Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sandy Hook Conspiracy?

Open Questions
The Internet is buzzing with Sandy Hook conspiracy stories. Have you bothered to try and find out about them? One thing for sure, there are many unanswered questions about this horrendous shooting.

  • Did you know that the media first videos actually filmed two other people who were arrested by the police? Who were they and what ever happened to them?
  • Why did the shooter have his brother's ID when he hadn't seen his brother for over two years?
  • Why did the media report the only guns found inside the school were handguns?
  • Was the shooter's mother a kindergarten teacher or not?
  • Did you know that FEMA was exercising DRILLS on this very topic only 20 minutes away?
  • Why were Sandy Hook charity funds posted on FaceBook before the shooting occurred?
Curious Yet?
If any of these things have peaked your curiosity, you need to watch the following YouTube video before it is removed:

Watch it and then answer this question: Is it possible that this was a hoax used to grab your guns? What do you think?

Friday, January 25, 2013

Queen of Deception

Dianne Feinstein's True Soul
Senator Feinstein is a fraud. She is EVIL. She's a charlatan. She's a deceiver. She's dishonest. These allegations are NOT unfounded. She's more than just a hypocrite. Quite the contrary. Just look at the facts.

2013 Assault Weapons Ban
In her approach to stop gun violence like the Sandy Hook incident, Diane Feinstein has gone to extreme measures. First, she's calling her legislation an "assault weapons ban." This is a lie. Her propose is the total banning of 154 weapons, including shotguns AND handguns - not just assault weapons. None of these latter items are considered "assault weapons."

Don't be fooled by her misleading jargon. This is an outlawing of all classes of firearms. It totally ignores the Second Amendment. Dianne Feinstein is assaulting the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights all in the name of gun safety. Another lie. Dianne Feinstein is an ENEMY of your liberties.

The Biggest Insult
Senator Feinstein has, and uses her own concealed weapons permit for self-protection. However, she doesn't want to allow everyday citizens from having the same opportunity to protect themselves and their families. She even takes it one step more by including in her legislation an item that illustrates the HYPOCRISY and DECEIT of her proposed law. All government officials are exempt from her ban on guns and "assault weapons." Government officials do not have to comply with this new law which includes gun registration.

Questions To Ask
Why is it OK for Government Officials to have these banned guns and NOT comply with the law? How is it fair to citizens to ban shotguns and handguns with respect to the US Constitution? Why would any law abiding person consider complying with such a double standard totalitarian idea?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Boycott Worked

Short and Sweet
We urged folks NOT to participate in any way with the inauguration of the "faux" President. The numbers are in and it worked! Only 37% of the folks actually watched it on TV.

Congratulations! You did have a voice.

What To Do Next
Avoid complying with any or all of his Presidential Directives that influence YOUR lives in any way. If necessary get out and protest. Become active for things like ObamaCare, Gun Rights, Amnesty for Illegals - ANYTHING! No more couch sitting. It's time for actions. Your freedoms are at a steak.

PS: Well done. The Statist media didn't report this number so you know if was a success.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Sad Day For America

Yesterday marked a sad day in American history. It's the day that Barack Hussein Obama was sworn-in for a second term as President of the United States. It truly will go down in history as a changing point for America. Our Founding Fathers are probably turning over in their graves.

It's not hard to see what we can expect in the next four years under the man who literally wants to bring America to her knees. We have already seen his opening attacks against the second Amendment. But that's just the beginning. Recall that he has already attacked religious freedoms and will continue to do so in the next four years. Here are several other items that Obama will try to "Transform" in this term:

Obama will;

  •  Waste tons more money on Green Energy failures.
  •  Tax our economy to the point of collapse.
  •  Bury small business with numerous regulations.
  •  Increase deficit spending.
  •  Continue to borrow, borrow, borrow, to collapse the dollar.
  •  Gut our military making us vulnerable to our enemies.
  •  Continue to expand and support unions, starting with TSA.
  •  Support all efforts to help corrupt our voting system.
  •  Destroy our nuclear capabilities making the USA vulnerable to attacks.
  •  Continue to expand the food stamp program to get as many as possible dependent on the government.
  •  Extend unemployment benefits over and over making it easier not to work and to get paid for doing so.
  •  Dismantle America as much as humanly possible.

In four years, you will NOT recognize this country. If people wake-up and decide to stop this take-over, it will take the next 80-100 years just to get back where we started from. Is this sounds bleak and pessimistic, just look at what he has promised for his second term. He has nothing to lose now.

