Sunday, March 22, 2015

Fool's Errand

When Secretary of State Kerry negotiates with Iran regarding their nuclear developments, the Iranian Supreme Leader calls for "Death to America." Does that sound like they are serious about halting their development of nuclear weapons? Is John Kerry THAT stupid? Is Obama THAT desperate for a deal?

What we have are two "clowns" in the White House that think that they are actually going to get Iran to sign-off on a deal that prohibits them from developing nuclear weapons. It doesn't take a genius to see that Iran is NOT going to abide by any "negotiated" agreement with "infidels" to halt their quest for nuclear weapons.

Unfortunately, Obama AND Kerry are IDIOTS and are too naive to see the trees through the forest. America is truly in danger with these two in charge of our countries safety.

Action To Take
Drop a line to your congressional representatives and to your senators. While you're at it, drop a line to the White House as well and tell them all, that these negotiations are a waste of time.