Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Time to Refocus

So here we are. A new year and our National security in shambles. We're out fighting our "enemies" in Afghanistan and Iraq but to what avail? That didn't stop Umar Farouk Abdulmullatab from a near-miss at pulling-off an air massacre of huge proportions. So much for airport security.

Janet Napolatano finally admitted that there was a problem with the airline security only after American citizens made the White House uncomfortable enough to reverse their blind attitude towards a real terrorist attack. The system collapse was total!

The "alleged" "suspect" was put on the US terrorist watch list. He was denied a visa to enter Britain, but we did not revoke his visa in the US. Why not? His father warned the United States Embassy that his son had gone extremist and disappeared in Yemen. So he was able to buy an airline ticket in cash, one way, with no luggage, and fly to Detroit with a bomb sewn into his underwear. Meanwhile, we cannot board a plane without taking off our shoes and getting frisked by TSA!

The War on terrorism isn't a crime like robbery. Criminals get the Miranda reading and lawyer up. Enemy combatants (terrorists) should be delivered to Gitmo for interrogation and imprisonment. In this case, Umar is NOT a criminal. He's a TERRORIST!! Aparently the White House has trouble with this concept!

If the guy wanted treatment for his self-inflicted burns, medical treatment should be offered AFTER he tells us a few things like:
  • Who taught you how to detonate this bomb?
  • Where were you trained?
  • Where did you get the explosive devices?
  • Who did you train with?
  • What are the other US targets?
  • Who helped you get on that plane?
Inhumane? Hardly! He was going to kill a plane full of innocent people! But no, instead we offer him skin grafts and let him get a lawyer after we read his Miranda Rights. That's STUPID and is going to lead to more terrorist attacks until we wake up.

We need to start thinking about actually fighting terrorists here in this country. Until we do, the inevitable attack will come at a terrible expense of American human life.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Slow to Respond Sound Familiar?

During the early days of the Bush administration we suffered unprecedented terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. President Bush (R, TX) was at a school speaking with children when he was first told of the attacks. He was strongly criticized by the left for not responding quickly. Why even Michael Moore made a point of it in his movie Fahrenheit 911. He tried to make the President look like he didn’t care or was stupid for not responding by leaving immediately.

Now we have a similar situation with a little twist. We have President Obama (D, IL) in office. First, he took over 4 months to respond to his general regarding a request for more troops. The latest is when he was on vacation in Hawaii when the news came of the terrorist bomber attempt to bring down a US airliner. Ironically, it took Obama four days to respond to it as a “Catastrophic Event”! He continued his vacation after a few lame responses being too busy playing golf, playing tennis, and not interrupting his second family vacation since taking office in January last year! What’s the difference here?

Apparently, if you are a Democratic President you cannot do anything wrong by not responding to another American disaster. Unfortunately, this is the THIRD (3rd) attack on American soil by terrorists since Obama took office less than a year ago. Does that make Americans feel save and secure? Hardly!

Early after the failed attack attempt, the White House supported Janet Napolatano – (Director of Homeland Security), when she said that the “system was working.” Americans were shocked to see that the White House was either oblivious to the attack or just plain stupid in their support of an idiot’s statement.

It took 24 hours for the White House to wake-up and have Napolatano reverse her position. Wow. If this had been a George Bush administration fiasco, the press would be crucifying him on page one every day!

How long before the next impending terrorist crisis? Our enemies are learning that the lag time between events and the response is way too slow for American safety. That’s a BIG weakness and we can thank president Obama for it!

Obama’s policies towards "Terrorists" (sorry, strike that word, he refuses to use it) “suspects” are a failure. Americans are NOT safe under his watch. He has ignored the public’s fears and has done NOTHING to reassure Americans that National Security is a high priority. He’s too busy pushing his domestic left-wing agendas instead.

Action To Take
Let the White House know that you are upset with Obama’s slow response. Let them also know that his responses were weak and need to show strength.

H A P P Y... N E W... Y E A R !

