Saturday, February 19, 2011

It's All About Entitlements

The Buttinsky!
So here we go again, the President is making judgements without the facts, just like he did on criticizing the Cambridge Police Department a while back. Obama is in support of the Teacher's union striking and closing-down schools. Yes, our President is sticking his nose into a state's business once again. Frankly, it's none of his business.

Ironically, he's not the only Washington politician doing so. Our old buddy Nancy Pelosi ALSO supports the teacher's union closing-down schools. In fact, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is supporting these efforts behind the scenes.

Ask yourself, why they are doing this. It's simple. The Democratic party receives MILLIONS of dollars in union contributions to help them during get reelected. This is about reciprocity. One hand washes the other. This examplifies the corruption in politics - even the President is guilty.

Is it right for the President to butt-in and meddle in a state's affairs? Absolutely not! But he has to show his base that he's supporting the unions - even if they are breaking the law. (It is against the law for teachers to strike in most states).

The Bigger Picture
Democracy is on the line in Wisconsin (the home of the Progressive Movement). The teacher's union, state employee's union, and AFSME (American Federation of Municipal Employees) have taken-over the state government and are making a spectacle of it. Ironically, voters wanted the new Republican government to clean house. The citizens in Wisconsin have their freedom on the line (and so do we).

Union mobs are being lead by community organizers. They have taken over the streets in Wisconsin. The privilege of collective bargaining is the issue at hand. Unions want to keep their powers and teacher's huge benefits - even though it's hard to justify it when the state is going bankrupt. Unions want their entitlements regardless of the finance of the state.

However, the state can grant the privilege or rescind it. That's the law. However, unions are afraid of loosing it. So this is what we get. Schools are closed all for more entitlements.

Frankly, if the unions win, we ALL loose - not just Wisconsin, but America. It will be controlled by the unions and not your representatives. Freedom is on the line. There' s a lot more at stake than just entitlements. We cannot let the special interests rule the country. This WAS America. Maybe not any more... Time will tell.

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Good & the Bad

Tell Congress
When you are contacting your Congressional representatives telling them that you are not happy with their voting "YES" to keep the ILLEGAL Patriot Act alive, please give pause and also tell them on the other hand that you are happy that they voted to STOP funding the FCC's initiative for controlling the Internet (otherwise known as Net Neutrality).

The House just voted 244 to 181 not to fund the government agencies dealing with Net Neutrality. BRAVO! This stops the end run by the Obama administration to try and gain full control over the Internet and YOUR free speech.

Of course, President Obama has threatened to veto defunding against the Net Neutrality Act because he wants the power to control the Internet. Remember, that Congress holds the purse strings and they can make like difficult for this administration with that balance of power.

THANK Americans for bringing back the checks-and-balances to the system that we so badly needed!!

Don't Be Too Happy Yet
But don't forget to tell your reps that you are watching them closely and expect them to support LARGE BUDGET CUTS (including Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security) - not the piddly excuses offered so far. There won't be an America if we keep spending like Obama has in the last two years. Who in Washington will step up and fight hard for a fiscal conservative policy? Tell your reps that it's their turn to lead!

Be aware that of the 89 newly elected Republicans, only 27 of them voted AGAINST the Patriot Act extension!! That's not conscionable! They were elected in November and took an oath to protect the Constitution. Three months later, they are voting AGAINST IT and their very oath of office! Question this logic!!

Action To Take
Are you still sitting on the couch doing nothing? Have you bothered to use the tool mentioned on Wednesday this week to see how your reps have been voting? Don't be part of the problem. At the very least, contact your Congressional representatives and tell them how you feel and how you want them to proceed. Tell Congress that "DEBT" is a four letter word.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Guest Article - Unionizing the TSA

TSA and Big Labor: A Bad Union
By Ed Feulner - Dr. Edwin Feulner is president of The Heritage Foundation, a writer, and co-author of Getting America Right: The True Conservative Values Our Nation Needs Today.

"There are many ways to improve air travel. Unionizing the TSA isn’t one of them.

Until recently, the Transportation Security Administration was operating under a very sensible policy: no collective bargaining. Why introduce the possibility of strikes and protracted negotiations to an agency in charge of ensuring the safety of millions of air passengers?

