Saturday, November 26, 2011

America in Decline - Why?

Who's to Blame?
If you believe that America is in decline, who can we blame? No, it's not Obama, although he's doing his best to help collapse America. Every one of his "policies" have had a negative affect on Americans. In spite of this, he's not the only culprit!

Communism/Marxism is Dead
Think again! If you believe this, you're far from being right. The Berlin wall is down, but our enemies didn't just all go away. America has been a target for revolutionaries for a long time. Our decline didn't happen over night.

There is a documentary that factually documents what has happened to America. If you follow it through, it all makes sense. There really is an agenda and the people who want to CHANGE America are following a plan that has been slowly implemented over a long long time. The plan is to slowly chip away at American traditions, values, education, and religion to obtain the moral and educational decay that is poisoning this country. This will over time, bring the CHANGE that the Secular Progressives want.

Trailer Preview
To provide you a summary of this film, here is a link to a preview

Action To Take
View this film. Tell your friends and family to view it. America is at a crossroads and it's time to take action.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Survival Supplies Sales Surge

"Be Prepared"
It seems like the old Boy Scout motto is being followed by more and more fellow Americans. There is an apparent surge in survival equipment and supplies like never before. Is this rise towards survival merited? Just look around you. The answers are there in plain sight.

The Economy Sucks
Can you remember a time in your life like the chaotic economic times that we are experiencing now? Have you ever seen the country as divided this badly? Do you know several people who are out of work and cannot find jobs? Are you unemployed? For how long? Do you fear the REAL motives of the Marxists marching on OUR streets? Do you believe that America is in serious decline? Are you convinced that politicians don't give a care and don't listen? Do you feel that Obama is leading the USA in the WRONG direction? Do you feel optimistic about America's future? Do you believe that the economy is NOT improving?

Survival Stores Booming
Survival stores across the US (and Internet) are reporting larger than usual sales in survival supplies. Ammo and gun sales are also increasing. People are stocking up on MREs (Meals Ready To Eat used by the military), freeze dried foods, and dehydrated foods.

Typical Survivor Supplies

They are literally "flying off the shelves." Packaged foods of all kinds of read-to-eat foods are in BIG demand. Back packs called "bug-out-bags" are hard to keep in stock. These bags contain supplies required for about three days to subsist without ANY outside intervention. You have the bag packed, ready to go in case of an emergency. "When the SXIT Hits The Fan" (WTSHTF), you grab the bag, jump in your car, and drive to your hideaway far away from city populations. Do you have a hideaway?

Plan Ahead
People are also stocking up on food, water, can goods and storing them at home. Some people have remote locations, and some plan on staying right where they are. Either way, the key word is "PLAN". Do you have a plan in case of any emergency? You do know that there won't be ANY help coming from the government - right? No police, no fire department, no nothing - just YOU!! (No cell phones either). You will have to rely on your own resources in an emergency. Hurricane Katrina makes this message clear. The government will NOT assist you in a major emergency. It will be up to you! You will be on your own!!

If you think that grocery stores will be there, forget it. Look what happens when the weather man predicts a storm. It will be a LOT worse IN A real EMERGENCY! Count on that for sure!!

People are NOT scared, they're concerned, and they're being smart. Are you one of them? When you see the world-wide unrest starting to affect the USA (OWS), you should have a plan for your survival. Could you survive an emergency? Could you offer help to others, if they needed it? Do you have a bug-out-bag packed and ready for each member of the family? Do you even have an emergency plan? Why NOT?

It's better to be safe, than sorry!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Hooverville Shanties Repeated...

Hooverville History
"Hooverville" was a name given to shanty towns that appeared in the outskirts of big towns created by the homeless people during the Great Depression. These shanty towns were named after President Herbert Hoover because he allegedly allowed the nation to plunge into the depression. (Sound familiar?) Ironically, the negative name was coined by a Democrat named Charles Michelson. The Democrats also coined the phrase "Hoover Blanket" for newspapers used as blankets and "Hoover Wagon" to describe a horse-drawn car because people could not afford gasoline. (Funny how the DEMs are still quite good at name calling HUH?)

Hooverville settlements often formed in empty private lands and consisted of small cardboard, tar paper, or wooden shacks built from pallets and crates and other salvage materials. Hooverville occupants had skilled trades and could construct their dwellings with minimal materials. Local authorities did NOT usually recognize these settlements as legitimate and often removed their occupants for trespassing on private land. However, many were tolerated or ignored because of mere necessity. There was little crime or lawlessness.

Today's Similarities
Well someone (Sorry, but I don't know who it was that coined the new phrase) in the 21st Century has coined a name for the "OWS." Now the occupy encampments are referred to as "ObamaVille Shanties" or just "Obama Villages" similar to what we had in the 1930s. It not only suits the situation, but it describes the new occupiers using a touch of irony and wit.

