Saturday, September 7, 2013

Cookies Are Watching You

Have you ever noticed that your PC is getting slower. Ever wonder why? Whenever you visit a website, they use the "Innocent" cookies to allow you to log in or to access their website. Cookies are used for more then just that. Google Analytics use cookies and other surreptitious methods to track your browsing history so they can target advertising designed just for you.

In light of the NSA's spying on Americans and Google's nosiness, these invasive actions have caused Americans to try and protect their Internet privacy. Pew Research says that 86% of Internet users try to delete or mask their digital footprints. They do so by logging onto networks that cut-off their IP addresses, clear their cookies, and encrypt their emails.

Presumably these fears are also driven by the fact that 21% of Internet users have had their email or social media accounts hacked. So no one is safe.

Proof: Just look at how Internet sites use cookies against you; here are just a few of the most notorious:

Even when you delete these cookies, they mysteriously re-appear after you delete them - even after there consecutive deleting operations. DoubleClick is a perfect example:

Here's what people have tried to protect themselves:

Source: Pew Research

What Else Can You Do?

  • Encrypt your email
  • Encrypt your chats
  • Use Private Browsing
  • Use a password manager

These are a few ways you can thwart the STEALING of your personal information. Good luck, you'll need it.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Guest Article - A Psychopath?

by Jason Howerton of The Blaze

"Earlier this week, President Barack Obama reframed his “red line” rhetoric in regards to Syria and the use of chemical weapons, saying it was the “world,” not him, that “set a red line.”

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh on Thursday expressed his disbelief at the claim, which he called “psychopathic.” According to the online Merriam-Webster dictionary, “psychopathic” is defined as: “of, relating to, or characterized by psychopathy or antisocial personality disorder.

Limbaugh is not alone in his confusion over the statement.

Obama last year clearly stated that Syria would cross a “red line” that would “change my equation” if he used chemical weapons on his own people.

This is some ‘pathic’ – psychopathic,” Limbaugh said. “He drew the red line, then he said he didn’t, then he said his credibility [isn't] on the line, it’s Congress’ fault because they’re the ones who passed a resolution decades ago against the use of chemical weapons. So yeah, it’s the Republicans fault.

The conservative radio host went on to say that President Obama’s handling of Syria and the so-called “red line” is “dangerous” and “not cool.

It’s not brilliant politics, it’s not Obama cleverly outwitting his opponents,” he added. “He’s president of the United States, he’s not up to it. He doesn’t want the job. He doesn’t want the responsibility, not with something like this. He’ll be glad to raise your taxes and control your life with health care — he doesn’t want all this. It’s too messy.”"

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Unintended Consequences

When a government steps-in to "help-out" there are always unintended consequences. The are things that result from the interaction that were NEVER anticipated or never considered as possible. We're there again on that page with Obama, the Wonderful.

Look at Obama's track record:

  • Benghazi - He and Hillary Clinton offered no support to Americans who were being attacked by out enemies in Lybia. He has stalled the investigation and has refused to cooperate with Congress. Even his Attorney General  - Eric Holder, has lied under oath about Benghazi. Likewise his Director of the CIA.
  • Libya - Obama decided to back the "rebels" who turned-out to be the Muslim Brotherhood. Obama sent money, jet aircraft, weapons, and tanks to support OUR ENEMIES. Obama had no long-range plans on what to do. He still doesn't. Today Libya is in shambles because of Obama's botched involvement.
  • Afghanistan - Obama escalated the US involvement in Afghanistan and look what it got us. No where - except more dead and wounded Americans. Nothing has changed. The Afghans will continue to resist changing to a "democracy." Additionally, Obama announced when American troops will be leaving giving our enemies a clear plan.
  • Syria - Nobel Peace Prize winner Obama wants to unilaterally attack Syria. After polling and finding out that he would face impeachment, Obama took the question to Congress. Syria's civil war has both sides (our enemies) killing each other. Obama wants to pick sides once again. His track record is NOT to be trusted. Obama's "plan" doesn't consider the unintended consequences (once again) on what will happen if we do start a war in Syria.

The Syrian "Limited Military Action"  has the potential of starting World War III which would bring destruction to American cities, the annihilation Israel, and shut-down all imported oil to America. But Obama and his "experts" either haven't considered these possibilities or have dismissed them as unlikely. REALLY? Unintended consequences are REAL.

Obama's record on foreign affairs gives validity to NOT SUPPORTING his plan to attack Syria. He's incompetent in geopolitics and we should NOT trust him. Tell Congress  to vote "NO."

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Blame Game Part 2

It's not my fault. I didn't draw the red line. The world drew the red line.

Obama is delusional. Perception IS reality. This is just another way of denying any responsibility for HIS actions. Obama did set the limit when running for re-election. Ironic how he denies that when he finds himself humiliated by HIS OWN actions.