Action To Take
If you're sick and tired of this BIG GOVERNMENT takeover, don't just sit there any longer. Do something. Become politically active. Join your local Tea Party. Join the Libertarian Party. Join a militia. Anything to stop this out of control government takeover.

Monday, January 21, 2013

America Is Dying

The America that you grew up in is gone. It no longer is the "Land of the free and the brave." It used to be the land of prosperous people who worked hard and achieved the American Dream.

This President is making radical changes to America. They are institutional as well as structural. He IS deliberately following this course of action. This is HIS AGENDA and that of the PROGRESSIVE LEFT (alias MARXISTS). He/they will de-industrialize, institutionalize,  and nationalize America. They do NOT care about the Constitution or the laws of the land. They truly believe that the ends justify the means of getting what they want - when they want it. Look around, there are too many examples to prove the point. The latest is the anti-gun agenda. This action is NOT about child safety, it's about big government control over YOUR lives. Everything in and about America is at steak. Can't you hear the screams of freedom dying?

The Pathetic GOP
The Republican Party has become the "Pathetic Party." They are the party of cowards. They stand for nothing. They capitulate and cave-in at a moments notice. They are the old establishment and have not kept up with the 21st century. The Republican Party has no vision for America. Meanwhile, their counterparts, have infiltrated the Democratic Party with the radical 1960's anti-Constitutional, pro-collectivism approach. America is loosing to the MARXISTS! The Republicans just don't care anymore.

The Main Stream Media (MSM) has also capitulated their responsibility granted under the First Amendment. FREE SPEECH. Instead they have become an arm of the government. The MSM is now the Statist Media. They defend and support the radical views of this President and try to destroy those who oppose. They try to achieve the growth of big government. They are no longer "journalists" reporting the truth. Instead, they have become the guiltless government Propagandists who serve the "Greater Good" of America.

Young Americans
Today's youth is too busy to see what is happening before their very eyes. They know little if anything at all about politics, and they could care less. It's unfortunate, because they don't see their freedoms disappearing on a daily basis, and they don't take any responsibility to protect them. However, when it finally hits home, it will be too late and they will have to live subservient lives and just remember what freedom and liberty were like.

Last Chance
There is still a remote chance that we can stop this destruction of America. We have to start fighting back. If not, "Welcome to the Collective Comrades."

Sunday, January 20, 2013

What Is A Libertarian?

Their Perspective
The Republican Party (GOP = Grand Old Party) is quite put-out with both the Tea Party and the Libertarian Party. They both rock the Establishment boat and cause a big rift in the GOP Party. The Tea Party is known for it's protests against higher taxes and bigger government. But what exactly is the Libertarian Party and what are their guiding principles?

Here are several sources of definitions that should help you understand what Libertarian is and what they believe.

Wikipedia: "Libertarianism is the group of political philosophies which advocate minimizing coercion and emphasize freedom, liberty, and voluntary association. Libertarians generally advocate a society with a greatly reduced state or no state at all." Libertarian: "a person who advocates liberty, especially with regard to thought or conduct. A person who maintains the doctrine of free will (distinguished from necessitarian)." Libertarian: "One who believes that the only legitimate purpose of a government is to protect the rights of its citizens. Anyone who supports civil liberties to a greater-than-average degree. Anyone who believes in minimal, decentralized government. When the word "Libertarian" is capitalized, it generally refers to a member of the Libertarian Party."

Author David Friedman (The Machinery of Freedom): "The central idea of libertarianism is that people should be permitted to run their own lives as they wish."

Author David Boaz (Libertarianism: A Primer): "Libertarianism is the view that each person has the right to live his life in any way he chooses so long as he respects the equal rights of others. Libertarians defend each person's right to life, liberty, and property-rights that people have naturally, before governments are created. In the libertarian view, all human relationships should be voluntary; the only actions that should be forbidden by law are those that involve the initiation of force against those who have not themselves used force-actions like murder, rape, robbery, kidnapping, and fraud."

You Get The Idea
The underlying theme as shown above, is that there should be as little government intervention in your lives as possible. What's wrong with that? You should be able to pursue your God given right to being happy - as long as you are mindful that you do not trample on someone else's rights. You live your lives as individuals - not as part of the "collective" - as Obama and his pundits want!

Isn't it time to consider these goals and philosophy of life instead of constantly being mislead by BOTH political parties? Think about it. You may realize that this is more in-line with your thinking.