Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Bye, Bye Ben

The real turning point were the Paris attacks. They made it abundantly clear that our next President better be knowledgeable on foreign affairs. We cannot just elect a person with integrity, or the fact that they are a "nice person."

Unfortunately, Ben Carson doesn't have ANY experience with foreign affairs. He readily admits that and that's OK. At least he's honest. After donating to his campaign, it's hard to "jump ship."

Ben's low-profile personality is also somewhat of a liability. His soft-spoken way may be misleading to ISIS and the other people in the world who want to hurt/harm Americans. We have seen what a weak president has done for our world-wide image. People around the globe no longer respect America, the president, or Americans. Thank Obama for that. He is the WORST president in American history and he really doesn't care. He has caused more damage to America than any president.

His goal is to let the Middle East fester into a big mess (perhaps World War III) and to weaken the USA because of his perceived views of our colonial past. His words are meaningless. Obama lies all the time. You should instead, watch HIS actions instead.

   We need a STRONG leader - not another community organizer or scandal-ridden and dishonest person like Hillary. My current hope is the Ted Cruz will get the Republican nomination. He has a tenacious record of supporting Conservative values and the Tea Party ideals.

What do you think?

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Just Say NO!

Why does Obama want to receive Muslim refugees in the Christian USA when there are over 50 other Muslim countries where they could easily be assimilated?

When your LIBERAL friends give you the argument that America should NOT be divided by citing the growing list of states that are refusing to take Syrian "refugees." Return their SPIN argument with the fact that there are over 300 US cities that call themselves "Sanctuary Cities" who IGNORE federal immigration laws. Ask LIBERALS why are they allowed to continue breaking the laws?

Don't tolerate the PROPAGANDA being perpetrated by the LEFT about it's Un-American to refuse refugees. The White House remains secretive when placing Syrians and other ILLEGAL immigrants. They neglect to tell the city officials, the state's governor, or the local police departments of their new residents. They just drop them off and walk away.

That sounds pretty Un-American now doesn't it? This has to stop because it is a direct THREAT to our public safety.

DEMAND it to stop now.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Push Back or Loose It All

How long will it take before the Secular Progressives attack Thanksgiving? Who knows? One thing for sure, they have already begun to attack Christmas and Christians. Anything that Progressives don't like becomes "offensive." Every year more and more attacks on Christmas come from them. You can't say "Merry Christmas" because it hurts someone's feelings. Well, GET OVER IT!

Progressives respond by calling you names like Bigot, Racist, Homophobic, Islamophobic and so on. They never allow any discussion on ANY topic that distracts from THIER agenda. They are negating free speech as illustrated clearly at the University of Missouri protests.

Well it's time to stop and take a stand and let Secular Progressives know that WE ARE OFFENDED with their Political Correctness. Stop trying to destroy American traditions and American history. We are offended and have ZERO TOLERANCE to your stupidity!

If we don't push-back, we will loose to their totalitarian agenda.

Wake up and start standing-up for your personal freedoms or loose them.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

"ISIS is Contained"

The same day that the terrorists attacked the city of Paris, Obama was touting that ISIS was "contained." Now we all know better. Keep in mind that Obama is "the leader of the free world." His statement shows that he's either totally out of it or he doesn't give a crap about America's national defense. Doesn't that bother you? It should!

Europe has had open borders for several years. Instead of learning from someone else's mistakes, Obama now wants to speed-up admitting Syrian "refugees" into American cities. (It should be duly noted that one of the Paris TERRORISTS was from Syria - what a surprise). Hey, that makes perfect sense if you're supporting TERRORIST attacks here in America. So who's side is Obama REALLY ON?

Is Obama a humanitarian like the Europeans, or is he supporting TERRORISM? You decide. No one can be THAT STUPID! One thing for sure, he's NOT looking out for Americans by these actions.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Debate Last Night

Last night's debate helped voters see GOP candidates actual positions. One thing made clear was that John Kasich was in the wrong debate panel. He belongs in the Democratic debate panel which is scheduled for this Saturday.

Not only was Kasich extremely rude to moderators and to fellow candidates, but he made it clear that he supports the LIBERAL views on bailing-out banks, giving AMNESTY to ILLEGALS, and by supporting Common Core. AND, if he says that his father worked as a mailman one more time, he will re-define redundancy.

In brief, John Kasich is NOT a Conservative. He calls himself a "Republican" and masquerades as one. Another word for that behavior is a RINO.

The other candidate who did just the opposite, was Marco Rubio. Rubio's performance was stellar. BEWARE! Recall that Rino Rubio was a member of the Gang of Eight who tried and failed to grant AMNESTY for ILLEGALS. They also supported OPEN BORDERS. Rubio is also a BIG SPENDER who likes expanding our debt for new unfunded programs.

Although Rubio did well in last night's debates, voters should NOT forget that he has flip-flopped on immigration when he realized that he was loosing voters. Haven't we learned NOT to be fooled by a US Senator who is a great public speaker? We have suffered for the last 6+ years because of this mistake. Don't make it again with Rino Rubio.

Anyone who watched last night can draw their own conclusions. One thing for sure, it ain't over till it's over.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Business As Usual

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

We now have a new House Speaker. He's just another RINO. And you wonder what's wrong with Congress and their low approval ratings. Gee, what a surprise. Paul Ryan makes John Boehner look almost like a conservative.

Ryan supports Open Borders and AMNESTY for ILLEGALS. What else do you have to know?

Don't expect things to change any time soon in Washington, DC. Americans are screwed again by the Washington elites who are the problem. Their corruption gets in the way of representing the people who elect them to office.

Isn't it time to WAKE UP and quit re-electing these guys making them "Career Politicians?"

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Too BIG to Jail

Why is it OK for a politician who has broken the law NOT to be held accountable? Lois Lerner did and this is happening again before your eyes with Hillary Clinton. The FBI is investigating her for felonies she committed as Secretary of State.

Hillary LIED about not having any classified emails on her home server. She jeopardized national security by doing so. She lied about Benghazi. General David Petraeus did far less than Hillary and he was not only prosecuted, demoted, and fined, but his career and reputation was destroyed as well. Hillary deserves the same treatment.

Apparently, if you are the retired First Lady, you are exempt from the law. Is that fair? Is there a second set of rules for First Ladies than there is for citizen pawns? Where does it say that in the laws of the land? It doesn't.

Hillary is literally getting away with murder (Benghazi), lying, and deceiving the American public. Shouldn't that alone disqualify her from running for public office? What about INTEGRITY? Shouldn't that be a qualification for ANYONE who holds public office - let alone the Presidency?

The laws and rules should apply to ALL citizens of the land.