Saturday, January 7, 2012

Don't Be Fooled Again!

RINO Defined
The acronym "RINO" stands for "Republican in name only." These individuals claim to be a Republican but in reality, are leaning hard Progressive in their real politics. The Republican Party is full of politicians who fit this description. in fact, the Republican Party has been co-opted by Progressives who claim to be Republicans!

RINOs claim to be conservatives, but when it comes to their political records we see just the opposite. RINOs support the following:

  • Obama's Stimulus Plan

  • Increasing your taxes

  • Gay rights and unisex marriages

  • Government funded abortions

  • Gun control (New & more gun laws)

  • Cap and Trade (higher electric bills)

  • Amnesty for ILLEGALS

  • ObamaCare or RomneyCare

  • The Patriot Act

  • The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)

  • SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) which censors the Internet!!

  • Union waivers for ObamaCare (actually ANY waivers)

  • Extending the national deficit ceiling

  • Expanding entitlements

  • Government bailouts for the automobile industry

  • Increasing government regulations by the EPA and FCC

  • The Federal Department of Education

  • The Federal Reserve Bank

  • The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

  • The Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

  • Not closing the borders

  • No serious spending cuts

  • Expanding unemployment benefits for another year

  • Pork spending (earmarks in legislation)

RINOs rarely want to support the candidate who beats them because they are in it for themselves and not their constituents.

RINO Examples
This list is long, but here are just a few that you should know about.
  • John McCain (AZ)

  • Olympia Snowe (ME)

  • Linsey Graham (SC)

  • Scott Brown (MA)

  • Jon Huntsman (UT)

  • Newt[on] Gingrich (GA)

  • Rick Santorum (PA)

  • Willard Mitt Romney (MA)

  • John Boehner (OH) speaker of the House

  • Richard Burr (NC)

  • Mitch Daniels (IN)

  • Chuck Hagel (NB)

  • Rudy Giuliani (NY)

  • Michael Bloomberg (NYC)

Don't just take politicians for their word. Look at their records. Politicians are paid liars. Don't be fooled by their rhetoric and false promises. Look at what we got with Obama! Most of the "Top Tier" GOP candidates are RINOS. Don't settle for the worst of two evils once again. That's the way the GOP establishment wants you to vote!

No, vote your conscience even if it's against the main stream!

Friday, January 6, 2012

ALERT: More Warnings...

Not to Worry
Did you hear about Operation Shield? It was an action driven by the Department of Human Services (DHS). Yeah, they decided to set up a random checkpoint using armed officers with sub machine guns, at a Leesburg, Florida Social Security (SS) Office. Wow, they must have been having a lot of problems there huh? Not really. No federal employee at the SS office knew that this was going to happen. The DHS officers just showed up and began "random" identity checks to those entering the building. By who's authority?

Meanwhile, DHS Protective Service officers entered the building and began to conduct searches in the building using trained K9 dogs. For what? Were there any search warrants issued? Oh that's right, the Patriot Act nullified that part of the Constitution!

The DHS said that they were performing "unannounced drills" to detect unauthorized persons and potentially disruptive or dangerous activities. Are you buying that CRAP?

Hey, why not send them to perform these unannounced"drills" to visit any of the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protests across the USA? Their sub machine guns would really do the trick! Oh that's right, the Obama administration supports OWS! They probably would recruit them to join forces! Never mind, bad idea!

The DHS officials refused to answer any questions regarding the display of unauthorized and perhaps ILLEGAL Power.

Since when did the Department of Human Services become a Federal POLICE DEPARTMENT anyway? Are they the 21st Century version of the German Gestapo? Who gave the DHS permission to use sub machine guns to scare the living daylights out of everyone who saw this action? Eric Holder? No, he doesn't know anything about guns or drug cartels.

What makes DHS think that they can perform random checks and ask ANYONE for identification? What will they do if they find and ILLEGAL ALIEN - SHOOT THEM? (Not yet anyway)!

If this activity doesn't raise the hair on the back of your neck, then you are one of the "pied piper" followers. You have nothing to be concerned about. Keep drinking the Government Kool-Aid. It was just a drill. There's no need to be concerned. Go back to sleep while the government destroys what's left of your liberties.

However, if you are a freedom loving American, this should scare you a lot! The Department of Human Services is breaking the law of the land. They are not authorized under the Constitution to perform ILLEGAL SEARCHES or to stop any persons and randomly ask them for identification without probable cause. That's what the Gestapo did under HITLER! We're there America!! We are letting our government become a POLICE STATE!

This activity is a rehearsal by your government. For what, we don't know yet - but we may find out. Don't wait for liberty to die. Start SCREAMING as loud as you can to let the government know they are abusing their powers.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Romney Won?

