Saturday, December 21, 2013

Send Cracker Barrel a Letter

Strange, but after the announcement that Cracker Barrel is pulling all of Phil Robertson's products off their shelves, the Cracker Barrel website would NOT accept complaints. So instead, you can send them a letter. We took the time to locate the Chief Execuitive Officer (CEO) of Cracker Barrel and her mailing address;

Sandra B. Cochran
Cracker Barrel Old Country Store
305 Hartman Drive
Lebanon, TN 37087

We're sure she would LOVE to hear from you!!

Here's a sample of what we sent:

Dear Ms Cochran,

As frequent customers of Cracker Barrel my wife & I are quite disappointed that you have chosen sides with the "politically correct thought police." Your pulling products of Phil Robertson indicates that you have joined those who are attacking Mr. Robertson's freedom of religion and freedom to voice his personal opinion. Instead your actions support those who want to mute, denigrate, and disgrace Mr. Robertson.

Sad that this country is so split that religion is under attack - unless it's the Muslim religion. It's more sad that Cracker Barrel has unfortunately joined the STUPID side of this situation. Until you change your policies, you have just lost two valuable and once loyal customers. We shall be dining at Bob Evans and other fine establishments that have NOT joined these blatant attacks against free speech and freedom of religion.

(Incidentally, whether by accident or otherwise, your website would NOT allow me to publish this complaint. Perhaps this was a deliberate attempt on your part to STOP those people whom you have OFFENDED by YOUR ACTIONS).

Merry Christmas,

Your name here

Friday, December 20, 2013

When Will This Be Challenged?

Yesterday Obama "lifted" the December mandate for ObamaCare. He postponed it for one more year. This is the 14th time he has intervened into the law without consulting Congress. Remember, Congress writes the laws and Obama is merely supposed to implement them after signing them into law. He has no constitutional authority to modify, delete, or re-write ANY law that Congress passes. He is abusing the office of the President by assuming dictatorial powers.

Obama is getting desperate because the law isn't selling too well - especially with people under age 30. This explains why Obama keeps putting band aids on the Affordable Care Act by ILLEGALLY deciding which parts to implement and which to postpone. Obama keeps - on delaying implementation of the parts of the law that don't work as he expects, or that don't do what HE wants. The reality is that no one outside of the White House really knows what's going on or the TRUE numbers of sign-ups. Their transparency is so dense, it's like a black hole.

It's becoming obvious that the Obama administration is VIOLATING the law of the land. When will someone have the GUTS to challenge him and hold him accountable for abusing his powers and his oath to the Constitution?

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Senator TRAITORS Cut Military Retirements

Yesterday the US Senate passed a bill that Obama will gladly sign into law that cuts reimbursement of military retirements including cuts to those wounded and disabled in service to our country. Their excuse for passing it was "so we could avoid closing down the government," but we say it's because they don't give a care about our troops but care more for ILLEGALS. The bill they passed gives entitlements to ILLEGALS and pays for those entitlements by cutting the benefits to our military. There's no justification for this vote. The bill also INCREASES SPENDING & BORROWING to the tune of a new national debt of $25 TRILLION!!!!

Here's how the vote went. First we list the so-called "Republicans" (alias RINOs) and "Independents" who are TRAITORS to OUR MILITARY. They include:

  Chambliss (R GA), Yea
  Collins (R ME), Yea
  Hatch (R UT), Yea
  Hoeven (R ND), Yea
  Isakson (R GA), Yea
  Johnson (R WI), Yea
  King (I ME), Yea
  McCain (R AZ), Yea
  Murkowski (R AK), Yea
  Portman (R OH), Yea
  Sanders (I VT), Yea

TRAITORS do NOT belong in the United States Senate. They have betrayed their oath to the Constitution and their promise to our Military. They are LOATHSOME SCUMBAGS. They do not deserve your votes or your respect.

