Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bill Grants Absolute Internet Control

America, listen up. Your US Senate is about to pass legislation that will give President Obama "absolute power" to shut off the Internet when he deems it necessary! The bill is called: "Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act of 2010."

Passage of this bill is a DANGEROUS erosion of the 1st Amendment. It gives Obama full control to deny you access to the Internet when HE wants to with the "excuse" of national security. Anyone who does not comply "will be punished."

The government will have the power to force private companies to participate in "information sharing" with the Federal government in order to "monitor" the security status of private sector websites. That means, that they can shut-down all blogs, websites, or ANY OTHER political speech if Obama decides to do so.

The bill was introduced by Senator Joe Liberman (I, CT). He has been trying to pass this type of law for some time. Don't let this happen!

Action to Take
Notify you US Senators to vote "NO" on this attack of YOUR 1st Amendment rights!

Friday, June 25, 2010

WH Getting Stinky

During the Rod Blagojevich trial, John Harris (a Blago top aid) testified under oath that Obama knew of Blago's deal to get a Presidential Cabinet post if he appointed Valerie Jattett to the vacant US Senate seat. In other words, Obama was in on it! Surprised?

This is just another reason why there should be an independent investigation into the charges of illegal behavior in part by the White House staff, and now it seems President Obama. Since Eric Holder (US Attorney General) works for Obama it is unlikely that he would investigate his boss. That would be a conflict of interest.

Keep in mind that two other US Congressmen have come forward and made allogations that the White House offered them bribes for political favors. Strange isn't it? How many individuals does it take to justify an independent investigation? Apparently, three individuals are not enough.

Frankly, this is just a lot of CRAP! Something is getting rather smelly in the White House. Isn't it time we found out the truth instead of the blather resonating from the Press Secretary?

Action To Take
Notify your representatives that you demand an independent investigation into these charges. Americans deserve the know the truth.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Barry's World

Obama's Nuke Solution

Soros Conspirancy

Obama's Transformation Plan

Two Terms?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Bastardization of America

Is it really just a coincidence that President Obama is loaning $2 BILLION dollars to Petrobras (a Brazilian oil company owned - in large part by George Soros). Yes, that's $2,000,000,000 dollars that we don't have. We'll actually have to borrow it in order to loan it to Petrobras.

Does that make any sense to you? Why would you loan money for something you won't permit in your own country? OH, because your buddy George Soros told you to do it!

Petrobras is going to use it for offshore drilling for oil deeper than our wells in the Gulf of Mexico. So why did Obama ban all offhore drilling here in the United States if he is supporting that effort for his friend Soros in Brazil? Apparently he is NOT the enviornmentalist that he claims to be. Furthermore, his administration lied about the reasons for banning drilling and that's one of the main reasons the court overruled Obama yesterday. The ban was lifted as a result of the Obama lies. Obama's team will appeal ASAP because why?

Won't our oil drilling ban create a shortage of US oil?
Answer: Yes!

Won't the Obama ban create mass unemployment in the US oil industry?
Answer: Yes.

Won't the Obama ban cause the price of US gasoline to skyrocket?
Answer: Yes.

Once the oil rigs leave our waters, they will never be back. They cost $10,000,000 to move and they will stay in Brazil until they pump out all the oil that they find.

Why is Obama doing this to America? Why? His efforts will make George Soros even more rich and more powerful.

What's the connection? Soros contribited heavily to Obama's election. Soros created and provides annual funding the Center For America Progress (CAP). CAP told Obama to have BP create the $20 Billion dollar slush fund. It wasn't Obama's idea. Obama is NOT a leader - He's a puppet.

This is too big and too connected to be a coincidence! Obama wants to transform America into God knows what. His failing economic policies are creating unsustainable debt. He wants more government control over our private sector. He has already taken control over the automobile industry, the banking industry, Wall Street, Education and student loans, Home mortgages, and healthcare. His next initiative is to control our energy usage!

