Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sold Down The River AGAIN!

House GOP & DEMs Pass Patriot Act Extension HR514
When you weren't looking, Congress sold-out your liberty this past week. It's hard to believe, but last Thursday Congress (the House of Representatives) just agreed to extend the Patriot Act until June 2015! Both Democrats and Republicans voted in favor to abolish YOUR LIBERTIES without flinching! Funny how the Left-Wing media forgot to report this as NEWS! This bill allows the Federal government to do the following:
  • Get roving wiretaps without a judge intervening.

  • Seize ANY tangible things "relevant" to the security of their ILLEGAL investigation (like your computers, bank records, medical records phone records, etc.)

  • Get national wiretaps without a judge intervening.

  • Order you to remain silent and tell no one that the government is investigating you - NOT EVEN YOUR LAWYER!

  • Hold you indefinitely without charging you with ANYTHING!

  • Order electronic monitoring of you for ANY reason that THEY DEEM!

Action To Take
Find out how your representative voted. Then contact them and ask them why they did what they did. Next, contact your US Senators because they vote on this extension next week. Tell them that it violates the First and Fourth Amendment of the Constitution all in the name of "National Security. That's pure government BS! Demand your rights be saved!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Barry's World

SURE...Obama Cares

Get In Line for Obama 2012

With ObamaCare

Spiking the Ball

Obama's Union Buddies

Thursday, May 19, 2011

More Government Corruption

Who's It Now?
This time it's Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi (D, CA). What a surprise! Remember that she's the one who told Americans that we'd have to pass ObamaCare in order to find out what's in the bill! Well, apparently her constituents aren't too pleased with what's in the new law after being able to read it. There are severe consequences for small employers - just like the ones Pelosi represents.

As you may recall there have been roughly 2,000 "exemptions" given by the Obama administration from the new government healthcare law. (These "exemptions" allow those granted them NOT to be forced to comply with the new government mandates). The majority of these exemptions have gone to unions. Namely, they claim that they cannot afford to pay the new required government premiums. The law impels that you buy health insurance whether you want it or not. Now this is causing a ruckus in of all places, California. Ironically (or "coincidentally") in Nanci Pelosi's Congressional District.

The latest to receive government waivers are the posh restaurants and other businesses in the San Francisco area (Pelosi's territory). Government figures report that 20 % of the latest "exemptions" went to these places. Coincidence? We don't think so! This is more like a QUID PRO QUO! You scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours!

Government Cronyism
Is it a coincidence that Nanci Pelosi owns wineries in California? Is it a coincidence that Nancy Pelosi's wineries sell their wines to these fancy restaurants in her district? Gee, could there be a conflict of interest here? If it looks like a duck, quacks like ia duck, it IS a duck. This is an example of government cronyism!

This all SMELLS of corruption. Why not a Congressional investigation into who's getting these privileged government waivers? Why not ask what the criteria is for receiving these granted exemptions? How do you request an exemption? Have an individual citizens been granted exemptions? Why? Why Not? Why not also ask who in the Obama administration has the power to grant these special favors? What are the rules for filing?

Action To Take
Demand answers to these questions! Let the real truth be known about the dirty politics (and corrupt politicians) that are going on at American taxpayer's expense. This is no smear. This is corruption at the highest levels of government! This is just another one of those "sweetheart" deals that politicians don't like to talk about! Apparently, if you're connected to the "right" politician, you'll get favors in return. This is no coincidence! Wake up America, you're being hoodwinked once again!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Guest Article - New World Order

The Dirty Old Man and the IMF
by Patrick J. Buchanan, syndicated columnist.

"Saturday was a bad day for the New World Order.

New York police boarded the first-class cabin of an Air France jet bound for Paris to collar Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the head of the International Monetary Fund, a Grand Master of the Universe and the Socialist Party's hope to defeat President Nicolas Sarkozy in 2012.

Strauss-Kahn, or DSK as he is known, was hauled back to New York and identified in a police lineup by an African maid at the Sofitel hotel as the man who emerged stark naked from the bathroom of his $3,000-a-night suite and tried to rape her.

