Saturday, December 29, 2012

Just Wait…

Bad Now
If you think that things are getting worse now, just wait until Obama nominates another Supreme Court Justice or two. Obama has already nominated and successfully appointed two LEFT-Leaning justices: Sonya Sotomayor and Elena Kagan. (Both Liberal judges)

Just this past week, it was Justice Sonya Sotomayor who denied Hobby Lobby an injunction to delay implementation of ObamaCare mandates. This forces employers to provide birth control to their employees in spite of employers' religious convictions. All Sotomayor had to do was to allow implementation to go on hold until the bigger issue comes before the Supreme Court in the near future.

The Sham
Ironic that many of the unions like SEIU have received "exemptions" from ObamaCare by the President's Cathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS). So if you're a friend of the administration, you get a favor, but if you're not a friend, you don't. They call that nepotism or crony capitalism.

What's Likely
We have at least two more Justices who are getting old and will probably retire under Obama's watch. That means trouble for those of us who believe in the Constitution. Obama will nominate and confirm two more Justices giving the Supreme Court a hard leaning to the LEFT majority of Justices. The REAL bad news is that they are appointed for LIFE!

Think about them apples! They will influence the constitutionality of laws for many years to come!


Friday, December 28, 2012

Are SHE THAT Stupid?

Today's Progressives are the boldest we have seen for a long while in the history of the USA. Today's bunch hold no bones when striving to get their own way - no matter who or what they trample on to get there. This includes the US Constitution - especially the 2nd Amendment. "Shall not be infringed…"

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D, CA) is the perfect example. As a government representative, she's the one who wrote and passed the original "assault weapons" legislation in the 1990's. Incidentally, this gun banner is the BIGGEST HYPOCRITE because she not only has a concealed weapons permit, but she also carries a handgun for her own protection. No wonder! She's using the ILLOGICAL "logic" of "don't do as I do, do as I say." How can anyone respect this type of person? Does she REALLY believe that she is BETTER than you are?

She expects the sub-class human beings (that's you and I) to follow her commands and rid us all of our means of protection, while she maintains that she is above her own laws and should be able to keep and use her firearms for her own protection. Meanwhile, the rest of us "peasants" have no protection against criminals (OR BIG GOVERNMENT) and that's just TOO FRIGIN' BAD FOR US! Is Feinstein really that stupid?

No Wonder…
Anyone who actually believes that they are better than you are and that think they know what's good for you (because you don't) is dangerously unbalanced. What's worse, is that in her case, she's a powerful US Senator besides being a true MARXIST. Totalitarian governments behave like she talks and legislates. Think about the fools and wack-jobs that elected her into office.

If Senator Feinstein continues with her attacks against legal gun owners trying to openly confiscate their guns, exactly what does she anticipate from them? Does Feinstein expect lawful owners to comply with her ideas that no one should have a gun except the "privileged class?" This scenario will hardly go as she expects. It could trigger another REVOLUTION! Is this her true purpose? Is she deliberately antagonizing lawful citizens to break the law?

Our country is a Republic and was founded because of an overbearing British government. Our Founding Fathers knew that if ALL citizens were armed, the government would be reluctant to become overbearing again out of fear of the armed citizens. As long as the government respected and feared its own citizens, freedom would not be trampled. That was then...

Today we have an overbearing government who is literally "infringing" on OUR RIGHTS to OWN firearms and to be able to protect ourselves. When BIG Governments dictate gun registration, they follow that with gun confiscation. History spells-out that message clearly. Dianne Feinstein wants JUST THAT. She knows what she's proposing. She is the ENEMY of the US Constitution and the 2nd Amendment and she doesn't care.

Action To Take
If you support the 2nd Amendment, notify your DC representatives and let them all know your feelings about more gun legislation. AND, join the NRA to help them fight to defend the law.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Stop Politicians in Their Tracks

Movement Afoot
Since the Sandy Hook tragedy there is a movement in Washington to try and "FIX" the problem that caused it. Unfortunately, most politicians are NOT psychiatrists and are CLUELESS when it comes to actually resolving MOST problems - especially when there is mental illness involved. So instead of directing their attention to the REAL underlying cause of the massacre, they direct their attention to the weapons used.

