Saturday, October 15, 2011

WH Hiding Visitor Logs

Another Move of Obama's Transparency
The White House is trying to override the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)! They do NOT want to disclose the list of White House visitors. Interesting. So far they have appealed in court the release of this information. The first question that comes to mind is What are they trying to hide?

Public Information
Ask yourself this question: Why shouldn't the public be privy to knowledge of who visited the White House - especially the President? Isn't this OUR White House and NOT Obama's? This isn't Bush's fault, no not this time. Our President should be transparent - not like he REALLY is or claims to be. In case you haven't noticed, Obama has a dangerous passive-aggressive personality. He speaks out of both sides of his mouth and wonders why some people don't trust him.

The American public has a RIGHT to know who the President sees and how often. It helps US keep tabs on him and his administration. He doesn't like that at all. TOO BAD! We're painfully learning that we always have to keep an eye on Obama and watch him closely. Don't listen too carefully to his words, instead watch more closely his actions. He can lull you into HIS way when he speaks. However, his behavior and actions often contradict what he says. This makes Americans distrust him with good reason. "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain", is a line from the Wizard of Oz movie, that best describes Obama. He says one thing and means another! Obama will be known as the most obfuscatory President in history! A legacy not to be too proud of.

Obama's Solution
Don't have meetings at the White House when they have to report who attends! No, Obama and his staff hold politically sensitive meetings with senior White House Staff off site to avoid entries in the Secret Service logbook! Funny how the LAME STREAM Media doesn't tell you this huh? One thing for sure, we have to watch this guy carefully.

Wake up and smell the roses. There is NO TRANSPARENCY in the Obama Administration! We can only hope that his day will come when HE will be held accountable for HIS actions. Unfortunately, it's been at OUR EXPENSE!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Barry's World

Obama's Position on Protestors

Obama's Borders

Obama's Buddy Holder

Left-Wing Media Reporting News

Obama's 2012 Logo

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Executive Dictatorship

Boo Hoo
After suffering a political defeat in Congress, Obama had plenty to say to a meeting of the Jobs Council when his Jobs Plan didn't pass. The US Senate just voted NOT to pass Obama's Jobs Plan. Even his buddy Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D, NV) voted "NO" on the bill. This doesn't stop Obama from blaming the GOP for the non-passage. He's labeled the GOP "Obstructions" once again. Frankly, Americans are getting tired of HIS repetitious message he keeps diddling back to Americans when he doesn't get HIS way.

Obama's Take on It?
Obama doesn't need Congress to pass the new Stimulus! in his own words "...but, we're not going to wait for Congress. So my instruction to Jeff and Jean and Valerie and all the advisers who are sitting around the table is scour this report, identify all those areas in which we can act administratively, without additional correctional authorization, and just get it done."

Oh REALLY? Who died and put Obama in charge of the purse strings in Washington? Looks like his "fundamental change for America" also includes trashing the US Constitution which contains HIS job description.

This guy is getting too big for his britches! He THINKS that HE can circumvent the laws of the land and do whatever HE pleases without Congress or their approvals. Unfortunately, he has already taken this approach by declaring war on Libya, and by telling the EPA and FCC to regulate HIS energy policies and Internet policies into affect without Congress. Don't forget too, that he also IGNORED Congress by "appointing" 31 CZARS without any vetting whatsoever!

Time To Stop These Breaches
It's time to stop this guy from THINKING He can do anything He pleases. Demand that Congress put a stop to his overstepping his Presidential authority as outlined in the Constitution. They need to get some guts and stand up to him for a change! Meanwhile, start volunteering to help the GOP candidate of you choice so we can VOTE-HIM-OUT in 2012.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Debates Turning Voters

Cain is Hanging In
In spite of the Lame Stream media, Herman Cain remains in the "top tier" of GOP candidates. In some polls he has actually pulled ahead of Romney. Cain keeps his 9, 9, 9 Plan in the headlines. Gallop poll has him in a statistical tie with Romney! This caused other candidates to try and slam Cain for his plan, probably because its getting traction with voters. Cain asked Romney about HIS complex plan to "fix" the economy. Romney ignored the question! However, Cain held his own ground on his plan and in spite of Ron Paul's questions regarding Cain's experience working for the Federal Reserve Bank.

