Saturday, October 30, 2010

Guest Article - The Greater Good?

Voter Fraud in America
By Rich Trzupek of FrontPage Magazine

"Allegations of voting irregularities have been a staple of American politics since John Adams and Thomas Jefferson first squared off to succeed George Washington as president. Yet, it’s very possible that this year’s election could be about as dirty as any that we’ve seen in this country in many a decade. Emotions are high on both sides. Democrats know that the fate of their president’s agenda hangs in the balance, while many Republicans believe that unless voters send the administration a clear message, there will be no stopping the march toward European-style, nanny-state socialism. With the stakes this high, the temptation to rationalize fraud in the name of the greater good rises in proportion.

The Chicago machine that nurtured Barack Obama’s political career is legendary for its ability to manipulate an election. Indeed, cheating and fraud are such staples of Illinois politics that residents hardly notice any more. It is, of course, always interesting to hear a Chicago news-anchor provide the latest tally of calls to the 'Election Fraud Hotline' and no doubt some wagers are won and lost among citizens once the final count is announced. But, for the most part, pay-offs, unregistered voters, dead voters, and all the rest are an accepted part of life in the Prairie State. We’re not proud of that, you’ll understand, we’ve simply come to accept that which we cannot change. This is the political culture that gave us a Barack Obama and, most importantly as far as this Election Day goes, brought political hucksters who believe that the Chicago Way is the only way to power.

We’ve already seen the signs, starting – appropriately enough – in Illinois. The Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment Act (MOVE) requires states to mail absentee ballots to overseas troops, government employees and other Americans living abroad, at least 45 days prior to an election. Thirty five Illinois counties didn’t manage to make the deadline, which is bad enough, but the Department of Justice [Eric Holder] has declined to pursue any punitive action against the state or the counties in question. Now overseas voters do have other options, but – especially when it comes to the military – there is some question about how many potential voters are aware of those options. Moreover, the DOJ’s unwillingness to even slap anyone’s hand sends exactly the wrong message to the electorate and to other units of government who might also be tempted to flout the law.

Some Nevadans who participated in early voting in Clark County reported that Harry Reid’s name came up pre-checked on the screen when they were voting for Senator. Although no formal complaints have been filed, the allegation is still troubling, and all the more so because of the fact the Service Employees International Union [SEIU] is responsible for maintaining voting machines in Clark County. SEIU, which endorsed Reid and gave over ninety-five per cent of its campaign contributions in 2008 to Democrats, is hardly a neutral party. The union is indelibly tied to the Obama administration’s commitment to expanding the role of the public sector in American life. Whether SEIU tampered with voting machines or not, union members should never have been allowed anywhere near a device that so directly affects their future prospects.

Instances of purported fraud continue to pour in. The Pennsylvania Voter Assistance Office sent citizens letters encouraging them to apply for absentee ballots. A nice sentiment — except that no such office exists. The letter says it was financed by the Pennsylvania Democratic Committee. A federal appeals court in Arizona rejected a state law requiring voters to demonstrate citizenship at the polls. The return address on 250 absentee-ballot applications in Bridgeport, Connecticut is 1238 North Avenue, which just happens to be a vacant lot. Daytona Beach City Commissioner Derrick Henry and Genesis Robinson, his campaign manager, face voter-fraud charges for allegedly completing 92 absentee-ballot applications with the names of Floridians who never requested them or who had moved away. There’s little doubt that we’ll see more and more of this sort of activity as we move toward Election Day.

The danger in this sort of behavior isn’t merely that it can skew an election, but that it further erodes the American soul. By ramming through unpopular bill after unpopular bill, the Obama administration has left a huge portion of the populace feeling powerless and disenfranchised. This election has thus become their moment to say “enough!” and to demand that the nation change direction. If these tens of millions of Americans find that their message didn’t get through next Tuesday, in other words, if Democrats somehow retain majorities in both the House and the Senate, those voters will be deeply disappointed and more concerned about the fate of the nation than ever. But, if these same voters perceive that their voices were silenced as a result of manipulation and fraud, the damage to the nation as a whole will be catastrophically polarizing. In spite of our well-earned reputation for cynicism when it comes to politics, the average American still believes that one person, one vote can make a difference. Take away that belief, and you undermine America’s faith in the democratic institutions that allow the citizenry to determine the direction of the country. Take away that faith from tens of millions of voters who demand to be heard, and America will become a much different nation indeed."

Friday, October 29, 2010

Your Responsiblity

TV Blitz
All you see on TV just before the mid-term elections are negative political ads describing the oponent as the real enemy. Both sides are guilty of this strategy and frankly, it's getting a bit boring. In fact, it is having just the opposite effect than what they are intended to do. It's making people either NOT want to vote because they see no difference between candidates, or it's making voters cast votes for the one being attacked.

