Saturday, July 10, 2010

Are You Better Off?

Under Bush, several things were getting worse under his administration. The economy, home mortgages, banking, car companies, Afghanistan, our borders, unemployment, and ILLEGAL immigration. Agree?

Now after 1 1/2 years under Obama, ask youself this question: Are you and your country better off than before? Clearly Obama has had the opportunity to make changes to "fix" America's problems. He's been busy raming through new legislation and regulations. Have Obama's policies, new taxes, regulations, Stimulus, and ObamaCare REALLY helped you personally? Have they helped the economy? Are things in general getting better. Why NOT?

It wasn't his fault that America was in bad shape when he took office. So how are things now? Weren't they supposed to get better after the Stimulus? Wasn't unemployment supposed to be halted at 8% if we passed the Stimulus? Who benefitted the most from the Stimulus? Did it help you personally? Did it create private sector jobs as promised? How about all those "shovel-ready jobs"? Did they come to your area? Are you aware that if you count the people who are no longer looking for work and cannot find jobs because they have gone overseas that unemployment approaches almost 20% nationally? Why doesn't the government report that number?

Where did the Stimulus go? Who received it? Did the private sector created many new jobs or did they all go into the government because of the new regulations and controls? Are you aware that the Federal Reserve cannot account for the Stimulus spending? They have no idea if the individuals who received it are complying with the terms of receiving it. To refresh your mind, that was almost $900 Billion dollars. So where did it go? Shouldn't we demand an audit of the Federal Reserve to find out? Isn't ANYONE accountable in the government? Is Congress accountable? The President? Who IS accountable? No one!

Obama's administration now decides who is "too big to fail." Is this policy rewarding failure or is it fixing the problem? Is Treasury Secretary Geithner really doing a good job? Can we trust a man who doesn't pay his own taxes and is now in charge of the US Treasury? President Obama says that the economy is getting better and better. This is contrary to several "experts" who claim that we are heading towards a second Great Depression. Who's right? Do you feel that the economy is getting better? Do you know of anyone who is out of work? How long have they been out of work? Do you still have a job? Are you afraid of loosing your job soon?

What's wrong with this picture? Something is seriously wrong and we all know it. America is headed in the wrong direction. We can feel it. We can see it. We can and do believe that Obama has a lot to do with were we are headed. We feel uneasy, unsure, and uncomfortable. Congress is also just going along with the whole idea. They are NOT listening to Americans.

Last Chance to Help
Register to vote. In November vote-out anyone who has supported Obama's policies, regulations, new taxes, take overs. Anyone who has been in Congress more than two terms should leave office. They're not solving the problem, they ARE the problem. Get active politically. Join a 912 Project or local Tea Party organization. Start defending the Constitution instead of ignoring YOUR responsibility as a citizen.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Cap & Trade (American Power Act)

Before you get all excited and support the newly re-named Cap & Trade bill (now called the American Power Act) by Senator John Kerry (D, MA) and Joe Lieberman (I, CT) you really should check the FACTS! Why not take a few minutes and get the views of a meterologist of renoun reputation?

Follow the Link
Please listen to this explanation on Global Warming. It will change your opinon...

Things to Understand
The proponents of Global Warming legislation all have a monetary investment in it. They want it to succeed because they can and will make a lot of money by supporting higher energy taxes on YOUR personal consumption. This is NOT about saving the planet. It is greed and POLITICS pure and simple. Stop being hoodwinked and wake up to the TRUTH.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

When Congress Passes Legislation

Here is a brief checklist that you should use whenever Congress decides to impact your lives with new legislation. Get a copy of the bill and see how it stacks up against this checklist:
  • Is this the least restrictive approach to resolve this issue?
  • Who sponsored and wrote this bill, and do you agree with THEIR political philosophy?
  • Does this bill take rights from the people?
  • Does it restrict the liberty of law-abiding citizens?
  • Does it benefit a narrow constituency?
  • How much will it cost?
  • Does it establish a permanent entitlement?
  • Does it restrict your choice of services or purchases?
  • Does it substitute governmental activity for a family function or responsibility?
  • Does it limit, control, or destroy your right to own property?
  • Does it create or raise taxes?
  • Does it negatively impact small businesses?
  • Does it impact free speech?
This should help YOU decide whether the new proposed law is of ANY value to you and your fellow Americans. Try it, use it, and speak out against the new bill when it does not pass muster.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Holder is a Hypocrite

Attorney General Eric Holder is guilty of defying the will of the people and ignoring a voter intimidation case against the Black Panthers. The facts are self-evident in a video, and he drops the case. Is this racial politics? Instead he's suing the state of Arizona for violating Federal law. HUH? No explanation was given for dropping a clear case of voter intimidation captured on video.

However, it's OK for the Federal government to ignore Federal law and NOT defend our borders and then sue the State of Arizona for trying to protect themselves.