DSK's political allies are howling entrapment. Yet his rap sheet is long. Called the Great Seducer, he was charged with the sexual harassment of a co-worker at the IMF and accused by a young French novelist of behaving like a "rutting chimpanzee" and trying to rape her when she contacted him about a book she was writing in 2002.

The novelist, Tristan Banon, now 31, is a goddaughter to DSK's second wife. She took a lawyer's advice not to file charges then. But, says the Guardian, Banon is about to file them now.

Monday, The New York Times wrote, "As the impact of Mr. Strauss-Kahn's predicament hit home, others, including some in the news media, began to reveal accounts, long suppressed or anonymous, of what they called Mr. Strauss-Kahn's previously predatory behavior toward women and his aggressive sexual pursuit of them, from students and journalists to subordinates."

What is this satyr doing running the IMF? How was a man of his Eurotrash reputation approved by the United States government? Such conduct may be pooh-poohed over the pond, but has our country dropped that low?

As is not infrequently the case, Rep. Ron Paul nails it: "These are the kind of people running the IMF, and we want to turn the world's finances and the control of the money supply (over) to them?"

Indeed, there are issues here far beyond the corruption of character that drives aging compulsive lechers to criminality when their prey resist.

One of those issues is: Why is the IMF still being funded by the United States?

With the World Bank, the IMF was birthed at Bretton Woods, N.H., in 1944. In the monetary order established there, the U.S. dollar would be tied to gold, and the free world's currencies would be tied to the dollar, all at fixed rates of exchange.

All would contribute funds in their own currency to the IMF. America would make the largest contribution. As its birthday gift, Uncle Sam gave the IMF 103 million ounces of gold.

When member nations faced balance-of-payments problems and had to devalue, the IMF would tide them over with bridge loans. The loans would be repaid as the troubled nations' reduced exchange rate led to rising exports and reduced imports.

The system worked until 1971, when through a series of guns-and-butter budgets during Vietnam, the world acquired an immense pile of excess dollars. The British decided to cash in several billion for U.S. gold.

No way, said President Nixon. He slammed the gold window shut, cut the dollar loose and let it float against the world's currencies. The Bretton Woods system of fixed exchange rates was dead. And the IMF, established to maintain it, should have died with it.

It did not, for as Ronald Reagan reminded us, the closest we come to eternal life on this earth is a government program.

For 40 years, the IMF has soldiered on, backed by both parties, plying its new trade -- endless transfers of U.S. and Western wealth to bail out failing non-Western and anti-Western nations.

Under DSK, the IMF took on a new role that enchanted Europe.

It joined with the European Central Bank to provide hundreds of billions to bail out Greece, Ireland and Portugal, so these nations would not default on their debts and bring down the European banks that are stuffed full of Greek, Irish and Portuguese bonds.

Through the IMF, U.S. taxpayers are bailing out European nations to save European banks, just as U.S. taxpayers, through the Federal Reserve, secretly bailed out European banks throughout 2009 and 2010.

This is why the socialist Strauss-Kahn was a hero in the capitals of Europe. He was their agent in our capital.

Consider the winners and losers of this globalist racket.

The people of Greece, Ireland and Portugal endure austerity and recession for years, while the European banks are assured 100 cents on the dollar for their bonds. And the deal-makers like DSK are put up at $3,000-a-night hotel rooms, fly first class and get tax-free salaries larger than those of the president of the United States, courtesy of the U.S. taxpayer.

Saturday at the Sofitel, we saw up-close the sense of arrogance and entitlement such privilege induces in our global elite.

Time to shut down the IMF and get back what's left of our gold."

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

CyberSecurity Plan Attacks Free Speech

New Plans Afoot
Obama wants to control the Internet. His administration will roll-out new plans to work aggressively with foreign nations to "make the Internet more secure, enable law enforcement to work closely on cybercrime and ensure that citizens everywhere have the freedom to express themselves online." This administration is following the advice of Hugo Chavez - Venezula's dictator. He said how important it is to control the media - including the Internet.