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ban Political Correctness

Isn’t it curious how you can see a pattern of things after a while? Call it silly, but you really CAN identify an airline terrorist. Anyone can. You really don’t need to be in the CIA, FBI, or work for Homeland Security either. Since the first US airline terrorist attack in 1988, every terrorist bomber has been a foreign-born Muslim man with brown eyes and dark hair. Ironically, half of them have also been named “Mohammed.”

This guy was Nigerian, a Muslim named Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, and he paid cash for a one way ticket. Oh yes, he had NO luggage. See any warning flags yet? You could have spotted this guy if you searched the passenger list for “Muslim males.”

Oh that’s right, they aren’t called “acts of terrorism” but rather “man-made disasters” instead. Let’s not be too hasty and jump to conclusions. The “alleged” man (that’s Obama talk for the word “BOMBER”) is a “suspect.” (We don’t want to offend our enemies and call them what they really are: “TERRORISTS”).

President Obama doesn’t like to admit that the United States is at war with radical Muslims. After all, his father was a Muslim – remember? Is there a link? No, couldn’t be. Obama was a member of Reverend Wright’s Church of Hate America for 20 years. Isn’t it peculiar how Obama has not been able to find a new church in Washington, DC since getting sworn in as President? He’s probably been too busy hiring Communists, radicals, and Marxists to work in his administration.

Carl Rove claims that Obama is “pretending” that there is no war going on with radical Muslims in this country. But what does he know? He was only the advisor to the President who actually prevented terrorist attacks against the United States.

One thing for sure, there have been three (3) TERRORIST attacks in the United States since Obama took office.

  • 13 Killed in cold blood at Fort Hood by a Muslim terrorist
  • 1 soldier killed in Little Rock, Arkansas by a Muslim
  • Attempted mass murder of an airliner by another Muslim

Obama cannot blame these acts on a previous administration. They are a result of his political and ideological philosophy. Why wait for a successful “catastrophic break” terrorist attack before admitting that his policies are wrong and need changing? These are acts of WAR and are not crimes. Why haven’t we sent the latest bomber to Gitmo where he belongs? Why hasn’t the government stopped the catch and release policies at Gitmo? Do we even have a Gitmo policy? Do you know what you are doing? Do you even care more about protecting Americans or our enemies?

At best our National Security has been bungled. Stop using political correctness so as not to offend. These people are trying to kill us. Obama, the buck stops in YOUR office. So far your grade is a “F-.”

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

National Security

Well here we are celebrating Christmas and an attempted Christmas Bomber. Our President won’t even call a terrorist a “TERRORIST.” His lack of immediate response is disgusting. Was he afraid to jump to a conclusion? The lag time between the failed bombing and Obama’s lame first comments was incredible. What IS Obama doing to stop Terrorism?

Initially, the white House supported Janet Napolitano’s statements that the “System was working.” That was stupid and it took the White House a long while to realize that the American public wasn’t buying that argument.

How did this bomber get an American Visa after his own father warned us that he was a danger? This guy was involved in writing terrorist blogs over five years ago. How could we let a jihadist on a plane headed for America? Wasn’t his name on a no-fly-list? What the Hell is going on?

This should be a Major Red flag to All Americans. Obama’s non-decisive stand towards this event says volumes about his ideological views on terrorism and feelings on thwarting it. Obama’s policies are a systematic failure. He cannot blame this on the previous administration. He refers to terrorists as “man-made-disasters.” How blind can anyone be?

We were lucky this time. The only thing that prevented the blast was a faulty detonator and some courageous passengers on the plane. This guy shouldn’t have even been on the plane – let alone with 80 grams of explosives.

Obama views this as a public relations nightmare. It’s worse than that Mr. President. Counter-terrorism in America is now a joke. We know that new bombers are on the way. Bush was criticized for his strong rigid ideological views on terrorism. It seems like Obama ALSO has his own strong ideological views on terrorism that are NOT realistic. Obama’s views do NOT match the reality that these people hate Americans and are trying to kill us.

The bomber burned himself during his attack on us. He was supposed to die. Now we are considering giving this attempted (not suspected) mass murder skin grafts. Are we $%^# stupid or what? Americans ARE NOT SAFE under this administration. That explains the recent exponential sales of firearms and ammunition in this country.