The One BIG Difference
As you watch this year's ads, there is one STRIKING difference in these ads. The Democratics are attacking their oponents over personal issues while Republicans are attacking on the ISSUES and POLICY! Trends show Democrats hitting Republicans over speeding tickets, shady business deals, religion, legal transgressions and on and on. Republicans, on the other hand, are attacking DEMs over ObamaCare, the Stimulus, and the bailouts they all supported. What a difference! They are actually trying to show the REAL difference in how these people actually REPRESENT/or not the voters.

Don't Be Turned Off
You need to get out and vote - regardless of these negtive ads. YOUR country is at stake. This is one of the most important elections ever! You have to decide whether you want the Progressives to "Fundamentally change America" into a Socialistic/Marxist state or return America back to its core values. It's really that simple. Do you want to keep going in the current direction or stop the spending, lower the deficits, and eliminate wasteful big government?

We Need a Big Turnout
If you decide to stay home and watch TV instead of voting, that's your choice. You will get what you deserve. Don't ever complain again about government policies, taxes, and bailouts. However, if you go and vote then you are doing what every good citizen should do - be responsible!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Fox & Henhouse

Elections At Risk?
Without ANY evidence (YET) of any tampering, it's quite interesting to learn that Obama's favorite union, Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is in fact, responsible for keeping the voting machines up and running in Clark County, Nevada where machine malfunctions were reported. Call it a coincidence?

Recall that there were problems reported when early voters went to use the electronic machines, the machines had already checked Democrat Harry Reid on the ballot! Also recall that SEIU is the union that has had more visits to the White House in the past 18 months than any other entity!

Also ironic that SEIU has given $500,000 to the Patriot Majority PAC, who in-turn donated $1.3 MILLION to Harry Reid! Wow, what a coincidence! Seems like they really don't want Harry to lose.

Another coincidence: The Unions have donated over $220 MILLION to Democrats in the mid-term elections.

Unions have a deep financial interest in ANY election that they donate money to. This is a blatant conflict of interest. Is it reputable to allow anyone who has a vested interest in the election outcome to be the ones designated to maintain and repair the voting machines? Isn't this an example of corruption?

If It Smells Like a Rat...
Circumstantial evidence can and has convicted individuals of serious crimes in the past. Shouldn't we be cautious when it comes to national elections? Shouldn't voters feel confident that their votes are going to be counted accurately? Are they now?

Is it reasonable to conclude that since there is no "proof" yet of wrong doing that we should ignore all the instances being reported across the USA? Shouldn't voters be a bit concerned about this situation? Should it be allowed to continue? How about an investigation by a neutral third party to determine if there is any wrong doing?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Can't Win It, Steal It

Early Voting Shows Disturbing Trend
As Tweeted earlier this week, early voting using electronic machines is becoming quite problematic in several places.

Suspicious voting machine "malfunctions" and cheating candidates of their votes seems to the the up-and-coming trend here in America. This has happened before in previous elections. We seem to have forgotten them. However, now there seems to be more of them.

Take for example, the previous Senatorial election in Minnesota where the incumbent Republican was defeated after an election recall that took several months to play out in the courts. Unfortunately, it was verified and reported that numerous dead people had voted for Al Frankin, along with hundreds of ballots that were found in the trunk of someone's car. To make matters worse, several precincts reported that there were more votes tallied and officially recognized than there were registered voters in those precincts. In spite of these irregularities, Al Frankin won the election by just over 300 votes.

Is this happening now?

Irregularities Are Reality
It's not even election day and here are a some of the reported problems beginning to crop up:
  • A North Carolina voter used a touch screen machine to select a straight ticket to vote Republican and the machine returned a ballot with all Democrats!
  • Military ballots will NOT be counted in Illinois.
  • Fraud complaints reported from early voting in Pennsylvania.
  • Vote-by-Mail system in IL may disenfranchise "hundreds of thousands of voters."
  • In Nevada, Democratic Harry Reid's name was ALREADY checked on the machine's ballot! The county registrar's explanation was that the machines are "sensitive."

Evidence of Corruption
Corruption is evident in the USA prior to the elections. The election is a week away and these things are already happening. What can we expect on election day? Here are some corruption highlights:
  • Teacher's unions in Las Vegas are offering Starbucks gift cards for Democratic votes!
  • Harry Reid (D, NV) broke the law by offering "free food" at "voter turnout events." This is a blatant attempt to "influence" voters by bribing them. THAT'S UNLAWFUL!
  • Alex Sink (D, FL) was caught cheating during a debate on TV by viewing a text message from an aid during a commercial break.
  • Pennsylvania Democratic House candidate Brian Lentz admitted to helping a third party candidate to get on the ballot to help siphon votes away from GOP nominee Pat Meehan.