Mitt Romney won the Iowa caucuses by 8 votes. That's not a commanding win by any account. And yet, the GOP establishment is claiming a stunning victory in Iowa for Romney. This should not be any surprise to those of us who are TRUE conservatives that actually believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The GOP "Good-Old-Boys" are trying to determine the outcome of the primary elections. What a concept.

Listen to Their Message
GOP establishment characters like Karl Rove are claiming that Romney had a stunning victory in Iowa. Since when are 8 votes stunning? That's not even 0.1 of a percent! The spin coming from the mouths of the Progressives at the Republican Party is pathetic and getting to be quite disgusting.

Also FOX analyst Dick Morris is BLASTING Ron Paul and Rick Santorum every chance he has. Why? Because he wants Romney to win the nomination! He's just part of the same group trying to determine the outcome of the primary elections!

Remember that under George Bush, the Republicans spent and borrowed like the best of the Progressives! The Republican Party is NOT the conservative party any longer. They are a wing of the SINGLE PARTY (The Progressive Party) in Washington and they don't want to upset their power by letting a true Conservative win. That would change the whole dynamic in Washington and they can't let this happen.

Proof in the Pudding
If you need to be convinced that these are the facts, then just look at what happened yesterday. Senator (PROGRESSIVE) John McCain just endorsed Romney as HIS candidate of choice to the 2012 campaign against Obama. It doesn't get any clearer than that! McCain is a staunch Progressive. He wants to give AMNESTY to ALL ILLEGALS. He supported TARP and the bank bailouts. He voted in favor of raising the debt ceiling over and over. He endorses Romney!

Pay Attention
Look closely to the dynamics being used to try and persuade American voters. Don't be fooled or mislead by these tactics. Be your own thinker. Vote for the candidate YOU want regardless, of what you hear coming from the Republican Party. Stop from being brainwashed and preserve Conservative values.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Are We There Yet?

24-7 News Cycle
Have you noticed how the Lame Stream Media always beats a dead horse into the ground? They have to report the news on a 24-7 basis and unfortunately for us, this means that they continually talk about the same thing over, and over, and over until we get sick and tired of hearing about it. Repeat ad infinitum. Keep repeating. The news becomes the Department of Redundancy Department.

The Iowa caucuses are done with! FINALLY! And now the new news story is all about who won for the next week!

Gee, what a surprise. The Grand Old Party (GOP - alias the Republicans Party) just elected their two most favorite boys in the 1st and 2nd finishing places last night. There's only one problem. These guys are NOT CONSERVATIVES! No, they are BIG GOVERNMENT candidates just like Obama.

Oh, and don't forget Ron Paul. He came in 3rd. Actually, the GOP wants to forget Paul because he doesn't fit into their mold. The media won't be saying much about him because he's not a RINO (Republican in Name Only) like most of the rest of the other candidates.

Get Ready for More
Take a breath of fresh air. Hold it, because here comes the next bombardment from New Hampshire. Your TV sets will be filled with NH political BS until you have had more than enough. We already know the results because the media has been telling us who's going to win for the last 6 weeks. Like they know already?

Just like Little Kids
When your kids ask "are we there yet" they're bored, but at least they are just little kids, and don't know any better. However, soon you will be asking the same question because you will have become saturated and bored with the media's 24-7 cycle of redundant redundancies. God save us all for the next 11 months until the November elections.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Guest Article - Pulse Bomb Attack

The EMP Death Ray
By David Solway

"The popular trope of an evil genius who has mastered the technology of ultimate destruction and wields a death ray he is preparing to unleash from space has long entertained us. We don’t take it seriously, of course, and relegate it to the realm of a diverting fiction. But what happens when such comic book-and-James Bond-type scenarios leak into the real world? Unfortunately, we tend to make what philosopher Gilbert Ryle, in The Concept of Mind, calls a “category mistake,” which he defines as the tendency to represent certain facts “as if they belonged to one logical type or category…when they actually belong to another.” For the death ray is real; it exists in the empirical world. To assume that it is merely a feature of an imaginary realm that has no purchase on concrete, everyday life is, to quote Ryle, “one big mistake and a mistake of a special kind.” In the case we are considering here, it is a mixing of categories which issues in the kind of misunderstanding that can be fatal.

