Saturday, February 23, 2013

The List Is Getting Longer

Government Boycott
A week ago we reported that there were six gun/firearm companies standing-up to the State of New York. It's working! The list is growing with YOUR support. We now have a total of 35 companies telling government agencies to go take a "hike" because they restrict us from buying equipment they don't want us to have. Here is the updated list of companies who refuse to sell items or do business to counties, states, cities and municipalities:

  • ACE LTD.
  • Alex Arms
  • American Spirit Arms
  • Badger Peak
  • Barrett
  • Big Horn Armory
  • Bravo Company USA
  • Bullwater Enterprises LLC
  • Cheaper Than Dirt
  • CMMG
  • Controlled Chaos Arms
  • Doublestar Corp
  • Exile Machine
  • Extreme Firepower Inc
  • Head Down Products, LLC (New York State only)
  • Iron Goat Guns
  • J&G Sales, Ltd
  • Kiss Tactical
  • LaRue Tactical
  • Liberty Suppressors (New York State only)
  • MidwayUSA
  • NEMO Arms, Inc (New York State only)
  • Norton Firearms
  • OFA Tactical
  • Old Grouch's Military Surplus
  • Olympic Arms - (New York State only)
  • One Source Tactical
  • Predator Intelligence
  • Quality Arms Idaho
  • Red Jacket Firearms (TV show)
  • Rock River Arms (New York State only)
  • Smith Enterprise, Inc (New York State only)
  • Spike's Tactical
  • SRT Arms
  • Tactical Solutions (New York State only)
  • Templar Custom - (New York State only)
  • Top Gun Supply
  • York Arms (New York State only)
  • Umlaut Industries LLC
  • Warbirds Custom Guns
  • West Fork Armory (New York State only)

Action To Take
The new additions all happened in less than one week! Send your business their way! Thank them for defending YOUR 2nd Amendment Rights. Encourage your other dealers to join forces and exclude ANY government agency who wants to restrict your freedoms.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Hiding From Drones

Our Enemies Strategy
Al-Qaeda trains their recruits on how to avoid being killed by drones. You might find it important to familiarize yourself with these techniques because of Obama's unilateral power grab to KILL AMERICANS using drones. Will he use them HERE in America? Who knows, these hints may come in handy some day.

Here are 22 tips, as follows:

  1. You can learn the intention and the mission of the drone by buying the Russian-made “sky grabber” device to infiltrate the drone’s waves and the frequencies. You can buy the device in the market for $2,595.
  2. Use jamming devices that broadcast frequencies or pack of frequencies to disconnect the contacts and confuse the frequencies used to control the drone.
  3. Deploy reflective pieces of glass on a car or on the roof of the building.
  4. Placing a group of skilled snipers to hunt the drone, especially the reconnaissance ones because they fly low.
  5. Jam and confuse of electronic communication using the ordinary water-lifting dynamo fitted with a 30-meter copper pole.
  6. Jam and confuse electronic communication using old electronic equipment and keeping them running 24/7 because they emit strong (noisy) RF frequencies that confuse drones.
  7. Do not to use permanent headquarters. Keep moving around. 
  8. Have well-placed reconnaissance networks to warn you when drones are in the area.
  9. You're not safe at night. Hide from them - especially at night. They have night vision.
  10. Hide under thick trees because they are the best cover against drones outside.
  11. Stay in places unlit by the sun - such as the shadows of the buildings or the trees.
  12. Maintain complete silence of all wireless contacts. The government monitors them.
  13. Disembark vehicles and keep away from them especially when being chased or during combat. They are easy targets.
  14. Deceive the drone by entering places with multiple entrances and exits.
  15. Use underground shelters because the missiles fired by drones are usually the fragmented anti-personnel type and not anti-building munitions.
  16. Avoid gathering in open areas. In urgent cases, use buildings with multiple doors or exits.
  17. Form anti-spy groups to look for government spies and agents.
  18. Form fake gatherings such as using dolls and statutes to be placed outside false ditches to mislead the drone.
  19. If you're in a car and discover a drone, leave the car immediately. All occupants should go in different directions because the drones can't kill everyone.
  20. Use natural barricades like forests and caves when there is an urgent need for training or gathering.
  21. In frequently targeted areas, use smoke as cover by burning tires. (Use smoke grenades as a force multiplier).
  22. Leaders should not use communications equipment like cell phones, satellite phones, or radios, because the government can  keep a voice log used to identify and locate you for targeting.

Food for thought. Save it for a rainy day or for Jeopardy.