Using this logic, we should ban cars because they kill too many people. Why not ban all machines because they can hurt people too? We should also ban politicians because they NEVER fix problems, they just create new unintended consequences and make things worse than before. We should also ban Progressives because they want to transform America into their vision of "Utopia." After all, they are enemies of the state.

Time For Action
We are NOT promoting any violent overthrow of the government. However, our Constitution does allow for it. The Founders used violence to overthrow a tyrannical government to create America. We need to take positive action that will use the same strategies that Progressives use against us. Start simple and grow it. One action at a time.

Let's begin with a SPAMMING of Congress. We all have the electronic devices available to do this. Start SPAMMING THEM EVERY DAY. They are no longer representing their constituents - or at least not most of them. Anyone in Congress who has served more than two consecutive terms, needs to face TERM LIMITS. They also need to start hearing more from you and your family and your friends. We need to "Bombard" Congress with a POSITIVE message to keep their hands off of the 2nd Amendment. Let them know there are enough gun laws on the books and that new laws won't stop the type of violence we saw in Connecticut.

Get Serious
In order for ANY movement to work, there needs to be a large participation. A handful of individuals cannot make or break any group. This has to be large. Tell family, friends, and like-minded people to start contacting their US Representatives and US Senators and let them know how they feel.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Learn From Progressives

Piece At A Time
Progressives are patient people. They have been trying to change America for over 100 years since the height of the "Progressive Era." They are content in chipping away American traditions, values, and the American way of life, one thing at a time.

In doing so, American Conservatives don't recognize the Progressive's systematic destruction in progress because it is so subtle. It only destroys a tiny chip of our country and we don't see it happening right in front of our eyes (…until it's too late, or when they are so ridiculous they draw our attention). The best example of too obvious is the Progressive WAR agains Christmas. Every year they get bolder and bolder claiming to be "offended," and we collapse to them until it's now a fight just to be able to actually celebrate Christmas.

Time To Really Push Back
Isn't it time to do something positive to STOP Progressives in their track? Seriously! One of the things that helps distort American's point of view is the Corrupt Media. Each day we see bolder and bolder attempts to influence our thinking to promote a Progressive agenda. Today's journalists are no longer that. Instead they are PROPAGANDISTS pushing the agenda of their Progressive leaders.

MSNBC is the perfect example of this corruption. Every day they spew PROPAGANDA that they call "news." This poison is so bad that many have been brainwashed into believing that they are getting facts and not warped view points called "news." Falsifying by editing sound bytes is one example.

Action To Take
Tell friends and family that they need to take-back the media control and demand honest, factual reporting. The worse offender is MSNBC. So start boycotting ALL of their sponsors. Refuse to buy any products advertised on MSNBC. Tell MSNBC sponsors that you are unhappy with their endorsement of MSNBC and that you are boycotting anyone who supports their political PROPAGANDA.

The following will help you get started.

If enough people do it, it will deliver a clear message to Progressives that we are taking-back the media from their control.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

Please remember the true meaning of CHRISTmas.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, December 24, 2012

One More Thing...

Whoops - An Omission
In yesterday's blog about how to fix the fiscal cliff crisis, we omitted one important detail. The President of the United States should also bear some responsibility for our current debt crisis. After all, he's the one who sinks taxpayer money into failed business ventures under the guise of Green Energy. He also has a serious spending problem himself and refuses to stop entitlement spending. He refuses to make any entitlement cuts whatsoever. He needs to be an active participant in the current negotiations instead of vacationing in Hawaii.

Congress should also include in the law mentioned yesterday, that the President's salary will be reduced by $40,000 per day for each day the deficit crisis continues. That way he too will have a piece of the action and NOT be able to BLAME someone else like he always does. The President needs to face the reality that the government has a spending problem and raising taxes is NOT the correct solution.

It's a simple but effective way of getting all parties to actually sit-down and discuss AND remedy the financial crisis here in America. After all, they are the ones who created it in the first place.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Fiscal Cliff Solution!

It's Really Quite Simple
Pass a law that makes ALL members of Congress (House and the Senate) take a $10,000 per day pay cut for each day there's no solution to cutting spending, balancing the budget, and re-structuring the tax system to a flat tax.

You would see Congress resolve the problems quicker than you could say "Thank Obama."