Saturday, September 18, 2010

Religion Allowed in Public Schools

Wellesley Middle School Brainwashes Kids
Children in a public Wellesley, MA middle school went on a field trip to visit the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center. Videos of this trip clearly show that the intent was not what parents were told before the trip. Instead of learning about the history of Islam, students were systematically BRAINWASHED instead. Several of the middle schoolers actually participated in Muslim prayer to Allah.

Somehow, we think that this wasn't exactly what the parents of these kids were told would happen on the trip.

Can't Display the 10 Commandments
Ironic (or moronic), but kids are not supposed to pray in school any longer. The courts have ruled against this activity. They have also ruled against the display of the 10 Commandments in public buildings. And yet we see that a Progressive community school (like Wellesley, MA) believes that it's OK to PRAY at a mosque during a school sponsored activity!

This Was Wrong
If the parents of these poor kids are NOT outraged from this incident, then there's little hope for the state of Massachusetts. People are supposed to be protected to be able to to choose (or NOT) the religion of their own choice. This did not happen here.

Before you get upset, think about this example: We are going to take the middle school kids on a field trip to a Roman Catholic Church during school hours. Some of the kids are Muslims. During the field trip several of the kids (including the Muslims) take part in praying in the Church.

Do you honestly believe that the parents of the Muslim students would not be appalled and insulted?

Sounds Like a Lawsuit
In the very least, there should be a class lawsuit against the teachers and school authorities who authorized and otherwise approved this trip. Progressive behaviors (and teaching religious ideology) by school administrators and teachers must be limited and prohibited from influencing young children. What's the difference from this and what happended in Nazi Germany during the 1930s? Nothing! It's not their job to teach religion!!

Progressives are BAD for America! They ignore the Constitution and want to destroy it!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Delaware Beware...

Mid-Term Election Choices
In case you haven't heard, the Tea Party candidate Christine O'Donnell won the Delaware primary in an upset victory. Unfortunately her Republican opponent Mike Castle has yet to send her a congratulatory salutation. Clearly he is a NO-Class act and deserved to get booted out of office. These are SPECIFICALLY the type of politicians that are corrupt and need replacing!

Now she approaches the Mid-Term election facing Chris Coons (D). Joe Biden referred to Coons as "well educated". However, Coons himself has openly referred to himself as a "...Marxist." Harry Reide called Coons his "Pet."

So let's get this straight. The Vice President of the United States and most powerful US Senator love and heartily endorse Chis Coons even though he is an admitted MARXIST! In Coons own words, here's what he had to say about America: "beliefs in the miracles of free enterprise and the boundless opportunities to be had in America were largely untrue."

Do you really even want to consider electing a self-confessed Marxist as a US Senator? Are you REALLY THAT Stupid? We hope not!!

Of course, if you like government take-overs, high unemployment, no new jobs, and highest poverty on the record, you should vote for Coons. Otherwise, vote for O'Donnell!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Still Want Change?

Are you Pleased?
Well Obama has been in office over 20 months. He inherited a bad economy and promised to "fix" it. Under his plan, he is spending more money than any president before him. Are you happy with the results of HIS RECOVERY PLAN?

Let's see...
  • Government took over 2 auto companies who are now both on the verge of asking for more bailouts.

  • New financial regulations over banks allowing the government to close ANY bank they want for THEIR OWN REASONS

  • Fannie and Freddie Mac bailed-out with TRILLIONS of YOUR dollars. Now they have unlimited borrowing power without having to ask approval. And they were NOT included in the financial regulation bill passed.

  • Complete government take-over of all college student loans. No other sources are available.

  • ObamaCare passed raising taxes and FORCING YOU to buy government insurance under penalty of imprisonment and fines.

  • Obama still wants to give ILLEGALs Amnesty. TBD?

  • Congress still wants to pass Cap & Trade. Raising energy costs sky high!

  • FCC regulatory Czar tyring to get government control over the Internet.

  • Jobs lost under Obama's administration : Over 4 million.

  • Unemployment: Not holding STRONG at 9.6%

  • Open borders and lawsuit against Arizona. Failure to protect our borders.
Elections in Less Than 2 Months
If you think that this is the Right direction for America, then you should vote for a Democratic incumbent. Recall, they have the controlling power in Washington. The so-called One-Party-Rule ignores the opposition and pretty much does whatever they want to regardless of what Obama says.

However, if you would like to see some checks and balances added, consider voting for an Independent or Republican candidate.

Ask yourself: Am I better off now under Obama and the One-Party-Rule or have things gotten worse?

Remember the answer on November 2, 2010!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

GOP Refuses to Finance Tea Party Winner

Old-Boy Network at Work
Last night's primaries showed that the Tea Party candidates are winning in some key primaries. Unfortunately, the Good-Old-Boy network in the GOP is quite peeved about it. Even Karl Rove showed his disgust on Hannity about Christine O'Donnel winning against the Republican favorite Mike Castle. She won the primary by over 53%. Rove attacked O'Donnel verbally and made no bones about it.

O'Donnel won primarily because she received an endorsement from Sarah Palin and the fact that her opponent voted in favor for the Stimulus, bailouts, and Cap & Trade. (All are No-nos for the Tea Party).

