Saturday, July 6, 2013

Time To Get Worried

If you are paying any attention, it should be coming quite clear that our local police departments are getting scary. Local law enforcement agencies have become "militarized." Police departments all over the US have adopted military tactics which include:

  • Using armored personnel carriers
  • Using military tactics for house-to-house searches
  • Using riot gear and riot clothing
  • Using the dreaded "fully automatic AR-15 Assault Rifles"
  • Using flash - bang grenades
  • Using SWAT teams

The latest push is for police departments to subject citizens to Criminal Charges for non-criminal acts. Here are several current examples:

  1. A 20 year old woman is charged with 3 felonies for buying bottled water.
  2. A man in Pennsylvania was arrested for writing with chalk on the sidewalk. He wrote: "Governor Corbett has health insurance, we should too." He was charged for "writing a derogatory remark about the governor on the sidewalk." (FREE SPEECH?)
  3. A Texas woman was arrested and detained over night for asking to see the arrest warrant for her 11 year old son. She went to jail while they left her son at home.
  4. Police in Watertown, MA searched door-to-door forcing all occupants out of their homes under gun point. Then handcuffed the occupants, and detained them in a paddy wagon. (NO SEARCH WARRANTS were issued for the ILLEGAL searches).
  5. Obama is "training" 15,000 Russian soldiers who are here in the US to protect the White House for the "Upcoming Disaster."

If these actions don't get your attention, then go back and crawl under your rock. These actions don't sound like America, they are more like some third-world country run by a dictator.

Wait a minute...

Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Plot Thickens

Remember before the election when Obama had an open microphone while talking to Russia's Medveded and he promised him that he would have "more flexibility after the elections?" Well, that statement is finally beginning to make sense.

Last week President Obama quietly reached an agreement with Russia behind closed doors. The agreement completed requests that Russia send a minimum of 15,000 troops who are trained in "Disaster Relief" and "Crowd Functions" (alias Riot Control) for the "Upcoming disaster."

This deal was made on Obama's behalf by Homeland Security Director, Janet Napolatano. These troops would work directly with FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency). Their mission: "To secure the continuity of the US government." The area specified for these troops includes; Washington D.C. and the surrounding States of Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia. The Russian Minister Puchkov stated, "We have decided that the US Federal Emergency Management Agency and Russia’s Emergencies Ministry will work together to develop systems to protect people and territory from cosmic impacts."

Questions to ask:

  1. What's the upcoming disaster?
  2. Why does Obama want Soviet troops to protect the White House?
  3. Why can't he rely on US troops?
  4. Isn't this request/deal unprecedented in American History?
  5. Is this linked to the build up of arms, ammunition, armored personnel carriers, and riot gear purchased by the DHS?
  6. Is Obama planning for a military coup to take over America?


  1. Obama knows something we don't. He's preparing for Civil Unrest here in America.
  2. Obama wants Russian troops to protect the White House because they will NOT hesitate in shooting Americans.
  3. US soldiers will NOT shoot fellow Americans - even when order to do so. That order would create instant insubordination and chaos in our military. Obama knows that.
  4. This has never been done before in our history.
  5. This is interrelated. The DHS IS Obama's new army. However he needs more people than he has in order to accomplish his goal - so he went outside our borders.
  6. One could argue that Obama IS planning on taking full control. It makes logical sense when looking at these facts. 

Action To Take
Start asking these questions. Let family and friends become aware of this new secret agreement made with the Russians. Tell your Congressional representatives to start inquiries. DEMAND ANSWERS!!!!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Affordable Health Care - Postponned

Let's make this short and sweet. ObamaCare was passed just before Christmas and no one had time to read the proposed law. Nanci Pelosi told us to pass the bill and then find out what's in it. Yeah, we see how that's turned out. It keeps getting worse and worse - the more we learn about the "AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE LAW."

DEMs pushed ObamaCare down our throats and then suffered a lambasting in the 2010 midterm elections. They learned that voters are STILL PISSED with them and are learning just how bad the law really is.

They want to be re-elected in 2014. By postponing ObamaCare implementation past the elections, they figure they can win again. This isn't for you, this action is for THEM!! Don't let these sleazebags get away with this unscrupulous tactic. Vote them ALL out-of-office in the November 2014 midterm elections.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Obama Media At Work

If you don't think there is any media bias, look again. The Zimmerman trial deflects your attention away from all the White House scandals. How do they do this? CNN News reported George Zimmerman's Social Security number, telephone number, address, and his date-of-birth. Gee, do you suppose he may be troubled with IDENTITY THEFT? Does he deserve this SMEAR?