Action To Take
If you love your country, there is a Restoring Honor rally scheduled on August 28, 2010 at the foot of the Lincoln Monument in Washington, DC. Be there and give your support to halting the BASTARDIZATION of America and abolishment of your liberties!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Competent Liar

On May 14, 2010 President Obama said about the Gulf Oil Spill:

"And I'm not gonna rest or be satisfied until the leak is stopped at the source, the oil and the Gulf is contained and the cleanup and the people of the Gulf are able to go back to their lives and their livelihoods."

Since the oil spill started, Obama has played golf at least 7 times at an average of 6 hours each time. That's equivalent to a work week of playing golf!

Barry Working on the Gulf Spill

On Day 1, Obama was campaigning for Barbara Boxer. He returned to help her again in May. On Day 4 he went on vacation in North Carolina. He has also partied with Paul McCartney, the New York Yankees, the Navy football team, major league soccer champions, the World Cup Team, the Duke Blue Devils, took another vacation and, and on, and on and on... Oh, after almost two months, he finally met 20 minutes with the CEO of British Petroleum to discuss the Oil Spill.

Obama's Deputy Press Secretary, Bill Burton had this to say when confronted with Obama's slack time: "I don't think there's a person in this country that doesn't think that the President ought to have a little time to clear his mind of all the different issues the President is dealing with. I think that with a little time to himself on Father's Day weekend - probably does us all good...."

Frankly folks - That's a lot of BS and we all know it. This guy is clueless on what to do with the Presidential problems, so he parties, attends fund raisers, and plays basketball and golf. If he cared about the Gulf coast residents and Americans suffering - would he continue to play golf and goof off?

Monday, June 21, 2010

Is the White House DIrty?

One may begin to think so. Not the physical White House - but its inhabitants in the Obama administration.

We have recently seen allegations of misconduct by White House staff by offering bribes to Congressmen to drop-out of political primaries. Not just one Congressman came forward, but two! They have both charged that Rahm Emanuel and another Obama official offered bribes to them for NOT running for political office.

That's against the law folks. So why hasn't the Lame Stream press pushed for an independent investigation? Answer: They're in the bag with Obama. They support him and his administration - even if they break the law! SO much for the "free press."

Now it seems that Rahn Emanuel is becoming a celebrity once again for offering a quid-pro-quo to Rod Blagojevich. You remember, he was the governor of Illinois and was thrown out of office for alleged crimes of selling the Senatorial seat that Obama created when he was elected President.

Currently Blago is being tried by the government for these alleged crimes. Funny how Rahm Emanuel's name comes up in Blago's trial. Once a crook, always a crook!

Action to Take
Demand an independent investigation into these charges of bribery. Two congressmen and others are now coming forward. We need to know if Obama is involved in ANY of these ILLEGAL activities!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dad's Day

Yeah, this is Father's Day. Those of us who are fathers have a special bond of things in common. We all want the best for our kids. We want them to be able to enjoy life and the pursuit of happiness. We want our sons and daughters to enjoy the fruits of their labor. This is America, the land of the free and the brave...

But when we look at the direction America has been going over the past several years, we begin to wonder. Is this the decline of America as we once knew it? Where is the government going? Why have we allowed this to happen to a GREAT country?

Let's face it, these are NOT great times in this country. Unemployment is hovering near 10% and is not going away anytime soon. American jobs are going over seas to foreign countries on a regular basis. People are loosing their houses. Government spending is out-of-control and it has become America's death knell.

All Americans see is that the government keeps spending and spending. Congress no longer listens or represents its constituents. It's giving money to those who don't work, those who are here illegally, and those who have little or no integrity. We have become a welfare state. Why work when you don't have to? Hell, why pay taxes? Almost 50% of Americans no longer do! Just hold-out your hand and let Uncle Sam help you out.

Are these the values that made America great? What are we allowing to happen? What are we doing to our future generations? Do you actually believe that your grandchildren will be able to pay the debt that WE have created in the recent few years?

Honestly, no they will not be able to pay the national debt. They will have a much lower standard of living as a result. America is headed in a downward direction unless we do something to stop it.

Action to Take
Say no to government hand-outs. Demand that we stop government spending and balance the budget. Stop giving America away to those who do not deserve it! Stop giving up YOUR freedoms to a bigger government.

AND: Happy Father's Day!