Saturday, October 27, 2012

Forget the Hurricane

Young People
It's unfortunate that our younger generation is too busy with their daily lives to comprehend the significance and importance of this coming Presidential election. Most are too busy with their careers (if they ARE working) to be aware of the political world around them. Instead, they rely on sound bites derived and controlled by a corrupted news media. When you talk to today's younger generation, they are uninformed about Obama's behavior, his policies, his lies, or his cover-ups. Most, (not all) are truly clueless.

Fast And Furious
What's that? Most younger adults haven't even heard about this White House scandal. They don't know because the Corrupt Soros-controlled Media has done an excellent job distorting and deflecting the facts. Consequently, thirty year olds rarely know about the DOJ's cover-up that was supported and protected by President Obama. They also don't know that Attorney General Eric Holder is guilty of perjury and was issued a Contempt of Congress citation for lack of cooperation.

National Security Leaks
Again, the younger generation is oblivious to the fact that someone in the White House staff is guilty of TREASON by divulging Top Secret details to the press. In fact, most don't even know that this happened or that Eric Holder was in charge of investigating the leaks. This is a major CONFLICT of INTEREST - but no one seems to care too much that we have a traitor working in the White House trying to make Obama look good  by giving-out the secrets that disclose names of individuals who are now on enemy hit lists.

Green Energy Fiasco
Once more, today's younger generation is unaware of the Solyndra scandal. Obama's backing of a solar panel company that went belly-up after Obama gave the $ 1/2 TRILLION of tax payer money. And, there are other similar failures that rarely get new coverage by the Corrupt Soros Media.

The list goes on and on but today's youth is out-of-touch with political reality. This is sad, but true. How can we expect them to know anything when they don't even know that they are being brainwashed with propaganda on a daily basis.

Action To Take
Sit down and have some discussions with a couple of thirty-somethings. Tell them the facts about this President and how his policies, regulations, and Stimulus program has failed America. Explain that we cannot afford to watch America being deliberately destroyed. Tell them we need their support to vote Obama out-of-office.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Waking Up

Americans are waking up. Even if you don't believe the polls, they all show that Romney is surging ahead of POTUS. This is a good sign that our country may be close to being put in the hands of someone who isn't deliberately trying to destroy it.

No Fan
If you're no big fan of Romney, you should be able to figure out that he knows his stuff about jobs creation. Unlike Obama (a community organizer), Romney actually has hands-on business experience.

It's always a choice of the two evils. Maybe someday we will have Presidential choices that are better than today's. But when you look at them, there's a simple choice. Do you really like the direction that America is heading under Obama? Has he kept even half of his promises? Can you really afford four more years of the same behavior?

Not Excited
Like me, many are NOT excited with Romney. He's part of the Good-Old-Boy network. However, he can and will get the economy back on track unlike POTUS. Romney doesn't want to destroy America.

The choice is clear.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Time For BIG Change

See The Pattern Yet?
If you've watched the debates, you should begin to see the pattern of President Obama lying. He has lied about the Libyan assassinations. Obama knew immediately that the attack was a planned terrorist attack and not a spontaneous affair like the White House reported for almost two weeks. He lied about Romney wanting no government interventions in the auto bankruptcy cases, when transcripts prove otherwise. He lied and has covered-up the Fast and Furious gun fiasco which resulted in an American border guard being killed. Attorney General Eric Holder lied under oath and Congress cited him for Contempt of Congress. Then Obama lied about no one on his staff leaking sensitive national security details and had the gall to have Eric Holder "investigate" the situation to find nothing. That's putting the fox in charge of the henhouse! No conflict of interest there! HA!!

Clear Pattern
This President is a habitual liar. He has lied over and over to the American public. He has been involved in several scandals (including Solyndra) and continues to lie and cover-up his behavior. The Corrupt Soros-owned Media is complacent because they want their boy re-elected once again so he can finish his plan to reduce America to a Banana Republic.

Critical Election
This coming Presidential election is the MOST important election of YOUR lifetime. We cannot continue along the same pathway and allow Obama's directives, policies, and regulations to destroy our economy and America itself. Get your like-minded friends and family out to the polls and have them cast their votes to get Obama out of the White House once and for all. The future of America (as we know it) depends on it!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fair Share

Is It You?
Are you one of those people who's not paying their fair share? You're not paying enough in federal taxes. You need to pay much more - this includes the middle class. We already seen what this policy has done here in America. The average family has lost $4,500 in their income. Their savings have been diminished by 35%. Obama isn't just attacking the rich, he's going after the middle class as well.

What Does It Mean?
Paying your fair share means that 47% of Americans don't have to pay anything. However, they ARE eligible to collect FREE STUFF. Why work when the government pays you for 99 weeks not to work? Why bother to look for a job? Obama encourages this behavior.

47 Million Americans are now on food stamps. We should put Obama's picture on food stamps. He wants more of us to have dependency on them. This is the Obama Plan. He wants to redistribute POVERTY. One out of every six Americans is now in poverty. Obama wants to INCREASE that number and he needs four more years to do so.

Obama's Strategy
Obama will diminish America's military power. He's weakening our country and will continue to do so. This is why our enemies are getting bolder and attacking our embassies. Obama projected weakness and continues to do it. Terrorism will never go away using this tactic. It will get worse and come to America just like it said on 9/11.

Four more years of Obama's policies, lack of drilling,  and regulations will destroy the coal industry and cause energy prices to "skyrocket." Gasoline will continue to rise and become unaffordable for the average citizen. We cannot afford to continue along with these policies.

This is the deliberate and systematic dismantling of America. It's time to stop watching and time to do something. We need to vote-out the guy who's in charge.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Down To The Wire

It's Almost Over
We are fast approaching the end of the Presidential election cycle. The fate of America is in the hands of the registered voters. So how will it turn-out? Will we continue towards becoming a Socialist country or will we revert back to American values? Unfortunately, it's too close to call. The TV ads and negative attacks are almost over.

Where We Stand
It seems that America is truly divided. About half of Americans actually contribute their fair share by paying federal taxes. Meanwhile, Obama postulates that the rich are the bad guys and should pay more. He's contributing to the division of America by making the "victims" feel like they deserve more and pay less. It's really amazing that the other half of the country actually believes that it's OK NOT to pay their Fair Share and not pay any federal income taxes. That just isn't the American way!

United We Stand...
Obama will be known as the Great Divider. He rightly has earned this title. He has worked hard to split America. He has pitted the various classes, races, and cultural groups against one another. The old adage holds true: "United we stand, divided we fall." Meaning: Once we are divided, it will be easy to collapse America into another's vision. In this case, it's Obama's vision of what America should become - not ours! It' NOT a Pretty perspective for those of us who love America and the Founding Father's vision of what America should become.

History in The Making
This election will go down as the turning point in American history. It is a grave time in the survival of American values and American traditions. Those of us who value the things that America was founded on need to vote and get all like-minded to vote also. Turn-out at the polls is critical in such a close election. We must stop the destruction of our country and your vote is the way to do it.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Barry's World

Be Responsible

Obama's Economy

Build That

We're Just Fine...