The other list of individual Senators who care more about supporting ILLEGALS than they do our own US military are the Democrats who all voted "YES." They also are also LOATHSOME SCUMBAGS for the same reasons. They include:

 Baldwin (D WI), Yea
 Baucus (D MT), Yea
 Begich (D AK), Yea
 Bennet (D CO), Yea
 Blumenthal (D CT), Yea
 Booker (D NJ), Yea
 Boxer (D CA), Yea
 Brown (D OH), Yea
 Cantwell (D WA), Yea
 Cardin (D MD), Yea
 Carper (D DE), Yea
 Casey (D PA), Yea
 Coons (D DE), Yea
 Donnelly (D IN), Yea
 Durbin (D IL), Yea
 Franken (D MN), Yea
 Gillibrand (D NY), Yea
 Feinstein (D CA), Yea
 Hagan (D NC), Yea
 Harkin (D IA), Yea
 Heinrich (D NM), Yea
 Heitkamp (D ND), Yea
 Hirono (D HI), Yea
 Johnson (D SD), Yea
 Kaine (D VA), Yea
 Klobuchar (D MN), Yea
 Landrieu (D LA), Yea
 Leahy (D VT), Yea
 Levin (D MI), Yea
 Manchin (D WV), Yea
 Markey (D MA), Yea
 McCaskill (D MO), Yea
 Menendez (D NJ), Yea
 Merkley (D OR), Yea
 Mikulski (D MD), Yea
 Murphy (D CT), Yea
 Murray (D WA), Yea
 Nelson (D FL), Yea
 Pryor (D AR), Yea
 Reed (D RI), Yea
 Reid (D NV), Yea
 Rockefeller (D WV), Yea
 Schatz (D HI), Yea
 Schumer (D NY), Yea
 Shaheen (D NH), Yea
 Stabenow (D MI), Yea
 Tester (D MT), Yea
 Udall (D CO), Yea
 Udall (D NM), Yea
 Warner (D VA), Yea
 Warren (D MA), Yea
 Whitehouse (D RI), Yea
 Wyden (D OR), Yea

America: WAKE UP and get rid of these SCUMBAGS! Don't believe what they say. Believe how they voted!!! The TRUTH shows their lack of INTEGRITY!!!

Finally, the Republicans who voted to protect our military and NOT to give entitlements to ILLEGALS are the following:

 Alexander (R TN), Nay
 Ayotte (R NH), Nay
 Barrasso (R WY), Nay
 Blunt (R MO), Nay
 Boozman (R AR), Nay
 Burr (R NC), Nay
 Coats (R IN), Nay
 Coburn (R OK), Nay
 Cochran (R MS), Nay
 Corker (R TN), Nay
 Cornyn (R TX), Nay
 Crapo (R ID), Nay
 Cruz (R TX), Nay
 Enzi (R WY), Nay
 Fischer (R NE), Nay
 Flake (R AZ), Nay
 Graham (R SC), Nay
 Grassley (R IA), Nay
 Heller (R NV), Nay
 Inhofe (R OK), Nay
 Johanns (R NE), Nay
 Kirk (R IL), Nay
 Lee (R UT), Nay
 McConnell (R KY), Nay
 Moran (R KS), Nay
 Paul (R KY), Nay
 Risch (R ID), Nay
 Roberts (R KS), Nay
 Rubio (R FL), Nay
 Scott (R SC), Nay
 Sessions (R AL), Nay
 Shelby (R AL), Nay
 Thune (R SD), Nay
 Toomey (R PA), Nay
 Vitter (R LA), Nay
 Wicker (R MS), Nay

These people deserve our respect for protecting and defending our military while excluding ILLEGALS from entitlements and not expanding our deficits beyond sustainable numbers. Please do NOT forget that it was the Republican-controled House of Representatives that passed this bill over to Congress. They are also SCUMBAGS for doing so.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Top 10 Lies of the Year

The Washington Post has tabulated the 10 biggest lies of the year. Of the top ten biggest lies touted in 2013, President Obama takes the honors for giving us three of the ten! What a record. Now we have proven that the leader of the free world is the BIGGEST LIAR! We can't make this up because the truth cannot be refuted.

