Saturday, September 24, 2011

Another Reason to Disban The EPA

EPA Is Over-regulating Our Lives
More proof that this administration is bent on over-regulating your lives into oblivion is the latest proposed ban coming from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Because of the administration's agreement with other nations to stop using substances that deplete the ozone layer, asthma sufferers will loose one of their medications for treatment - the over-the-counter epinephrine inhalers.

Is This REALLY Necessary?
Has the EPA done any studies to verify that these particular inhalers actually are a serious cause of ozone depletion? NO they haven't. Recall that the EPA is now regulating Carbon Dioxide (C02) because it too is "bad" for the ozone layer of the planet. Remember from Biology that we (as human beings), exhale C02. So when will the EPA begin fining humans for producing it? God only knows, but you get the point! The EPA under Obama is regulating our lives to an unreasonable extent. Thanks in part to Cass Sustein, the Regulatory Czar.

Regulatory Czar Cass Sustein

Remember this guy because he's pushing these new regulations coming from the White House. He's an enemy to freedom. He authored the book "Nudge" which details how to manipulate people into behavior YOU want - not what THEY want.

Action To Take
SCREAM loudly and let politicians know that you object to the EPA INSANITY to save the planet. Unless they can prove that we as humans using inhalers is destroying our planet, they need to get a life! And, as a further point, why should we let other nations tell us what we can and cannot do for medications?

Friday, September 23, 2011


Perry Is NOT a Friend of American Citizens
Last night Rick Perry (R, TX) made it clear that he rewards ILLEGALS and gives them free college tuition. Interesting...

Just how does he decide which groups of people to reward? What are HIS criteria? Why not reward African Americans with free college tuition? How about all Muslims? Why not reward all Jewish people with free tuition? Why just ILLEGALS? Just how did Perry decide that ILLEGALS deserved this entitlement which could be upwards of $100,000+ per ILLEGAL!

It doesn't matter really. What's important to know is that he gives preferences to ILLEGALS over AMERICAN citizens. That's DISGUSTING! If you disagree with his position he says "If you say that we should not educate children who come into our state for no other reason than that they've been brought there through no fault of their own, I don't think you have a heart." He's proud that he signed legislation in Texas that mirrors the "Dream Act" which is the first step towards amnesty.

Ex-DEM Looks Still Like a DEM
He also made it clear that he does NOT want to close the borders with a fence. So how is this position different from Obama's? It isn't!! These policies are identical!! In fact it's just like any state or city that considers itself a "sanctuary" state or city. It is exactly what Obama wants to do nationally! Forget American sovereignty, these people need to be educated.

Governor Perry, that's anti-American!

Perry Is NO Conservative
Once a Democrat, Perry's position on ILLEGAL Immigrants should put him out-of-the-running for the GOP nomination for President. We need someone who will close the borders, stop federal funding to sanctuary cities and states, not give AMNESTY to ILLEGALS, and stop giving entitlements to people who do not belong here!

It still sounds like Perry is STILL a Progressive Democrat - at least on this important issue. A vote for him is a vote for all of the above. This doesn't come close to the Tea Party position on immigration. Leave him in the dust and don't look back.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Why NOT to By GM Products

Big Brother At Work
Next time you're in the market for a new car, you might want to think twice before buying a GM (Government Motors) car or truck. The company is referred to as "Government Motors" because Obama nationalized this company along with Chrysler when he "bailed" them out. Actually, he bailed-out his union friends and screwed bond holders. Unions got a large piece of the company as "new owners" at the expense of the bond holders who literally got screwed by the government in the take-over.

Your new GM product comes "equipped" with OnStar. OnStar is a vehicle communications system that was originally designed to provide motorists with assistance during emergencies (accidents) and for auto theft recovery. It was first introduced back in 1995.

However, since the government has taken control over the company, it seems that OnStar's policies have changed. The company (YOUR GOVERNMENT) has altered the parameters in which it can "legally" collect GPS data and other information on your vehicle. I'll bet they forgot to tell you this HUH? It's all in the "fine print" that no one ever reads.

What Could Be Worse?
If you choose not to use the factory installed device, the government can continue to monitor your activities! REALLY? YES! Without YOUR permission, the government can monitor your driving habits, as well as, details on where you go and for how long. They can also get information like your speed, location, and other various sensitive pieces of information about you and your driving habits.

Even if you do NOT own a GM car or truck, GM is offering OnStar as an add-on for your non-GM product. It comes in the form of a rear view mirror with the OnStar system installed inside the mirror! You pay $300 for the mirror and then the monthly charge for the government to begin "SNOOPING"

So what's so bad about this?

They can sell this information to YOUR insurance company! Or they can sell it to law enforcement agencies. NICE HUH?

