Saturday, November 28, 2009

How About an Investigation?

Hey, before we commit Trillions of dollars in deficit spending with Cap & Trade legislation to reduce carbon emissions and green house gasses, don't you think we should look into the reported falsified data and possible fraud on Climate Change?

The proposed Cap & Trade legislation affects all major industries that produce ANYTHING made in the United States. It even taxes consumers on their homes and use of electricity. The net affect is that of "eco tyranny." Cap & Trade taxes everything produced and all sources of energy. Ironically, the legislation creates the new business of taxing energy in order to make money for the government and redistribute wealth.

In this fragile economy, America cannot afford any more new taxes. It will destroy our economy. Now we have evidence that the whole idea of Climate Change may be a fraud. Climate Change may be an exaggeration, a conspiracy, and falsified data all to further a cause of a Progressive political agenda. News broke that prominent scientists have collaborated in falsifying data and may be defrauding Americans in order to get the legislation passed. Isn't that enough to warrant an investigation alone? Why spend trillions more to give the US government control over what could be a FALSE SCIENCE? It doesn't make any sense to pass Cap & Trade until we find out more.

If Congress ignores the latest developing scandal, then we can truly understand that the Progressive agenda is in full swing. Now that we have a hint that Global Warming may actually be a farce, does it make ANY sense to continue with Cap & Trade?

Action To Take
Demand a Congressional investigation into the "smoking gun" on Climate Change before continuing with Cap & Trade legislation.

Friday, November 27, 2009

America is Awakening

Whether you like it or not, Americans are awakening to the threat facing this country. They are becoming unified to the menace of the Leftist elite, Progressives, Communists, Marxists, (or whatever you want to call them). Americans are aware that the "Progressive" (as we shall call them) wants to fundamentally change America by forcing their Socio-Fascist agenda on us and make every citizen totally dependent on the government (the state).

Progressives have slowly taken over this country on several fonts. They control the main stream media (TV networks and newspapers), colleges and universities, and public education in state schools. They claim to represent women, minorities, children, and any underprivileged "weak" individuals. They supposedly "protect" the victims in our culture. They are the source of the Political Correctness movement. So far, they have been persistent and successful in their agenda. This has been happening for the past 100 years or so.

Americans understand that Progressives don't cut budgets, they increase taxes. That's one of the main reasons why Tea Parties got started in the first place. This conservative movement is essential in the survival for America as we know it. Conservative Americans are starting their own revolution! We can thank President "O-Bow-Ma" for showing us the way. Before his Blitzkrieg agenda for change, we sat back and watched as Progressives slowly but surely changed America and we did nothing.

If John McCain had been elected things wouldn't have been much different. However, they wouldn't be accelerating this fast towards totalitarianism. He is just as bad as his opponent. For example: He supports amnesty for illegal aliens. McCain would not close the borders either. He supported the attack on free speech with his so-called Campaign Reform bill that he jointly sponsored with Dianne Feinstein that suppresses political speech before elections. He didn't see anything wrong with Obama's association with Bill Ayers or with Reverend Wright. He has been silent in NOT wanting to investigate ACORN.

McCain is also a Progressive! Some consider him "Progressive Light" compared to Obama! That's why we have been given the choice between two evils in past elections. Do you want a Progressive. Or Progressive Light? Both parties have become Progressive. Look at their records. They are NOT conservative and do NOT represent Conservative values as specified in the Constitution.

The Tea Party movement and the 912 organization realize that all men are created equal and have a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. They both want to preserve and protect the Constitution – NOT change or ignore it. Big government doesn't believe this. They believe just the opposite. The government is out of control.

These are truly historical times. We are making history. Now history has once again repeated itself and made us the underdog. Big government is no longer listening to us. They only care about special interests and getting more and more power, thinking that they know what's best for all of us - NOT us! They are trying to become totalitarian.

The Tea Party Movement represents the underdog. It aspires to become the new national hero. It is becoming a strong political movement and Progressives really don't know what to do about it. We ARE the voice of the people! We are tired of being oppressed by the very government we created! We ARE determined to crush them before they do it to us.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Turkeys of the Year – by Michelle Malkin

This article sums up what a lot of Americans are thinking.

"As we gather round the Thanksgiving table, bow our heads in prayer and feast on the holiday bird, it is only fitting to take a moment to fete the unforgettable turkeys of 2009.

1. The stimulus. Back in February, I wrote that if the trillion-dollar stimulus plan were a Thanksgiving dinner entree, it would be a Turbaconducken — the heart attack-inducing dish of roasted chicken stuffed inside a duck stuffed inside a turkey, all wrapped in endless slabs of bacon. And so it has come to pass. After the Democratic majority larded up the massive spending package with earmarks and bribes, President Obama declared it pork-free and has stubbornly touted its job creation benefits for out-of-work Americans.