If you see a drone and it is after you, this information could save your life.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Barry's World

Obama's Minimum Wage Goal

The Original AR-15

Statist Propaganda

Our Biggest Mistake

Failed Record - But We Like Him

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Talk Too Much?

Poll Worker Admits Fraud
An Ohio poll worker has committed blatant voter fraud and was discovered after she bragged about voting "twice" for Obama. Once by absentee ballot and once in the actual voting polls. She was also responsible for "delivering" four other absentee ballots in the same handwriting from her home that also voted for Obama. The suspect claims that she was voting for other people who live in the same address. All in all, Ms. Melowese Richardson may have cast a total of six ballots (that we know of) for Obama.

She claims that she did it because she was afraid that her vote wouldn't be counted. She wanted to "fight" for Obama's "right to sit as president to the United States." Gee, that sounds reasonable - doesn't it? She offered no explanation for the other four ballots except that she was "delivering them" for the other people. Richardson claims that she had no intentions of committing fraud. DUH?

So here we have a state employed person using her position as a poll worker to influence the outcome of the Presidential election. Apparently she thought it was OK to vote multiple times and that that was NOT voter fraud. Are you buying that excuse for committing this crime? Was she alone in the swing state of Ohio? How may more poll workers in Ohio were voting more than once? We will never know.

If this doesn't undermine your confidence that Obama actually won the election fair and square, it should!

This situation would never have had the chance for success it voter identification was required for each and every ballot cast. It's a matter of public record that Obama won in all precincts where voter ID was NOT required and Romney won in every precinct where IDs were required. Coincidence? Hardly!

Don't be fooled when Democrat/Socialist/Marxist politicians tell you that requiring voter ID makes it hard for minorities to vote. That's just a LIE and these incidents of voter fraud back that up. Stop voter fraud with a mandatory photo ID as a requirement to cast ANY ballot.

You are being terribly naive if you think this was an isolated incident. Several precincts reported more votes cast than they had registered voters. That's IMPOSSIBLE without fraud! Several precincts reported 100% of the votes all for Obama in Ohio. This is also statistically IMPOSSIBLE. In spite of these "irregularities," the Ohio Secretary of State certified the election results without ANY investigations.

KISS valid election results Goodbye for future elections.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Collapsing GOP

History Repeats
The GOP is like the Whig Party of the 1850's. The Whig Party dominated politics in the North for years and years. When the political hot potato of Abolitionism (the movement to end slavery) became the topic of the day, the Whigs couldn't make up their minds one way or the other.

Today's Grand Old Party (GOP) is scattered and divided. It is dying a slow death. Corruption and greed has become the way of life. Some behave and vote just like Liberal Progressive Democrats. They are more like the old Democratic Party because they have a strong record of spending for entitlements, excessive borrowing, ignoring their original Conservative concepts. They have morphed or been infiltrated by Progressives and abandoned most Conservative principles for power or greed. So we see a shift of the Republican Party to become the old "Democratic Party." It's true they are not all Progressives, but the ones who control the party are true Progressives. Karl Rove is a perfect example. They are NO friends of the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. (Examples: They passed the Patriot Act and the National Defense Authorization Act that undermines both).

Unfortunately, we also see a similar shift in the Democratic Party only their change is much worse. They have moved harder to the LEFT becoming more radical than ever and have become the Marxist Party. Their ideology has shifted harder towards Socialism/Marxism. Look at their actions and their votes. They want more government control over your lives, have allowed the nationalization of the automobile industry, banking industry, and now the medical industry with the advent of ObamaCare. They also want to ban all firearms, silence free speech with political correctness, and destroy the Constitution and the Bill of Rights saying it's old and does not apply to today.

The Republican Party sprouted-up as an alternative the the failing Whig Party in the 1800's. President Lincoln was the first Republican President.

That was then and this is now.

Today the Republican Party has forsaken its original ideals because of corruption and the hubris that comes from the power of being in office. We are watching them crumble in front of our eyes on a daily basis.

The Libertarian Party is much like the early Republican Party. People know of it, but it hasn't become the true third party yet. However, it's getting close. With a bit more effort, it can and will become the "new" third party.

If you haven't dumped the Republican Party yet, you should. They no longer listen or have your interests at heart. They are selfish and only look out for themselves and to their own re-election. Register yourselves as Independents or officially join the Libertarian Party. This will change the tide in Washington and perhaps new the way that we save America from falling to the Marxists we now have in the government.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Is Homeland Security a Misnomer?

