Sunday, May 8, 2016

Google is Watching & Tracking

Everything you search for on the Internet is being tracked - especially if you use Google. If you care about your privacy (what's left of it), shouldn't you be in charge? Why not?

Here's how
 You can access your record of web activity and delete all search records. Unfortunately, you can only delete several days at a time. Simply go to the following link and login:

The following screen displays:

Scroll down and see what your searches were. Select the ones you want to delete and confirm to complete the operation.

After deleting your unwanted record of searches, why not avoid this altogether?
There is a free application that tells you who's tracking you. Go to and download the app. You can decide who does/does not track your web browsing.
There is another application that keeps your privacy protected. It's called "StartPage." StartPage keeps advertisers away from you and it hides your searches from Google. You can install it on your computer, or you cell phone. Go to It REALLY WORKS!

What are you waiting for? Protect yourself today!