Saturday, March 16, 2013

Rand Paul Scores Big

When Senator Rand Paul (R, KY) recently filibustered in the Senate, two of his colleagues criticized him for it. Recall that Senator Paul expressed his concerns about the US government's use of drones abroad, and potentially here in the USA against US citizens. He criticized Obama for believing that he could KILL Americans without a trial here in the USA.

The two Senators who condemned Paul were Senator Lindsey Graham (R, SC) and Senator John McCain (R. AZ). They both berated Paul for his sharp criticisms directed towards both President Obama and his Attorney General, Eric Holder.

Now why would these individuals do that? Wouldn't you think that these "Republicans" would stick-up for one of their Party? Perhaps, assuming that the ones criticizing were actually Republicans. You see, we now have people in Congress who run for political parties but really are not what they profess themselves to be. They are charlatans. They lie to get elected and then do whatever they like.

John McCain and Lindsey Graham are NOT Conservatives. They aren't even moderate Conservatives. They are both Progressives who are in the Republican Party. They don't belong there. Why? Because they have both given-up Conservative values and no longer support the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. Just look at their respective voting records.

At best, John McCain is Obama "Lite." He supports amnesty for ILLEGALS and won't defend his own colleagues when they speak the TRUTH about the current President. As for Lindsey Graham, he's also one of the Good-Old-Boys in Washington and is part of the "Establishment" - just like McCain. He doesn't want to rock the boat. His voting record includes destroying the Constitution (along with McCain) by supporting the Patriot Act and the National Defense Authorization Act. Both laws strip freedoms from the Constitution.

It's time to wake up and realize that the Republican Party has been infiltrated with Progressives who call themselves "Republicans" but are in fact, totally dishonest. We need to take-back the Conservative party by DUMPING these turncoats. This includes House Speaker John Boehner (R, OH). He may as well be on Obama's full-time staff because he caves-in to Obama all the time.

McCain and Graham are both wrong about Rand Paul and now the tide is turning against them both. Recent polls indicate that Rand Paul's the winner and that the public resents McCain and Graham attacking him. RIGHT ON!

When these CLOWNS (and others like them) are up for re-election in the primaries, give your full support to either the Tea Party or Libertarian candidates running against them. We need to DUMP these CHUMPS and get someone who is Conservative for a change.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Rules For Radicals Today

The radicals of the 1960s are still here and haven't gone away. They were proud of the idea that they were linked to criminal activities. But that didn't work. So, many of them took positions in the government. Some took positions in education. They are still here in various capacities. They literally have infiltrated all aspects of our daily lives. They all seen to be innocuous, but when taken as a whole, they have become strong and very destructive to America. Some clear examples are their invoking of Political Correctness, Social Justice, Gay Marriage and so on. They have huge funding and support from George Soros, who's helping the destruction of America by supporting hundreds of anti-American organizations like Media Matters, Open Society, Change America Now, Free Exchange on Campus, Center for American Progress and many, many more.

Paradox: Americans still don't see the big picture.

When a radical believes that you are their opponent, they will react to you like their enemy. They have no middle ground. They fight to win - never to lose. They also have no sense of fairness or morality. They argue that "everyone does it." They believe that the ends justify the means. They understand that we will always try to fight back fairly. DUH?

Isn't it time to start using OUR enemies tactics? Why do we have to be fair? Why do we have to be logical? Why do we have to always be truthful? They NEVER are and they are winning.

Conservatives need to understand our enemies and learn to fight them on their own ground.

The Great Community Organizer, (President Obama) studied "Rules For Radicals" by Saul Alinsky and knows all of these perverted strategies. He's following the rule book to the tee. Obama isolates, and attacks his enemies. He has divided the country between the "haves" and the "have nots."

If Americans don't join the "Awakening Movement", the country will die a slow agonizing death and so will all our freedoms.

If you "Get It", what are you doing to stop it from happening?

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Polls Are Dropping

Oh, Oh
The latest polls are indicating something's rotten in the White House. Two of the latest polls both indicate that Obama's job approval rating is not just dipping, but instead, it's plummeting.

