Wednesday, July 30, 2014

This Isn't America Any More

Have you been paying attention to what's happening around you lately? You should. The America that we grew-up with is gone. There are many examples to illustrate this point.

  • Obama says to Muslims that their "many achievements and contributions to building the very fabric of our nation." Muslims had little to do with the founding of this great country. This should INSULT ALL RED-BLOODED Americans. 
  • Nancy Pelosi says that "Hamas is a humanitarian organization." REALLY? Then why do they have rockets and missiles? Why even our own State Department labels Hamas as a "TERRORIST" organization. A top Democrat supports genocide?
  • All US Senate Democrats want to give AMNESTY to ILLEGALS. Incidentally, 50% of ILLEGALS are receiving welfare, food stamps, or other free benefits for sponging off US taxpayers.
  • Secretary of State John Kerry trashed our ally Israel in trying to broker a cease-fire with Hamas.
  • Secretary Kerry gave Hamas $47 MILLION dollars for humanitarian purposes. A week later, Hamas brokers a deal with North Korea to buy missiles, rockets, and other weapons.
  • Obama uses the EPA to "REGULATE" the coal-fired plants out of existence - raising the price of electricity to a new high.
  • Obama is about to give blanket AMNESTY to ALL ILLEGALS without anyone's approval.
  • Obama released 5 of the WORST TERRORISTS from Gitmo saying they were no threat to America.

The examples are endless under this administration. If you still Care about America, you need to stand-up and voice your opinion and help take-back America.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Americans STILL Don't Get It

When it comes to Obama, you have to watch his actions and NOT listen to his words. He does this all the time. He says one thing and then does just the opposite. His latest action is quite despicable.

Obama ALWAYS chooses the WRONG SIDE. He always supports our enemies and disses our friends. He did it in Libya with the Muslim Brotherhood and now he gave Hamas $47,000,000. Last time we looked, Hamas is a TERRORIST ORGANIZATION. Would someone tell him that they will NOT use it for humanitarian reasons?

Want the proof? OK, then be aware that right after getting the $47 MILLION Hamas just made a deal to buy rockets and weapons from the North Koreans.

Wake up America. You're being led by the Pied Piper of the White House and you're marching along with him to your own destruction.

The latest news flash is that the White House is scaring DEMs by telling them that the GOP wants to IMPEACH their GREAT LEADER. This helps worry DEMs into donating money to save those who are in deep trouble in the November elections.

The strategy is to get the GOP to begin Impeachment proceedings before the November elections. That way, they may maintain control of the Senate. OK, so let's just wait four more months, win control of the US Senate, and THEN IMPEACH OBAMA!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Time to Be Scared

Our southern borders are being overrun by ILLEGALS from Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala and the Obama administration (a polite way of saying OBAMA) does NOTHING to protect Americans. It's no wonder that almost half of Americans believe that Obama is NOT an American citizen. He refuses to live up to his oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution and the citizens of the USA.

Inactions ARE decisions. When Obama does NOTHING that is a decision. Call it whatever you like - incompetence or HIS plan. His modus operandi is to wait, wait, wait, give a non-threatening speech, and then call for an investigation with hopes that whatever it discovers, it will go away after people forget about it. His "investigations" always take forever, and have no conclusions because they are being conducted by his life-long friend Eric Holder (his Attorney General & Law breaker). They are a great team and work together to protect one another.

Since there is more campaign fund-raising than there is managing the position of the leader of the free world, Americans had better become scared. Obama is on the record for saying that he can do whatever he wants BECAUSE HE's the President.

It looks like things will be getting much worse because of his PISS-ASS ARROGANCE towards America and Americans in general.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Just Say "NO"

More and more towns across America are discovering that YOUR government is literally DUMPING unwanted ILLEGAL children into their towns. Most are never notified that the government is dumping, they just arrive and are let go.

The latest town to receive the Obama Surprise is Lynn, Massachusetts. City officials state that the recent influx of ILLEGALS has stressed and overwhelmed every service from "trash to healthcare."

Lynn's mayor states that because we have no way of knowing how old the teens are, they are being placed into ninth grade classes.  They are also besieged with multiple health issues.  ILLEGALS are bringing multiple serious diseases and infections - ranging from tuberculosis to MURS.

The city is running out of money and cannot afford to continue this wrongful DUMPING.

Action To Take
When the government shows-up with a bus load or plane full of ILLEGALS protest loudly and do NOT let them unload their trouble into your towns.

