Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Alternate Universe

String Theory?
Do we live in a parallel universe? Is it possible that Obama came from another planet earth - just like ours? This maybe be possible according to String Theory - especially when THIS Obama says that 80% of Americans want him to raise taxes. They don't live on OUR planet earth. Maybe they live on HIS planet earth in the OTHER dimension. Actually String Theory says that there may be up to eleven dimensions all together! However, we just can't see all of them - yet!

String Theory would also explain why Obama's economic policies have failed so miserably here in this dimension. They would be doing just fine on HIS planet earth in the other "Progressive" dimension. However, String Theory does not explain how THIS version of Obama got to OUR earth. But all we DO know is that he's here now!

Poor guy, he must really be confused. Especially when he says that 80% of Americans support his BRAINY idea to raise taxes during our second Great Depression. It's probably quite different in the other dimension. It's in all likelihood a Big Government Utopia, ruled by "Monarch" Obama who always gets HIS way.

Unfortunately, on this planet earth, Americans are beginning to think that THIS Obama is in way over his head, because he just lies and doesn't make ANY sense. Sure, he's a nice guy, buy we don't need a doofus running the country. This version Obama keeps repeating failed policies and bailouts over and over again expecting to see different results. Maybe they worked in HIS dimension - but not here! Alas, he hasn't figured out that that approach doesn't work on this planet earth. Unfortunately for us, he has no other ideas on what to do to resolve our problems in the NON-Progressive planet.

Help Him Out
Unfortunately for us we didn't realize that THIS version Obama was here when he was running for office back in 2008. We weren't paying close attention to his words - especially when he said he wanted to "Fundamentally Change America." However, now we GET IT!

Literally, we can help Obama out! Let's help him out of the White House. We can do just that in the upcoming November 2012 elections! We can get OUR planet back on track.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Crash and Burn

He's Out-Of-Touch
This is truly hard to believe, but Obama just doesn't get it yet. I thought that he was supposed to be a smart guy and a great leader. What a disappointment. Obama says that 80% of Americans are on his side over what to include in the debt package. He actually believes that Americans want their taxes raised during this DEPRESSION! Yes, I said depression. I haven't seen the economy this bad during my entire lifetime - not until Obama took over! I have never seen this much unemployment for so long in this country.

The REAL Message
President Obama, let's get one thing straight. Americans do NOT want you to raise our taxes - especially during this DEPRESSION! You're a fool if you think that more spending and borrowing is the answer. The definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Let's face it Mr. President, you have no clue on how to solve the crisis that YOU put America in. Oh yes, this is YOUR crisis. No more blaming the other guy after 2 1/2 years of your mis-management of the economy. This is YOUR problem and you don't know how to fix ANYTHING! You're in way over your head and you keep playing the same old tune. Frankly, Americans are getting tired of the same-old same-old.

The Debt Ceiling
Americans that I know do NOT want you to raise the debt ceiling another penny! Look at the damage you have already done with your worthless economic policies. American are suffering like never before and you want to continue along the same destructive path.

Seniors, the disabled, and veterans will continue to receive their checks if we don't raise the debt ceiling. You said you couldn't guarantee this. How come? Because you want to keep all entitlements and reward those who don't work and live on welfare instead. The government will collect enough to keep those checks coming. We've got your number Mr. President. And we don't like the way you are running the show.

The economy will crash and burn and the world markets will fail. Maybe, maybe not. Do you have a crystal ball? Let this thing play out. It won't be pleasant, but it needs to happen. Markets will correct themselves. It will finally bottom without big government butting-in and messing it up worse that if it were let alone. Let it happen. We are prepared. We will help one another without you stepping in and botching up the works. You're not helping - your destroying!

Get big government out of our lives. Stop telling Americans what light bulbs to buy, what toilets to use, and what food to eat. That's NOT YOUR JOB! Stop making people depend on the government so they can live normal productive lives without your intervention. Stop bailing out your friends and the people who helped cause this dilemma. Stop protecting the special interest groups - including the unions!

What have you got to show for your approach? NOT MUCH!

Action To Take
Stop listening to Obama and his failed policies and disastrous "solutions." He's incompetent! Tell Congress to just vote "NO" on raising the debt ceiling and to start cutting now!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Regulatory Power Challenge

A 1942 Mistake?
Back in 1942 the Supreme Court made a ruling that has had severe impact on everyone alive in the USA today. It was the Wickard vs. Filburn case. It has similar repercussions as did the Dred Scott case which denied rights to African Americans.

The 1942 case allowed the Federal government to regulate the wheat a farmer grew for use on HIS OWN FARM! This was an extension of the commerce clause. It extended Congress's authority to oversee interstate commerce. Ever since then they have taken full advantage of this ruling.

Impacted legislation
So what exactly did Congress legislate that made a difference in your life? The court ruling gave Congress the authority to "regulate" any activity that might interfere with national policy. This idea impacts the Fair Labor Standards Act, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, the Controlled Substances Act, the Endangered Species Act, the Consumer Product Safety Act, the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and the Americans with Disabilities Act - just to name a few!

It also impacts current legislation like Congress banning tungsten light bulbs, and the infamous ObamaCare which requires citizens to purchase health insurance whether they want to or not.

Besides ObamaCare being challenged in the courts because of the stated argument above, the commerce law is also being challenged buy gun owners in 10 states. Gun activists argue that the old law went way beyond its authority and that the Supreme Court wrongly decided in favor of the commerce clause. This leaves a whole trail of cases that would be impacted - INCLUDING gun laws!