Perry Is In A Death Spin
Last night's debate showed that Perry is still sliding in a downward spiral despite his extensive "practice debates." His lackluster performance isn't winning any new voters or campaign donations. He still has not presented ANY economic plan. People are waking-up and realizing that he is NOT Presidential material. If he can't deal with a debate, what would he do in a cirsis in the office of the Presidency? Voters are getting the picture and are changing their minds about him.

Romney Defends RomneyCare
Last night Romney defended the health care plan he signed into law in Massachusetts and presented himself as a leader who can turn the economy around. He also indicated that he could beat Obama in the upcomming campaign. He also dominated the debate duration by speaking more than the other candidates. Romney defended the financial bailouts as an imperfect but necessary solution to prevent disaster. Time will tell if he will climb in the polls or let Cain pass him by.

Not Over
Americans are finding it helpful to watch these debates. The next debate is scheduled for October 18, 2011, in Las Vegas, NV. It should help voters fine-tune their decisions on who to vote for in the 2012 elections.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Guest Article - Spontaneous Protests - HA!

Union Gangsters: Stephen Lerner
By Matthew Vadum

"One of the boldest labor thugs in America today is Stephen Lerner, a crafty economic terrorist who manages to sound like a folksy self-improvement seminar leader while he explicitly calls for the overthrow of capitalism.

People are ready to move,” said Lerner, an organizer with the radical Service Employees International Union (SEIU).

We have solutions. We just have to build it bigger and larger,” he said during a panel discussion Oct. 3 at the Take Back the American Dream conference in Washington, D.C.

If we are really serious about movement building then we think one part is we have to act heroically, that we have to inspire people by our actions and we have to be willing to take incredible personal and collective risks, that that’s the time and there’s moments where history shifts and we’re going to decide if it shifts. That’s where I think we are and it’s a wonderful place to be because for the last couple of years it’s been shifting the other way.

An SEIU board member, Lerner is one of the architects of a subversive plan that aims to destroy the nation’s financial system through intimidation, mass protests, and the mob violence that accompanies it. As part of it, Lerner targeted JPMorgan Chase for attack earlier this year because the bank would be “a really good company to hate.

Lerner told a receptive union audience that it is necessary to demonize people like JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon in order to generate hatred and envy that will help to foment revolution. “We’ve got to be clear on the human beings who are bad,” he told the SEIU 775 convention in Seattle on Sept. 22. Wealthy corporate leaders must be made into social outcasts, despised even by their children, he said. “How do we make it so politicians don’t even want their money because their money’s toxic, it’s dirty, it’s evil.

It’s one thing if we say JPMorgan Chase crashed the economy. It’s another thing if we say Jamie Dimon makes $20 million a year, who is involved in the opera and all these philanthropies, and thinks he’s a nice guy, and he’s destroying our lives.

Lerner also calls upon state and local governments to stop doing business with banks that refuse to pay their “fair share” in taxes, slash interest rates, and forgive overextended homeowners’ mortgage principal. He urges students and local governments–which employ many public sector union members— not to pay back “[u]nfair [d]ebt” unless interest rates are lowered. Such a loan strike “would threaten CEO bonuses and bottom lines of the banks.”

Tremendously respected and influential in leftist organizing circles, Lerner has reportedly visited the Obama White House at least four times. SEIU itself burned through a staggering $85 million to promote President Obama’s candidacy. The purple-shirted people beaters’ union even produced a movie called Labor Day to take credit for Obama’s election.

One of the more accomplished union goons in America, Lerner is also one of the leading lights behind the neo-communist Occupy Wall Street campaign. The action has been embraced by a growing chorus of radicals including President Obama, George Soros, Democratic House Leader Nancy Pelosi, self-described “communist” Van Jones, AFL-CIO thug-in-chief Richard Trumka, and longtime ACORN shill and Occidental College professor Peter Dreier.

