Saturday, February 5, 2011

Unemployment the Real Truth

Government Figures
Well the newly released Labor Department figures certainly show that the recession is going away. They have reported that unemployment now stands at 9.0 percent. They claim that there were a whopping 36,000 new jobs created just last month alone! That's a swift decline from the last monthly report. Golly, unemployment hasn't been this low since April of 2009! The government message is the "the worst of the recession is over."

Gee, that's good news - or is it just too good to be true? Maybe this is just government "spin" (PROPAGANDA) to help perk-up the economy since Obama spending the USA into oblivion hasn't worked.

Take a serious and hard look at what the government is REALLY doing here. These numbers are meant to encourage people who have been saving their money to get out and spend it. Now you can buy the flat screen TV you have wanted because the economy is getting better. You don't have to save for a rainy day any longer. It also provides reinforcement to those who are working that they shouldn't be worried about being layed off. Finally, it is also meant to encourage those who have stopped looking to start trying to find work once again. This will all help the economy.

The Reality
Does your gut feeling tell you that the government message isn't true? Don't you have some doubts? You should! With the millions of jobs lost from layoffs and going overseas to China and India, it will take YEARS to recover to previous employment levels at those pitiful rates. These numbers are probably accurate and indicate that there is a weak improvement in unemployment. However, we still have record numbers applying for unemployment benefits. This just doesn't add up.

AND, forget the idea that the USA will be strong in manufacturing anytime soon. Since closing factories, debtors have sold all of the machinery to India, China, and other foreign entities. This has been happening ever since the NAFTA trade agreement which sold-out American businesses. Even if we had people who were technically trained (and we don't) we could not re-open those old factories. America has not only lost jobs, but the know-how, and the ability to manufacture goods.

Gallop Polls
Strange, but the recent Gallop poll indicates quite a different unemployment number than what the Labor Department has reported. Remember that Gallop is an independent source that has no political agenda. Their numbers say this: 9.9% unemployment! That's going up not down! Huh?

Funny that they don't agree with what the government is saying. Gallop also says that there is another number that the government NEVER reports. This is the Underemployed figures. The underemployed are those people who are no longer counted after their benefits run out or they are working at jobs where they are way overqualified or working part-time because their career jobs are gone forever. The number of the underemployed is 19.9%!!

Which Do You Believe?
Take a good look around you. How many of your neighbors are out-of-work? How many layoffs have you personally seen? Are things REALLY getting better?

The answer is "NO."

So who do YOU believe?

Friday, February 4, 2011

Progressives Hate Freedom

Progressive Elites
Progressives believe that they are better than you are. They even think that they are smarter than you are. Even if you went to college, they are more adept than you are. If you didn't go to an Ivy League school, you are not part of their clique. Hence, you know nothing and they are superior to you. You're unintelligent and they are a "higher class" than you simple-minded peon. This is not a joke, they actually believe this crap!

Progressives Are the Enemy of the Constitution
Here is a clear example to support this claim. Just before the US Senate voted-down the ObamaCare repeal on Wednesday this week, Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid (D, NV) said this regarding the healthcare repeal:

"...that in America we give our citizens rights. We don't take them away."

No Harry, Americans are born with Natural rights and they come from our Creator - not from you. The job of the Federal Government is to protect and preserve our God given rights - not to allot them as YOU (Big Progressive Government) deems fit. The idea of Natural Rights is a core principle of America since its beginning. You either don't care or are too stupid to know this.

Government doesn't "give" you anything. Your philosophy has NOTHING to do with the Constitution. It totally ignores it. We are getting tired that Progressives "Think" that they are better than us. We are getting tired of being called names if we disagree with you. We are getting tired of Progressives taking money from citizens as taxes and then giving it to those who do not have any. If Citizens did this it would be called STEALING!

Senator Reid, you're NOT GOD! Progressives like him think that it's HIS job to create out rights!
Progressives Hate the Constitution
Stop attacking the basic concepts that founded our country. Progressives believe that if you lie enough, people will believe the lie as truth. We know and understand our country's history.