Reality check? The Washington Examiner reports that more than 10 percent of the jobs the Obama administration claimed were “created or saved” by the stimulus are doubtful or imaginary. ABC News uncovered countless examples of bogus congressional districts listed as stimulus beneficiaries by the Obama stimulus tracking website, The money has been lavished on shady beauty schools in New Hampshire, prison inmates in Texas and wind companies in Spain and China. Just this week, a California audit found that the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation overstated the number of jobs saved by federal stimulus dollars by upward of 13,000.

While this Generational Theft Act continues to soak up our tax dollars and add to our children’s and grandchildren’s debt, the Democratic majority is in the government kitchen cooking up a second stimulus turkey to provide federal infrastructure money to public-sector unions. Gobble, gobble.

2. President O-bow-ma. The candidate who pledged to restore America’s standing in the world couldn’t figure out how to stay standing in front of world leaders. In April, he crouched before Saudi King Abdullah. This month, he provoked global derision when he broke protocol and performed a spineless blunder in front of the Japanese emperor.

The kowtower-in-chief’s body language reflected the administration’s broader foreign policy prostrations — including scrapping missile defense in the Czech Republic and Poland, canceling a meeting with the Dalai Lama to appease China, sitting on its hands this summer during the Iranian election protests and unveiling the 9/11 show trials in New York City that will provide a circus platform for jihadis and international Bush-haters.

The left complained that George W. Bush was too much of a cowboy on the global stage. It’s better than having a waterboy.

3. Green jobs czar Van Jones. This deep-fried turkey was recruited by Team Obama’s Chicago consigliere Valerie Jarrett, who boasted about recruiting the Marxist rabble-rouser from Oakland.

He openly crusaded to free Philadelphia death row cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal, bashed capitalism with radical revolutionary rhetoric and signed a 9/11 conspiracy petition that he meekly disavowed in a botched attempt to save his job. Jones is now at the Center for American Progress, run by Obama transition official and Democratic operative John Podesta.

The other turkey in the story, Val Jarrett, escaped unscathed and went on to push the Obamas into their failed crony campaign for the 2016 Olympics bid in Copenhagen — a taxpayer-funded, hubris-infused debacle that ties with Van Jones for third biggest turkey of the year. Rio got the Games. America got a closer look at the pay-for-play patrons, power brokers and developers in the Windy City who have put an indelible Chicago stamp on the Potomac.

4. The New York Times. Scooped by Fox News, conservative blogs and talk radio on the exploding ACORN scandal, the paper whitewashed its own role in covering up the community organizing racket’s financial shenanigans last fall when it cut off a reporter’s investigation a few weeks before Election Day. Jill Abramson, the Times’ managing editor for news, acknowledged that her staff was “slow off the mark” and blamed “insufficient tuned-in-ness to the issues that are dominating Fox News and talk radio.” They assigned a new “opinion media monitor” to track the competition, but refused to identify the watchdog for fear that he/she would get too many mean, intrusive e-mails and phone calls.

More recently, the paper’s website demonstrated that its real motto is “All the inconvenient news that’s fit to suppress.” The Times’ lead environmental blogger, Andrew Revkin, haughtily refused to reprint damning e-mails leaked by a hacker in the burgeoning “ClimateGate” scandal. The documents reveal a long trail of manipulated data, but Revkin balked at the ill-gotten trove. The blabbermouths at the Times had no problem exposing national security secrets to undermine Bush. But shed light on scientific hoaxes that undermine Al Gore? Unethical!

5. Tea Party-bashers. Millions of ordinary, peaceful Americans joined the Tea Party movement to revolt against big government, backroom deals and the Beltway culture of corruption. For their exercise of free speech and free assembly, they were smeared nationwide. Hollywood has-been Janeane Garofalo called them “racist, backward motherf**kers.” SEIU labor thug Dennis Rivera accused them of “terrorist tactics.” CNN anchor Anderson Cooper used a vulgar sexual epithet to describe them. Team Obama’s astroturfers declared all-out war on them.

For refusing to sit down and shut up in the face of such unhinged bigotry, and for exposing the foulness of the political fowl, I have two words for them: Thank you."

Thank you Michelle Malkin!

Advice to Tea Party Movement

David Horowitz is a writer and right wing activist. He was a former supporter of Marxism in the 1960s and then renounced his left-wing radicalism. He became an advocate for conservatism.

He states that the Left perpetuates the myth that they are for the "underdogs". The myth is the false belief that people have is that the Left defends and sticks up for the victims and the underprivileged. This is a lie.