Lerner urges activists to do whatever is necessary to collapse what’s left of the American economy in order to manufacture unrest and dissent.

If leftists really believe capitalism is in a “transformative stage,” they “need to confront this in a serious way and develop a real ability to put a boot in the wheel,” he said at a leftist confab earlier this year.

It seems to me that we’re in a moment where we need to figure out in a much more, through direct action, much more concrete way how we really are trying to disrupt and create uncertainty for capital, for how corporations operate. And it may sound like that’s a crazy thing that in a moment of weakness we could deal with it, but the thing about a boom and bust economy, is it’s actually incredibly fragile, because it’s … based on gambling and all of that. And so there are actually extraordinary things that we could do right now that would start to destabilize the folks that are in power and start to rebuild a movement.

The “other side” most fears “disruption” and “uncertainty,” he said.

One of Lerner’s favorite pastimes is conflating often-violent labor activism with the civil rights movement of the 1960s. At the Sept. 22 SEIU pow-wow, he said:

When you look at every great movement in history from the abolitionists to the suffragettes to the auto workers who seized the auto factories to the civil rights movement to the immigrant rights movement, everywhere in the world, what do they all have in common? People willing to march en masse and people willing to go to jail in greater and greater numbers and if we really believe that the richest, most powerful people in the world, that their goal is to destroy us, then there’s an urgency that our actions and our words and the crisis all put together [creates].

Lerner led SEIU’s much-ballyhooed “Justice for Janitors” campaign. In 1988 the campaign went after employers in a dozen cities. In Washington, D.C., the campaign used political theater in order to make labor activism seem noble and public-spirited.

Like any good disciple of Saul Alinsky, Lerner dressed up union thuggery in priestly robes. He utilized tactics of civil disobedience and conducted an ecumenical church service, a 24-hour candlelight vigil, “human billboarding,” and provided Easter dinner for the homeless.

Lerner is an expert at cloaking union intimidation tactics in what Alinsky called “moral garments,” first offering the carrot, and then the stick if the victim doesn’t comply.

In an interview with Mergers & Acquisitions in 2007, Lerner said private equity firms should, in a sense, honor SEIU’s picket lines if –wink, wink— they know what’s good for them.

He held up the “Responsible Contractor Program” of the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) as a politically correct model to be emulated in the financial world. Equity firms “can adopt a policy to hire only companies that respect the rights of their employees” as judged by Lerner and SEIU.

It might seem like a small number of people who are being helped, but if all firms do this it can affect hundreds of thousands of workers,” he said. “I believe the poorest workers can do better and we can afford it.

This is the same warmed-over “corporate social responsibility” mush that Ralph Nader has been peddling for decades, but this time it’s backed by Big Labor’s brass knuckles. It’s also a cousin of the “fair trade” movement that presupposes Third World coffee growers are too stupid to get the most they can get for their product on world markets – so they need liberals to strong-arm traders into paying artificially high prices.

Like all neo-communists Lerner, who used to work for Cesar Chavez’s United Farm Workers of America (UFW), is a control freak who aspires to bully others.

We literally have a handful of billionaires that are marauding around the globe, buying and selling things, and they need to be held accountable,” Lerner told Australian TV in 2007. (How dare rich people spend their own money!)

Lerner is infected with a visceral contempt for economic freedom that rests upon a pathological hatred of human diversity. This viewpoint treats differing levels of intelligence, aptitude, and job skills among people as social aberrations that need to be remedied. Leftists like Lerner have long believed the mere fact that there is material inequality among people is proof of the supposed unfairness of capitalism.

It all boils down to a simple idea.

People like Lerner have no interest in teaching people how to fish so they might feed themselves for a lifetime, as the old adage goes. They prefer to teach people how to steal fish from their neighbors.

This is the principle that animates America’s parasitic public sector unions.

It is also the essence of so-called social justice."

Monday, October 10, 2011

The "New" Occupy Movement

Ironic or Just Sad?
Why is it that only a few Americans are concerned about the "Occupy Wall Street" protesters? They represent a REAL threat to American liberties. Funded and backed by George Soros and also sponsored by the AFL-CIO and SEUI unions, they pose a menace to OUR liberties. Not to mention that top DEMs (including Obama and Pelosi) support these protesters. That's not only wrong, it's scary!

