Saturday, January 22, 2011

Guest Article - ObamaCare Repeal

House Vote To Repeal More Than Symbolic
By David Limbaugh Columnist

"Time will tell, but I reject the somewhat cynical view that the House Republicans' vote to repeal Obamacare is purely symbolic. I think it's quite significant.

We are engaged in a war to save our nation from crippling debt and systematic assaults on our Constitution and our liberties and to preserve our prosperity. No setback has to become a permanent defeat. But neither will any victory remain secure, for the forces working against us are tireless and relentless.

No matter how many times history has proved socialism disastrous, there will always be those promoting it, as if the past never occurred or its lessons are unlearnable.

All of which is to say that the struggle in which we are engaged has long existed and will continue as long as we are a nation. As such, we must have the long view in mind and not expect that we can always make dramatic changes instantaneously.

Our opponents certainly understand the virtue of patience. They have been pressing the welfare state for too many years to count, forever pushing their unwelcome statist envelope on a freedom-loving society, but one vulnerable to seductive appeals for government-provided economic security.

When statist programs are incrementally adopted, the detrimental impact on liberty can barely be felt. But eventually, their cumulative effects will create an imbalance that will be immensely difficult to correct.

Welfare state enthusiasts have grown more emboldened in recent years, and with the election of Barack Obama and his substantial majorities in both houses of Congress, they showed their true colors -- the extent of their statism -- by abandoning any pretense to incrementalism and pushing socialist prescriptions with reckless abandon.

With the national deficit and debt already at nearly precarious levels, the Obama administration and the Democratic-controlled Congress ratcheted up the spending as if they were trying to bankrupt the nation -- all in the name of stimulating the economy and the job market, only to succeed in damaging each. Instead of learning from these lessons, they continued, unrepentantly, on the same disastrous course.

The administration took over private industries, governed through unconstitutional executive orders and unaccountable czars, and proceeded to expand the public sector as if bound by no constitutional restraints. Its mischief culminated in the passage of Obamacare, whose substantive provisions are as noxious as the lawless manner by which it was crammed through against the people's will.

The American majority watched incredulously with each new infringement on our liberties, too shellshocked to fully grasp the rapidity with which this was occurring and many still ambivalent about whether these radical changes were being made only because we were in an economic "crisis."

But Obamacare left no doubt. Those who doubted before finally realized there truly was an assault under way against the American ideal, the Constitution, our liberties, our prosperity and our national solvency. They signaled their outrage and their resolve to take their country back with the delivery of a Massachusetts U.S. Senate seat to Republican hands. Then they handed Barack Obama, who defiantly refused to hear their unified message of resistance, a shellacking in the November elections.

Even after the historic Republican victory, feckless voices continued to tickle the ears of the new Republican majority, warning it against "radical" measures to roll back Obama's radical agenda. Tea partyers and other patriots, however, were not to be denied -- or silenced -- despite recent abominable leftist efforts to exploit murders to that end, and they continued to pressure the new Republican majority to be accountable and responsive to their mandate.

Then Wednesday, by a vote of 245-189, the House voted to repeal Obamacare. This may not lead to an immediate repeal victory in the Senate, much less a bill the president will sign, but it's light-years away from those discouraging rumblings we heard from Republican senators after the passage of Obamacare that they'd never repeal it. Forcing the other side to vote down or veto repeal establishes an inescapable track record that will serve as a foundation to defeat statists in upcoming elections.

The House's bold fulfillment of its promise to repeal is invigorating, signaling that our elected officials finally do get it, that at least for now, we won't be witnessing business as usual in Washington. It is an emphatic statement that we have allies in the government who are in this fight with us, who may even be leading this fight to save America from the insidious encroachments of socialism. This may be a first step, but it is a necessary and giant step encouraging us to fight on until we turn the tide -- and then fight some more.

You can be sure that the statists will not be deterred by this vote; they will fight on with renewed intensity and greater demagoguery and class warfare. We must be prepared for the onslaught and to redouble our commitment to press forward."

Friday, January 21, 2011

The "Free" Press

Both Sides
Benjamin Franklin had strong feelings regarding the Press. He believed that it should present both sides of an issue. Here are his words:

"Printers are educated in the belief that when men differ in opinion, both sides ought equally to have the advantage of being heard by the public; and that when truth and error have fair play, the former is always an overmatch for the latter. Hence they cheerfully serve all contending writers that pay them well, without regarding on which side they are of the question in dispute."
If he were alive today would he feel that the Press is fulfilling their obligation? Most likely, NOT!

Question What You Read
Today's Lame Stream media only presents one side of any dispute in which they "already know" is the "right side" to choose. Consequently, we are subjected to political propaganda and not the news. On a daily basis, we see, hear, and read a one sided opinion presented by the Lame Stream media. If or when one of the media presents ANYTHING that represents the opposite, they all attack and take offense. They cannot face ANY opposing views - even if they may be the truth. Ironic huh?