There are several parallels using the new name. Times were very bad here in America in the 1930s and so too are they now. Millions of people were out-of-work back then and likewise they are too in 2011. It's estimated that over 25% of the workforce was out-of-work. Homelessness was becoming a way of life for more and more Americans and, once again it's the same now with mortgage foreclosures and houses going "underwater". There were long food lines at soup kitchens for the homeless in the thirties and now about 40% of Americans are on food stamps. We have much in common.

Today's Differences
In contrast to the shanties of the 1930s, the occupiers of the new shanty towns have several distinct differences from those of their predecessors, as follows:

  • Obama Villages are popping up in large cities in parks or other open areas within the cities.

  • Obama Villages are well organized and well funded.

  • Obama Villages are strictly political in nature. They are not created out of necessity, but as protests.

  • Obama Villages have been infiltrated by anarchists, revolutionaries, and known terrorists like Bill Ayers.

  • Obama Villages are built using tents. No construction skills are required.

  • The people in these villages are sometimes called "Fleabaggers" in jest of the Tea Party movement.

  • There is unrestrained lawlessness occurring in ObamaVilles everywhere. Rapes, murder, theft, drugs and other serious crimes are prevalent.

  • Civil disobedience is the rule of behavior.

  • Disease, filth, and terrible hygiene is a daily experience.

  • Public destruction of property is encouraged.

  • Work stoppages and disruptions of public servants is one of the goals.

  • Antisemitism is displayed and supported often.

  • Communist, Marxist, and anarchist propaganda is prevalent.

  • Obama Villages are supported by President Obama and HIS administration, and many in the Democratic Party as a divisive technique to divide the country.

  • ObamaVilles are funded by a variety of sources including trade unions, and LEFT-Wing organizations like ACORN and Media Matters.

  • The main theme of the "demonstrations" is revolution to overthrow the government.

  • Self-admitted Communist and ex-Obama Czar, Van Jones is one of the OWS main leaders and organizers.
  • .
  • The individuals in these "shanties" are not poor, but do NOT work.

  • Occupiers in these villages don't want work, they want free government hand-outs, free tuition, and more entitlements.

  • Occupiers want to overthrow Capitalism and form a new world government or utopia.

ObamaVilles Aren't Going Away
The Democratic Party as we once knew it, has been co-opted just like the "occupiers" have been taken over by Socialists, revolutionaries, and anarchists. They lean hard towards Socialism and Marxism. They will continue support of these groups.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Weekly Polls

The Rasmussen Reports is an independent electronic publishing firm that specializes in public opinion polling. Here are some current results on some main issues:

Presidential Tracking Poll
This tracks how the President is doing by those surveyed.

  • Strongly Approve... 22%

  • Strongly Disapprove... 40%

  • Approval Index... -18%

Presidential Approval Index
This chart is from

Job Approval Rating

  • 60% of voters favor building the Canadian pipeline & don't fear environmental risks.

  • 8% of voters rate the US Economy as Good or Excellent.

  • 79% of voters say that Americans are overtaxed!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Super Committee Split

The Choice is Now OURS
The ideological split between the two dominant political (DEMs and the GOP) parties is making it clear that the electorate will have to make the deficit decisions - NOT Congress. Both sides held firm and would not give on their respective positions in order to fix our deficit problems. The Democrats refused to make any cuts on entitlement spending while the GOPs refused to raise taxes on anyone. Meanwhile, President "OBLAMEO" dumped it all on the Republicans. Washington isn't gridlocked, it's just broken and we, the citizens, need to fix it. We can, and we will.

Fixing the Deficit
The 2012 elections are the most critical elections in the history of America. They will determine whether we fix the national deficit or not. We will decide by our votes whether we want to cut spending or raise taxes by who we vote for in Congress. It's actually quite simple. If you want to raise taxes, keep entitlements coming, and unlikely lower the national deficit, you will vote for a Democrat. They will raise taxes, borrow more money from the Chinese, and continue adding free government give-outs, while nationalizing our industries. If you like the idea of not raising anyone's taxes (even the rich), then you will vote for a Republican. They will keep taxes where they are, cut government entitlements, stop borrowing, and stop regulating businesses into oblivion.

So where do YOU stand? It's going to be entirely up to you!

After the Impasse
It should also be clear by now why we need to give serious thought to dumping incumbents from office. ALL OF THEM! Career politicians are no longer feeling the pulse of the people. Since they will not consider the idea of imposing term limits on themselves, we need to do it for them. Their corruption gets in the way of doing what's right for America and its citizens.

You need to vow to vote-out of office anyone who has served more than 2 consecutive terms in the House of Representatives, and one 6 year term in the Senate. The mid-term elections were a good start. Congress needs a message and voting is a sound way of delivering it. Anyone serving more than 4-6 years in Congress IS part of the problem!!