I'm Taking My Bat and Going Home
As a result of these elections, the miffed GOP has now openly refused to give any financial support to the newly recognized Republican running for office. Wow, they are pouting and behaving like little children. They don't care if a Democrat wins. DUH?

This also shows that the Republican party has ALSO been infected with the Progressive movement. The so-called RINOs (Republican in name only) are showing their true colors - even Karl Rove! They REALLY are NOT conservative Republicans. Instead they are a "Bastardized Progressive" version of Republican.

These are EXACTLY the people we have to get rid of in the "Republican Party." They are traitors to the conservative cause. They claim to represent conservative values but they act and vote like Progressives and destroy freedom and your liberties.

Action To Take
Wherever you live, if you have one of these Tea Party candidates running against a Democrat, give your full support and financial aid if possible. We need to stop the Progressive movement from "fundamentally transforming America."

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Corruption in the WH

The Real Reason for Kagan's Nomination
Just when you think you've heard it all, something new drops in your lap. A faithful reader of this blog passed along this little tid-bit. Obama claimed that he had no association with Elena Kagan (recent confirmed Supreme Court Justice). Ahh, but alas, he lied yet again.

The Proof is in the Pudding
Elena Kagan served as Solicitor General before she was nominated to the Supreme Court. When several individuals/organizations tried to bring to light the details on Obama's true citizenship, Elena Kagan blocked every attempt.

Go to the Supreme Court's website and search for "Obama Kagan" under "Dockets." All of the gory details are there for you to peruse at you leisure.

Quid Pro Quo
So after Kagan blocked any investigations/litigations into Obama's citizenship, he clearly owed her a BIG favor. Consequently, he nominated her to the Supreme Court when the opening came due. Gee, what a nice guy. You helped squelch investigations into his past, and he rewards you with a life-time job as a Supreme Justice. This is called a "tit-for-tat" or a "quid-pro-quo."

Obama is Another Corrupt Politician
So Americans, how do you like your decision to put this individual in charge of YOUR country? Are we all warm and fuzzy yet? Isn't this one of the reasons why you voted for "change?" Didn't you want to get rid of the corruption in Washington? Look what we get instead!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Always Watch Both Hands

Obama's "Unpaid" Pay Czar Gets Salary
Remember you were told to always watch both of Obama's hands because he's always making distractions so he can do his shenanigans with the other? BINGO! He's at it again!

Obama Lied to the Press
When Obama appointed his pay Czar in 2009 he told the Lame Stream media that Kennith Feinberg would NOT receive ANY salary ("pro bono" or no compensation) as the new Czar. Wow, how things change when you aren't looking.

However, the government watchdog organization "Judicial Watch" recently uncovered documented proof that Feinberg did in fact, receive a salary of $120,830. Not bad for NO COMPENSATION huh? That's the quoted salary listed by the US Office of Personnel Management for the title of "Special master of executive compensation."

How Long Will We Put-Up With This?
As an American, don't you find this behavior rather disgusting? Consider the source of the LIE. We elected a bold faced LIAR as Commander and Chief of our country.


Sunday, September 12, 2010

More Proof Against Obama

Let's Destroy Americas's Economy
Recall that after the BP Gulf oil spill, that our President tried to ban all offshore oil drilling. Obama did so knowing full-well that this action would cost Americans a minimum of 23,000 jobs in the Gulf area.

After a federal court struck-down the ban amid complaints about the job losses to the offshore industry, Obama issued a new moratorium in July to stop deep-water drilling until the end of November. The job losses became reality.

This action has resulted in at least 23,000 job lossses. But the REAL bad news is that the oil drilling rigs have been moving out of the Gulf of Mexico and down to South America. They are helping Brazil tap into deep offshore wells with the help of Obama loans of millions of American dollars. These "Loans" went to Petrobras the largest and 3rd most profitable oil company in the world. Owned by who? Obama's best buddy George Soros. What a coincidence!! Oh, by the way, we will never see this oil. China gets first dibs on it!

So we loan Soros millions and he sells the oil he produces from deep offshore wells to China. Gee, that sounds like a quid pro quo for Obama to George Soros. Should this be investigated for criminal action by Congress?

Add Insult to Injury
To make matters worse, the Obama administration just sent a loan of $1 BILLION dollars (of borrowed Ameican tax dollars) to our good friends in Mexico. You know, the Mexicans are the ones taking over the states of Arizona and Texas with their kidnapping and drug wars. The Mexican government is going to use OUR TAX MONEY so they can drill in deep water offshore. Hopefully, they will offer to sell the oil to the United States, but there is no guarantee. Do you see any conflict of interest here?

Does This Sound Like America's Interests are Considered?
Ask yourself this question: Who is Obama helping the most? Mexico, George Soros, Or the United States? DUH? Obama is nothing but a Soros puppet. Georgie pulls the strings and Obama dances to his tune. This is disgusting and illustrates that Obama doesn't give a care about the USA! He really is trying to crash the economy with his "economic Stimulus" plan (otherwise called the Cloward & Piven strategy to destroy the American economy).

Wake UP America and see the real picture!