Get the Facts, Then Decide
It's hard to realize that you are being brainwashed on a daily basis unless you question your sources. Don't just take them for granted. Assume that there are things that you are not being told, or that there may be a bias in the current reporting, and look for opposing views. Look elsewhere if necessary. If your Lame Stream media outlet never gives the opposing views on a subject, you might want to consider leaving that source for a more favorable one who does. Try reading the news about the USA in a foreign news source. You may discover that your "reliable" Lame Stream media is NOT telling the whole story or that they are not reporting it altogether!

Don't Get Fooled Again
The musical tune by the Who from the 1970s says it best: "Meet the old boss, same as the new boss." America, it's time to wake up and really get the whole picture. How many percentage points did the Lame Stream media throw Obama's way in the Presidential election? Was their coverage evenly balanced? Is their coverage evenly balanced today? Do they present opposing views or just their side only?

Don't trust any media. Read/watch several versions of the news before you decide what the facts are and who to believe. Draw your own conclusions. Don't be mislead or "guided" by false or misleading messages purported to be the "news."

You're smart enough to think for yourself. Don't be fooled by the crap that comes over the airwaves or comes on printed paper. Question the sources. See if it make sense. Then Decide.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Start the Spending Cuts

GOP Agenda
Now that the GOP has regained control over the House of Representatives, shouldn't they strive to pass legislation at the blitzkrieg pace like the Democrats did when in power? Heck, Congress won't read the bills even though we pay them $175,000 per year. Oh wait a minute, they don't have George Soros funding organizations to help them do so.

Where's the Cuts?
This is a slogan reminiscent of an old TV commercial "Where's the Beef?" used to sell fast food many years ago. Now is the time when the GOP have one last chance to cleanse themselves of their lackluster and shameful performance during the Bush administration.

We need to see the GOP take strong and quick action. We need to see legislation that will ensure voters that they are on the same page as their constituents. We want to see these changes NOW!

Why 2008 Levels?
The GOP leaders (including Good-old-boy John Boehner) promised to cut-back government spending to the same budget levels of 2008. Well, if you remember, those weren't exactly low budgets during the Bush administration. We need to see levels that limit government spending to those in the 1990s.

We want to see a balanced budget and this means cutting spending drastically.

Where to Cut
Here are just a few places to begin cutting spending:

  • Foreign aid: We don't really know how effective this spending is and cannot account for half of it. Cut it all by 50%.

  • Social Security (SS) is a good place to look-especially before the Baby Boomers flood the market. Raise the eligibility age a couple of years. Exempt anyone who is already on SS.

  • Cut the military spending. Get troops out of Europe, Korea, and Afghanistan!

  • Eliminate the Federal Department of Education, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Federal Communications Commission, and the IRS. If you can't eliminate them, cut their funding by 50%.

  • Eliminate funding to National Public Radio (NPR).

  • Cut-back 30% on all government funded welfare projects.
  • Fire or make ILLEGAL the 29 government "Czars," because they are unconstitutional anyway.

Sound Severe?
Too Severe? So is our Debt! We need to take drastic measures immediately. Will they happen? Unlikely, unless you start riding herd on your legislators! Get actively involved - It's YOUR country.

      Wednesday, January 19, 2011

      Half the Country Unites

      26 States Now Suing the Fed
      There are now a total of 26 states who are actively joined together in suing the Federal Government for their infringement of state's rights. The issue targeted is ObamaCare. The states claim that the healthcare law is unconstitutional and that it violates the citizen's rights by forcing them to buy health insurance or be fined and face jail time for non-compliance.

      Obama's Federal lawers are arguing that the states have "no standing" to challenge the law and want the case dismissed. FAT CHANCE!

      In addition, lawsuits have been filed in other states and two Federal judges have ruled it OK. However, Virginia's Federal judge has ruled that it IS unconstitutional.

      Here are the States Challenging
      Here are the 26 states united together in one action against the Federal Government.

      Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Iowa, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, Mississippi, Nebraska, Nevada, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

      Is Your State on the List?
      If your state is not one of the ones mentioned, you might want to pay closer attention to your state's politics. Remember, united we stand, divided we fall. Find out why your state is NOT persuing this issue of personal freedom and state's rights. Don't just sit back and watch the government take over one sixth of the economy!

      Congress is taking action to repeal ObamaCare and should be voting on it today. However, after passing the House, it is NOT expected to get therought the Senate. If it does, Obama will Veto it (Cancel it) because he wants to keep it in place.

      Chances are that this whole issue will end ou in the Supreme Court. However, don't expect this to be any time soon.

      Meanwhile, keep your fingers crossed.

      Tuesday, January 18, 2011

      Barry's World

      TSA's Privacy Policy

      Progressive Censorship in Action

      Raising The Debt Ceiling

      Cloward & Piven Strategy

      Monday, January 17, 2011

      2011 and What It Brings

      Things Will Cost More in 2011
      Call it anything you want, inflation, devalued dollar, declining America, job losses, but one thing for sure; you are going to have to pay more for the basic things. As if your wallet isn't stretched far enough - prices are creeping upwards.

