Saturday, October 3, 2009

Stimulus Failure?

America, you wanted change and you got it! Obama’s Olympic failure is another example of his “strong” leadership. He came home empty-handed, rejected by the world community. So much for apologizing to the world leaders. Look what it got him.

Is this a “Change You Can Believe In”?

Actually we are probably lucky that Chicago didn’t get the Olympics. They really don’t have the money to build what was needed to support it. Obama just wanted to help his old political buddies with another government perk. The government (taxpayers) would have been asked to “help” them with another bailout to save the Olympics from failing.

When he returned home, President Obama faced the bad news that the unemployment rate has now climbed to just over 9.8%. Insult to injury! Is that what he promised when told us that the Stimulus bill would keep unemployment form reaching 8.5%? He had to have it to save America. We passed it without reading it and this is what we got! America, are you beginning to get the picture?

The Stimulus is NOT creating jobs in the private sector. Instead, there have been over 25, 000 new administrative jobs created in the government to handle things like the Cash for Clunkers program and other such boondoggles. Instead, we are loosing more and more jobs each month. Let’s face it, the Stimulus IS NOT WORKING.

Instead the Stimulus has placed America’s deficit into the ABYSS. We are destroying this country and ruining our children’s future. How long will we tolerate Congress and the President’s CRAZY government control and unrealistic unsustainable deficits?

Action To Take
Call and write the President and your representatives. Tell them to STOP SPENDING AND START BALANCING THE BUDGET!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Stimulus Package Was a Trojan Horse

So just when you think that the government has done it all, another surprise is installment comes for ALL Americans. Patrick Kennedy was reassuring his constituents in Rhode Island and CNSNews that their privacy would remain intact with the new government mandated Electronic Health Record requirement. WHAT’S THAT you say?

Yep, you don’t have to let the Federal government know about all of your sexually transmitted diseases that you were treated for or the abortions they performed on you either. Nothing to worry about there. No Sir, you can “opt Out” of listing all those embarrassing procedures in the newly created GOVERNMENT DATABASE of EVERY AMERICAN’s HEALTH RECORDS!

What government database you ask? Why the one called the Electronic Health Record (ERH) requisite that was part of the infamous Stimulus package that Congress passed in February this year. What? You didn’t hear about the fact that all medical records for ALL Americans will have to become government property no later than 2014. Yep, your doctors will have to comply with this because it is Federal LAW!

If you had time to read the bill, the provision is in Title XIII and it was created for “the development of a nationwide health information technology infrastructure” that would include “the qualified electronic health record” of “each person in the United States by 2014.

The law further states that this “means an electronic record of health-related information on an individual that -- (A) includes patient demographic and clinical health information, such as medical history and problems lists; and (B) has the capacity -- (i) to provide clinical decision support; (ii) to support physician order entry; (iii) to capture and query information relevant to health care quality; and (iv) to exchange electronic health information with, and integrate such information from other sources.

Surprised yet?

How many thousands of Federal employees will have access to your personal information? WHO KNOWS!

Were we tricked into Phase I of ObamaCare under the guise of the Stimulus? Could be.

Action To Take
Call or write your representatives and ask them about it. Tell them you have major concerns regarding your PRIVACY. Ask them what assurances and security is present to protect your information. Who Has Access? It shoujld ONLY be your doctors!! Why was this part of the Stimulus. What does it have to do with bailouts and creating jobs?

Is ObamaCare Constitutional?

This is a good question and needs to be addressed before Congress gets knee-deep into the plan. The requirement forcing everyone to buy health insurance is probably unconstitutional. You cannot force a life style on individuals and this legislation clearly does this.

Congress has the legal authority granted by the interstate commerce clause to regulate and control issues dealing with most economic activities because of this clause. (Some would argue otherwise, but the courts have upheld this position in several cases over time).

However, opponents argue that healthcare is not connected with any economic activity. In other words, you're not growing something, making something, or composing something. Consequently, this proposed legislation would be unprecedented and probably ruled illegal. We really won't know until it becomes reality.

The forced mandate is in ObamaCare because Congress needs some way to pay for it besides reducing Medicare by $500, Billion dollars. Nice young healthy people won't drain the system and they will forcibly have to contribute to it financially. This helps spread the risk, making it affordable for more people. Remember, Obama wants to give entitlements to ILLEGALS and others who cannot afford it.

So how can the government lawfully mandate individuals to buy goods and services as a condition of living here in the United States? This begs the question if the government can regulate other personal behavior like forcing people to stop smoking or to loose weight. How would you like that to happen? Is government getting too big for its britches?

Potentially, this could open new doors for legislation into all of our personal lives. At what expense? Would you like the government telling you what to eat? How can the government control life styles? Should it?

Frankly, this whole topic is scary. Having the government do these things is a huge reduction in personal freedom. What do you think?

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

DEMs Show True Color

In the past few days we have begun to get a clear message from the so called "Democrats" in Washington. They're "so-called" because it is getting harded and harder to really know who's who. Party lines are blurred. One thing Americas are finding out is that Neither Party is representing THEM.

Over the last few days the so-called DEMs have come out for ILLEGALS. They want illegal aliens to get ObamaCare. Twenty two (22) have written a letter saying that it is the "moral" thing to do. That's a lot of CRAP! I suppose it's the moral thing to SCREW seniors out of $500 Billion dollars of Medicare cvoverage too. How can they justify that? Seniors will have to pay for those illegals. Forget it! They are here illegally. They should have NO RIGHTS! All illegals ARE CRIMINALS by definition! But the DEMs still don't get it!