CNN has already tried and convicted Zimmerman in their "objective" news coverage. They did this on purpose to create ILL WILL towards Zimmerman. They are hoping to generate massive civil unrest if Zimmerman gets "off" on the charges against him. They are not the only media doing this. Obama's state-controlled media are THE criminals.

CNN is RACE-BATING their watchers. Don't be fooled America. They are deliberately charging the emotional atmosphere created by the trial. They have a hidden agenda. Create a LYNCH MOB.

They are not only shameful, but despicable too.

Monday, July 1, 2013

The REAL War

Everyday we hear about ILLEGALS crossing our borders - mainly the southern borders. Politicians know it, but always try to ignore that fact. The reality is that we are being "INVADED" but no one with political power seems to care. America is seriously being infiltrated by people who are for the most part, illiterate. That's the KEY. These people invading are uneducated. That's what makes them so appealing to the ruling class. Many bring the dreaded tuberculosis along with them. They are not staying in the border states either. They are everywhere. This IS a war against American sovereignty. The reported "10" million ILLEGALS is a lie. The true number is at least double that one - maybe a lot more.Look around, see what I mean?

The political class (both sides) will not stop them. They refuse to enforce existing laws and do little to stem the invaders. In fact, many politicians actually encourage this influx. Americans remain perplexed at this.

We see the "Gang of 8" try to jam-down our throats their slick version of "AMNESTY for ILLEGALS" and sugar coat it with promises to close the border, without ANY way to do so. Their solution is NOT meant to close the border. It's meant to SHUT-YOU-UP about closing the borders. They WANT the invasion to continue so they can continue their ambition to political supremacy. They feel the power that they have now and want more. Much more. That's why Liberal/Progressives support all the things that will DESTROY America like abortion, expensive energy schemes, gay (homosexual) marriage, euthanasia, death panels, contraception and so on. All these things make Americans submissive and totally dependent on Big Government. They are following the old rule: "Divide and conquer."

The RINO (Republican In Name Only) wing has now become the "Republican Party." This is why conservative voters are fooled over and over. RINOS HATE the Tea Party as well as any Libertarian. They just call themselves "Republicans," but they are not. Here are some striking high-profile examples:

  • Marco Rubio
  • Lindsey Graham
  • John McCain
  • Warren Hatch

They all sing the same song. They all say that they are "Republicans." But look at their voting records. Most people don't. If they did, these guys would NOT remain in office. They do NOT support Conservative values OR defend the Constitution. ("Meet the old boss, same as the new boss").

We truly need a NEW party. The old one has been corrupted. Either vote-out the turncoats (which is not likely), or start a new party. Time is running out America.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Watch The DOW

In case you didn't notice, the Federal Reserve is threatening to stop printing money (called QE3 or Quantitative Easing). As soon as Chairman Bernanke mentioned this, the stock market took a 500 point dive. He has been flooding the stock market with worthless paper money for quite some time. As a result, your dollars are worth less and it take more of them to buy things. Example: Groceries.

So when the "Fed" finally stops creating the stock market "bubble" by propping up the bond market, there WILL be an economic CRASH. It won't be a simple recession, it will be a major DEPRESSION. You money will become worthless over night. Savings wiped-out, retirement funds crashed, all in the snap of your fingers. This has happened before - AND it will happen again. History DOES repeat itself.

Obama has put the USA into "Collapse Mode." He spends more money than all Presidents before him and he keeps on spending. Example: He and Michelle (FLOTUS) are taking a vacation in Africa at the estimated cost of between $60 - 100 MILLION dollars of taxpayer money. Americans can't afford to pay for this trip and he knows it. This is the "CHANGE" he was talking about. He's deliberately trying to collapse America's economy and it's working.

Then what? If you haven't prepared, it will be too late for you and your family. This isn't a "How-To-Prepare" description, merely a warning to prepare. The CRASH IS COMING. Look around. Are things getting better under Obama? Has unemployment gotten better? Are people confident in the government or are they more afraid? All things point to a looming disaster and it IS coming. Is the government stockpiling arms, ammunition, and yes, food? For what? To use against civil uprisings!

So how much time do you have? No one has a crystal ball. Just watch what's happening in the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DOW) numbers. When they start plummeting - the crash is under way. It's getting close.

Are you and your family ready for it?