Get the HELL out of OUR lives with your anti-American views and anti-Constitutional attacks. Follow the rule of law. Stop abusing the Commerce Clause to try to control our lives. We shall resist tyranny whenever we see it demonstrated like you did on Wednesday.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Nullification of ObamaCare?

What is Nullification?
Nullification is an 18th century doctrine that is purported to give states the ultimate right in constitutional matters. This doctrine was created by none other than Thomas Jefferson. This doctrine held that states have the right to declare and null and void ANY federal law that they deem unconstitutional. This doctrine is based on the theory that the Union is a voluntary group of states and that the federal government has no right to exercise powers NOT assigned or given to it by the Constitution.

Supremacy Clause
The Supremacy Clause is part of the Constitution and it asserts and establishes the Constitution as the "Supreme Law of the Land." It mandates that all courts (Federal and State) uphold the powers stated in the Constitution - even if there are conflicts with these powers.

Why Are These Things Important Now?
They are becoming important once again because nearly a dozen states are using the Nullification Doctrine as their arguments in abolishing ObamaCare. These states are introducing measures that employ Jefferson's doctrine to squelch Big Government's control over the states. The states that are going in this direction are:
  • Idaho
  • Alabama
  • Kansas
  • Maine
  • Missouri
  • Montana
  • Oregon
  • Nebraska
  • Texas
  • Wyoming

Several legal scholars believe that these measures are unconstitutional because the US Constitution deems federal laws as the "supreme law of the land." They claim that states cannot pick and choose which laws to follow and which not to follow. Nullification has been attempted in the past but came to no avail.

However, nullification is currently being done in California where the state is ignoring the federal law regarding marajuana. Currently, the federal government is NOT enforcing the federal law and the state is doing as they please selling and taxing it.

Clearly, if these actions continue they will have to have a decision rendered in the Supreme Court. Only time will tell if state's rights are important or not.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Guest Article - Protecting Citizens?

Government against the People
by Richard W. Rahn

"Want more evidence that many government officials could not care less about protecting our person, property and liberty — which the American Founding Fathers saw as the basic purpose of government? Reports released this past week provided a bumper crop of evidence.

In May 2009, the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission was established to investigate the causes of the financial and economic crisis. Six of the 10-member commission were chosen by the congressional Democrats, and four were picked by the congressional Republicans. (Rather than truly being independent, the commission was designed to protect the political flanks of many of those who had caused the problem.) The 500-page report that was sent to the president was only endorsed by the six Democratic members. Three of the Republicans filed one joint dissent, and the remaining Republican member, Peter Wallison, former general counsel of the Treasury under President Reagan and now a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, filed his own 100-page dissent.

In explaining his dissent, Mr. Wallison wrote: "Like Congress and the Obama administration, the Commission's majority erred in assuming that it knew the causes of the financial crisis. Instead of pursuing a thorough study, the Commission's majority used its extensive statutory investigative authority to seek only the facts that supported its initial assumptions — that the crisis was caused by "deregulation" or lax regulation, greed and recklessness of Wall Street, predatory lending in the mortgage market, unregulated derivatives, and a financial system addicted to excessive risk taking. The Commission did not seriously investigate any other cause and did not effectively connect the factors it investigated to the financial crisis."

The Democratic majority never answered the basic question to support its assertion: Why did bankers and Wall Street suddenly become more greedy, and how did this cause the financial crisis? The three dissenting Republicans blamed the crisis on government housing policy, failures in credit-rating and other factors. Mr. Wallison argues that without destructive U.S. government housing policies, the other factors were, by themselves, insufficient to create the global financial crisis. The Democrats' report clearly was one of self-interest — no surprise. The three dissenting Republicans are fine folks, but each had major policy responsibilities in the U.S. government in the past decade. In contrast, Mr. Wallison last served in government two decades ago and, more importantly, had been warning about the coming disaster for the past decade, particularly with the two government-sponsored housing giants, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Mr. Wallison had been prescient in forecasting the collapse because he spent the time to look at the data and other evidence and had no vested interest in not seeking the truth.

