Saturday, March 31, 2012

Is DHS a Terrorist Organization?

Using the Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) definition of a "terrorist" they include the stockpiling of ammunition. So you're a potential terrorist if you have several thousand rounds of ammo. Following those guidelines, it seems that YOUR government DHS is ALSO a terrorist organization!

Here's Why
DHS ordered just over 200 million rounds of ammunition in 2009 under the Obama administration. Once again, under Obama, DHS is ordering yet another 450 MILLION rounds of 40 caliber ammunition. That's a total of 650 MILLION bullets! That's a hand gun caliber. This is just an incredible amount of bullets for hand guns - don't you think?

Food For Thought
Have there been any declared wars lately? Undeclared? Any local riots? Why on earth would Homeland Security require so much hand gun ammunition? Are they planning to use it any time soon? What did they do with their last order of 200 million bullets? Did they use it on the shooting range as practice ammo?

The new order for ammunition is for the hollow point. This type of ammunition is one of the most destructive bullet designs on the market. Hollow point bullets expand after entering the target and then they break apart. This causes extensive body damage to all internal parts. DHS claims that they bought it because it causes less "collateral damage" and it avoids "over penetration."

Add It Up
Some believe that this is the government's attempt to create a shortage of ammunition for civilians. Others believe that this is just another way BIG GOVERNMENT spends YOUR money.

Whenever the government does something like this you should be wary! Since the DHS is focused on local and internal security here in the USA, this cannot be a good omen.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Obama Deathblow to Coal

EPA "Regulates" The Death of Coal
We all know that President Obama HATES coal even though 46% of our electrical power comes from coal-fired plants. This year alone, the new regulations forced the closing of 13 coal plants making Obama a happy camper.

The Attacks Continue
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), being directed by Czar Cass Sustein (the Regulatory Czar), is issuing a new regulation that limits carbon dioxide emissions even more than before. This regulation is so bad that it will NOT allow the construction of ANY more coal plants in the United States.

Ask yourself, why are they doing this? We have other means of generating electricity, but we have the world's largest coal reserves. Wouldn't it make sense to utilize energy sources that we have readily available? Get the new plants to provide the latest scrubbers to provide the cleanest air possible. DUH?

What Does All This Mean?
Unless these new regulations are halted, it is estimated that between 50,000 to 80,000 megawatts of coal fired power will be forced to close in the next few years. Meanwhile, China, and India will continue building coal generated electrical power plants.

Does that make any LOGICAL SENSE at all?

Why is Obama abandoning our cheapest and most reliable, and abundant resource for electrical power? Coal can be used to help the United States become less dependent on OIL! DUH?

Action To Take
Let Congress know that the EPA has got to stop their insanity of regulations. If not, we face severe electrical outages and astronomical electrical costs - all because of Obama's energy policies.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Obama's Solution To Unemployment

You'll Like This
We all know that Big Government does NOT create jobs - even though the Obama administration claims and brags that they do. In fact, Obama's policies and regulations have done much to keep the high unemployment numbers going.

In Obama's latest attempt to try and make our youth feel good about themselves, he has come up with a new solution for their high unemployment numbers. Remember that the people under the age of 25 are facing the highest unemployment in the nation, somewhere over 25-30%.

Obama's Solution
Obama is telling our unemployed youth that if they can't find work that they can come and volunteer to work (for free) on HIS campaign! How's that for sensitivity and understanding? It kinda misses the whole point of working. Yeah, since you're sitting at home doing nothing, you may as well work for free on his presidential campaign.

So let's get this right. He's telling the young people to stop getting their free stuff (if any) to come and work for nothing for him. Wow, that sounds like a win-loose in his favor!

Obama is not only insulting, he's clueless!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Obama Surrenders to Russia!

Treason Defined
Treason is a crime that undermines the offender's own government. It is an act of disloyalty or subversive behavior towards your own country. It is an act of deliberate betrayal. It is more than a high crime or misdemeanor. Treason is a gross retaliation against your own nation and people!

Did Obama commit treason?

Capitulation to the Russians?
On Tuesday did Obama promise to give up-our strategic defensive missile shield to the Russians without getting anything in return? During a conversation with Russian President Dmitry Mededev, President Obama thought that his microphone was turned off. It wasn't and he told the Russian that after his (assumed) re-election he would have more "space" and "flexibility" on the missile defense issue. (The Russians want us to eliminate our missile shields altogether). Does that mean that he's accidentally tipped his foreign policy hand to the American public? Is he weakening America's national defense by eliminating our missile defense program? Is this Obama's "hidden agenda?" was that promise an act of TREASON?

One Thing For Sure
Americans should take this situation to heart. First, they should observe that the Main Stream Media (MSM) didn't even report this as an important thing. They passed it by like an every day occurrence. When FOX News blasted it out, Obama tried to fudge-over his gaff. This in itself shows that we cannot TRUST the MSM for ANY factual reporting. Second, this should pop-up a red warning flag to Americans who believe that this may have been much more serious than what Obama is trying to spin it.

Questions To Ask
Here are a few thoughts you should consider:
  • Do you still trust the MSM to report the news?