Now, however, TSA head John Pistole has announced that the government will engage in limited collective bargaining with the TSA if its employees vote to unionize.

This is a big win for unions, which have seen their membership numbers drop sharply over the last few decades. They can look forward to adding about 40,000 members to their ranks -- members who will pay tens of millions in annual dues.

Passengers, though, have little reason to celebrate.

Look what happened in Toronto over the Thanksgiving holiday in 2006. Canadian law allows airline screeners to unionize, and at that time, the Toronto airport union was unhappy with how the talks were going. So they decided to send a little message to government: They started hand-inspecting every single piece of luggage. As planned, of course, this caused huge back-ups, and many fliers missed their flights.

Finally, to help move people along, managers allowed 250,000 people to board their flights without being screened. Fortunately, no terrorist incident took place. But it was pure luck that it didn’t.

Supposedly, something like this won’t happen here. Some of the typical areas for negotiation, including pay, promotions and transfer policies, are off-limits for collective bargaining. Only certain ones, such as employee awards and recognition processes, are fair game. (Which is bad enough. Unions hate merit pay for good performance and are sure to vote to abolish it, even though it helps motivate employees who have a rather tedious job.)

But unions frequently ignore the law and strike anyway. Plus, the current restrictions are subject to the whim of the TSA administrator. Pistole could change the policy at any time, or his successor could.

If that happens, look out. Take transfer policies. When a union is involved, it can take weeks to work out all the details necessary to get one employee transferred from one location or department to another. When it comes to air travel, safety concerns often prompt swift changes in personnel. Imagine, now, that the TSA union is involved, and its leaders decide it’s time to twist the screws to gain some concessions.

Will they drag their feet on transfers, even if it means compromising air travel safety? The track record of the National Treasury Employees Union, one of the two unions vying to represent TSA workers, gives us pause. NTEU already represents Customs and Border Patrol employees. It has sued the CBP for moving personnel without negotiating first, and the arbitrator ruled in its favor. So unions are already causing gridlock at other agencies.

Sure, we can cross our fingers and hope the current restrictions aren’t changed or ignored. But consider why the policy changed in the first place: union pressure. It didn’t change on a whim. Unions are among the most well-funded special interests around, and they lobbied the Obama administration hard for this change.

Unions spent half a billion to elect the president,” writes James Sherk, a labor policy expert at The Heritage Foundation, in a recent paper. “They spent more on the mid-term elections than the Chamber of Commerce did. When they speak, Obama listens.”

Now that they’ve won a partial victory, what are the chances they’ll be satisfied? Not very good. They’ll keep pressing until the TSA is completely unionized.

If they succeed, do you think airport lines will get shorter, or air travel any safer? Of course not. That’s why Congress should prohibit TSA from collective bargaining.

Otherwise, we can all expect to fly some pretty unfriendly skies in the future."

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Patriot Act Never Dies...

Senate Passed a Short-Term Extension
You'd better start asking yourself how your US Senators voted on the three month extension of the Patriot Act. Three of the eleven ILLEGAL "terrorist fighting measures" were expiring this month and the US Senate just allowed them all to pass for a three month time frame. That's three months too long.

Why Did They Support It?
Start with this question: Why the US Senate support the UNLAWFUL Patriot Act? It violates the US Constitution. As Dianne Feinstein defends her supporting vote by saying that "our law enforcement and intelligence agencies would lack important tools to protect this nation."

So she and the majority of US Senators think that it's OK to TRASH the law of the land so we can be "protected" by the government. Yeah, look more closely. The Patriot Act gives the government unconstitutional powers that ignore YOUR freedoms and liberties. The the provisions give the government access to sensitive personal records such as medical, library and gun records and a lot more. (See December's blog). It creates a POLICE STATE for American citizens all in the name of protection.

Useful Tool
Do some quick homework. Find out how your Senators voted on this. Go to the website that helps demystify their voting records. It's called is a non-partisan website that contains a searchable database of Congressional voting records. Before you get all turned-off. STOP! It's easy to use and will be a big help to you in tracking your representatives.

