Saturday, October 24, 2009

FCC is After Internet Control!

Thursday the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to stop broadband providers from favoring certain kinds of Internet traffic. That’s step one in Internet censorship. This so-called “ruling” goes by the name of “Network Neutrality.” This is an euphemism for the familiar “Fairness Doctrine”. You remember that, Reagan banned it during his administration. The Fairness Doctrine was introduced in 1949 and it required FCC license holders to present controversial issues of public importance and to do so in a manner that was (in the FCC's view) honest, equitable and balanced.

Statists (Liberals/Progressives) have wanted this revived because they hate talk radio and the Internet because it is used successfully by conservatives to spread their voice and their message. Statists cannot or seem not to have much luck getting any serious audiences on talk radio. So in order to silence conservative speech, they want the Fairness Doctrine reinstated.

Statists have several George Soros sponsored websites, including the infamous By the way, has been telling their Internet followers NOT to watch Fox News!

However, there is a lot of political opposition because it violates free speech. Statists have taken a new tact. Now they are Attacking the 1st Amendment by using the FCC to grab control of the Internet and its content.

The new FCC Czar, Mark Lloyd, is leading this agenda. Remember he’s the one who revels Hugo Chavez (Marxist dictator of Venezuela). Lloyd wants to follow the example used by Chavez where he took over all forms of public media in Venezuela. He knows that Americans would NOT tolerate a blatant take-over if the Internet. His plan is to do so in small increments and over time, gain full censorship of both talk radio and the Internet.

Americans be aware of what’s happening. These Czars are out of control and abusing the Constitution every day.


Friday, October 23, 2009

White House Continues Attacks on Free Speech

In case you haven’t noticed, the White House is not ashamed for trying to attack the 1st Amendment. Recall they tried to get citizens to squeal on other Americans if they had opposing views to the President.

Their latest movement is to direct the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to level the playing field on the Internet. They can’t come out and say they want the Fairness Doctrine reenacted because they know that won’t fly with Americans. Instead, Obama’s administration realizes that in order to take full command, they must control the media, the airwaves, AND the Internet.

So far they have done a fairly good job on the media. Most main stream media companies do not criticize President Obama and have little or few negative comments on his administration. Hence, we see open attacks on Fox News and its affiliates. That’s because Fox is the only network that openly criticizes the President and points out to Americans that he has surrounded himself with radicals and Marxists. Obama is trying to deflect attention away from this and his failings at being a Commander and Chief of our armies in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as, his weak attempts to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons. Further, it focuses Americas attention away from ObamaCare at a critical time on Congress.

In order to divert attention away from the air waves and the Internet, this administration hired a lot of Czars who report to Obama only. They were never properly vetted and have come on board to promote Obama’s agenda with little or no oversight.

Now we see the FCC Czar going after the Internet. The FCC wants to control the Internet “during emergencies” defined by the government. They also want to impose the equivalent of the Fairness Doctrine on the Internet. This would eliminate blogs like this one and take full control over the content you see on Twitter and Facebook.

If you love your freedoms, especially free speech, we cannot allow the government to censor the Internet. Use your voice and let everyone know you are not in favor of these regulations. China censors the Internet because it is a totalitarian state. Is this what we are becoming?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

New Bills – Forget the Troops

Both the House and the Senate have been working on new healthcare bills. Both are trying to make the legislation a little more palatable for Americans to accept. Current polls continue to indicate that the majority of us don’t want the government to take over our healthcare.

The President has made speech after speech all over the country trying to gather political support of ObamaCare. They haven’t had much effect.

The top issues for Americans are the deficit and jobs. In spite of this both the Congress and the President keep on ignoring the message from the citizens of this country. Why is this? Why is ObamaCare still their number one priority?

In February they JAMMED the Stimulus down our throats with promises that unemployment would not reach 8.5%. Currently, national unemployment is reaching 10%. It is expected to continue going higher by all estimates.

After seeing the Stimulus in action, it is apparent that it DID NOT create jobs – except in the new government agencies that it had to create in order to implement the Stimulus! That was rather self-serving! It DID however, send lots of money to special interests who have benefited the most from the Stimulus. It did NOT CREATE ANY JOBS.