For the facts are these:

The “evil genius” is an Iranian ayatollah, who may go by many names. He is the de facto political leader of the Shi’a branch of Islam. His intention to destroy the United States of America and obliterate Western civilization is on record. Indeed, as historian Emmanuel Sivan has warned in Radical Islam: Medieval Theology and Modern Politics, the igniting of a planetary conflagration is an integral part of Shi’a Islam’s belief and thought. Known as Shi’ite Twelver theology, it posits that Allah’s kingdom will be established on earth by the Twelfth or Hidden Imam, whose advent can be hastened by kindling an act of apocalyptic violence. This is why the concept of M.A.D. (Mutually Assured Destruction) is idle when applied to Iran; as the astute Canadian blogger Bill Narvey points out, Iran’s leaders believe that their “religious prophecies [for] world supremacy can only be realized by…a deadly apocalyptic showdown with the non-Muslim world.” The Muslim death count is immaterial since all good Muslims are assured of eternal life in Jannah, the Islamic paradise or heavenly garden. As for the death ray, it is no fantasy; it is an electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, that can literally demolish the electrical grid of an entire nation. An attack of this nature can be launched undetectably from, for example, a nondescript vessel in the Pacific or the Gulf or via “satellite” trajectory. The social and economic devastation would be massive and likely terminal. As Newt Gingrich and William Forstchen write concerning the possibility of a high-altitude EMP attack over American territory, “There is a sword of Damocles over our heads. It is a threat that is real but has been all but ignored.

William R. Graham, chairman of the Congressional Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse Attack, testified that Iran has already conducted EMP missile tests from frigates in the Caspian Sea. Additionally, Graham draws attention to Iranian military writings that “explicitly discuss a nuclear EMP attack that would gravely harm the United States.” And Iran could get away with it since it is almost impossible to identify the origin of what—especially if it is carried out by sea—would be essentially an anonymous attack. As Bob Owens indicates in a recent PJM article, “the most likely avenues of attacks are locally launched missiles from submarines or freighters in the Gulf of Mexico or off either coast, where distance to detonation from launch is measured in seconds, and which are not the focus of our outward-facing early warning and detection systems. Such vessels could be easily scuttled after launch, and the rogue agent responsible for the attack may not be found until well after the attack is over, rendering our nuclear counterstrike abilities utterly moot.

As mentioned above, the damage to the nation’s electrical grid following an EMP assault would be catastrophic. The cascading effect on major infrastructures would result in the destruction or critical impairment of the financial system, the communications network and cybernetic functioning, farming, distribution of food and water, fuel production and delivery, all forms of transportation, law enforcement, medical care, trade and industry and, of course, military defense. The state of civilization in America would be peeled back by hundreds of years and a state of nature in all its raw ferocity would supplant it.

This is no mere pipe dream. It is what the ayatollahs appear to be planning. Iran has already put a satellite into orbit, demonstrating that it has the means and the technical know-how to launch a nuclear or EMP payload. The accumulating death toll would be astronomical. Gingrich and Forstchen direct us to studies which “estimate that 90% of all Americans might very well die in the year after such an attack.” German director Wim Wenders’ film Until the End of the World, as well as William Forstchen’s recent novel, One Second After, depict in their different ways what such an event would entail. It is hard to assimilate so unthinkable a prospect, and inertia or dismissal is a natural response to the probability of cataclysms. Nevertheless, in today’s explosive world, and in the light of the developments I have outlined, it is a realistic picture. We would be foolhardy to ignore it.

There is no question that the electrical network that powers the nation must be hardened and rendered resistant before it is too late. This is precisely Graham’s argument. Alternatively, one way to neutralize the threat would be to initiate an EMP strike over Iran from the Persian Gulf, turning the tables on an enemy state that presents an imminent danger to the U.S. Properly conducted, the source of the attack could not be identified and the gander will have trumped the goose. The fact that oil prices would spike temporarily is something that would happen anyway when war breaks out in the Middle East, an event that is clearly inevitable. Better sooner while we still have the upper hand than later when the ayatollahs will have cut off our hands entirely. Those who minimize the likelihood of such a catastrophe, like The New York Times William Broad, are living in the cloud-cuckoo land of leftwing political complacency. An upholstered reverie is no consolation when the lights go out.

An EMP attack is distinctly possible, perhaps even probable. To regard such an irruption as merely fictitious, as nothing but a celluloid fable or the wild imaginings of sci-fi enthusiasts rather than an appalling aspect of enemy calculation, is to make a category mistake whose consequences we might not live to deplore."

Monday, January 2, 2012

Obama Openly Favors ILLEGALS

Things to Remember
Please try and remember some of the things done under the Obama administration under HIS directions when voting in the elections this year. Please remember that it was under Obama's watch the the USA took the hit of the first credit downgrade in our history. We lost our AAA credit rating.