Yet Another Purchase
This is NOT a conspiracy theory. Here are the facts; In addition to the 1.6 BILLION rounds of ammunition they bought 10 months ago, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is now purchasing another 21.6 MILLION more bullets. That's a total of over 1.625 BILLION rounds of ammunition in 10 months. This number exceeds what ANY military uses during warfare. The DHS has bought enough bullets to wage full-out war for the next 30 years! They claim it's for target practice. You don't use hollow points for practice! And, they must be very bad shots because that's a lot of practice!

The Department of Homeland Security's main focus now is directed at "homegrown terrorism" (their phrase). Perhaps they mean to direct their activities towards conservative political ideology, or "right wing nut jobs" defending the Constitution.

If this fact alone doesn't spark any interest, then forget about reading on.

Questions To Ask
Here are some things to start wondering about:

  • Why in the HELL does the DHS need that much ammunition? 
  • Why did they just purchase 1,500 fully automatic assault rifles? 
  • Who are they going to use them against? 
  • Are they planning for a civil war? 
  • Why did the DHS censor the figures of ammunition they have been buying? 
  • What are they trying to hide and why? 
  • Is DHS Obama's new "Civilian National Police Force" that he campaigned for in 2008? 
  • How is this activity connected to Obama latest push to disarm law-abiding citizens? 
  • What justification does the government have for spending Taxpayer's dollars towards these purchases?
  • Is the government preparing for a civil uprising? 
  • Will the government start the unrest so they can "Collapse and Contain It" using Marshall law?
  • Who in the government can STOP these activities?


  • Why in the HELL isn't ANYONE in Congress asking these questions in an investigation?

Action To Take
Start demanding answers to these questions or watch your liberties dissolve in front of your face.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Government Watch List

What It Is
When President Nixon was in office, he created an "enemies list" which he used against his strongest opposition. He used whatever means he had at his disposal. The easiest one was the Internal Revenue System (IRS). Now-a-days we can't be politically incorrect because Progressives are "offended" too easily, so we no longer have "enemies." Instead, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is tallying a list that they call a "Watch List." Same thing - different label. Progressives always have a way with words by using euphemisms or change the language completely. Anyhow, a watch list is just that. The government keeps an eye on anyone on such a list in the vein of "Government and National Security." Doesn't that make you feel safer already?

Activities Watched
If you're one of the lucky ones to be on the list the government watches, how did you get there? Here are a few ways in which the government may consider you as a candidate for their list:

  • You purchased a copy of the Anarchists Bible.
  • You are a Tea Party member and volunteer your services to help elect Tea Party candidates onto office.
  • You write a political blog & the President is one of your followers. 
  • You use the Social Media like FaceBook or Twitter only for political purposes.
  • You own a firearm.
  • You are a "decommissioned" vet.
  • You have bought ammunition over the Internet.
  • You publicly badmouth the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) or ANY government agency.
  • You have been arrested at a demonstration.
  • You openly disagree with the President's policies and regulations.
  • You encourage other people to join the Tea Party, Libertarian Party, or other such "subversive/extreme" groups.
  • You purchase books on Lock Picking, Locksmithing, Explosives, Doomsday Prepping, or Disaster Survival Skills, or any such "subversive" or "terrorist" topics.
  • You watch YouTube videos on making smoke bombs, use of trip wires, solar power, survival techniques, and so on…
  • You write letters (or call) your Congressmen and Senators often.
  • You watch Doomsday Preppers on TV.
  • You re-load your own ammunition.
  • You are a member of a gun club.
  • You only watch Fox News.
  • You are on the government's no fly list.
  • You have had trouble with TSA at an airport.
  • You use your cell phone as your only way of communicating.
  • You use scrambled email as a way to communicate.
  • You own a short wave radio or radio scanner and listen (use) it often.
  • You attend meetings on the Constitution, American Patriotism, or the Founding Fathers.
  • You study the history of Communism, Marxism and the rise and fall of the Roman Empire.
  • You have more than a week's supply of food stored for your family.
  • You use Google as your main Internet search engine.
  • You clear/delete your Internet cookies and erase your Internet History daily.
  • You are thinking of using cache tubes for a variety of purposes.
  • You choose your words carefully on while using the telephone, avoiding words like "guns, terrorist, or acronyms like DHS, EPS, or POTUS."
  • You have a family survival plan in case of disaster.
  • You purchased and installed security devices around your home.

This list goes on, but you should be getting the idea by now. So are you on the government's watch list? Are you really that paranoid? Better think twice, you just might be on their list.