Wednesday, March 12, 2014

It Pays To Vote Often

Do you recall the Ohio poll worker who bragged about voting more than once for Obama in the 2012 elections?  The state of Ohio rushed to certify their election results and NEVER investigated all of the charges of voter fraud. The only reason this case was brought to light was the fact that Richardson was bragging about her excessive voting for Obama. Well, after investigating, authorities determined that Melowese Richardson of Madison, Ohio was guilty of voting more than 4-5 times in the Presidential election.

Ms. Richardson was tried, found guilty, and sentenced to five years in prison for committing voter fraud as a poll worker in the elections. Ms Richardson has served far-less than a year in prison and was released yesterday. Her attorney apparently shared her medical records with the prosecutor who convicted her. The county prosecutor spoke with Judge Robert Ruehlman. After reviewing her situation (bipolar disorder), he ordered her release. He placed Ms Richardson on five years probation instead - overthrowing her original trial and sentence.

Moral of that story: It's OK to falsify election results. It's also OK to violate the election laws to help your favorite candidate. Apparently if you have bipolar disorder (manic/depressive disorder) that excuses you from knowing right from wrong. It's also OK to rush to certify election results and ignore ANY instances of impropriety.

It's no wonder that America is in DECLINE. This is a perfect example of corruption and rewarding BAD behavior. America gets what it deserves as long as we have these IDIOTS in charge of "enforcing" the laws of the land.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Daylight Savings Sucks

My black lab is all mixed-up. He doesn't know what time it is. He thinks dinner should be an hour later. He has to be coaxed to the dog dish to chow down. He doesn't understand why he has to wake-up an hour earlier in the morning. He looks up, looks around, and then puts his head down and closes his eyes. His go-out to pee schedule is all fouled up too. He doesn't know when to go. His total body cycles are all screwed-up.

The time change has messed-up his circadian rhythms. Can't blame him! It's politicians who have created Daylight Savings Time (DST). It was first proposed in 1865 but was not implemented until April 30, 1916. It is supposed to add sunlight to evening activities like outdoor sports, but it plays havoc with the entertainment industry and things like farming. The stated purpose of Daylight Savings Time is supposedly to save energy. That was the original reason stated in 1916 when fuels were rationed during World War I.

Now in "modern times" Daylight Savings Time disrupts all sorts of things related to tracking time like medical devices, record keeping and of course SLEEPING!

There have been many studies on DST and the end result is that DST does NOT save energy. It actually balances-out. So why do we allow politicians to continue forcing us to make this precipitous change?

It will take my dog about a week to readjust to his new schedule. He never understands why we force him to do it. And, he HATES it when we switch back in the fall.