Saturday, October 10, 2009

How Long Before America is Ruined?

We wanted change and we got it. We elected the man who said “we have five days before we transform America.

How do you like the transformation so far?

  • Obama has federalized the banks of America. The government controls them. The government tells banks what to do and how to do it. It even tells them how much they can pay employees.

  • Obama has taken control of the automobile companies. Instead of letting them go through bankruptcy, he let Tim Geithner allow the Unions to take partial ownership at the expense of the stock and bond holders. Does this sound like America or the Soviet Union?

  • Obama took control of the large insurance companies. Now they are government controlled.

  • Obama took control over 40 % of American home mortgages. Now the government owns almost half of the mortgaged homes in the US.

  • Obama had to pass the Stimulus bill to stop unemployment from reaching 8.5%. Now it is estimated to be well over 17% and climbing.

  • Obama signed the Omnibus bill with record deficits and thousands of pork projects for entitlements and special interest groups. NO REAL JOBS WERE CREATED, as originally promised.

  • Our national debt is now unsustainable and yet the Democratic Congress is thinking of a second Stimulus package and they are going bananas on jamming healthcare down your throats.

  • Obama has appointed 32 Czars that are not accountable to Congress – just to him. Their powers supersedes existing government positions.

  • Small businesses are shutting down. Our borders are still open to illegals. Congress does not listen to their constituents. The Constitution is being IGNORED.
Free enterprise is dead. The US dollar is shrinking. The price of gold is over $1049 per once. The world wants to drop the dollar as its currency. The war in Afghanistan is getting worse. We are still in Iraq. Iran will have nuclear weapons in a SHORT time.

When Will We Wake Up?

America, are you still happy? Are you still working? Can you find a job? Where are the jobs going? Do we still have any manufacturing base left in this country?

America is being transformed. Is this what you REALLY wanted? Wake up before you loose all your freedoms. This isn’t the America we wanted – or IS IT Comrade?

Friday, October 9, 2009

Shock and Awe

Americans woke up today to hear that their new President had just won the Nobel Peace Prize. Huh? You’re kidding – right? That’s got to be a mistake right? For what? A promise? What has Obama done besides apologize to world leaders? How did he achieve this award?

No really, ask yourself, what has Obama done in his nine months to win such a prestigious award on the world scene?
  • Has he brought Iran down and stopped them from creating nuclear weapons? No

  • Has he ended the fighting in Afghanistan and brought about a peaceful result. No

  • Has he resolved the Palestinian/Israeli conflict? No.

  • Has he stopped North Korea from their nuclear weapon development? No- nothing.

Why he can’t even create jobs for his fellow Americans. His Stimulus plan is a disaster, unless you’re a union or special interest group.

This is truly an amazing feat. Obama wins for Promising hope to the world for world peace. What a bunch of hooey!

Well, the best way to view this is that they also gave a Nobel prize to Al Gore for his efforts to promote the political “theory” on global warming.

Global Embarassment

This “award” is truly a global embarrassment for everyone. He has earned it for doing NOTHING. This dillutes the meaning of this award and makes it meaningless. Shame on Sweden for their stupidity. Sweden, you have lost your world credibility!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Czars Have Unchecked Powers

Democrats are beginning to question the roles of the record 18 of the 32 Czars appointed to these positions by the Obama administration without any Congressional vetting or approval. This may be a violation of the Constitution. They ignore the US Senate and bypass the confirmation process. In order to maintain the system of checks and balances, the United States Senate has the power to interview and allow/disallow these appointees into office. This power is designated in the Constitution. Does anyone care? You’d better!

Eight positions are in federal agencies that testify regularly before Congress. The Czars don’t have to talk to Congress. Four more and in the National Security Council and have no authority to advise the President, but they do. Another four advise him on Health, Energy and Environment, Urban Affairs, and Domestic Violence.

These new positions outrank and supersede several government positions. Several Czars can make government policy but they have no obligation to submit to congressional questioning. Why is this? This has NEVER been done like this before. George Bush had 16 so-called Czars but they had no direct input to the President and few if any had powers to do much of anything. This is not the case with Obama’s Czars and in all probability, they are unconstitutional. However, there is no official government title of Czar so Obama has nicknamed them “advisers” instead. It needs to be challenged. What do you think?

Action To Take
Call your representatives and let them know you support Congressional approvals on these “Czars.”

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Time for a Change

We have both the President and Vice President both blathering to the press that the Stimulus is working wonderfully. It’s performing better than expected by their account. Well if that’s the case, then why are so many Americans out of work?