Here’s the tactical advice he gives to the Tea Party Movement:

"1. Do the Unexpected. Raise Their Discomfort Level. Put them Off-Balance. Invert the Myth. All four of these objectives are accomplished by inverting the Myth. The left feeds off the Myth that they are on the side of the Underdog, they are serving the underserved, defending society’s victims, championing the oppressed. And that you are the oppressor. By picking an issue and framing it so that it inverts the myth you accomplish all of the above. E.g., by having a Die-In outside mammogram facilities you dramatize that ObamaCare will take a vulnerable group, women, and reduce them to budgetary statistics, and sentence individuals to unnecessary deaths. (ObamaCare will do this to everyone, but since women have been portrayed and are perceived as a victim group, this dramatizes the way in which the socialist state is an oppressor.)

2. Make your point in a sound-bite or an image.

3. Provoke the left. Since the left controls the media, the key to getting media attention is to tick off the left. When the left squeals, the media listen. Inverting their Myth is the best way to do this.

4. Pick an issue that exposes the fact that they are the oppressor and you are defending the “oppressed.” Conservatives are best organized around an issue. The left is a religious movement. They are saving the squirrels, the trans-gendered oppressed, the snail-darters, the planet. What unites them is their belief that America — capitalist America — is the Great Satan. Conservatives are generally already committed to religions in which the savior is not government but a divinity. They are pragmatic and attached to real world things and values. But conservatives can be galvanized into a movement if they perceive a threat to their way of life. Hence during the cold war, the threat of communism organized them around the issue of national security. The threat of Obama is doing the same thing (and Obama is really the same threat that we experienced from communism during the Cold War). Barack Obama and the socialist juggernaut he heads have persuaded conservatives that they are prepared to destroy everything Americans hold dear. So there’s no real problem in organizing conservatives now. Just focus on an issue that crystallizes Americans’ fear and frame it in a way that inverts the Myth and focuses attention on the source of the threat."

Interesting comments and suggestions. Thank you David for your perspectives. Perhaps the Tea Parties will incorporate some of your ideas into future activities!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Taxes and More Taxes

That's the answer!

We voted for change. Is this the change you wanted? Proposed government healthcare contains so many hidden taxes, they number over a dozen! Cap & Trade will tax everything produced, consumed or generated in the US. Now the latest "idea" out of Washington is to fund the war in Afghanistan by passing a "War Surtax" on the wealthy. And… the other brainstorm idea is now to tax Wall Street! Discriminate against Wall Street and capitalism! Obama's policies punish anyone who believes in capitalism. Isn't that Class Warfare? Isn't this the United States of America or Marxism? Are you sure? If the government can tax one group, what's stopping them from taxing another?

Since when does it become a good idea to let costs decide National Security strategy? What kind of advice is that? Aren't we committed to win in Afghanistan? Isn't Afghanistan linked to our National Security? We have a President who can't make a LIFE or DEATH decision. If he had a son or daughter serving in Afghanistan would he still be waiting to make a decision to send troops or not? Does that give you a warm fuzzy feeling at night? If not then we should get the hell out of Afghanistan and stop wasting American blood and treasure. Chances are that Obama doesn't even have a plan for withdrawal either!

Obama's strategy is to tax everything while the economy is in a serious recession of unprecedented proportions! Does this make any sense at all? We (the citizens of the US) are paying dearly for his lack of experience and naïveté in administering and governing anything! Our troops are paying with their lives. Does he even care?

National bankruptcy is looming around the corner. Our deficits are becoming crucial. The dollar is dropping in value. There's talk of a new world currency. His answer is to tax us even more than before. That's insanity and just bad for America. Americans have been taxed enough. We need to protect our homeland and start cutting big government programs. We can't do it using a pre-911 mentality. Obama is puting our country at risk.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cloward-Piven Strategy

What is this strategy? Simply the strategy is the forcing of political change by using an organized crisis. It seeks to induce the fall of capitalism by overloading government bureaucracy to the point of impossible demands, thus forcing the society into an economic collapse and crisis. Does this sound familiar? Is this the pattern evolving in our country?

Who Were Cloward and Piven?
They were a husband and wife team (Richard Cloward and Francis Piven) who were life long members in the Democratic Socialists of America. They were professors at Columbia University and later at the University of New York.

In 1966 they jointly wrote a paper outlining their strategy entitled "The Weight of the Poor". In it they detail how to use community organizations to push more demands for public services at all levels of the government. By overstressing it, the government collapses. They began implementation of their strategy by creating a succession of radical organizations including the infamous ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) along with the help of Wade Rathke. (You remember him, he's the CEO of ACORN who helped cover-up his brother's embezzlement of several millions of taxpayer dollars.)