Power Corrupts
Once elected, it's hard to give-up the power and perks that come with the office. Unfortunately, more and more of those in power compromise campaign and election laws and rules. This isn't the America we knew and loved. It is becoming more like Amerika!

Action To Take
Do NOT tolerate any machines that "malfunction." Report these problems to the local authorities and to FOX NEWS if you want to ever see it reported.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Guest Article - CAIR's Corruption

CAIR’s Firing of Juan Williams
By Rich Trzpek of Frontpage Magazine

"There are two parts to the Juan Williams story that broke last week. Part one of course involves NPR [National Public Radio] abandoning any pretense of impartiality in its rush to fire a journalist who isn’t in lockstep with their leftist worldview. But the other part of this story is just as important: the role that the Council on American Islamic Relations played in the sorry affair. CAIR’s bullying tactics were a big part of the reason that NPR took such dramatic action so quickly, without even bothering to get Williams’ side of the story. The reaction to Williams’ firing across all parts of the political spectrum has been one of disgust and anger, which isn’t exactly what CAIR bargained for. They figured they could play the victim card once more and Americans would dutifully shed crocodile tears over their plight. Now that the magnitude of the backlash against NPR is plain to see, CAIR spokesmen are trying to distance themselves from the decision. But, they can’t. This assault on free speech has CAIR’s fingerprints all over it.

On Wednesday afternoon CAIR National Executive Director Nihad Awad sent out a press release denouncing Williams, saying: 'Such irresponsible and inflammatory comments would not be tolerated if they targeted any other racial, ethnic or religious minority, and they should not pass without action by NPR.' Soon after, NPR CEO Vivian Schiller dutifully bowed to CAIR’s harassment by terminating the network’s relationship with Juan Williams. Like most leftists, Schiller seems to laboring under the misapprehension that CAIR is what it purports to be: a civil rights organization. The truth is, of course, far more sinister.

'Although it presents itself as a civil rights group, CAIR actually has numerous links to Islamic supremacist and jihad groups,' affirms Robert Spencer of He continues:

'CAIR founders Omar Ahmad and Niwad Awad were present at a Hamas planning meeting in Philadelphia in 1993 where they and other Hamas operatives conspired to raise funds for Hamas and to promote jihad in the Middle East. CAIR has steadfastly refused to denounce Hamas and Hizballah as terrorist groups. CAIR also was involved in the Flying Imams’ intimidation suit against the passengers who reported their suspicious behavior. CAIR has a long record of duplicity and deception. Although it has received millions of dollars in donations from foreign Islamic entities, it has not registered as a foreign agent as required by the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), despite spreading Islamic supremacist propaganda within the United States.'

In an interview with Megyn Kelly that aired on Fox, CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper tried to deny that his organization had anything to do with Williams getting fired. Well, sort of. Hooper spoke with a wink and nod towards his supporters, while he lamely explained that NPR is a leftist media outlet and Williams’ opinions were probably more in concert with a network like Fox anyway. It was probably the only honest statement that Hooper made during the entire interview, although when Kelly pounced on the remark he deftly sidestepped. When Kelly asked for confirmation that Hooper believes that NPR represents the left, Hooper just ignored the question. The more revealing statement is one that Hooper made just after Williams and NPR parted ways, when he observed that 'everybody’s accountable for their words and their actions…'

The smoking gun in this sordid affair is the fact that Vivian Schiller clearly took CAIR’s denunciation of Williams at face value and then promptly took the coward’s way out, refusing to even hear Williams’ side of the story. Were Williams’ comments 'irresponsible and inflammatory' as CAIR claimed? Not to anyone outside of an organization with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood or the hypersensitive far left. In fact, any reasonable person who listened to the entire exchange between Juan Williams and Bill O’Reilly would conclude that Williams was bending over backwards to defend Muslims and to argue against any sort of profiling. Would comments like these have been tolerated if they involved '…any other racial, ethnic or religious minority'? Without a doubt. We live in a nation where Jewish and Christian stereotypes are routinely used to lampoon, revile and insult those religions. American Jews and Christians deal with it, because we are secure with ourselves and with our faiths. Moreover, Jews and Christians don’t have a poorly-disguised political agenda intertwined with our religions. There is no need to make our faith above criticism in order to justify the slow incursion of religious law into our secular form of government.

That’s not the case when it comes to CAIR. The more they can make Islam out of bounds for any sort of criticism, the easier it is to introduce more elements of Sharia law within western society. As Omar Ahmad, CAIR’s co-founder and longtime Board Chairman, was quoted as saying in 1998: 'Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Koran should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth.'