  • Is President Obama making consessions to the Russians regarding collapsing our missile defense program?

  • Why would Obama want to eliminate our missile defenses? What does he have against it?

  • How can Obama assume so confidently that he will be re-elected? What does he know that we don't?

  • Does Obama have a hidden agenda that he does not tell the American citizens?

  • Why is Obama making promises to our enemies?

  • Can we still trust President Obama?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Reason To Drop The EPA

Obama's Czar - The Regulator
The unprecedented nomination of 38 non-Congress vetted Czars included one who was the most important. His name is Cass Sustein.

Sustein is the Regulatory Czar. His official title is "Administrator of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs." Although working full-time for President Obama, Sustein still teaches part-time as a visiting professor at the University of Chicago.

Obama appointed Sustein to this newly made-up position without typical Congressional approval. This was done in-part because Sustein would not have passed full muster by Congress because of his highly controversial political and academic views.

Sustein has written many controversial books including the following in chronological order:

After the Rights Revolution, The Partial Constitution, Democracy and the Problem of Free Speech, Legal Reasoning and Political Conflict, Free Markets and Social Justice, One Case at a Time, Risk and Reason, Why Societies Need Dissent, Laws of Fear: Beyond the Precautionary Principle, Radicals in Robes: Why Extreme Right-Wing Courts Are Wrong for America, Are Judges Political? An Empirical Analysis of the Federal Judiciary, Infotopia: How Many Minds Produce Knowledge, Nudge: Improving Decisions about Health, Wealth, and Happiness.

The Manipulation
The last book "Nudge" describes how to modify human behavior by using the technique of slowly over "regulating" people into following the direction YOU want them to move. Using this technique, you slowly force people to change their behavior in YOUR direction; For example: Make people stop using gasoline by causing energy prices to skyrocket. This is psychological manipulation - and behavior modification at a subliminal level! Obama liked this so well that he is now using these techniques to "modify" the behavior of the America public.

Bottom Line
What's the underlying message here? Americans are deliberately being manipulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) (under the help of Cass Sustein) to stop using coal, natural gas, and oil as their main sources of energy. Those that still do, are being charged much higher prices for that energy than ever before. This is not an accident. We are all being manipulated by the Obama government and his good buddy Cass Sustein.

Sustein is the historical equivalent to Joseph Goebbel - Reich Minister of NAZI Propaganda!

Government regulations have gotten so out-of-hand in the last three years, that the EPA is now regulating coal-fired electrical plants out of business. The EPA has become our enemy under the direction of "Reich Minister" Cass Sustein.

We need a new President. We need to fire all CZARS - especially Cass Sustein. We need to shut-down the EPA before their regulations are irreversible and our way of life is diminished because of their arbitrary regulations.

History DOES repeat itself! Cass Sustein is living proof!!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Obama's Lies

One thing we as American citizens should demand in our next President is some degree of integrity. Our President should have a good sense of morality. Now we all know that politicians ALL lie and that's our fault! We should demand more from each and every one of them.

Obama Is The Biggest LIAR
President Obama lies so often that he himself believes his own lies as fact. It's said that if you repeat a lie often enough, that people will believe it as the real truth. Obama is a master of this concept. Here are a few examples of Obama's lies:

  • Obama takes credit for oil and gas drilling permits issued by previous administrations. Fact: the number of NEW permits issued under HIS administration have radically declined by about 50%! What's worse is that the acreage for drilling has declined equally (50%) because of new government restrictions. Most drilling now occurs on PRIVATE land!

  • Obama claims that he supports the Keystone Pipeline project. Obama tells us that he "supports" Keystone and forgets to tell us that he lobbied AGAINST it just before the Senate voted it down! Fact: He' IS the reason the Senate voted it down! In spite of this, he blames Republicans.

  • Obama is taking credit for our offshore drilling. FACT: His administration had NOTHING to do with this drilling. The leases were actually issued back in 1996-2000, long before Obama was in office. However, he periodically brags about it as one of HIS achievements. His moratorium on offshore drilling actually caused a huge decline in oil production - according to his own government departments.

  • Obama is taking credit for the building of the southern half of the Keystone Project. He forgot to tell us that it had already been approved and scheduled for construction and did NOT need any Presidential authorization!

  • Obama told us that ObamaCare would cost around $900 Billion when if fact, the recent estimates now project ObamaCare to cost well over $1.6 TRILLION. That's four times what he told us it would cost!

  • Obama's Stimulus Package promised shovel-ready jobs which were NON-existent. Another BIG LIE!

  • The failure of the debt ceiling talks were blamed on the Republicans in Congress when in fact, it was President Obama who walked-out on the talks and let them fail by his LACK of participation.

There's More...
There are many more examples, but you should get the point. Obama is a big fat liar. He lies to the American public all the time and we let him get away with it. The Main Stram Media (MSM) never challenges him because they are on HIS side.

America needs someone with a little more honesty and integrity. Obama is NOT that person! His track record is proof of this. We should not re-elect him because of just this reason.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The "O" World

Obama's Award

Gas Prices

Obama's Policies

Fair Share

Obama's Border Policies