The administration and most of the congressional Democrats seemed to have learned nothing. They passed the Dodd-Frank financial "reform" legislation in 2010 before understanding or even acknowledging the primary source of the problem: Fannie and Freddie. (As has been well publicized, both then-Sen. Christopher J. Dodd and Rep. Barney Frank had serious conflicts of interest with the mortgage giants.) In sum, the "housing crisis" will continue, and the financial crisis will return sooner rather than later.

On Wednesday, Ralph Nader wrote in the Wall Street Journal that the government had ripped off the Fannie/Freddie stockholders, of which he was one. What delicious irony that the man who has been telling us for decades to trust the government instead of private business was abused by the government. I wonder if he has learned anything.

Another no surprise last week was a report issued by the Congressional Budget Office that the budget deficit is even larger (a mere $1.5 trillion larger) than previously forecast and financial doomsday is getting closer. Again, having learned nothing, President Obama responded in his State of the Union address by proposing more government spending. He seems to be making a real effort to have the collapse occur in his first term.

Meanwhile, more reports surfaced about the fact that many state and local governments have not been disclosing relevant information about their finances to their bondholders. Executives in private firms would be fined or sent to jail for similar lapses, but government officials are largely immune to rules that the rest of us must follow. Municipal bonds are often held by retirees and others seeking low-risk investments, so reckless government officials are endangering the income of the people they claim to care about most.

Public choice theory explains why government officials and bureaucrats put their own interests ahead of the interests of those who they are supposed to serve. Those in favor of ever bigger government ignore this fundamental reality, which is demonstrated time and time again. The American Founding Fathers implicitly understood this, which is why they tried to design a system to protect people from government. Recent events have shown that their fears were all too justified."

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ever Consider a Short Wave Radio?

Cyber Security Bill
Have you stopped to think of what you are going to do when Obama gets the unchecked power to shut-down the Internet and he also decides to pull the plug on it? You'd better! Your Ipads will be rendered useless! This tactic is being used quite effectively in Egypt as you read this blog. It's coming here soon thanks to the US Senate. Have you called your Representatives yet?

Over 61 percent of Americans get their news from the Internet. Where would you get it if the Internet was disconnected for 30 days? TV? Newspapers? REALLY? Do you trust the Lame Stream media for the truth in reporting the "news"? you shouldn't because they all have a strong LEFT slant towards the news. During a true crisis, they will broadcast the government "message."

So where would you gather your daily information? Would you trust the above sources? Hopefully not.

Short Wave Radios are the Answer
Did you know that short wave radio receivers were banned during WWII by the Nazis? Having one was punishable by death. They didn't want people listening to the world news instead of their canned propaganda.

A short wave radio receives broadcasts from all over the world. Shortwave is a broadcast frequency range that allows stations' signals to be heard over long distances, usually thousands of miles. You'll hear news and information along with culturally oriented programming, sometimes including music. The programming may or may not be biased or propagandized depending on its source and country. But at least you will be able to hear information without the typical bias you get in America!

Shortwave Bands
You need to learn a bit about the shortwave bands. A band is a frequency range where stations are located. You have already used bands and frequencies when tuning an AM or FM radio. You use the tuning buttons until you locate the station you like. The shortwave bands have names like 25 meters, 31 meters, 49 meters and so on. Each band has a range of frequencies that are like street addresses. offers several books on listening to shortwave stations. Some shortwave radios come with popular addresses (frequencies) pre-programmed into the radio memory. For example: 15110 Kilohertz is the home of Radio Spain and 15190 Kilohertz is the home of the BBC World Service. You have to know what time these stations broadcast and that's why these listening books are helpful. They list the times and frequencies used so you can dial in your favorites. It's pretty straight forward and doesn't take a college degree to figure it out.

Action To Take
The next time someone asks you what you want as a gift, tell them you want a short wave radio! You heard right. They come in all shapes and sizes. They range in price form about $40 to you name it. You can get a full featured radio for $80. Get one that runs on batteries or has its own power generator crank. We're not plugging any specific brands. That's for you to decide. Just Google (while you still can) "shorwave radios" and you'll find a huge variety to choose from.