Just say "NO."

Sunday, July 13, 2014

American Injustice

Obama has decided that it's OK to allow ILLEGALS to use the US airlines without having to show any identification. Meanwhile, the rest of us have to be forced to prove who we are. ILLEGALS just show their government paper that ICE gives them and they are free to travel ANYWHERE they want on the airlines.  Here is the document they have:

Incidentally, this document does NOT verify any of the information that the ILLEGALS put on these documents. They can lie about their age, the reason why they are here, or anything else. It is NOT a form of identification. It is a JOKE!

What this translates into is that Obama's ILLEGALS have more personal freedoms than we do. If you don't see the injustice and believe that this is just a humanitarian issue, then keep drinking the Kool Aid. Everyone traveling by air must show a valid government identification - unless you're an ILLEGAL. They you have the privilege of being treated differently.

This Obama directive violates the immigration laws. The Obama government also violates the law by literally DUMPING ILLEGALS into towns all across the nation. This forces the local governments to become responsible for people who do NOT belong here. Local governments will have to pick-up the tab for the ILLEGALS healthcare, education, welfare and on and on. No one pays for these people - except the American taxpayers. AND that (unfortunately), is only 50% of Americans because the rest do NOT pay taxes!

The Obama government is literally allowing an INVASION of America without doing anything to protect its citizens. Obama refuses to order the National Guard to protect our borders. No borders translate into no Sovereignty. No Sovereignty means NO COUNTRY. This is the DEATH of America and Obama knows it. Not only is this wrong, it's impossible to justify.


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

"I Have a Pen & a Phone..."

One of the main responsibilities of the President of the United States is to protect all Americans from foreign invasions. That's the main reason for having a strong military. OK, we have that box checked-off, but we have a President who is ignoring his oath of office.

Obama swore to defend both the constitution and the people of the land. He has failed on both counts.

There is an INVASION taking place on our borders. All Obama has to do is to close the borders using the National Guard using his pen. Oh, that's right, Obama already told us that the borders are safe. That was just another LIE.

It doesn't take a wacky person to see that Obama is following Cloward & Piven and Saul Alinsky's strategies to collapse the system by overloading it. Anyone who can read (Rules for Radicals), knows that this is exactly what Obama is doing. He used to teach these very same principles before becoming President. Simply look at his actions, or in this case, his inactions. By doing nothing to secure our borders, Obama IS making a decision to allow the INVASION to continue. Don't listen to his rhetoric, watch what he does. People label him as incompetent, but he's not. He's doing what he can to collapse America anyway he can.

Obama is a master of the smoke & mirror. He blathers what the folks want to hear, and then does whatever HE wants - even if it violates the Constitution & his oath of office. There are too many examples of this to continue ignoring those facts.

Unfortunately, we have a lack-luster congress who prefers to hide behind his inactions and unlawful actions when they could try and hold him accountable. House Speaker, John Boehner said today that there will be "NO IMPEACHMENT." What this means is "NO Checks-and-Balances" as usual.

What a wuss!

If your job performance matched that of Obama's or Boehner's, you would have been fired a long time ago.

We need to DUMP the TRASH in congress this coming November. Vote-Out the RINOS and replace them with people who's goal is to defend AND protect the Constitution. And we certainly should DUMP all Democrats because they all voted for ObamaCare.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

"So Sue Me"

House Speaker John Boehner has threatened to sue President Obama for all of his violations of the law and his oath of office. Good luck on that one. Obama has already figured that one out and defiantly and arrogantly told Boehner to go ahead, "So sue me."

Obama knows that if the court takes the case he has better than a 50/50 chance of winning and Boehner losing. Why? Because the courts have no power to punish Obama if they find him guilty of violating the law. Obama can continue on his reckless path of implementing "regulations" and writing more "Executive Orders" without impunity.

The Founding Fathers never anticipated that we could have an Imperial President like Obama. They never considered what to do with a President who disobeys the law. So when John Boehner threatens to sue Obama, good luck!

The only way to correct the situation, is Impeachment. Thank God the Founders DID think of that one! The only way to be successful with this endeavor is to first gain control over the United States Senate. That way there WILL be enough votes to actually get Obama out-of-office against his will. And while they're at it, they should also Impeach Eric Holder for many of the same reasons. Get rid of them both so they cannot do any more harm to America.

It's up to you America. If you love your country, you can't just sit there and watch Obama and his minions destroy it.