BAD temper? Are they "presidential?"

Some of the candidates have no real clue (even though they project that they do) about the specifics of the issues. Do they answer tough questions or do they beat around the bush by avoiding them? Listen carefully because the future of America depends on your selection.

The bottom line is don't be fooled again. America is at a turning point and we need someone who will protect your liberties and your freedoms while defending the Constitution. Of the three candidates, there IS one that fits the bill.

Choose wisely.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

We've Been Duped

Seriously, do you actually believe that Justice Scalia died from "natural causes"? The first thing reported concerning his death was "There was no foul play." REALLY? Isn't a death of a famous and important person usually announced saying that it "appears" as though they died of natural causes. We are usually given the benefit of the doubt until we see the results of an autopsy.

They found him with a pillow over his head. Don't you think that's a bit unusual?

The next thing that makes this look bad is the fact that NO DOCTOR ever looked at Scalia's body. They just announced that he died from a "heart attack." How do they know this if the body was NEVER examined? A Crystal Ball?

Motives for Murder
What are the motives to kill Scalia? Justice Scalia was going to participate on these rulings:

  •  A case that would either reinforce ObamaCare or not.
  •  A case that challenges Obama forcing religious affiliations to provide birth control
  •  An affirmative action case from the University of Texas
  •  A case involving non-union members being forced to support a union they didn't like
  •  A ruling on the Death Penalty
  •  A ruling on at least one case regarding Abortion

Other than that, there are no motives by anyone on the LEFT for getting rid of a man who strongly supported the Constitution. Think about it!

We're being duped. It's just that simple.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Media Manipulation

It's quite apparent that the media is controlling the presidential elections to the best of their ability. Control the media and you control the public.  For example, they excluded Carly Fiorina from the top tier debates based on their criteria.  Then they dropped her from competing altogether.  Score one for the media.  Voters had no input.  The media made that decision for you!

Trump got it right when he said that the debate audiences were stacked with political donors.  Last night's debate clearly had an audience that was Pro-Rubio.  They boo'd Trump several times and applauded Rubio often.  So who are the audience members?  How do they get their tickets?  Where do they come from?  Should you be concerned?  Yes!

Another example of media controlling presidential campaigns is this:  The Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) sponsored the last Democratic Debates.  PBS is a by a TAXPAYER funded corporation.  Why should we foot the bill?  REALLY?  AND, more importantly, how come there have been no Democratic debates sponsored by Fox News? The results of the Democratic debates would have a different outcome.

Speaking of the last Democratic debates, we observed that Rachel Maddow (an MSNBC moderator) actually showed her bias when she hugged Hillary and Bernie after the debate process. Incidentally, there were NO questions directed to Hillary about her FBI investigation and the alleged violations of nation security laws. This is a method of protecting their favorite candidate. So much for their least favorite - Bernie.

Conclusion: Don't be fooled by the PROPAGANDA we are being fed. It's a dog-and-pony-show, but you're not supposed to notice.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

GOP Debate

Last night was important. John Kasich said earlier that he should run as a Democrat. He's right, because he sounds just like one! He supports Common Core, Planned Parenthood, and other popular Leftist positions. Thanks John for making that all clear last night. We now know that you're REALLY a Moderate Democrat in Republican clothes. Go join Hillary and Bernie where you belong.

The BIGGEST LOOSER was RINO Rubio. We don't feel too sad about that because he betrayed the Tea Party voters who elected him to the US Senate. Rubio worked with the Gang of Eight to pass legislation that gives AMNESTY to ILLEGALS. Rubio hasn't ANY good explanation for this support. When he realized that he lost Tea Party supporters, he dumped the idea. He has no scruples! Last night Rubio showed that he cannot think on his feet. He looked like a deer in the headlights and was dumbfounded. He couldn't carry on a conversation because he was programed to give specific talking points no matter what happened. It didn't work. When challenged with questions he couldn't answer, he kept repeating the same rehearsed non-answer. It was so obvious, that it was embarrassing. Oh well. That should help him get knocked-down a notch or two where he belongs. He's NOT qualified to become President.

This ties-in together with Rubio's recent political endorsements. For example, Rick Santorum on live TV, couldn't list ANY achievements by Rubio as Senator! That's some endorsement! Perhaps it's because he has NONE! That makes you wonder what favors Rubio is calling-in from the Establishment GOP to help give him a boost in a close contest. The Establishment sees that their number one (JEB BUSH) is doing poorly and so they are now helping their OTHER Establishment candidate (Rubio). If you don't like career politicians, then Rubio should be off your list.

Trump on the other hand, didn't damage himself even though he managed to insult the audience a couple of times. They answered Trump with boos, which he sloughed-off. In spite of an argument with Bush over eminent domain, Trump succeeded in doing a decent job debating.

Ted Cruz clearly explained what happened in Iowa dispelling the Media's misrepresentation of the facts. He publicly and sincerely apologized to Ben Carson for the improprieties directed towards Carson in the Iowa Caucuses, showing Cruz has some class. Cruz did well and should be happy with his performance.

Other than one challenge against Trump, Jeb Bush did OK, but seriously, he doesn't have a chance at the nomination. He has oodles of money because he is the Establishment's first choice and that's the main reason why people don't like him! He's already bough and paid for and is part of the problem. He's a career politician and people don't want that this time around.

Chris Christie totally surprised Rubio and showed how he has way more energy than most other candidates - except Trump. However, Christie won't make the final cut either. Too little - too late. He was great in showing Rubio's weaknesses, but that won't be enough for him to win the nomination.

Ben Carson complained about the improprieties in Iowa (directed at Cruz). Other than that,  he made no significant remarks that would give him the help he desperately needs to move up. Sorry Ben, you're a man of integrity, but that's not enough to get to the White House this time around.

So it still looks like Trump is on top. Time will tell.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Master Manipulator

Don't look now, but you're being hoodwinked once again. The Trump campaign announced that he would NOT attend the Thursday evening debate because he doesn't want Megyn Kelly to moderate because she's unfair to him. REALLY? What's he REALLY afraid of?

Fox News refused to replace Kelly. (Good for them!)

Today we see Donald Trump polling on the Internet asking his followers if he should attend the debate. He's jerking us all around while getting free airtime and free publicity.

Let's face it, he is MANIPULATING the media and YOU once again. Is this the type of temperament we want to see displayed from the White House? Trump may be masterful in getting his own way, but what happens when he doesn't? Looks like he throws a HISSY FIT.

Can we trust Trump after this unscrupulous behavior?? Does he belong in charge of the nuclear codes?

When he shows up tomorrow, we will have proof that it was all a SHAM.