This could become a valuable tool in the event traditional communication devices and methods become unusable.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Cutting Military Spending

A Strong Defense
Are you aware that the US military spends an excessive amount of money keeping troops in foreign countries? Why?

Currently we have the following troops deployed:
  • 48,000 in Iraq
  • 50,000 in Germany
  • 30,000 in Japan
  • 10,000 in England
  • 30,000 in South Korea

Why? Why can't these countries defend themselves? Why do we have to have a troop presence there? Why are we footing their bills for protection?

International Police
We don't have to be involved in every quarrel around the world. We ARE NOT the International Police Force! For the past 30 years or so, we have become this International Police Force. This explains why people from around the globe HATE America! We stick our nose into business that has nothing to do with our National Defense.

In the beginning of this country we created a standing army for the sole purpose of National Defense - nothing more. George Washington realized that we could not become involved in other countries disputes UNLESS they were directly a threat to the United States!

Look where it is today! Now we fight undeclared wars in Iraq and Afghanistan which is unconstitutional. Congress has never issued a declaration of war on either of these nations and yet we are dying and fighting over there. Instead, we are fighting unlimited wars with strict rules of engagement - not rules for winning. These wars are being directed by politicians at tremendous monetary cost, and they waste blood and human treasure. Why? Because it's politically correct not to cause collateral damage? This is just stupid!

Military Cuts in Spending
It's time to get out of the World Police business and get back to the National Defense business. We can cut military spending - not by eliminating what our troops need, but by bringing our troops home. Instead of "protecting" foreign countries, we should be protecting our own borders from the invasion taking place on a daily basis. Japan, Germany, England, South Korea have their own armies. They can protect themselves. Get our troops out of there immediately. This will save Billions of dollars that we don't have and have to borrow!

As for Iraq and Afghanistan, these wars are in violation to the Constitution. They are undeclared wars that are against the rule of law. Congress has NEVER issued a declaration of war in either situation. So why are we still there? The reasons cited in both cases have proven to be faulty or incorrect. They no longer can be considered a direct threat to our national security. Our being there only makes matters worse. Besides, we are not fighting to win. Our soldiers have to follow strict protocols as to when to shoot and when not to shoot. That's the dumbest thing ever. Why endanger our troops for people who don't even want us meddling with their affairs? We've wasted enough blood and MONEY with poor results at best. We don't even have clear objectives for either of these Wars. What were the objectives, and what are they now? We still don't know.

Get out of these foreign countries. Bring the troops home and put them on our borders. We can save tons of money (and American lives) and make America safer.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Stop S 3480 or Be Silenced Forever!

Time is Running Out America
The US Senate panel approved the "Protecting Cyberspace As A National Asset Act of 2010" this past week. This was sponsored by REPUBLICAN (in name only) Susan Collins of Maine. It will allow Obama to shut-down the Internet when HE decides there is an emergency. It has no check or balances. He can (and probably will) use it to shut-down FaceBook and Twitter - just like they just did in Egypt. This methodology is used by totalitarian states to silence free speech.

Staggering Proposal
This proposed law will create a new government agency called the "National Center for Cybersecurity and Communications (NCCC)." This new agency will have sweeping powers to control the Internet! They will be granted the power to shut it down for periods of 30 days! This is FASCISM at best considering that 60% of Americans get their news from the Internet - not to mention use of the social networks.

The bill calls for the Department of Homeland Security to establish and maintain a list of systems (so called "assets") that THEY [the government bureaucrats] constitute as critical "Cyberinfrastructure." The President will be able to control these systems (including all privately owned) whenever he wants!

None of these powers are subject to judicial review or any scrutiny. Does that make you feel warm and fuzzy? It should scare the HELL out of you!

This is an Abuse of the 1st Amendment in Disguise
Whenever the government says that they are doing something to "protect you" you can be sure it is just the opposite! See how Egypt used this very technique this past week to SILENCE opposition to their government! The Egyptian government is employing a denial of service to its own citizens! These are the methods used by dictators and totalitarian regimes!

We don't want this here in America!

Action To Take
Notify your Congressional representatives that you vehemently oppose this attack on the 1st Amendment. Tell them that they should never support any legislation like this.