These protests are coming from the EXTREME LEFT - just like the ones from the 1960's. If you're too young to remember, they wanted to overthrow the US government and start a NEW ONE! They were promoting a revolution. Communist Van Jones warned America about this happening in the month of October, but no one was listening. Nothing's changed. We have the same anarchists leading the young and foolish protesters who are nothing but followers. They don't even know why they are protesting. They are pathetic! Sheep being lead to their own slaughter.

Why is it that people have forgotten Communism? Do they think it has miraculously gone away? Why are Americans so Damn apathetic? We cannot even recognize when we are being attacked any more! Americans can't believe that we can be attacked from within - even when the proof is in front of their eyes on a daily basis. Is this the result of the "dumming down of America"? We hope NOT!

Only One Candidate Cares!
Still considering who to vote for in 2012? Herman Cain is one of a few candidates who has been BLASTING these protesters on a regular basis - like we should! Nothing yet from Romney, Perry, Paul or the others. Why not?

Cain has suggested to the protesters that they take their activities to the White House where they belong! They are the REAL reasons for the discontent. At least he has the guts to tell it like it is!

Real Motives
Protesters are in fact, doing this to promote what THEY CALLED "Economic Terrorism." This isn't made-up, this comes from the top leadership of SEUI. These aren't freedom rallies that are against banks. They want to hurt businesses in the US. They want to bring-down Capitalism. That's un-American!! Protests are growing in popularity because they are being organized by the Communist/Marxist leadership of the major unions. Yes, I said "Communist/Marxist leadership". Union leaders (not the membership) have strong leanings and connections with Communism. Look at their stated objectives of uniting the world into one union.

Their objectives are to focus attention away from Obama's failed policies and TERRIBLE record as President and to split and divide Americans into hating each other. Divide and concur.

Action To Take
Make a difference and take a stand. Don't let these anarchists destroy what we call America. Speak out against them. As Tweeted yesterday, the protesters should be arrested for inciting "Economic Terrorism" (their words). Defend liberty or loose it!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Border Security & Progressives

Progressive's Logic
Here are some other countries and the actions they take to protect their national sovereignty. Crossing:
  • the North Korean border ILLEGALLY gets you 12 years in prison.

  • the Iranian border without proper papers gets you detained indefinitely.

  • the Afghan border can get you shot.

  • the Chinese border ILLEGALLY may result in you disappearing forever.

  • the Venezuelan border ILLEGALLY brands you as a spy and probably a death sentence.

  • into Cuba ILLEGALLY puts you into Cuban prison without a trial.

  • the Mexican border gets you in jail and deported.

Illegally Enter the USA
If you're unlucky enough to enter the United States ILLEGALLY, here are the consequences you face:
  • a job

  • protection from "Hate Speech."

  • free college tuition.

  • a driver's license.

  • welfare benefits.

  • Social Security benefits - even though you never paid into it.

  • food stamps.

  • free medical treatment.

  • automatic citizenship for all your kids born here.

  • credit card approvals.

  • subsidized rent or a government loan to buy a house.

  • the right to vote.

  • freedom from never having to learn English or American culture.

  • school taught in YOUR native language or by a teacher that speaks YOUR language.

  • the right NOT to buy auto insurance.

  • Voting ballots printed in your language.

  • the right to protest that you are being treated unfairly because you are "undocumented."

  • a get out of jail card forever - unless you commit murder or manslaughter

Get the Picture Yet?
Progressives don't use LOGIC because if they did, none of this would be happening. It just doesn't make LOGICAL sense. No, you have to look at the "humanitarian side" of the issue. (That's spin or doublespeak for "we want more ILLEGALS because they will vote for DEMOCRATS.")

America, when is enough really ENOUGH? This is BS and we should no longer tolerate this kind of behavior. This is destroying OUR National Sovereignty (not to mention our National Security). Demand that this be stopped. Close our borders NOW!