Saturday, September 8, 2012


Just because you're a nice guy doesn't mean that you are qualified for any given position. Obama is the perfect example. He's a very likable person with a nice family. In the eyes of the average American, this is as good as apple pie and John Wayne. However, when it comes to running the country, these factors are NOT good qualifications. In fact, they should have very little to do when considering whether a person gets a job or not. Our Founding Fathers knew this when they drafted the Constitution. In it, they established the Electoral College, for electing the President of the United States instead of popular vote.

Al Gore Example
In 2000, Al Gore missed getting elected as the president because of the Electoral College. Gore won the popular vote by a few hundred votes in a very close election. However, he did not receive the necessary majority of votes from the Electoral College of 270. Thus, he fell short and lost the bid for the White House.

Since that time Gore has been a proponent for amending the US Constitution and making popular vote the means to elect the President. So far his initiatives have fallen short.

Obama's Position
Obama is still a very popular President. The following graph indicates it:

However, when you analyze the data, you can see that his approval rating is far below his popularity. Americans do NOT believe that he is doing a good job as the President.

Questions To Ask
If you performed below your employers expectations, would you still be working for that employer? If you ignored deadlines by giving lame excuses, would your boss accept them? If you were told to do something and then did something else because YOU wanted to, would your employer be happy with that? If you were mandated to work with a group of individuals to perform your duties and then you totally circumvented working with them altogether, would your boss fire you?

These are the exact same things that Obama has been doing for the past 3 1/2 years as President. Why should we (Obama's employer) put up with this behavior? He totally ignores HIS job description and re-writes his duties and powers on a regular basis. He has broken the Laws of the Land and totally ignored working with Congress.

 His performance review STINKS! Isn't it time to FIRE HIM ONCE AND FOR ALL?

Friday, September 7, 2012

Why the Federal Reserve is Bad

Unusual Request
Today we are not writing the blog. Instead we are directing you to listen and watch a 1 hour video on the Federal Reserve Bank. Sorry it this turns you off. However, if you do take the time to watch the video you will have a complete understanding about America's current economy and how serious it REALLY is. The link below is the 2nd one on the web page. It's called "The Fed Unspun."

The link is at:

If you don't have an hour, then dedicate just a few minutes listening and you will begin to grasp the seriousness of our dire situation and who is causing it. If you watch it, you will thank us because it's that informative in plain English.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Land of the Free

America is Divided
Many Americans are beginning to wonder what's happening to America as we knew it. This just isn't the same old country we grew up in or know. Why is this? How has it changed and why?

Be honest and look around you. We are divided like never before. We are being told that the rich don't pay their "fair share" and yet, half of us don't even pay a thing. No one ever mentions that! How can this be fair? Go figure that logic! Shouldn't everyone pay something to be fair? How do those who don't pay justify not paying? Is there ANY justification at all? Why do Americans allow this to continue?

We Belong To Government
Now we are being told that we all belong to government. It doesn't matter what church, club, or association we belong to no, we belong to Big Government instead. You can feel the big arm of government wrapping around your shoulder. Come closer comrade, we will protect you and your family like never before.

American Values
We no longer strive for American values. You don't have to work, because the government will pay you not to work. If you can't pay your mortgage, you won't have to loose your home because the government will pay it for you. If you can't afford a new car, the government will give you money in the form of "Cash For Clunkers" so you can get that new car. We all need the government to look after our health care so it's OK for the government to decide what treatments you can get and which ones you can't. We don't want to pollute the planet, but it's OK if we send our money and technology to other foreign countries so they can. We don't have enough jobs for 23 MILLION people out-of-work, but it's OK to leave our borders wide open so illiterates can come here ILLEGALLY and take low paying jobs and go on our welfare system.

We ignore that the Federal Reserve Bank is autonomous and it's owners remain a secret. They are held accountable to no one and so they print and digitize worthless money out of thin air. Isn't this a great PONZIE SCHEME? This in-turn devalues our money and makes food, gasoline, and all commodities cost more making day-to-day life more expensive for everyone. Meanwhile, we are told that "things are getting better and it's taking longer than we expected."

Our Presidents get impeached, loose their law licenses, have scandals, ignore the law of the land, ignore Congress, start wars on their own, spend and borrow money we don't have, and they are all treated with respect and dignity. No one ever challenges their violations out of fear. There is no outrage from the citizens of America. Corruption promotes more of the same behavior and we tolerate it. Citizens don't have time to be bothered with politics or the loss of freedoms. What's happened to us?

Act or Die
Is it REALLY THAT BAD? You bet, and if we continue along this path, America as we know it will die. We have seen these changes speed-up under this President, but they have been here all the while. In a way we can thank Obama for bringing it to our attention under his administration. He is literally transforming America into HIS vision. Do we even know what that is? Have you ever bothered to ask? Do you even care? Look around, do you believe that things are better now than they were four years ago?

Don't Be Naive
Even if we elect Romney, you are in for a disappointment. He can't fix America in his term in office. This will take YEARS and YEARS. The damage is severe and it's our own fault. We have allowed politicians to steal our liberties and LIE to us without any recourse for their dishonest behaviors. Americans have looked the other way too long.

If you care about your country, you need to do something. Get active. Find the time to help your country. Start by voting Obama out-of-office to slow down America's disintegration.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Better Off Now

DEMs Mantra
The Democrats are spouting-off that Americans are "better off" now than before Obama took office. They claim that Obama saved us all from "Armageddon" by bailing-out the auto companies, his union buddies, the Green Industry (Solyndra to name one), the financial industry, and HIS friends over seas. They claim that Obama stopped high the jobless rates. Their excuse for today's present condition is that it's taking longer than Obama expected because the problem was so bad. They are ignoring the 24 MILLION people who want to work but cannot because there are no jobs!

Skirting Around The Issue
These arguments skirt around the question that's on everybody's mind: Are you better-off now after Obama's policies, takeovers, and new regulations have been in effect? All Democratic pundits are stumbling to answer that question. They know that the economy is in the toilet and that American families are suffering. They just can't admit it because that would be admitting failure and Obama wants to be re-elected. He wants four more years so he can continue with his destructive process of destroying America's middle class. So the DEMs are out there "spinning" their lies telling us everything except the answer to the question. Don't accept that behavior. Make them answer THE question.

Questions That Beg Answers
Here are just a few questions that the Democrats should be asked:
  • Is is true that average household incomes fell from $54, 983 in January 2009 to $50, 964 today?
  • Isn't it true that unemployment was 7.8% in January 2009 and has remained over 8% for 42 months (today = 8.3%)?
  • Wasn't the price of gasoline $1.84 in January 2009 and now averages over $3.82 per gallon? (More than doubled)
  • Wasn't the national debt ceiling $10.6 TRILLION in January 2009 and today broke $16 TRILLION? (Obama has spent & borrowed $1.6 TRILLION)
  • Why is it 20% more expensive now to manufacture here in America than before Obama took office?
  • Why has Obama allowed "Quantitative Easing" (QE1 & QE2) to devalue American's personal savings accounts by over 39%
  • How does any of this make things better for us? Nothing is "fixed."
The DNC Convention
You won't hear the answers to any of those questions at the DNC convention this week. They will re-direct focus away from the REAL ISSUES onto something that will try to deflect your attention. Don't be suckered into buying their LIES!

We need to DEMAND ANSWERS from those who put us in this situation. HOLD THEM ALL ACCOUNTABLE - starting with the empty chair in the White House.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Joke of the Day

Americans have taken the analogy of the empty chair to new heights. The GOP made this National Empty Chair Day and fellow Americans have provided their own versions of Obama's lack of fulfilling his promises.