Saturday, June 1, 2013

Boycott Staples

When ANY company comes up with a political position, they had better beware if it violates the Constitution. Consumers are not dumb shoppers. Case in point: STAPLES Office Supply stores.

It seems that Staples equates drug dealers to gun owners and gun stores. They refuse to recognize the difference. In their latest contest, they refused participation of a gunsmith with the following letter of refusal:

"We're sorry, but your small business entry into the Staples PUSH It Forward Contest has been rejected for the following reason(s): Entry contains content that promotes alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco, firearms/weapons (or the use of the foregoing);  promotes any activities that may appear unsafe or dangerous; promotes any particular political agenda or message; is obscene or offensive; or endorses any form of hate or hate group."

To clarify: Staples does NOT want ANYTHING to do with you if your business promotes drugs OR firearms.

Staples equates these two things as equals. They see no difference between these two things. Staples ignores our American heritage. Staples ignores the 2nd Amendment. Staples is AGAINST the Bill of Rights.

People, it's time to shop elsewhere. Don't support un-American vendors.

Friday, May 31, 2013

How Many More Scandals?

Seriously, how many more scandals will it take before Americans wake-up and come to realize that their government is the most corrupt in our nation's history? There are now rumors starting about the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as being involved in their own scandal.

La, la, la, la, la. People keep going on with their lives like NOTHING is happening. Look around, it's all there in your face America. Our Attorney General, chief law enforcer, has perjured himself and no one seems to give a care. Here we have the number one lawman lying over and over under oath. Talk to the hand. La, la, la, la, la, la.

We have a major government cover-up with the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi. They don't want us to know why our ambassador was in Libya. He was there to buy-back our stinger missiles from Al Qaeda - our enemies. NO WONDER it was no one's fault. Obama didn't know, Hillary Clinton didn't know, but they lied & told us that it was because of some lame video. Americans believed it. Corruption is rampant.

We have the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) harassing, threatening, and punishing Obama's opponents. No one knows who's responsible, or they had no knowledge of these criminal actions. Even the people who were in charge, got promotions. They did nothing wrong, but took the 5th Amendment to protect themselves. Americans continue on in their La, la, la, la, la, la lives.

After 157 visits to the White House by the IRS Director Shulman, Obama knew nothing about the IRS's breaking the law and he's "outraged." REALLY? He probably ordered it! Do you think that we're THAT STUPID? The IRS touches everyone. People had better care about his scandal.

There really is little hope for a country of minions who all walk blindly following one of America's most evil and corrupt Presidents. Forget the media, because they are also
hypnotized too.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


A picture is worth a 1,000 words:

Hey, isn't it time for another taxpayer-funded extravagant vacation?

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

If Holder Goes...

So what if Attorney General Eric Holder gets fired or even prosecuted? Do you think that will change anything? Obama will hire a clone of Holder so he can continue with his "Fundamental Change" of OUR country - AMERICA!

The problem isn't just with the Attorney General. It's in the White House. The old adage says that "the fish rots from the head down." This is true for our government as well. You can't believe that all departments just decide to go crazy and do illegal things on their own. That's just NOT feasible. When a government gets too big for itself, that's because it is being directed to do so from the top. Government agencies don't go rogue on their own. They are encouraged to do their thing while the President looks the other way. This is the reality of our current situation.

Example: The IRS Director visited the White House 118 times after Obama was elected in 2008. You mean to say that Obama knew NOTHING about the IRS activities? This is highly improbable. And yet, Obama claims total innocence.

Look at the house of cards that this administration has built. Obama realizes that he will go down as a failure if he admits ANY connections with all the scandals. So instead, he blathers that he's concerned and that he will not tolerate any of these scandals. He promises to fix things.

One thing: He NEVER does anything of the kind. Instead he lets things fade-away until the American public forgets about it. Sad, but true. That's how Obama has gotten away with so many infractions and abuses of his office.

But this time, the IRS scandal is eroding the public's confidence in him. And it should. Obama is using the power of HIS office to attack his political enemies. The American public realizes that this abuse of power could also be used against them! With any luck, one of the whistle blowers will show us that Obama IS involved. This will result in the collapse of this unprecedented abuse of Presidential power in the history of the United States.

Keep the pressure on your representatives to investigate and PROSECUTE those who have committed crimes. And, if necessary, go all the way to the TOP. No one is above the law.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Barry's Decaying World

The IRS New Image

Obama's Interpretation of the 1st


What Scandal?

Free Press

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Dumb & Dumber

Dumbing-Down Is a Fact
New study shows that the general level of intelligence in the Western Hemisphere has declined in the last 100 years. The study refers to the adage to "respect your elders" and now there's a good reason to do so.

What this study shows is that the average IQ (intelligence quotient) has dropped by over 14 points in the last 100 years. They attribute this loss to the idea that the movement towards more "stupidity" is caused by the trend that smarter women are having fewer babies, while lower intelligent women are having more babies.

What they don't report is that over 70% of those babies being born by "lower intelligent" mothers are born into homes with only one parent. Without the benefit of two parents, this must also have a serious impact on the potential intelligence of these children, as well as having a significant cultural impact.

What the study also omits is the impact of Progressivism. The Progressive ideology tries to lower intelligence as well. Instead of teaching students how to think, they are taught to become part of the collective. This makes them more dependent on government and does not promote self-sufficiency. Instead of learning that not everyone can win, students are taught that everyone gets a trophy. Everyone becomes a "winner." This actually diminishes self-esteem and contributes to worsening the situation. This is the dumbing-down impact of Political Correctness (PC). It not only helps lower IQ but helps destroy traditional values and American culture, as well. That's the goal!

When you see the average "man in the street interview" it becomes absolutely clear that here in America, people are quite STUPID - especially on matters of Constitutional freedom, politics, government, and liberty.

Is it too late? Maybe. Will more people decide to home school their children to avoid this indoctrination? Probably not. Will Americans recognize this problem and try to fix it? It's hard to believe this when average IQs are 14 points lower. They can't even recognize that there IS a problem.

Time will tell if we are doomed.