This is the action of a "genius." Let's face it, Obama is showing his incompetence in foreign affairs and geopolitics. Obama is now playing the Blame Game to save himself from admitting that he is responsible for HIS actions.

He cannot admit mistakes. Obama is a true narcissist. His ego is so inflated that he can NEVER admit that ANYTHING BAD is his fault. Denial. Total denial.

Now Congress is being forced to "decide" what action to take. If they say "No" to attacking Syria, Obama will be reduced to the weakest lame duck President in world history. If they say "Yes" Obama may save face but the world will know just how weak Obama is and they won't be afraid of him. Either way, the USA suffers immensely and Obama becomes a JOKE on the world stage.

He did this all by himself. He listened to his closest friends and advisers but this time, it REALLY backfired on him. This situation isn't like Benghazi where he covered-up his blunders. It's truly pathetic that we still have three more years under Obama's rule.

Will America be able to survive? Only time will tell. It doesn't look good.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

America is Gone

This isn't America. We have passed the half-way point a long time ago. It has changed dramatically under the Obama reign of the past four plus years. He promised to fundamentally change America and he's keeping his word. This is the systematic collapse of the once home of the free and the brave.

Records show that this is the longest "recovery" in American history. That's because it's not supposed to be a true recovery. Obama's goal is to Collapse America. American jobs in manufacturing are just about all gone and moved over seas. America produces very little and probably will NOT get manufacturing jobs back. People here do NOT have the manufacturing skills any longer. American factories have sold all or most of their manufacturing equipment so even if we wanted to make things, we would be unable to revive manufacturing. America has become service-oriented country and not manufacturing. Detroit, Michigan is the perfect example. Detroit used to be the world's biggest producer of automobiles. Today, Detroit is a ghetto. The city has filed bankruptcy. The state government has taken-over their schools. Buildings are collapsing from lack of care or maintenance.

We are also the worlds biggest consumers. Since we don't make any more goods, we must buy them. The problem with that is that we don't pay cash - but buy on credit. Consumer debt has reached all-time highs under the Obama Administration. This won't get better over time, only worse. The trend is already established. More people are incurring debt that they cannot pay back. The housing collapse shows this as a fact.

President Obama has expanded food stamps to outrageous proportions. He's done so by lowering the qualifications making it easier to obtain them. Millions more people are becoming totally dependent on the government for their basic survival. People are being encouraged by the government NOT TO WORK by getting unemployment benefits for up to two years. Why work when the government pays you not to?

America is in serious decline and Obama has three more years to continue pushing his Collapse Plan. By then, you won't be able to recognize America, because it will be dead.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Our President's Class Act

Here are a few pics of President Obama and how he behaves on-the-job. You decide for yourself whether he respects his position, the flag, or the country - or not.

The Crotch Salute #1

The Crotch Salute #2

Oval Office 1

Oval Office 2

Oval Office 3

Oval Office 4

The Right Way to Salute the Flag

The WRONG WAY to Salute the Flag

This image is NOT reversed. Look at Obama's lapel pin.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Blame Game

President Obama has backed himself into a corner when it comes to Syria. His political promise with the "Red Line" speech during re-election is what got him there. He has humiliated himself, America as a world power, and all Americans. Perhaps that was his goal, but being the narcissist he is, I doubt it.

Obama's ego has been damaged by a self-inflicted wound. He desperately needs to "save face." He needs to place the blame for HIS actions on someone else. His focus group polling indicated to him that if he attacked unilaterally, he would face the strong possibility of IMPEACHMENT. Not wanting that, Obama needed another way out of his dilemma. Why not blame Congress instead?

So Obama did a major flip-flop this week and he "decided" to ask Congress for their permission. That way if they say "Yes" and it goes badly, it becomes "their fault and it was the will of the people" - not HIS doing. If Congress says "No" and it goes badly, he will point his finger at them and say "Well, I tried to do what was right, but Congress stopped me." Either way Obama has a political way out.

What he still hasn't figured-out yet is that the entire world is laughing at him. He has literally CASTRATED himself in public and made himself the weakest President in US history. No other foreign country will ever respect him again. Why should they? He is NOT a man of his word and when he says that he's got your back, you better start running. Obama lacks integrity. He's NOT honest and now everyone should realize it. Our enemies do! Count on it!

What the average Joe in the street doesn't know is that this will have severe repercussions on us all. Our enemies have no reason to be afraid of the USA as long as Obama is President. They will increase their atrocities and perhaps "light-up" an American city or two with a dirty bomb in the next three years. Who will he blame for that?

Can't happen? Look at Benghazi. How about the Boston Bombings? Obama can't say any longer that there have been no acts of Terrorism against the USA under HIS watch. But, as we all know, he continues to either blame or stall until the bad news goes away. Look how well that turned out in the Syrian affair.

Obama is INCOMPETENT. After all, we elected a man with NO executive experience. He was a mere Community Organizer. How that's working out for us? This past week Obama almost pushed the USA into World War III. He still might!