The Quinnipiac poll in Pennsylvania shows that Obama's approval rating has fallen from 51% to 44% in a short period of time. Americans are beginning to see Obama for what he REALLY is - a LIAR.

Communists, Marxists, and apparently Community Organizers, have no sense of morality. They cannot see "right" or "wrong." They believe that the ends justify the means. They will lie, cheat, steal, kill or do anything that promotes their interests for the greater good. They truly believe in NO GOD and they HATE Capitalism.

The Statist Media is notably SILENT when it comes to reporting this catastrophic drop in approval. Why haven't they reported on this phenomena? Because, they work for this administration and will never publish ANYTHING that shows their guy in a bad light. That' how they have earned the name of "Statist Media." They work for the government. They have become the propaganda arm of the Obama administration.

Meanwhile, the "Awakening Movement" is gaining momentum. People are finally realizing that Obama is BAD for America, Americans, and American values.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


We don't have an honest man in the White House. He lacks integrity and can NEVER take responsibility for his behavior. He proves it every time he opens his mouth. Obama is a habitual liar.

President Obama is a petty man. He pouts when he doesn't get his own way. He lied about Sequestration. He told the American public that it was the Republicans who conceived that idea. That was a LIE. It was HIS idea. Meanwhile he described doomsday if sequestration was allowed to happen. The government would fall apart. The American public found-out that he lied and now he's embarrassed. He was caught lying trying to blame the Republicans for his bad idea. He doesn't like that and he's now playing politics again.

A memo from the White House to the Department of Agriculture (DA) made it clear that Obama is getting even. He's going to use sequestration to cut things that hurt Americans. The memo directs the DA to implement the sequestration cuts and "make the cuts as painful as possible." Judge Anthony Napolitano claims that this act IS an impeachable act. Where is our Congress when we need them?

His childish ways are exemplified by HIS closing the White House tours to the American public. That's his way of making the Sequestration as "painful as possible." He closed-down all public White House tours to be spiteful. What a big baby. This is narcissism at its best.

The reaction from Americans has been unanimous. They claim that the White House is THEIR house and that he should cut-back somewhere else. Now his job approval rating is dropping like a lead balloon. Rightly so.

Obama's response? Now he's lying again! Obama is saying that closing the White House tours wasn't HIS idea. No, it was the Secret Service's idea.

Wait a minute. Does that make ANY sense? Since when does the Secret Service make ANY political decisions? When do they set the policy of this administration? The Secret Service is only chartered to protect the President.

The Secret Service does NOT set White House policy.  Obama is caught in ANOTHER lie.

We are seeing a dishonest man always trying to blame someone else when HE screws-up. That's petty and no "quality" of a leader.

We deserve better. We all need to let him know of our disappointment. Hold HIM accountable for HIS actions.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

"Awakening Movement"

There is a growing awareness in the United States that America is NOT heading in the right direction. Quite the opposite. More and more people are realizing that Obama's policies and regulations are NEGATIVE THINGS. They are beginning to see that his unstated "vision" is to the detriment, if not the all out destruction, of the America that we all grew up in and love.

The "Awakening Movement" is being conceived by grass roots pockets all over the country. These people are expressing their concerns via social media. This number of individuals is not stagnant. It is growing every day as President Obama unfolds his unwritten "strategy" to "fundamentally change America."

Regardless of their political orientation, US citizens are seeing what is happening to America and are reaching a decision to stop watching. They know that it cannot be allowed to continue because it will result in the total destruction of personal freedoms and GOD-Given liberties. We are no longer fooled by the charlatans in government.

People like Dr. Benjamin Carson, Senator Rand Paul (R, TX), and a few other brave leaders have expressed their concerns about Obama's growing governmental encroachment over our daily lives. Their messages have not fallen on deaf ears. Support these people. Encourage them to continue their quest to protect us.

Those of us who have become "enlightened" must now spread the word to family and friends. We must also unite so our voices can be heard and feared by those who want to change America in their false Utopian vision. It's time to fight back. Not violently, but in every other conceivable way.