The Stimulus and Omnibus bill (and other bailouts) have added seriously to the national deficit. Both Congress and Obama have and continued to ignore the fact that the deficit as is - remains unsustainable! Yet they both continue spending as if nothing happened. They are destroying the US dollar and don't give a care!

Americans, we were deceived by Congress AND the President.

ObamaCare is even more important than American troops in Afghanistan. Day after day Obama procrastinates making any decision to send more troops – ignoring McChrystal’s requests. Why is this? American troops are dying every day. Obama waffles and procrastinates. Let’s face it, Obama is a spineless wimp! He cannot make the tough decisions. He is NOT a leader, he is nothing more than a community organizer.

Who stands to gain the most from ObamaCare? Why has Congress and Obama made this more important than our troops and OUR NATIONAL DEFENSE? WHY? Is this a deliberate attempt to weaken America for attacks? What is the REAL plan here?

Action To Take
Phone or email the White House. Let them know you are disgusted with the President’s inaction to help our troops. Tell them we want jobs and have Congress STOP SPENDING.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Nixifying the White House

Senator Lamar Alexander [R] TN has accused the Obama administration of preparing an enemies list and bullying. Recall that this strategy was used by President Richard Nixon. Also recall that Nixon was forced to resign as President because of his abuse of powers – including the Watergate brake in and the use of the enemies list.

A few of Alexander’s examples to substantiate his accusations included the following:
  • Marginalizing the US Chamber of Commerce

  • Taking names of bondholders who resisted GM and Chrysler takeovers

  • Insurers attacked as the bad guys

  • Gag orders on Insurers

  • Threatening Banks and lenders
What he left out of this list, was the government website that requested names and emails from those who gave “Misinformation” on ObamaCare. In addition, it has also been reported that the White House is both tracking and recording all government/Obama related “chatter” recorded on FaceBook and Twitter.

Alexander also claims that the enemies list extends to Congress as well. Senator Bob Bennett questioned the use of Czars and Senator Jon Kyl was ostracized after publically saying that the Stimulus plan was not working. Both were “called out” on the White House blog.

Time will tell if these accusations are based on reality. Those affected are the ones who need to pay attention.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

White House Sponsors Inappropriate Activity

On August 10, 2009 the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) sponsored a conference call in which artists were asked to help support President Obama’s agenda. This activity has been deemed “inappropriate” by some because the NEA is a taxpayer funded non-profit organization that (up until this call) had no political ties whatsoever.

The conference call was chaired by Mr. Yosi Sergant who at that time was the NEA’s Communications Director. He directed participating artists to help participate in contributing to four key areas that the NEA had identified as areas of service.

Buffy Wicks, Deputy Director of the White House Office of Public Engagement was also on the call giving it some element of validity. During this call it was stated that “…the goal if this phone call, is through this group we can create a stronger community amongst ourselves to get involved in those things we’re passionate about as we did during the campaign. But to continue to get involved in those things, to support some of the president’s initiatives, but also to do things that we are passionate about and to push the president and push his administration.

That phone call was recorded and brought to light on the Glenn Beck TV show. As a result of that call, Mr. Yosi has been re-assigned elsewhere and the White House has been back-peddling and apologizing for the blatant abuse of government power.

Action To Take
Ask yourself: What’s is the White House trying to do here? Why is this happening? Who is behind it? Did this activity REALLY stop or go underground? Does this activity make you feel OK or uncomfortable?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Obama Says Pot is OK

President Obama gave directives today to stop enforcing Federal laws pertaining to marijuana sale, use and possession in at least 14 states, (probably all).

Question: How can he do this? He has NO authority under the US Constitution to supersede an existing law. How does he think that he can? He believes it’s a “waste of time “ to do so. Humm… so, this sort of ignores that there must also be some illegal activities performed in order to get the pot here right? So he’s condoning that too?

Since he was an admitted drug user when he was younger he is now advocating that it is OK to do so in VIOLATION of Federal laws. Wow, the leader of the US is saying that it’s OK to violate the laws of the land!

