Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Culture Change

Liberals, Progressives, PC NAZIS, the LEFT or whatever you want to call them are moving towards shutting-down free speech in America. Under the guise of Political Correctness, they smear, demean, besmirch, and discredit, anyone who disagrees with their political agenda. The latest example is Bruce Jenner's conversion to Caitlin Jenner.  What's wrong with being transgendered? US veterans cannot fly the American flag on their property because someone finds it offensive. The LEFT also attack religious displays at Christmas and rename Christmas trees and call them "Holiday Trees." If you have ANY opposing views, the LEFT labels you "Gender-phobic" or call you a bigot. They also overuse the word "RACIST" because it's so inflammatory. They love to use the "phobia" word because it is so effective. (Homophobia, Islamophobic and so on). If you believe in GOD, the LEFT considers you an "EXTREMIST" because the bible doesn't recognize gay and transgender communities. How dare they NOT accept them?

Now you have to hand it to the LEFT, they are pros at handing out smear labels to accomplish their goals. By now, you should know that they are following Community Organizer Saul Alinsky's book "Rules For Radicals." The LEFT cannot argue with facts because they know they will loose the argument. This is one of many strategies they use in their attempt to reach their political objectives. Tell a lie, repeat it often and people will come to believe it when they hear to often enough.

Because the LEFT has infiltrated all facets of our culture over the last 40 - 50 years, (another Alinsky tactic), they have brainwashed our youth into hating America, and made America into a "Nanny State" with all of the "free" handouts. We even have half of the population who never pay ANY income taxes - (just another entitlement). Because of this hidden agenda, our culture has changed into believing that the government owes them something and that they are entitled for all the free stuff they can get without working for it. The culture also believes that the government will look out for them. They are in for a BAD SURPRISE.

That spells disaster for America. Older citizens (seniors) realize what is happening because they remember America as it was years ago. They can see these cultural changes and warn that the LEFT is leading America over the cliff. We are heeding towards a Totalitarian State. Freedoms are dissolving.

Will younger Americans wake-up before it's too late? Time will tell, but right now, it looks bleak!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Reclaim America - Eliminate the Waste

In case you haven't noticed, but politicians always tell you what you want to hear in order to get elected - then they ignore you and do whatever they want after gaining office. With the shift in the Republican Party towards the political LEFT, the good-old-boys that have become the ruling class are now moderate DEMOCRATS. They have forsaken Conservative values altogether while bloviating just the opposite. Disgusting as that is, it is now time to take-back America.

This next presidential race is becoming one of THE most important elections in American history. Unfortunately, the GOP has 19-20 interested candidates - making this a Clown Show instead. Most of the "Republicans" (alias RINOS) running are part of the elites who ARE the problem in Congress. They don't even read the bills that they pass! These individuals are more interested in remaining in office because they like the power and money that comes with the office. They have little interest in representing YOU. They flip-flop on their positions because they just want to get elected. Their main objective is to continue being a "Career Politician." We have to DUMP these CHUMPS once and for all!

These are some of the reasons why we as Americans need to take-back our country. We start by closing the borders. A minority of radicals (including our President), have violated the sovereignty of America by opening the borders. They are allowing an invasion of ILLEGALS which is detrimental for a lot of reasons. These radicals care less if these ILLEGAL immigrants come here bringing deceases, or are illiterate. They just want to control them and the dumber they are - the better. This has to STOP.

Any candidate for President MUST close the borders to halt this invasion of American sovereignty. This actually eliminates most of the RINOS on the list. Seriously, most are NOT Conservatives.

We also need a President who can actually lead. After 6+ years, we see just how far in the wrong direction we can go under a person who is "Fundamentally Transforming America" HIS WAY - NOT our way.

Vet the candidates and you will realize that the list of good CONSERVATIVE candidates is really quite short. It comes down to Carly Fiorina, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Ben Carson. These people defend the Constitution and have the guts to stand-up to the A-HOLES currently in the government. The rest are Republicans in name only and they do NOT support Conservative values!