Our enemies are no longer hiding. They are not afraid to show themselves. And when they do, we must confront them and use THEIR tactics against them. Suggested reading is Rules For Radicals by Saul Alinsky. This is a fight we cannot allow ourselves to loose.

Most important of all, we must recruit a true "LEADER" to provide direction and to guide this movement. Divided we lose. United we will win-back the country we love.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Reason for Paranoia

FAA's New Drone List
After being sued using the Freedom of Information Act, the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) was forced to release their list of "authorized" drone cities. These are towns in the USA where drones are based. These drones can be flown over YOUR airspace at any time. Here is a map of the current drone home bases"

Government Drone Sites

If you want to zoom in on this map follow this link.

This list contributes to the Internet "discussions" that indicate that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is stockpiling BILLIONS of rounds of ammunition, buying 1,700 fully automatic assault rifles, and adding 2,700 heavily armored tanks for exclusive use in the United States. These materials are being distributed across the nation and no one seems to care. Why is DHS doing this? Who authorized it? What are they preparing for?

Keep in mind that drones are loaded weapons of war that the government is now deploying in the United States. We are NOT expecting any invasion soon, so why are they doing this?

President Obama believes that if he "thinks" you are a terrorist, he can use a drone to kill you on foreign soil. He has done it abroad and who knows if/when he decides it's OK to do it here. SCREW the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. And, whoops, sorry about all that other "collateral damage" which included your house, immediate family and nearby neighbors.

Only a couple of places have passed laws that prohibit drone from flying over their air space.

Isn't it time to start asking the White House why they are authorizing drone usage over the entire USA? Isn't it time to demand answers as to DHS's expansion of duties? What the HELL is going on here?

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Daylight Savings Time SUCKS

God invented time. Man invented clocks to measure and quantify it. Man gave time various names to describe time. Currently, we have Eastern Standard Time (EST), Central Standard Time (CST), Mountain Standard Time (MST), and Pacific Standard Time (PST).

Politicians invented ways to try and "control" time. They invented "Daylight Savings Time" (DST) or sometimes called "Summer Time." They claim it makes better use of the daylight in the evenings in the summer months.

Only a politician could contrive this insane plan. You move the clock ahead in the spring by one hour. This is so you can take advantage of the longer days and shorter nights. In the fall, you reset your clocks back one hour because there is no more "savings" when the days become shorter.

Not all countries across the globe observe "Daylight Savings Time." The ones who do say that moving the clock ahead results in fewer automobile accidents and injuries. They also say that it increases the amount of "outdoor" activities. (Why is that important?) Here in the USA the number 1 reason stated for DST is to save energy. The GREEN movement claims that DST reduces the amount of artificial light required during evening hours. That's true, but I guess they forgot that the usage goes up proportionally in the morning and actually offsets that argument.

The USA and Canada extended DST back in 2007 by increasing the start/stop dates from April start to March and October stop date to November. Many studies have been conducted about the so-called "energy savings" and there are no real marked evidences to indicate any sound reasons for continuing this STUPID idea.

Brief History
Ben Franklin was the first to suggest such an idea in 1784. That was when there were no machines to generate electricity and create light. Lamps used oils of various types and this would reduce consumption of these expensive fuels. No one bought into his idea at that time.

It wasn't until 1905 by an English politician named William Willett. His proposal was published in the House of Commons but was not made into law until 1916 by several countries. They observed DST then to conserve fuels and make use of natural sunlight. (Remember, there was a war going on and these countries need all the fuel they could get their hands on).

Daylight Savings Time didn't come to the USA until FDR mandated it to be "year round" in 1945. He called it "War Time." This kept people here in confusion until about 1966. That's when Congress (politicians once again), established the "Uniform Time Act of 1966." It stayed that way until 2007 when (you guessed it) Congress changed DST once again.

There are no advantages to undergoing an exercise that creates a false sense "saving time or daylight" when it creates jet lag in a large portion of the population twice a year. This is the 21st Century - not the 1700s. Politicians always screw-up things with unintended consequences.

We should leave time alone and leave it to the guy who created it in the first place.