Current statistics indicate that it touches one in six Americans on a personal level. What the administration doesn’t say is that we are continually loosing jobs at an alarming rate. Small businesses are folding and closing down, and more and more people are on the street jobless. They also forget to mention that American companies are sending more jobs out of the country by “outsourcing” work to countries where labor is cheaper.

What the Administration never says is that there is an unreported number of unemployed who have stopped looking for work because they are depressed and discouraged. They are waiting for their unemployment to run out. And then what? Other unreported jobless have exhausted their unemployment insurance and are not accounted any longer. The real estimates for joblessness is in the range nationally, at just over 17%.

Some say that this is a jobless recovery. Whatever you want to call it, more and more Americans are paying the price for Obama’s Stimulus plan. The recovery may be working, but it’s still to hard to tell.

One thing for sure the Stimulus plan, as promised, has not lived up to expectations. We were promised more jobs. So far the only jobs are in new government administration positions to cover things like the Cash for Clunkers joke.

In a recent trip to the metropolitan Boston area, we could see that the Stimulus money was temporarily working to re-pave most roadways in and around the Boston area. However, the bridges in the area should have received the attention because they are in severe need of repair. So much for priorities. At least some geographical areas have seen some benefits. This is nice for the seasonal construction workers. However, the Stimulus money really hasn’t created new jobs here either! Unemployment is floating around 10% in Boston.

What Does All This Mean?
It means that the Stimulus didn’t create jobs. We are loosing them faster than ever before. It does not help the small businessman and does not help the unemployed get new work. It’s time to re-think the strategy. Construction work is seasonal and those jobs will be gone soon. We should save the unspent $400 Billion and use it for JOB CREATION!

Action To Take
Call or write your representatives and the white House. Tell them to stop spending money and start by cutting off the remaining Stimulus package.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Congress is doing it again. They are in a big hurry to FIX the CRISIS. They cannot find enough money to pay for their government entitlement healthcare. Besides taking $500,000,000 Billion dollars away from Medicare, they can’t pay for their plan.

Now they have a new approach. Let the individual states pay for it. OK, where will they get the money during this recession? Most, if not all will have to raise taxes to pay for it. This is called the government mandate approach. Nice Huh? Congress passes the law, and the states have to worry about complying with the law and they will have to find the money for it. What happens if they don’t? How can they force us to do it if we don’t want it?

In addition, the DEMs have excluded all limitations that would impact ILLEGALS because they want them to have government healthcare. The DEMs also have refused specific language that would restrict ABORTIONS.

Now there are plans to re-introduce the government option. All of these ideas are bad and unfair because this is just a re-distribution of America’s healthcare. It takes from the old to give to the young.

Our system is NOT IN CRISIS!

Action To Take
Contact your representatives and tell them you don’t want government healthcare. FIX Medicare and add tort reform. (DEMs receive millions from lawyers in special interest donations so they don't want tort reform).

Monday, October 5, 2009

Will They Resign?

General McChrystal (commander in Afghanistan) has openly declared his views on the Afghan war. He told Newsweek that “You can’t hope to contain the fire by letting just half the building burn.” This comment puts the President clearly in the “hotspot.” McChrystal has requested 40,000 more troops in order to win the war in Afghanistan.

McChrystal has only spoken directly with President Obama twice in the last 90 days! Somehow, this just doesn’t seem right. It makes you wonder what the priorities are for the White House, doesn’t it? Are they more concerned with the 1) Olympics, 2) Healthcare, or 3) our troops? From the recent events, it seems that’s exactly the order that the priorities had.

Our military leaders want to avoid the mistakes made in Iraq by using a counter-insurgency doctrine, which they believe will work and win the war. President Obama is clearly playing politics with our troops. He hasn’t made any decisions because he is afraid of the far left and what they will say if he “escalates” the war. On the other hand, he is letting our troops die because he can’t/won’t make a decision. Frankly, it’s not a good time to have a weak Commander in Chief. Either send what your generals have requested or get the hell out of there and face the consequences of loosing in Afghanistan.

Some TV commentators have speculated that if Obama refuses to send more troops, he may have to deal with the resignations of his top military leaders –namely, General McChrystal and General David Petraeus. This is mere speculation right now. If that happened, what would he do? President Obama needs to do SOMETHING AND SOON! Stop wasting American lives!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

No Cap and Trade!!

Good news for those who believe that global warming is still a THEORY! A top government adviser claims that it just won’t happen. Obama has higher priorities. Namely, ObamaCare.

For details please follow:

Don’t loose focus America. We still can’t afford Cap and Trade. So when it gets resurrected once again next year, we will have to fight it. Meanwhile, let’s consider it a minor victory.