Don't kid yourself, when the government tells you that it wants to help make the Internet safer, that means you will loose more freedoms. If you read between the lines of the new proposal, it says that "We reserve the right to use all necessary means - diplomatic, informational, military and economic - as appropriate."

That spells it out. In other words, control is what they are after and they will do anything "necessary" if they feel they are justified. Don't you feel safer already?

Start Worrying
Obama has already tried to take-over the Internet with a cyber security law. That hasn't happened yet. Next he tried regulating the Internet using the FCC as a government shill. The courts said no. This is just another attempt to gain control over the most important information tool of the 21st century. Obama is also following the advice of his pal George Soros who also understands the importance of controlling the media. Soros believes what he says and backs it up by his actions. Soros is directly involved with the major news media, including the New York Times, Washington Post, ABC, and NBC. If Soros is involved, you can count on the fact that it is NOT good for freedom or for the United States. He's actively trying to destroy America's economy and our currency. So far, he's a happy camper.

Action To Take
Let the government know that you do not want them to "regulate" the Internet. If they want to protect government Internet connections, have them improve THEIR website security. Tell them to keep the government away from controlling the Internet.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Transparency for the First Time!

1st Time in 28 Months
For the first time in 28 months, Obama finally has shown America some real transparency. He knows that his policies are failing (but he won't admit it). He knows that independents and Latinos are moving out of his court. He has to do something to win them back or he will be defeated in the 2012 elections.

What should he do? His poll numbers were dropping.

Solution One
Kill Bin Laden. Although Obama knew of Bin Ladens whereabouts since last August, he waited until his poll numbers began to drop before going after Bin Laden. Killing Bin Laden definitely gave Obama a big boost in America's approval ratings. Three cheers for Obama.

Solution 2
Resurrect giving ILLEGALS amnesty. Fire-up Latinos and let them see how much Obama cares. (He needs their votes - big time). Latinos helped elect Obama last time. Obama knows that he did not keep his word to solve the problem of "undocumented" (ILLEGAL) aliens his first year in office. In fact, it's almost 2 1/2 years later and he has done nothing to keep his word to the Latinos who voted for him in 2008. Solution 2, go to Texas and give a lame speech about the DREAM Act and how he supports it. Try and fire-up the Latinos to supporting him once again. (All superficial because he really doesn't give a care - only at election time!

Solution 3
Obama has placed moratoriums on all drilling in America. He watched gasoline and fuel prices skyrocket for over two years under his watch. He never gave a second thought to $4.00 to $5.00 gasoline until Americans BITCHED louder and louder. As it's getting closer to the 2012 election cycle,funny, how Obama has started listening. Now he wants to start drilling in all the places he shut down and refused to let Americans look for oil and natural gas.

Obama's Worst Nightmare
HIS transparency is overwhelming. Obama's worst possible fear is his own record of one political disaster after another. His policies are ruining the economy and suddenly after he lost his "bump" from killing Bin Laden, he now wants to "fix" the gasoline problem. Anyone who can read should be able to figure out how shallow this guy really is and how little he cares about how much Americans are suffering from his policies.

Action To Take
We can fix the situation faster than you can wink. All we have to do is admit that Obama was a BIG MISTAKE and vote him out of office in 2012!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The "Bump" is Falling...

The Rasmussen Reports is an independent electronic publishing firm that specializes in public opinion polling. Here are some current results on some main issues:

Presidential Tracking Poll
This tracks how the President is doing by those surveyed.
  • Strongly Approve... 23%
  • Strongly Disapprove... 36%
  • Approval Index... -13

Presidential Approval Index
This chart is from

Job Approval Rating

  • 64% of voters say that the Mexican border is NOT secure.

  • 23% say that they have a favorable opinion of Janet Napolatano (Homeland Security Director).

  • 53% say that elections are rigged to help incumbents.