Needless to say, the government is dead-set against revising the commerce clause. It will take time to see these challenges play-out in the courts. It may be realistic to expect to see a narrowing of Congressional powers if the Court is realistic!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Granny Can Eat Dog Food!

Obama Threatens Seniors!
If I can't have it my way, I will punish you big time in return. This is the logic being used by President Obama. He doesn't deserve that title! This is the leader of the free world threatening senior citizens and our troops.

In a TV interview Obama was asked about continuing Social Security payments if the Congress fails to raise the Debt Ceiling before August 2, 2011.

Obama replied: "Well this is not just a matter of Social Security checks, there are veteran's checks, there are ahh, folks on disability's checks. There about 70 Million checks that go out..."

Interviewer's interrupting Question: "Can you guarantee as President that those checks will go out on August the third?"

Obama's response: "I cannot guarantee that those checks will go out August third if we haven't resolved this issue. Because there may simply not be the money in the coffers to do it."

His Omissions
It's interesting to see what Obama didn't include in his THREAT to Americans. He neglected to mention withholding all WELFARE checks. No, he wants to scare our elderly and our veterans. He still wants to reward the PARASITES who depend on the government for their monthly welfare checks. They're OK, but SCREW the the people who worked for a living and those who defended America! Keep in mind that Social Security funds were originally to be kept separate from all government spending. Then, BIG Government changed all that and spent it as fast as they collected it leaving nothing for those who paid into it!

Backlash Coming
If you thought that there was a backlash in the mid-term elections, that was nothing! This is not a threat. Obama will see the results of his harsh talks towards Americans in the November election. The ends justify the means. He doesn't care who he hurts, he just wants everything HIS way. This just makes it easier NOT TO VOTE FOR HIM AGAIN!

This is about the lowest thing the leader of the free world could ever do. He just threw seniors and all veterans under the bus! He truly lacks class and is a typical politician. You cannot trust this man. He will do whatever he can to get what HE WANTS at ANY cost!

Obama's Legacy
Obama will be a one term President. His legacy will be that he was the Food Stamp President who relied on class warfare throughout his Presidency. He will be remembered as the man who almost spent America to its grave and didn't care.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Funding Ban Violated!

ACORN Gets Federal Money
In spite of a Congressional law prohibiting the Federal government giving ACORN and it's affiliates any government money, Obama's Health and Urban Development Department (HUD) has recently given ACORN $79,819 dollars. This VIOLATES the law of the land!

The group (Affordable Housing Subsidiaries of America) receiving the Federal money denies any connection with ACORN. However, it is ironically using the same tax identification number as ACORN used. What's even better, is that ACORN re-named most of its 216 separate affiliates. Why so many different organizations tied to ACORN? This makes following the paper trail harder and more confusing.

Smoke and Mirrors
This is nothing more than the re-naming of ACORN so that they can still receive Federal money. This group is performing political indoctrination and political agitation just like ACORN did despite Congress removing them from receiving taxpayer dollars says John Fund, author of "Elections. How Voter Fraud Threatens Our Democracy." Congress has voted four times to halt government funding to ACORN - and yet it continues.

HUD's Hypocrisy
Remember that Obama himself worked for ACORN in the 1990s. He was a trainer and later a lawyer for ACORN. It's no wonder that his administration has a blind eye when it comes to funding ACORN ON THE SLY! Obama has a vested interest in ACORN!

This funding came from HUD and now ironically, HUD needs a bailout after giving cash to Obama's old buddies. This STINKS of political corruption!! This cannot be allowed to happen. We need a Congressional Committee like the Congressional Oversight Committee to investigate these allegations. This is the same ACORN program operating and receiving Federal money. If we do nothing, you can be assured that other ACORN affiliates will do the same illegal, underhanded techniques to apply for more government funding.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Don't Eat Peas...

Face the Music
How long can we listen and believe the spin coming from the White House? Under President Obama we have spent $4 trillion dollars with his Stimulus. Look at what it got us. He has borrowed and spent more money than ANY President in our history. Things are worse now than before we wasted that money bailing-out unions, banks, and various other fiasco's!

Where Are the Jobs?
We were told by Obama that if we passed HIS Stimulus, our unemployment rate wouldn't go over 8%. Since HIS Stimulus, unemployment has gone higher and remained at around 9%! It even went over 10%. He lied! Plain and simple - he lied! The government also lies with the unemployment numbers because they do NOT include the people who have fallen off the books and are no longer counted. They also neglect to include the number of underemployed - those who have taken jobs for much less than their previous jobs in order to survive as best as possible. Is that FUZZY MATH again? The REAL unemployment figures are over 18%, but you don't see that published anywhere!

Good News - Bad News
The good news is that no American President has ever been re-elected with the unemployment rate above 7%. That's bad news for Obama and good for America! The bad news for Americans if that the average time to find a new jobs is now just over 40 weeks! So where are the jobs? Most are being created overseas!

Recognize Failure
Let's face reality. A 9.2% unemployment rate after all that spending represents a total failure of Obama's economic policies! They didn't fix anything. They made things worse. And Obama's solution? Raise taxes and borrow more by raising the debt ceiling. In other words: Keep doing the same thing. Isn't that the definition for INSANITY? Now Obama actually thinks that he can borrow without Congress. That may just trigger the impeachment process.

When All Is Said And Done
This guy has made a mess out of our economy. We need to dump Obama in 2012! He won't change, so we will change HIS job status to "unemployed."

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Barry's World

Obama's Transparent Government

He Doesn't Get It Yet

Stimulus IS Working!

Afghanistan Strategy

Upholding the Oath of Office