Stop and ask yourself, does this make any sense? Instead of protecting Arizona, Holder attacks it with litigation. Who's side is the government on? Are they trying to protect ILLEGAL ALIENS? It seems so at the expense of all Arizona residents.

Ask yourself, who made these decisions? Was it Holder or was he getting his orders from a higher source? If Holder is so determined to protect Federal laws, then why doesn't he sue the cities that ignore Federal immigration laws (the so-called sanctuary cities)? That's hypocritical!

This administration wants its cake and eat it too. You can't have it both ways. Enforce the law and stop attacking and punishing innocent people.

Americans deserve better.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

TSA Blocks Internet Speech

In a blatant warning to ALL Americans, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) under the control of Janet Napolatano, is blocking "certain" websites from the government's computers. This censorship took effect on July 1, 2010. This action also prohibits government workers from accessing any web pages that "contain a controversial opinion." It is NOT stated who decides what is controversial and what is not. It is probably left to the government's discretion - whatever that may be.

Napolatano has deemed that there are 5 categories of websites that are unfit and "inappropriate for government access." They are as follows:
  • Controversial opinion - which includes a host of different blogs
  • Chat/Messaging - like Twitter and Face Book
  • Criminal activity - like bomb making and guns
  • Extreme violence - including cartoons and videos
  • Gaming of any kind
Granted, employers can and do have the right to restrict Internet usage of employees. However, in light of this administration's constant activity to attack and restrict free speech, this should be interpreted as just another warning sign. This administration does NOT respect the 1st Amendment and will attack it every chance they have.

Recall the government's creation of the infamous "snitch list" which was started to snuff rumors about the government and its policies. Recall the FCC's recent attempt to take-over the Internet that was struck-down by the courts. Recall the FCC's latest attempt to "regulate" Internet service providers. Recall the latest blatant attempt by Senator Joe Lieberman to try and pass the Cybersecurity Act of 2010 that allows Obama to shut-down the Internet for up to 4 months!

America, these are WARNING SIGNS that you should pay strong attention to and not ignore. The trend is clear and shows a consistent pattern to try and control YOUR speech. This administration wants to silence ANY opposing opinions or political views that do NOT coincide with theirs. Don't be fooled by their rhetoric. Look at their actions!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Weekly Polls

The Rasmussen Reports is an independent electronic publishing firm that specializes in public opinion polling. Here are some current results on some main issues:

Presidential Tracking Poll
This tracks how the President is doing by those surveyed.
  • Strongly Approve... 24%
  • Strongly Disapprove... 44%
  • Approval Index... -20%
Presidential Approval Index
This chart is from

Job Approval Rating

ObamaCare Repeal?
Do you favor a repeal of ObamaCare?
  • Favor a repeal... 60%
  • Oppose a repeal... 36%

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Independence Day

"Knee high by the 4th of July" is what the farmers say about growing corn. Everybody knows that the 4th is a National Holiday. It includes outdoor barbecues, family get-togethers, and apple pie. We all get a day off and celebrate with fireworks. American traditions!

But does the younger generation REALLY know what the 4th represents? Maybe - maybe not. Have you ever really read the Declaration of Independence? All of it? Has today's youth? We doubt it.

On this day 234 years ago, our Founding Fathers literally signed their lives away on a piece of paper. If they were ever captured by the British, they (and their families) would be executed for treason. Would today's youth be willing to make such a sacrifice and take that chance? Sure we have plenty of young folks serving in the military doing just that everyday. But what about all the rest of them? You know, college kids, inner city kids, all the rest of them. Would they put their lives on the line by signing such a declaration?

Why would they? Americans in general have all become complacent about their freedoms and liberties. We take them for granted on a day-to-day basis. We have allowed our freedoms to be dissolved over time with little or no complaints from anyone. Oh, that's not true you say. But look at the realities.

Do you believe that the Founding Fathers would have allowed Congress to tell you what kind of light bulbs you can use? How about Nationalizing automobile companies? How about prohibiting guns for self-protection? How about giving welfare to millions who are unwilling to work? How about leaving our borders unprotected - allowing us to be invaded?

Our Founders would not have supported these things. Don't believe it? Read their own words. They were clear about not wanting the government to control their lives and YOURS.

Over time we as Americans have ignored the Founding Fathers. We stopped respecting them and their message. We believe that we will always be a free country and that no one will ever change that. We forget, that we have to serve as the watch guards - not someone else.

Are you aware that people who come here from oppressed countries can see the assault America is facing? They can't believe we let it continue to happen. They recognize that OUR government is becoming the OPPRESSOR of liberties. Sadly, we do NOT!

Action To Take
Google the "Declaration of Independence" and understand it. Discover who signed it. Also get a copy of "The 5000 Year Leap - Principles of Freedom" by W. Cleon Skousen. Appreciate what you learn. Defend what you have lost. Become active in preserving the Constitution and American life as it is intended. Become a PATRIOT!!