We know that all politicians stretch the truth, but the number one lie of the year is that "If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep it." He knew this wasn't true back in 2010 because the Affordable Care Act was designed to force the majority of people off of their plans into the government-controlled system.

Lie number two: Obama also claimed that "the Capitol Hill janitors just got a pay cut." Obama was trying to make the sequestration cuts seem terrible - so he lied to the American public. They had to cuts in pay.

Lie number three: Obama said "The day after Benghazi happened, I acknowledged that this was an act of terrorism." LIE! He sent Susan Rice out on all the networks blaming the attacks on a bogus video. He even made that same excuse at a United Nations speech. ANOTHER LIE - this time to the world!

Actually politicians usually don't lie because they never answer the question. They just bloviate around the issue. In any case they are NEVER held accountable for this actions. Isn't it time we put Obama's feet to the fire? Why should he get away with all HIS scandals and lies to the American public?

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

12 TRAITORS to the GOP

In a US Senate vote taken yesterday, twelve Republicans joined sides with the Democrats in support of the Ryan/Murray budget bill that cuts pensions for our military and eliminates mandatory sequestration cuts in spending. The Ryan/Murray bill also increases government spending and allows the government to borrow and spend to raise the national debt to over $25 TRILLION dollars. This is IRRESPONSIBLE and unforgivable.

Here is the list of the TRAITORS in the Republican Party:

  • Lamar Alexander (TN)
  • Roy Blunt (MO)
  • Saxby Chambliss (GA)
  • Susan Collins (ME)
  • Jeff Flake (AZ)
  • Orrin Hatch (UT)
  • John Hoeven (ND)
  • Johnny Isakson (GA)
  • Ron Johnson (WI)
  • John McCain (AZ)
  • Lisa Murkowski (AK)
  • Rob Portman (OH)

Voters in those respective states should take note of who these people are and where their alliances are too. Apparently they think "Better RED than dead." They have morphed into Moderate Democrats and  are NOT Republicans at all. These 12 do NOT represent Conservative values and we pray that their respective constituents are SMART enough to vote them all out-of-office.

There are more RINOS like these and they will show their true colors in the vote supporting this bill in the full Senate today. Keep watching and hold them all accountable.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Doing More With Less

A new Rasmussen poll shows that only 31% of employed Americans work a 40 hour week. The survey also shows that 40% are working more than 40 hours a week. And 9% of those working more than 40 hours, actually are working more than 50 hours per week! In other words, fewer people are doing MORE work than they did before ObamaCare kicked-in.

What's Worse
The survey also shows that 28% of employed Americans now work LESS than 40 hours a week. This is a 6% DROP in employment from the last survey taken in May. Employers cannot afford to pay for the new health insurance required for full-time employees, so they have cut worker hours in order to comply with ObamCare. Now they hire more part-time people instead.

The Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) is the gift that keeps on giving. It's killing our economy one job at a time. It's the Trojan Horse that was designed to force all people into the "Single Payer System." That's a nice Progressive word phrase for "Socialized Medicine."

Obama knew he was lying and so did the Democrats who ALL voted for it. Remember this in the 2014 mid-term elections and vote-out all those who supported this huge government take-over. ObamaCare Nationalizes health care in America. It's a Bait-And-Switch program designed to force you into what the Progressives want you to have. Less care for those who need it and free care for ILLEGALS and those who have NO insurance. That's just stupid!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Short & Sweet

This week your US Senators will vote on the Ryan/Murray budget proposal from the House of Representatives. This budget unfairly cuts pensions to our retired military. It also eliminates many of the Sequestration cuts already signed into law. It also INCREASES big government spending and more borrowing. Obama applauded the legislation. This should tell you that it's NOT a good bill.

Take Action
If you want to see cuts in spending and borrowing instead of what they're doing, contact your two Senators and tell them to VOTE NO on the Ryan/Murray budget. Here is the link.

Do it!