Saturday, April 30, 2011

Weekly Polls

The Rasmussen Reports is an independent electronic publishing firm that specializes in public opinion polling. Here are some current results on some main issues:

Presidential Tracking Poll
This tracks how the President is doing by those surveyed.

  • Strongly Approve... 24%

  • Strongly Disapprove... 38%

  • Approval Index... -14

Presidential Approval Index
This chart is from

Job Approval Rating

  • 53% of voters say that tax cut would help the economy.

  • 21% say that tax cuts would hurt the economy!

  • 13% not sure.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Guest Article - Here's the Stats

Dollar Loses More Ground
By STEPHEN L. BERNARD - Wall Street Journal

"NEW YORK—The dollar dropped after economic indicators pointed to a dismal employment picture and slowing economic growth.

First-time claims for unemployment benefits jumped 25,000 to 429,000, indicating employers might have slowed their hiring recently. Economists were expecting claims to fall to 395,000.

At the same time, gross domestic product rose at a modest 1.8% pace in the first quarter, matching economists' forecasts. However, the pace of expansion is much weaker than it was at the end of 2010, when the economy was growing at 3.1% pace.

"Overall this suggests that the U.S. economy is slowing down a bit and that could potentially weigh on the dollar going forward," said Brown Brothers Harriman strategist Mark McCormick.

The euro was at $1.4827 from about $1.4794 late Wednesday. The dollar was at ¥81.48, from ¥82.04.

The dollar has been hammered recently, losing out on interest-rate differentials and regularly hitting multiyear lows against other major currencies. Losses were especially bad Wednesday after Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke indicated the central bank is far from tightening monetary policy as economic growth remains slow and unemployment remains high.

During European trading hours, the euro reached its highest level since December 2009 at $1.4882, while the Australian dollar hit yet another post-float high and traded at $1.0919."


What Does It All Mean?
You must have noticed how you are running out of money before the end of the month or before the next paycheck. It's no accident! It's now costing $50-70 dollars to fill up because Obama won't drill or use coal. You can BLAME the economic policies of the Obama administration plus, the inflationary actions created by Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank.

Between these two entities, Americans are being pulverized by BAD economic policies and deliberate de-valuation of the dollar. Don't blame anyone else. This is apparent. This is Obama's record. He can't blame this on onyone but himself! This is how Obama is "Fundamentally Changing America." Obama and his minions are deliberately doing this to America. They keep telling us all that everything is OK. Yeah? Look around. This isn't a recession - this is another Great Depression. Unemployment numbers reported by the government don't jive with those of the Gallop pole. What gives? The government is lying! This is a major re-distribution of wealth. The net result is that America's standard of living is being destroyed.

Action To Take
Do not re-elect Obama! In the mean time, tell Congress not to raise the debt ceiling and STOP SPENDING and BORROWING immediately.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Barry's World

Obama's Deficit Spending

Obama Money (his Stash)

The Stimulus Plan

Two Years After the Vote

Obama's Regulatory Czar
Cass Sunstein - responsible for many new big government regulations - all negative.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cell Phones - Secret Weapon

Weapon Against Tyranny
You cell phone is a strong weapon! It has a camera and a video recorder! Video recordings by citizens have been used in court trials across the USA. However, there is a new trend in eliminating your Rights and personal freedoms.

13 States Trample Your Rights
Currently there are 13 states who have passed "laws" to protect public officials - including the police. Protect them from WHAT? If they are performing their respective duties lawfully - then what's to protect?

The states who have trampled your rights are as follows: AR, CA, CT, FL, IL, LA, MA, MD, MO, NH, OH, TX, and WV. Is yours on the list? If it is, you'd better be careful about video recording the police or public officials. These states IGNORE your Constitutional right to free speech, and illegal search and seizure! They say you cannot video record police or public officials. If you do, you will be arrested! This is no joke!

You will be arrested, camera confiscated, evidence destroyed and you will be held for various "trumped-up" charges. In all these cases throughout the USA, individuals usually are never convicted! Instead, they are treated like criminals and spend at least a night in jail. That's false arrest and harassment!

No Accountability
In states that have these "laws", there is no accountability for police who exercise their power incorrectly or falsely arrest people on "bogus" charges. There are never any investigations - even though your RIGHTS have been trampled on and ignored. Police often delete or destroy the "evidence" that can be used against them. There are never any follow-up investigations because until the advent of the cell phone camera, the police narrative used to be the "official" narrative.