Action To Take
Don’t let the White House get away with their attempted “snow job.” Let them know you demand action and deserve better National Security than what they are providing us now.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

How Safe Are We Really?

The White House is supporting Janet Napolitano (head of the Department of Homeland Security [DHS]) in her remarks regarding the "foiled" terrorist attack on a recent airlines flight. Her basic position is that the system worked to save us. Oh really? If it was such a great system, then how come you didn't anticipate the attack in the first place?

In reality, the attack was thwarted by a faulty detonator and some civilian passengers! Napolitano claims that this is proof that her agency is doing everything just right. Give me a break here! You've got to be kidding. That's White House spin (alias for BS) and we know it!

Napolitano has overlooked the obvious fact that the terrorist was able to successfully get a bomb onto plane and was almost successful in killing more innocent people and bringing down an airliner. Does the Department of Homeland Security claim responsibility for missing the detection of 80 grams of explosives sewn into the guy's underpants? The DHS had nothing to do with stopping the failed terrorist airplane attack.

Let's face it, there is no shortage of suicide terrorists who are willing to die to become martyrs. It's wrong to believe that the DHS is preventing any attacks. That's just wrong and we know it. The Christmas bomber is the example.

It's bad enough having to take your shoes off to get through security. What now? Will Napolitano require all passengers to bare their underwear as well? At best, she's incompetent and should be replaced with someone who can actually protect Americans!

Monday, December 28, 2009

We Need REAL Jobs

We have tried the "Shovel Ready Jobs" approach and look what it got us! The highest unemployment rate in 30 years. Does this give you a lot of confidence in the government promises? Wake up, it shouldn't. To add insult to injury, the bulk of the Stimulus won't be spent until just before the 2010 elections. Gee, what a coincidence!

History tells us that infrastructure spending will not revive the economy - it never has. It didn't work 76 years ago under FDR. It took World War II to stop the Great Depression.

Congress keeps repeating bad history over and over again. This time under the "leadership" of President Obama. The House of Representatives just passed a $154 Billion jobs bill to help our unemployed. Wasn't that what the Stimulus was all about? Obama just announced that he will take the returned "loan" money from TARP and re-spend $50 Billion to create "shovel ready green jobs." This is just more infrastructure jobs in disguise. They just don't learn now do they? Besides, the TARP money was a loan - not the President's personal slush fund to do whatever he wants. It's OUR tax dollars and they should be applied towards the national deficit instead of this. He has no right to do this. Why doesn't someone speak out?

We need to try something different. This is the technology age. Construction jobs won't save the economy. We need to manufacture and produce goods in America - Not in China, India, or Malaysia. We need to create technology jobs using fiber optics and the latest microchips. Unfortunately, the administration is still thinking in the "Dark Ages." We need to stop the job losses to third world countries.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Re-funding Jobless Funds?

Our Congress is once again thinking of re-funding the unemployment funds. We REALLY need to ask ourselves "Is this a good idea?"

Sounds heartless, but before you jump to conclusions, hear this out. We are a nation of caring individuals. We always step-up and help deserving people when they are in trouble and need assistance. More than 25 states are running out of unemployment insurance funds and are seeking Federal government help. Many analysts believe that if bailed out, it won't have a long lasting impact on state coffers. That's because typical employers pay into a state insurance fund through a payroll tax and eventually replenish these trust funds.

In direct conflict with this idea most agree that this is not a good thing to do when the unemployment rate is over 10 %. Raising taxes at a time when no one can afford it is self-defeating.

What no one talks about is the fact that by extending benefits, people may become lazy and stop job hunting altogether. Why job hunt in this economy when you can expect a check every week?

A moral dilemma. This blogger has unemployed family members who have no unemployment benefits and they have sought-out creative means for survival. They do part-time work whenever possible. They do bartering for the necessities. Trading services for others. It's working! They are not living in the street. It's not fun, but it's doable.

If they can do it, why not the rest of the unemployed? Is it worth trying?