Motor Voter Law
Cloward and Piven conceived the Motor Voter law as part of their collapse strategy. It was signed into law by Bill Clinton in 1993. This law creates numerous opportunities for voter fraud in the US electoral system. This in-turn was exploited by ACORN throughout the United States and continues today! This law opened the vulnerability to register vast numbers of illegal aliens who vote primarily Democratic.

Mass Legislation Initiatives
Don't find it ironic that this Congress and President are literally flooding America with their radical initiatives, laws, healthcare reform, Cap & Trade, and other unsustainable laws and regulations? It fits with the Cloward-Piven strategy! They are doing this at record-breaking speeds, non-stop.

They hope that we will become too overwhelmed to oppose and hold out. We need to fight and resist every initiative that they promote. We already know they are NOT listening to us. All they want is more government power. Corruption has taken over Washington and we need to stop it before we loose all freedoms.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Progressives at it Again!

Brief Background
Nicknamed "Old Ironsides", the USS Constitution is the nation's oldest commissioned naval vessel. The Constitution is literally a floating museum of American history. It follows a ceremonial custom of twice-daily firing its cannons and playing the National anthem as it raises and lowers the American flag. The legendary battleship is equipped with 44 cannons, but only shoots two – twice a day. It has done so for eons of time as an American tradition since 1798!

Now upscale Charlestown, MA neighbors are trying to silence this tradition forever. The miffed residents claim that the cannon blasts are "more disruptive to the neighborhood than you might have imagined."

Our Massachusetts reader Mr. Anonymous has made several comments to the progressive attacks that exemplify the progressive movement in trying to change America's established traditions. Here are his observations…

"Have you followed the story about the USS Constitution firing its cannons twice daily and playing our national anthem over speakers?

A few of the residents (red nose in the air "privileged assholes") in the condos near where the ship is docked are now crying about the noise and how their day is disrupted by the Navy activity. The condos are no doubt posh high-end units, but do you think those complaining had prior knowledge?!! They are pushing Charlestown [MA] (and who knows who else) to stop the Navies salute to all who served and are serving now.

It just doesn't stop. In many countries the complainers would be removed, silenced, deported etc. Sad they can't see where their freedom comes from.

Another bunch of MA clowns moved to NH in the last twenty years to avoid [paying sales] taxes and "live free or die". Now there are so many liberals in the southern NH towns they are trying to remove the state motto from the license plates because it is "offensive". Next what? Change the motto?

Don't even think about VT. Soft judges (pedophiles getting of with no jailtime), fluffy marriage, home of Howard Dean, New York liberals moving in, and Ben and Jerrys ice cream flavor to celebrate VT gay marriage law.

The US is loosing grip. I wont go on, no need to. Where is the Silent Majority? They best wake up.


Dear Anomyous, Progressives will continue their attack on America's traditions. You're right, we need to stop them. This IS our country too!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Politics as Usual

Do you think that Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu (D) is bad? She made a deal with her fellow Senators that if she voted "YES" on ObamaCare, she would get $300 Million in extra federal money (from deficit spending) for her state. (She was a critical swing voter on the bill). What’s the difference between this and extortion and bribery? She literally sold her vote (extortion at taxpayer's expense) to get "payola" for Louisiana. Isn't that what it really was – extortion and bribery? The majority of her constituents don't want ObamaCare, but she votes for it anyway. She rationalizes that it brings $300 Million dollars back to her home state. She's proud of that accomplishment! So she gives people what they don't want and then subsidizes her pet projects with deficit spending that we all can't afford. We're supposed to feel good about that? Louisiana voters, how do you feel about that?

What about your state Reps and Senators who may have supported ObamaCare even though the majority of Americans don't want it? Are they any different than Mary Landrieu? What deals did they cut to make their votes count? Is it OK to accept politics as usual?

Oh sure, that's politics. Oh really? What ever happened to being honest? How about actually representing the people who put you in office?

Speaking of honesty and politics, the AARP is now a strong supporter of ObamaCare. Remember several months ago they denied that they were supporting government healthcare. That's when they were in negotiations with Obama to cut a deal.

The AARP is ignoring the fact that the people they are paid to represent (senior citizens) are literally getting screwed if ObamaCare passes. Seniors will loose $500 Billion dollars from Medicare in order to help pay for the uninsured and "others". The AARP is happy to go along with this plan. Why? Because Obama is going to allow them to sell their gap insurance to the Seniors who will loose their coverage under Medicare when government healthcare passes! The AARP will make millions of dollars because they sold-out the very people who they are suppose to represent. Politics as usual.

Action To Take
In the case of the AARP, that's easy. Quit your membership (if you belong). Tell other seniors to follow suit. In the case of your representatives –vote them out of office in the 2010 mid-term elections. In the case of your senators, stay on their case and watch them like hawks. Know what they do and how they vote, so you can make an informed voting decision when their respective term is up.