      7 Things that Will Cost More
      Here is a list of the seven items that will impact YOUR wallet almost immediately:

      • Gasoline, Diesel and Fuel Oil - This has already started. Oil is approaching $100 per barrel. The net effect is that $5 gasoline isn't that far from our future. China and India are becoming the world's biggest consumers of oil. This along with a cold winter in Europe has spiked the demand for oil. Since Obama has blocked new oil production in the US, this will only get worse.

      • Food - This too has already started the climb upwards. Food prices are going up and the USDA expects to see 2% to 3% hike in the cost of all foods here in the USA in 2011. This is being driven by higher corn prices - thanks in part to Big Government regulations. Recall that farm animals have to be fed and as those costs go up, so do the dairy and meat products. Also a huge percentage of grocery items are linked to corn. The average grocery store contains over 4,000 products that contain corn.

      • Clothes - Cotton prices have been going up at record rates. Cotton is 80% more than what it was in 2010! Since all (or most clothing) is manufactured in foreign countries, we can expect higher tariffs and worsening trade deficits.

      • Health Insurance - Thank ObamaCare for this one. There are so many hidden taxes in ObamaCare that employers just can't afford medial insurance for their employees. This in-turn will cause them to drop insurance and allow the government to become the new provider for all of us. Premiums are already skyrocketing thanks to government intervention.

      • College Tuition's - Colleges are now loosing state funding and receive less financial aid from respective states. In addition, ObamaCare (why was this regulation here?) mandates that the government is now the ONLY provider for student loans - eliminating all competition for cheaper loans. To make matters worse, college tuitions are going up an average of 8% in 2011 because of a reduction in alumni giving, besides the lack of state funding.

      • Raising Kids - Raising children has NEVER been cheap. However, besides feeding and clothing them, you have to pay for books and supplies, after school day care, soccer camp, and on and on and on... All of these things cost MORE in 2011 because of the shrinking dollar!

      • Bank Fees - The new imposed government banking laws have meant new banking fees (thank Obama and Barney Frank), we now have: Checking fees, ATM fees, safety deposit box fees, talking to a teller fees, and so on...

      The only thing you can do is shop around. With all the new regulations and deliberate government devaluation of the dollar, there's not much you can do.

      Remember this in 2012 when it's time to elect a President. Why not find someone who is truly qualified for a REAL change?

      Sunday, January 16, 2011

      Liberal (Progressive) Elites

      Progressive Snobbery at It's Best
      Have you ever heard Liberals speak. They always look down their nose at you unless you are one of the "few" in their selected group. It doesn't matter if you went to college or not. It Matters which college you went to. If it wasn't an Ivy League school, then they "think" you are uneducated! In a phrase: They think that we are too dumb to understand. We are ignorant and they know better for us. OH REALLY?


      Examples of Snobbery Elitism
      Here are three examples of snobs portraying elitism:
      • Congressman Clyburn (D, SC) he says: "Sarah Palin just can't seen to get it, on any front. I think that she's an attractive person, she is articulate, but I think intellectually, she seems not to be able to understand what's going on here." What he's REALLY saying is that he disagrees with her politically and because of this - she doesn't know what she's talking about.

      • Commedian Bill Maher says: "Now that they've finished reading the Constitution out loud, the 'Teabaggers' must call-out that group of elitist Liberals whos' values are so antithetical to their's. I'm talking about of course, the Founding Fathers. Who the 'Teabaggers' believe are just like them, but aren't. One is a group of exclusively white men who live in a bygone century of bad teeth and think of blacks as 3/5ths of a person. And the other are the Founding Fathers.

        Now I want you 'Teabaggers' out there to understand one thing while you idolize the Founding Fathers, dress up like them, and smell like them. I think it's pretty clear that the Founding Fathers would have hated your guts. And what's more, you would have hated them! They were everything you despised. They studied science, read Plato, hung-out in Paris, and thought the Bible was mostly bullshit.

        What this shows is the the word "Teabagger" in his context, is meant to insult members of the Tea Party because it is a sexual term used to describe a sexual act. He knows this and uses it to be "funny." It's the same as calling a black person a "Nigger" which is not only insulting and offensive, but down-right disgusting. What he doesn't know (ironic isn't it) that many of the Founding Fathers believed in God (he doesn't) and that that was one of the reasons they mentioned Natural Rights. And, how does HE know what the Founders would think anyway?

      • Chris Matthews (MSNBC Commentator) says: "Sarah Palin is uneducated and sounds like she's selling makeup foundations.... Isn't she selling yahoo like she doesn't know anything? Why doesn't she want to be educated?"

        Once again, he disagrees with her politically and so he demonizes her at every opportunity and claims that HE knows she's too stupid to ever think of running for President because she doesn't know American history. How did he reach HIS conclusion? Was it based on fact or HIS opinion also?

      • Progressives Want To Rule-Fool!
        Liberals (Progressives) "Know" that they are better than we are - so they also know what's good for us because we're too stupid. It's kind of like they want to be our parents and tell us what to do all the time. But, they never want us to "grow up."

        Do you REALLY want to affiliate with people like that? Yes, it is a free country. But where are YOUR values if you do? They call us racists if we don't agree with them. Everything is fine as long as you agree. But never disagree, because they do not want any verbal discourse. They want CONTROL. If not, get ready for the filthy attacks.