Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Warning Is Clear

We have seen over the past few weeks the result of what happens to citizens who rely exclusively on BIG GOVERNMENT.  Namely, our veterans and their lack of care at the VA hospitals. It is currently alleged that several VA hospitals around the country put patients on wait lists before they receive medical care.  Unfortunately, these hospitals have more than one list.  The first is the "official" list that they use to show the government bureaucrats how efficient they are and the other is the secret list.  If your name is on the secret list, you will NOT be receiving treatment anytime soon.  That explains why several US veterans have actually died or committed suicide waiting to see VA doctors.

This is not only a scandal, but it is also a disgrace.  We are letting our men and women who have served our country DIE because of BIG GOVERNMENT NEGLECT.  President Obama claims that he knew NOTHING about it until the media broke the story.  Obama was warned about the VA problem before he took office.  Apparently he forgot that he was recorded on video tape several times talking about how he will fix the problem.  Obama is doing what he knows best - he's LYING as usual.

Obama has "fired" the guy who is retiring in a month.  Gee, that was really great - early retirement! Some solution!!  Obama usually gives rewards to those who are incompetent or law breakers like the IRS's Lois Lerner (he gave her full retirement) or Susan Rice (Obama gave her a promotion for lying his message).

The RED FLAG should be flying right now.  If the government bureaucracy cannot take care of a few million fellow citizens, how can we expect  The Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) to take care of 330,000,000 people?

They can't.

Our government has grown to the size of GODZILLA and it continues to grow.  Progressives believe that government control is wonderful and that's they way it should be.  Bigger is better!  

The message is clear with the VA fiasco, ObamaCare will do the same to you and your family - just give it a few years to kick-in.  You'll die waiting for treatment!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

WARNING AMERICA: Obama's War on Coal

On June 2, 2014 Obama's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will unilaterally impose carbon emissions regulations directed against all power plants. This new dictatorial regulation has specifically targeted the COAL INDUSTRY. It will demolish most coal-burning power plants. This is the way Obama side-stepped Congress to get Cap & Trade his way! Your energy bills WILL SKYROCKET just as he once promised! It's also Obama's way of telling Americans to GO SCREW! This regulation isn't for your protection. It's for your destruction.

This "regulation" by design, will cripple West Virginia, Kentucky, and Louisiana who are major coal producers. Obama doesn't care because he HATES COAL and he wants to make his liberal Eco-FREAKS happy. He also is attacking the OIL industry. Hence, he will NOT support the Keystone Pipeline because it creates jobs and reduces our energy dependence. All major oil drilling now takes place on PRIVATE lands - not those owned by the federal government. Thank Obama for this.

The REAL Agenda
It should be obvious what the impact will be with this new "Obama-imposed regulation." It will destroy the economies of the three states above, as well as everyone else's. Your energy bills will become a burden. This is no accident! Obama is deliberately closing-down the coal industry, killing jobs, and upsetting the balance in America. He does NOT care about that because THIS IS HIS AGENDA. He uses the guise of "protecting the environment" to mislead the uninformed public. He doesn't want an economic recovery. Look around, this is the longest recovery in our history!

Wake Up America
Obama is deliberately making America weaker, and less influential. Look at his "achievements." Downsize the military, involve the US in four wars simultaneously, borrow and spend astronomically, and on and on. His goal is to make the US a third world country! So far, he's doing a good job because we lack leadership in Congress to STOP this maniac. If we don't wake-up soon, you will NOT recognize this county when Obama leaves office.