This isn't a pie-in-the-sky idea. We REALLY need to vote them all out! Several members of Congress have been there for over 25 years. It's time to let them go. Look where they put us (both parties)!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Obama's Crony Politics

Green Energy Program Shill
One of the fundamental facts of Obama's Green Energy program is that it is a ruse that has fooled many Americans. Obama's Collapse Plan Master (George Soros) has received millions of taxpayer dollars via the Obama Stimulus directed towards Green Energy projects. Just like when Soros owned a large controlling section of Petrobras (the Brazilian oil company). Back then, Obama loaned Petrobras BILLIONS so they could drill off shore in Brazil, but not here in the USA. No, Obama wants the US to buy the oil from Brazil and his buddy Soros.

Upon receiving Green Energy Stimulus, Soros then channels HIS money into his left-wing organizations and laughs all the way to the bank. Soros has made millions because of his relationship with Obama.

Green Energy Collusion
Obama's Green Energy support is crystal clear. He's giving Green companies guaranteed Federal loans in exchange for their unwavering political support. This is cronyism in its purest form. The Obama campaign has received huge donations from several Green Energy companies. What a coincidence!!

Here are some facts: At least ten members of Obama's campaign finance committee are large investors in Green Energy companies that all received Obama Stimulus monies. Many of these supporters donate money to the hard left Media Matters (a George Soros founded organization). Obama-tied lobbyists serve as go-betweens to get money for those Green companies. Finally, the DOE (Department of Energy) is under Congressional investigation for the apparent abuses of Federal loan guarantees to Sloyndra and other Green companies that have failed financially after receiving federal money.

Here are 15 of the companies that are directly connected to Obama financiers:

  • 1366 Technologies: $150 Million

  • Abound Solar: $400 Million

  • Beacon Power: $43 Million

  • Brightsource: $1.6 Billion

  • Cogentrix: $90.6 Million

  • Exelon: $646 Million

  • Granite Reliable: $169 Million

  • Kahuku Wind Power: $1 Million

  • Nevada Geothermal: $98.5 Million

  • Nextra: $1.46 Billion, AND another $852 Million!!

  • NRG: $1.2 Billion, AND another $967 Million!!!

  • Ormat Nevada: $350 Million

  • Solar Reserve: $737 Million

  • Solyndra: $535 Miillion

  • US Geothermal: $ 97 Million

Please keep in mind that some of Obama's financiers also donated to the GOP (probably playing both sides just to hedge their odds).

This IS Crony Capitalism on a grand scale!! The numbers are astronomical!! Tell your friends, family and neighbors that Obama has his hands dirty in this.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Message Is Clear

A Message In Plain Sight
According to several references, a gesture is a form of nonverbal communication where some bodily action communicates a specific message. Gestures are often used instead of speech. They can include movement of the face, hands, or other body parts. For example: raising the middle finger. (A vulgar expression referred to as "flipping you off or giving the finger.") Gestures are NOT new and have a long history. However, they tend to be culture specific.

The Raised Fist
The raised fist is a salute used by the US Communist Party, Marxists, anarchists, pacifists, trade unions, left-wing activists, and US Socialist movements. It is a militant symbol. The closed fist is a sign of REBELLION! It is regarded as an expression of solidarity, strength, and defiance.

Socialist Party

Mussolini (Fascist Dictator)

Radicals of the 1960's

It is sometimes referred to as the red salute. It was used by the Communists in the Spanish civil war. The clenched fist has been co-opted by many revolutionary causes including the "Occupy" movement. In the 1960s it was used by the Black Panthers and they called it the Black Panther Salute. It represents revolutionary opposition in the USA and opposition to colonialism. The fist is associated with many opposition movements. The symbol was widely used by tyrannies in third world countries. It represents the force of strength and unity. In the 1920s and 1930s the symbol was used by the worker's movement (Unions) as well as the Communists.

More Examples
Cuba 1970

AFL-CIO (Wisconsin Union)

Hugo Chavez (Dictator)

Mahmoud Ahmedinajad (Iranian Dictator)

One thing to note. The overall theme of the closed fist is REVOLUTION, RESISTANCE and anarchy! When you see this sign, it usually means that those displaying it are not friendly towards America, the American way of life, or Capitalism. They want to steal your freedoms, rob you of your self-initiative, and dismantle Capitalism. If you love freedom, this symbol is a threat to it! The closed fist has many incarnations, and all are evil! People using it, know exactly what it means and so should YOU!

Ironic Huh?
Here are some more scary examples:

Michelle Obama

President Barack Hussein Obama

Don't Be Blind
A picture is worth a 1,000 words. Don't ignore what you can see plainly. Tell your friends, family and neighbors. Americans should be afraid for what WE have done and who we have elected. This is NOT a coincidence. This IS reality!