Now they are pushing hard for the public option again. Senator Jay Rockefeller (D) VA says this: "We need this option because the insurance companies have failed to meet their obligation." He's forgotted that he's forgetting HIS OBLIGATION to represent Americans - not the IDIOTS in Washington and their special interest groups.

Remember Public Option = Government Controlled (socialized) medical plan. Apparently, the democratic Congress doesn't believe the polls. Rasmussen just posted that only 41% of American voters now favor government healthcare. But the DEMs STILL don't get it. They have a deaf ear for their constituents. They think that the Tea Parties will all go away and that Americans have a short memory.

This folks ARE IN FOR A BIG SURPRISE in November 2010!

Action To Take

Call and write your representatives. Tell them "NO" on ANY government healthcare. Give us tort reform instead!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

World Leader or Community Organizer?

Last November we elected Barack Hussein Obama as President of the United States. We did so knowing full well that he had little – if any- experience in budgeting, managing people, or governing, let alone being a President. We knew he had been a US Senator for just about two years.

We elected him President aware that he had friendly relationships with William Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dohrn admitted domestic terrorists and members/founders of the Weather Underground and Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). (Both organizations were revolutionary political organizations that wanted to overthrow the US government). We elected him also knowing that he was proud that the person who had the greatest influence on his life was Reverend Dr. Jeremiah Wright, pastor of the church which made headlines for it’s hateful stance and anti-American rhetoric. We knew that both Obama’s attended that church for over twenty years.

All of Obama’s experience after college was committed to that of community organizing in the city of Chicago, IL, known for it rampant political corruptness. He was an organizer and trainer for ACORN. He served as their attorney and was paid by government funds on their behalf.

His resume is strong in the field of organizing and weak or under qualified to be the President of the United States. But we wanted change in America and he was elected.

Now he is faced with being the “leader” of the free world. His lack of experience makes him easy prey for the world’s dictators and evil axis countries. Obama is not held in very high esteem by China, Russia, or Iran and other terrorist entities. He is na├»ve in foreign affairs and has consistently apologized for America to world leaders and dictators. He acts ashamed to be an American.

He has surrounded himself with fellow radicals and extremists to advise him in Presidential affairs. America is at peril and Americans are waking up.

Recently he has disrespected Israel, Poland, and the United Kingdom, our allies. Now he is spending all his time trying to win the Olympics for his home state of Illinois, while he neglects to speak to the general in command of our troops in Afghanistan. Obama has only talked once to the Afghan command in the past 90 days! Hello? We are at war over there. Shouldn’t this be a little more important? He cannot get the priorities right. He’s still organizing and NOT leading!

He’s also pressing hard to pass government controlled healthcare although there really is no current healthcare crisis. He sets unreasonable deadlines in hopes Congress will pass something before we have the opportunity to read the legislation. Why is this? In spite of the so called “emergency” to fix healthcare, Congress has also been instructed not to make ObamaCare take effect until after November 2012. Humm… Why do you suppose this is? Easy, Obama, doesn’t want Americans to see how the plan works until after he gets elected for a second term.

Action To Take
Write or call the White House. Tell them to STOP apologizing for America. Tell them to take action in Afghanistan. Tell them to get some guts and take a strong stand with Iran because we don’t want Iran to become a nuclear power under Obama’s watch. Tell them to drop ObamaCare – we don’t want it!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Cap & Trade is NOT Dead

Americans, please do not forget that the Cap and Trade bill (American Clean Energy and Security Act H.R. 2454 (Waxman-Markey)) is still in the United States Senate awaiting their vote. Unfortunately, our attention has been focused on other things and this has almost fallen through the cracks.

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) is an independent organization who's job is to provide an unbiased estimate of the costs for various pieces of legislation before they are passed. This is to help all of us understand the REAL impact of these bills.

Regrettably, the Cap & Trade bill has lost focus by the American public. It poses a serious economic threat to our fragile economy. The CBO estimates that it would cost 1% of the GDP (gross domestic product - the total of all goods and services produced in the United States). That's an outrageous expense and a serious tax on all Americans. It taxes the production of all items made in the US and taxes energy consumption at a ridiculous rate. It also will diminish the use of one of our biggest natural resources - coal. That's CRAZY! We use coal to generate over half of the electricity in this country!

It will cost us millions of dollars each year. It will severely hurt the economy. It will make energy costs skyrocket. It is a BAD bill and should NEVER be passed.

Remember that no other large industrialized country is willing to commit to the "Theory" of global warming. Why should they? The other countries know how severely it would impact their resources and their economies to make this type of commitment. We shouldn't be alone especially when we never had an even exchange or discussions about the pros/cons of this topic. We are blindly accepting someones "Theory" and there is reason to believe that it is wrong.

Action To Take

Call or write you US Senators. Tell them emphatically to vote "NO" on it. We cannot afford to make this mistake.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

ACORN 8 Speak Out

Eight former ACORN directors speak out against ACORN. They are on the record for stating that ACORN " not living up to their organizational mission."

These directors are calling for a full investigation and want to see the following actions:
  • A forensic investigation of the entire organization and all its affiliates
  • A complete and independent audit by a nationally certified auditor
  • Firing of all individuals who knew about the embezzlement and did nothing
In addition they would like to see a call for a national boycott of All funding sent to ACORN, including the following:
  • Charitable funding
  • 501c funding
  • Individual dues
  • All other sources of funding
This boycott should be in effect until there is an investigation as outlined above.

Action To Take
Support the boycott. Encourage anyone who funds this organization to stop paying them anything until there is a full disclosure of the inner workings of the organization and an explanation of where taxpayer's monies have been spent.