Action To Take
Tell Government Motors to shove OnStar where the sun doesn't shine. Do NOT BUY a GM product. BIG BROTHER won't be watching you.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Barry's World

Obama's Debt Plan

So Much For Hope

The Soros Puppet

Obama's Support

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Why Prolong the Agony?

It's Time For A Change
Lack of leadership and foresight once again. Out GREAT LEADER now says that it's OK for the US Post Office to halt mail deliveries one day a week. He suggest this to curve the Post Office's massive debts accumulating because of the glorious Postal Union.

Even though the Post Office has cut over 100,000 employees in the past few years is can no longer keep up with thie operating costs. Did you know that that the Post Office has borrowed money every year since the Progressive Era began (Woodrow Wilson) in 1913? That's a BAD record for government management.

Recent Records
Last year the Post Office lost over $8.5 BILLION dollars. This year is worse. They claim (rightly so) that the Internet is "stealing away" their business. Apparently email is more efficient than the government version of "snail mail." Who would have figured that one? So what does Obama do? He protects HIS UNION BUDDIES and tells them to keep going only cut one day of service to their customers!

Hey Obama, GO SCREW!

Business Model
Well, just a minute, who's business is it anyway? If the government cannot keep pace with technology, why should we as taxpayers keep bailing them out? Isn't this reason enough to make a change to remedy the situation - and not put a band aid over it?

If a private company is run by poor managers who allow the unions to boost employees salaries and benefits too high, who's fault is that anyway? The Customers? Hardly. That business should be allowed to fail as it rightly should.

The Solution
What Obama should recommend, is to SELL THE POST OFFICE! If there are no bidders, then let it FAIL! Fed-Ex or UPS would probably take it over and we could get RELIABLE service for a change! Don't listen to Obama, he has no answers because he has never had ANY executive experience nor has he ever ran a business. No, he's just protecting his union friends as usual.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Obama's Legacy in History

How Will Obama Be Remembered?
How will Obama be remembered in US History? Here are a few ways we can remember Obama's Presidency:

  • The President with the highest and longest unemployment.

  • The regulatory President.

  • The Food Stamp President.

  • The Wrecking Ball President.

  • The Cloward and Piven President.

  • The Socialistic President.

  • The job-destroying President.

  • The man who "fundamentally changed America."

  • The most destructive President.

  • The President who blamed everyone but himself, or just President "O-Blame-O".

  • The least transparent President.

  • The President who nationalized the automobile industry.

  • The President who favored Union bosses over American workers.

  • The most arrogant President.

  • The Biggest Looser President.

  • The most Radical President.

  • The President who spent more than ANY other President.

  • The President who tried to destroy America.

  • The President who hated America.

  • The Green Energy President.

  • The "No Plan" President.

  • The President who was worse than Jimmy Carter.

  • The teleprompter President.

  • The President who Does Not Deserve the Nobel Peace Prize.

  • The most naive President.

So Many ways
AAHHH, there are so many ways to remember this President. Unfortunately for Americans who love this country, none of them are good. All of HIS legacies are EVIL. Perhaps that's it! The most EVIL President!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Solyndra Won't Go Away

Obama's SolarGate
We should all be asking questions about how and why Solyndra received government loans in access of $500,000,000 dollars. It seems that no one in the White House knows anything about the whole thing. That's hard to believe since Obama's staff helped push-through these outrageous loans to a failing company.

What Hasn't Hit the News
Even though Solyndra was a bad risk, Obama helped them get government loans. Ironic and probably just a coincidence that the CEO of that company donated BIG money to Obama's Presidential campaign. It's funny how that works. You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours. Smells like political corruption with big money.

However, the Lame Stream News isn't reporting much about the whole affair because their buddy in the White House is behind it. No, the Lame Stream media forgot to tell you that after Solyndra received 1/2 a BILLION of taxpayer money, they asked for even more. It's not clear to date whether they received a second federal loan for an additional $469 MILLION dollars.

It's also ironic that Obama's Department of Energy refuses to respond to enquiries about the second loan and they refuse to make any comments regarding it. Isn't it strange that the government can fast-track loans for 1/2 Billion dollars and then can't seem to provide any details about how or when federal monies were spent?

Special Prosecutor
It's clear that Obama is not afraid to hamper investigations. He's doing it with the Gun deal with Mexican cartels. Eric Holder's office is ignoring Congressional subpoenas so why not get quiet about the new scandal involving up to and perhaps over $1 Billion taxpayer dollars. This STINKS of government corruption and a government cover-up.

We need to demand a Special Prosecutor to investigate both of these scandals. If Obamahas nothing to hide, he should cooperate. Otherwise, we need to demand a special prosecutor.