Please remember that OIL and energy prices went through the roof under Obama's watch because he won't allow oil drilling and he's deliberately closing-down 14 coal fired electric plants because he doesn't like coal.

Please remember that Obama gave lots of money to Solyndra even though the company was in serious financial trouble. Then Solyndra's leadership bailed, taking the money with them!

Please remember the idiotic policy of allowing US gun dealers to sell guns to the Mexican drug cartels. Actually this was a deliberate attempt to try and get Americans mad at gun dealers - but it backfired and now Obama and Eric Holder have blood on their hands because of it.

Now the Latest Thing to Remember
The Obama administration just circulated a memo dated December 29, 2011 that indicates that ILLEGAL ALIENS have to be held by local officials until they are convicted in local courts. Only then will Federal officials be concerned about gathering them up for deportation.

The impact of this new directive (which may not even be legal) from Obama means that lots of CRIMINAL ILLEGALS will be let loose by local authorities because they do not have the money or the facilities to incarcerate them for these specified time periods. The net affect is that Obama is favoring CRIMINAL ILLEGALS and he is in effect, destroying public safety in the USA! NICE Huh?

The Reason for This Stupidity
Obama has been loosing the Hispanic and Latino voters in recent polls. This strategy is meant to bolster-up renewed support for Obama in the 2012 elections - AT OUR EXPENSE IN PUBLIC SAFETY!

He'll do anything for a vote.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Diversity & Social Justice

America's Brainwashing
The Progressives of today are the "Anti-Federalists" of the past. They do NOT believe in the laws and powers specified in the US Constitution. They don't like the limits set in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. That's why they want to either ignore them or rewrite them altogether! Progressives of today fear that if individual states are allowed to be granted their own constitutional rights, life as they want it, could not exist. Progressives believe that BIG GOVERNMENT is the only answer. They have a very different vision for America than the Founders did.

Progressives of today rely on creating disunity among America's citizens. (United we stand, divided we fall). Progressives know all too well that this principle works when you want to conquer the masses. They are following the teachings of Saul Alinski. Their goal is to collapse the system in the United States to create their own special "Utopia" of Totalitarianism.

Believe it! They want complete government control over everything. They want the government to control YOUR lives completely. They want YOU to rely on the government for everything. They claim that the Constitution is outdated and no longer relevant. Sadly, they are making good progress in this endeavour. Look around and you'll see what we mean. Example: Excessive Political Correctness.

Perhaps it's now important to have a 21st century day version of the Federalist Papers to show why the Constitution is such a great document and why we should fight to keep its rule of law intact. We need a new "user's manual" so we as citizens can understand and cherish the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Unfortunately, as citizens, we have gone astray and no longer understand how the Founders intended our country to be run. This is OUR FAULT! Americans are not familiar with what the Founders wanted - let alone know what rights they have and don't have here in America.

Dummy Down
One way that's key to dividing the country is to get the Progressive message out to the youth of America. The Nazis were quite successful with this strategy back in the 1930s. Progressives have learned from the past while the rest of us have become complacent.

Progressives have seen to it that our public education system is now designed to contribute to the dumming-down of our children. Changes in curriculum and textbooks now allow the teaching of subjects outside the typical "Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic." Our national educational standards have lowered thanks to Big Government intervention. American students no longer rank in the highest rated students world-wide. We have fallen to new lows and continue to do so.

Colleges and universities employ the radicals of the 1960s and 1970s as professors who are brainwashing our youth with their Social Justice and diversity propaganda! It's no wonder why we have the OWS protesters in the streets. More and more young people don't know American history or little about the founding of America. Progressives keep re-writing the history so that they can achieve total ignorance in our youth. They keep trying to drop the teaching of American history prior to 1800 in school textbooks. This would omit the concepts of the Founding Fathers completely! Look at modern textbooks and the subject and topics covered or omitted! It's disgusting! It's no wonder why our children are failing in schools.

Questions to Ask
Here are a few questions you should be asking as parents:

  • Are you allowing your children to be subjected to Progressive propaganda like the "Story of Stuff" which demeans Capitalism and teaches kids that it's bad?

  • Does your school teach your 1st and 2nd graders about homosexuality? Can your kids opt-out if YOU want?

  • Does your school still say the Pledge of Allegiance or are kids taught to pledge the earth instead?

  • Do your kid's classrooms still have American flags?

  • Is political correctness out of control at your kid's school?

  • Are your kids banned from hugging?

  • Does your school emphasize Social Justice and diversity a lot?

  • Are your kids being taught about Global Warming as OUR fault?

More and more people are becoming aware of this and have taken the responsibility of home schooling their children to avoid the indoctrination present in today's classrooms. Are you doing your share?