Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Just Say "NO"

More and more towns across America are discovering that YOUR government is literally DUMPING unwanted ILLEGAL children into their towns. Most are never notified that the government is dumping, they just arrive and are let go.

The latest town to receive the Obama Surprise is Lynn, Massachusetts. City officials state that the recent influx of ILLEGALS has stressed and overwhelmed every service from "trash to healthcare."

Lynn's mayor states that because we have no way of knowing how old the teens are, they are being placed into ninth grade classes.  They are also besieged with multiple health issues.  ILLEGALS are bringing multiple serious diseases and infections - ranging from tuberculosis to MURS.

The city is running out of money and cannot afford to continue this wrongful DUMPING.

Action To Take
When the government shows-up with a bus load or plane full of ILLEGALS protest loudly and do NOT let them unload their trouble into your towns.

Just say "NO."

Sunday, July 13, 2014

American Injustice

Obama has decided that it's OK to allow ILLEGALS to use the US airlines without having to show any identification. Meanwhile, the rest of us have to be forced to prove who we are. ILLEGALS just show their government paper that ICE gives them and they are free to travel ANYWHERE they want on the airlines.  Here is the document they have:

Incidentally, this document does NOT verify any of the information that the ILLEGALS put on these documents. They can lie about their age, the reason why they are here, or anything else. It is NOT a form of identification. It is a JOKE!

What this translates into is that Obama's ILLEGALS have more personal freedoms than we do. If you don't see the injustice and believe that this is just a humanitarian issue, then keep drinking the Kool Aid. Everyone traveling by air must show a valid government identification - unless you're an ILLEGAL. They you have the privilege of being treated differently.

This Obama directive violates the immigration laws. The Obama government also violates the law by literally DUMPING ILLEGALS into towns all across the nation. This forces the local governments to become responsible for people who do NOT belong here. Local governments will have to pick-up the tab for the ILLEGALS healthcare, education, welfare and on and on. No one pays for these people - except the American taxpayers. AND that (unfortunately), is only 50% of Americans because the rest do NOT pay taxes!

The Obama government is literally allowing an INVASION of America without doing anything to protect its citizens. Obama refuses to order the National Guard to protect our borders. No borders translate into no Sovereignty. No Sovereignty means NO COUNTRY. This is the DEATH of America and Obama knows it. Not only is this wrong, it's impossible to justify.