What's Wrong With This Picture?
The laws should protect innocent citizens - NOT GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS! Citizens should be allowed to continue using this technology instead of being harassed and/or arrested. In fact, a citizens' video should be helpful to the police, if they are doing their job correctly (and legally!).

The circuit Court of Maryland recently dismissed the case of recording of police action resulting in a citizen's arrest for using the camera. They stated: "Those of us who are public officials and are entrusted with the power if the state... should not expect tour actions to be shielded from public observation. 'Sed quis custodiet ipsos custodes?'" (Meaning: Who watches the Watchman?)

Action To Take
Hold public officials accountable in public. Record their actions - including police officers. They have no legal right to prohibit you for video recording them in public. You do NOT need their permission. That's a violation of your Constitutional rights! These "laws" are unconstitutional.

You can live-stream the video to QIK.COM for archiving so the police cannot destroy the evidence. Use it, and it will verify your side of the story!

Refuse to be bullied!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Guest Article - War Protestors? What's That?

Where Did All the Anti-War Protestors Go?
By John Stossel - FBN News

"The anti-war movement was all over the news before President Obama was elected. But apparently they weren’t really anti-war ... they were just anti-President Bush. Two college professors just released a study of national protests between 2007 and 2009. What did they find?

… After January 2007, the attendance at antiwar rallies [measured in] roughly the tens of thousands, or thousands, through the end of 2008.

… After the election of Barack Obama as president, the order of magnitude of antiwar protests dropped [...] Organizers were hard pressed to stage a rally with participation in the thousands, or even in the hundreds. For example, we counted exactly 107 participants at a Chicago rally on October 7, 2009.

Amazing. Especially because the war in Afghanistan ramped up after Obama was elected. American fatalities shot up in 2009 and 2010.

The protesters have remained silent over Libya.

And I’m struck by the hypocrisy of the supposedly "anti-war" politicians who voted against Iraq, like Nancy Pelosi. Since Obama was elected, she has voted to continue the war in Afghanistan … and supported the attack on Libya.

Only a handful of Congressmen have remained principled on foreign intervention. One of them is Ron Paul. On my FBN show this week, I’ll talk with him about why he opposes our "aggressive foreign policy." Thursday at 10pm EST."

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Film Hollywood Didn't Want

Atlas Shrugged
This film opened in 500 theaters last week across the United States. In the next two weeks it will be distributed to 1000 theaters. The slow distribution is explained below.

The movie is based on the fictional novel written and published by Ayn Rand back in 1957! Atlas Shrugged has a Libertarian plot that expresses the concepts of human achievement. Ironically, it describes the state of affairs that we see present in the USA today. Perhaps she predicted what would happen 54 years before her time! In Atlas Shrugged, the USA is in decline with factories shutting-down, transportation coming to a halt, joblessness, and critical resources disappearing all over the country. The country is miserable and in serious decline.

The Author
Rand was born in Russia in 1905 and came to the USA in 1925. She had a career as a screenwriter and fiction author over the years. Her works have an underlying theme of the struggle of the individual versus the "State". She became politically active in the late 1940's and worked with the Motion Picture Alliance for ht Preservation of American Ideals ( as anti-Communist group). Atlas Shrugged is one of her best works.

Hollywood Left-Wing Bias
The movie rights to her book were purchased in the 1990s. However the main reason the film has not been produced and completed is simply the fact that Hollywood is all too Liberal (Progressive) in their thinking. No one there seemed sympathetic to the Libertarian cause. Consequently, no one wanted to play ANY roles in the film because most Hollywood actors/actresses lean towards the LEFT! Are you surprised the film producers couldn't begin shooting??

Even after the film was completed, Hollywood film distributors refused to distribute the film throughout the usual channels. This makes showing the finished product more difficult. Producers of the effort are distributing the film themselves! Consequently, if you are a Conservative American, you need to show your financial support by attending a viewing the film. PLEASE SUPPORT THIS FILM!

No More "Lame Stream Media"...
Media coverage has been extremely QUIET covering the film's release because the movie has a Libertarian theme which opposes the Left-Wing Media's bias. We're no longer referring to the media as the "Lame Stream Media" because that really does not fully describe their political prejudice well enough. Let's call a Spade a Spade! Most media sources have such a strong LEFT-WING point of view that what they publish or broadcast as "News" is getting harder to believe as the truth. It always has a Progressive twist which warps the real truth of the message.

Action To Take
Take your significant other to see this movie. That's it! You may have to look around to find a theater that is brave enough to show this film. Be diligent.