If CAIR and other Islamic apologists really wanted to defuse American fears about their intentions, they would have welcomed Williams’ observations. The fact he said that seeing someone dressed in Muslim garb at the airport makes him nervous reflects the feelings of tens of millions of Americans. It is true that if a Muslim terrorist was going to try to blow up an airliner, he would likely do so while dressed in western attire rather than his home nation’s fashion, but that’s hardly the point. Seeing a Muslim dressed in the style of clothing unique to his religion and his particular culture is an uncomfortable reminder that there are Muslims out there – perhaps not this one, but undeniably someone – who would dearly love to enter paradise sporting a 9/11 merit badge. Megyn Kelly repeatedly pressed Ibrahim Hooper on this point. If CAIR truly wants to promote understanding and peace, why in the world would it denounce a respected journalist – a liberal no less – who was simply expressing the feelings that so many Americans share? Why not use Williams’ candor as a jumping off point to establish a real, meaningful dialogue, instead of trying to silence and marginalize Williams and anyone who shares his legitimately held feelings?

Hooper didn’t have an answer to that pointed, legitimate query, but Megyn Fox filled in the blank for him. 'You don’t want dialogue, sir', she said. 'You called for punitive action against him.' And action is what CAIR got. What they didn’t anticipate, and what they are now surely regretting, is that every action elicits a reaction, and this particular reaction isn’t going their way at all."

Monday, October 25, 2010

Beware of Possible Voting Fraud

Reports of Voting Machine "Malfunctions"
Just when you think that you can go to the poles and try and make a difference in your government, early reports are beginning to crop-up at several voting places in North Carolina and elsewhere that the machines are malfunctioning.

Namely, reports have been that if you select a straight ticket for the Republican Party, the machines have been doing just the opposite! One report (New Bern, Craven County - NC) claims that the voter noticed the error before committing the final vote to the machine's memory bank. If they hadn't been watchful, the machine would have cast their ballot for the WRONG political party. After several re-tries, this person called for election staff assistance. They tried again to register a straight ticket for the Republicans and it returned Democrats each time! It finally allowed the "correct" vote on the fifth try. The voter was told that "each morning every voting unit is calibrated as per manufacturers instructions by trained election rovers." There, now doesn't that just make you feel all warm and fuzzy, knowing that these machines need "calibration" every day? Who's to say that something is not right? What's wrong with this picture?

Remember a long while back this blog reported about the "New" voting machines used during the 2008 Presidential elections were NEVER validated and officially certified for national distribution? THESE ARE THE SAME MACHINES! Well what a coincidence, it seems they are having several problems with them once again! These machines are used in over 30 states and it would be nice to know that they are giving dependable results. However, it seems that's not the case.

Is It Election Fraud?
There is no proof YET that there is any voter fraud taking place by using these machines. However, there are a few precautions you need to take if you are going to use one of these touch screen wonders.

Action To Take
BEFORE YOU COMMIT YOUR VOTE, Check the screen to validate the results. If the machine is OK, then commit your vote. If not, call for immediate assistance and report this incident to your local newspaper and TEA PARTY!

Only time will tell if these machines have been tampered with and whether voter fraud has taken place. Meanwhile, be watchful, and tell your voting friends about this problem.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Getting Our Nickel's Worth?

Now They Need us!
So the Democrats finally realized that after ignoring their constituents for over two years with the One Party Rule, they may NOT get re-elected. Now they're worried about loosing their cushy jobs, perks, and all that POWER that goes with them. Funny how that works. All of a sudden, WE become important again! The BASTARDS have no sole! They sold us out long ago for the special interests - especially the Unions.

People across America are so upset with the Progressive Democrats that many long-time seated DEMs are fearing being ousted in two weeks. They're right!

Without them in office our President will not be able to continue JAMMING his Socialistic/Marxist policies down our throats. So Obama has jumped back into campaign mode to try and save HIS Presidency from disaster. Is it TOO Late? We hope it is because he's radically trying to transform the USA into Amerika, one regulation and take-over at a time. Don't forget, so are the DEMs who have voted to support all of his initiatives. They have used every rule, threat, and trick just to get their way ignoring Americans everywhere.

President Campaigning on Our Dime
So here we have the President going to college campuses and cities across America just to promote Democratic candidates. However, there's only one problem - he's doing it at OUR EXPENSE. Yes, Obama is using Air Force One for his personal non-Presidential travels along with all the Secret Service people and the rest of his cronies who accompany him. That's just not right and it costs taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars. We didn't elect him to become a professional campaigner for the Democratic Party. That's morally wrong and he should not be using those resources for his political party's gain.

Oh but you say, they all do it. Not like this guy! This is all he really knows how to do. When it comes to leadership he's demonstrated over and over that he's incompetent. The Peter Principle at it's best! Iran is still getting nukes and he doesn't give a care. He's too busy making Amerika into a Socialistic state.

We deserve better. Get out and vote the Progressive Democrat incumbents out-of-office!