Thursday, June 18, 2015

Back-Stabbing Congress

"Republicans" (alias Stealth DEMOCRATS) are trying to bring-back Obama's trade deal that hurts American workers, gives Obama unilateral powers, & gives-up American sovereignty. The word "Republicans" is in quotes because they are behaving like Democrats lying about their beliefs. Why on earth would ANY Conservative vote to give-up US sovereignty? The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) turns power over to globalists to issue regulations about US trade, immigration, the environment, labor and commerce. It also gives Obama unilateral powers to bypass Congress altogether. That's why he wants to keep the details secret.

No wonder Obama likes that legislation. It weakens American sovereignty. It diminishes American control to a bunch of foreign dictators. Now that's just WRONG in every measure.

The question to ask is why are the GOP leaders supporting such a thing? Mitch McConnell (KY), Paul Ryan (WI), and John Boehner (OH), are big supporters of this idea. Why are they violating their oath of office to support the Constitution and to destroy the Bill of Rights? Because they owe their souls to lobbyists and people who give them money for re-election - NOT YOU!

Anyone who votes in support of the TPP deal is a TRAITOR. That's right, they're TRAITORS. They are selling-out American values by giving control to foreign leaders. You'll never see that explanation in the main stream media. They call themselves "Conservatives" but they have sold-out you and Conservatism for greed, power, and other BS ideologies.

They lie to get elected and then do as they please. This is no longer a Republic but has become a self-serving Secular Progressive State.

God help us.

Sunday, June 14, 2015


Look at your country. It is changing before your eyes. It is NOT a positive change. The trouble is that you don't stop and take the time to realize what is happening. Neither party of the government (DEMOCRATS or REPUBLICANS) actually represent their respective  citizens. They continue to pass ILLEGAL "laws" that are designed to "protect" us from our enemies. Their "Laws" destroy the very fabric of the Constitution. In fact, our enemies are the ones passing these ILLEGAL laws. They go unchallenged.

The criminal element in America has become emboldened. They steal what they want, they riot, they impede traffic flow - halting medical assistance and fire departments from performing their services. They break things and burn cities down. The LEFT and the LIBERAL Media place blame on the police departments. America is Fundamentally Transforming.

Meanwhile our medical infrastructure and police cannot do their jobs. So what do you really think is going to happen? Will you be safe? Your family? You home? Your job? Your personal property?


If you don't take action, your way of life will change - if not END completely! History repeats and this is the collapse of a once, GREAT country. It's time to take positive actions. I'm NOT advocating revolution or violence. That is NOT the way. We all need to try and let our government know - en-masse that we are sick of their CRAP and ILLEGAL laws, and we want a representative Republic that follows the Constitution.

Don't put-up with the corruption, lawlessness, and greed exemplified everyday by those who expect handouts because they are "entitled" without deserving anything. Don't except the propaganda being delivered  by those who say they represent the "news." Start raising your voices against tyranny or you will be silenced one way or another - forever.