What’s Next?
What would happen if the President issued a directive that he was banning all guns in the US? Would this law be enforceable? Hardly! He has no authority to do so. It would be horrific to see what might happen if he tried to enforce that directive.

Note: Don’t think that this cannot happen in America. It ALREADY DID! This happened in the state of Louisiana during hurricane Katrina. The governor ordered federal troops to confiscate all firearms from legal gun owners leaving the defenseless against looters. The troops violated the US Constitution and blindly followed orders and did so. The guns were NEVER rightly returned to lawful owners!

Wake Up America
Your liberties are being gobbled up one at a time. Slowly but surely, freedom is disappearing in America. Before you know it, America will be a totalitarian state if you let it happen.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Congress Won’t Stop Spending

Actually, why should they? It’s not their money. They don’t have to be accountable for earning it. They just spend, spend, and spend. It’s kind of an artificial world that they live in unlike ours. Instead, we work, work, work, so we can pay taxes.

When we tell our representatives (both DEMs and GOPs) that we disagree with their policies and how we feel about issues that oppose their views, they call us names. All this because we do NOT agree with their policies.

Here’s how it works. Statists (often called Liberals or Progressives) believe that they are always right. Consequently, they always know what’s good for us. It never occurs to them that they are actually working for us. Thus, you can NEVER disagree with them because that’s the wrong answer – ALWAYS. We are too stupid to know what’s best for us – but they do.

Weird, but you can argue with facts and when they are confronted with them, they ignore them and change the subject. Or they start Name calling. Or they say that the discussion is over and its time to move forward. Or that there is a crisis and we have to act now. Or that we have some inherent disorder rendering us mentally incapable of thinking rationally.

Strange, but they actually believe that they are always right (talk about disorders!) and that there are no other opinions out there – especially if they come from anything that looks or sounds like a conservative point of view. The Statists are always hypocrites. They have double standards that apply in favor of them on ANY topic they like and want to promote, but just the opposite if they don’t. They ignore logic, facts and the truth. They believe in the common good for the welfare of the state. They believe in the first amendment (free speech) as long as it doesn’t “offend” anyone, including a single (one) person. If it does, they attack you. They criticize and condemn conservative ideas and beliefs and try to discredit, isolate, humiliate, minimize, belittle, and demean you.

Eaxmple 1: You do not support gay marriage for whatever reason – so they label you a “homophobe.” They disparage you. It sounds like a mental disease. Who are they to make this decision? How can you argue with that? So you REALLY cannot have a meaningful discussion because they will never comprehend what you have to say. Their minds are always closed to conservative principles. They’re not listening because they don’t like what they are hearing and close it out. They have a mental block towards conservative ideas.

Example 2: You disagree on government controlled healthcare legislation. You are accused of being a “Racist” because Obama is half African American. Huh? What gives them to the right to render this decision? Where is the proof to substantiate this accusation? You argue that Congress is NOT qualified to make medical decisions regarding your health and we should ask doctors to inject their ideas because they are the experts. This is totally rejected until Obama stages a bunch of people in the Rose Garden wearing white lab coats and they just happen to all “agree” with ObamaCare. They must believe we are stupid.

Example 3: You join a Tea Party rally. You are labeled an “Extremist” or “Tea Bag Terrorist”. When 100,000 people show up in Washington, DC only FOX News is there to cover the story. Mainstream media doesn’t even cover these events. It’s not news? It’s unimportant? It must be, they don’t cite any information on it.

You let Congress know in Town Meetings across America that you are upset and want them to listen to you. You march in Washington to illustrate that THEY are out of control. You tell them to stop the deficit spending because it’s making the US deficit unsustainable. What does Congress do? They continue to work on the bills that THEY want to pass and that you have to pay for along with the next two or three generations of Americans.

So what this all boils down to is that if you disagree with the Statist, you’re the one who’s crazy and should not be considered sane or your opinion should never be considered valid. The Statists haven’t figured out that they are destroying our way of life and devaluing the US dollar in the world wide markets. They don’t care! They are always RIGHT.