It shows you the performance and voting record of Congress for 160 different categories. You can get as much (or little) of the details as you want. You choose what to drill-down to find info on what matters most to YOU!

This is a free service and will show you whether your representatives are voting the way you want them to vote on the issues that concern you the most. it also helps you keep up with them so you can follow how they are voting on YOUR behalf!

How It Works
There are three ways to use the site, as follows:

1) Search by Members of Congress - Select your Representative or Senator and see how they are ranked overall. Then drill-down on specific issues.

2) Search by Issue Choose an issue category and see their voting results. Simple!

3) Search by Roll Call Vote Choose Senate or House, the year, and the number of the roll-call vote. Wa-lah, the results!

Action To Take
Look up your Representatives voting records on the Patriot Act. If they supported it, let them know VEHEMENTLY that you oppose this blatant violation against the US Constitution. Tell them to ABOLISH this Act - NOT support it.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Government We Know & Trust

Unintended Consequences
Let's face it, when somone in Congress gets a brainy idea to "conserve energy" they never analyze the REAL effect that their idea has on us. Or if they do, they don't give a care about us. So instead, they listen to the "Eco Nazis" who are fanatical about the planet earth. They don't care about people - just planet Earth! The hell with the people, they want to save all ecosystems EXCEPT OURS! These are the same folks who want to pass Cap & Trade and regulate carbon which would make your energy bills and cost of living "Skyrocket" - (Obama's word).

Where is This Rant Going?
A short while back, Congress decided to save the planet and pass a law that outlaws tungsten filament light bulbs by 2014. (Regular light bulbs). They did it to help Americans save electricity because these new bulbs are "energy efficient." That sounds nice until you take a hard look at what this actually requires of us. But before we get to that, let's point out that ALL compact flourescent light bulbs are manufactured in - you guessed it CHINA! We are closing-down or biggest light bulb plant in Ohio, laying off hundreds of workers, just so the Chinese can manufacture an environmentally UNSAFE (containing hazardous material - mercury) light bulb - that saves electricity when used. Who's brainaic Idea was this?

Forced By The Fed to Comply
Yes, these light bulbs cost a lot more than the old ones. But this is NOT the problem. Here is a link to a 5 minute explanation on why this is such a stupid idea. View it and weep.

Action To Take
Let Congress know that you want them to REPEAL this idiotic law that destroys American jobs, closes American factories, and pollutes our soil!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Why The Fed is Dangerous to the USA

Brief History
Back in 1913 the Progressive movement was successful in creating the Federal Reserve Bank. Founder, Thomas Jefferson warned of the dangers of a national bank. Congress ignored him. Ever since its creation, the US dollar has decreased in value by 92%. This devaluation is brought to you by the national bank. Congress gave away too much power to the Progressives.

No One Knows Who "Owns" The Fed
Currently, the Federal Reserve Bank is composed of several privately owned banks. Unfortunately, Americans do not know who these people are because the Feds keep it a secret. You heard right, the people who print our money and monetize our debt won't tell us who they are. For all we know, they are being controlled by Billionaire George Soros.

So What's The Big Beef?
As you recall, we passed TARP to the tune of $800 Billion dollars. Did you know that the government has no idea of who got the money or who's doing what with it? The Federal Reserve has the over site powers to audit, and investigate the people they lend money to but they have not. Instead, the Fed just sits there saying that they don't know about any problems and haven't investigated anything or anyone. We are talking about the organization who lends (or gives) American dollars to foreign banks and they cannot account for the money they gave out.

A Must Watch Video
Please take 5 minutes and watch a video that will shock you and (hopefully) make you mad enough to send this U-Tube link to all of your friends. Americans should see this blatant abuse of delegated power. It shows Congressman Grayson interviewing the Inspector General of the Federal Reserve Bank - Elizabeth Coleman asking who is keeping track of the TRILLIONS of dollars. Her response - no one!

Action To Take
Tell your Representatives that we need to take-back powers given to the Fed and we need an immediate AUDIT.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Barry's World

The Dollar After Bernanke

Obama's Epiphany

Time For Cuts

Sputnik Moment