Saturday, November 17, 2012

Is Benghazi Important?

Where Do You Stand?
The Benghazi attacks on September 11, 2012 are long over. How important are they anyway? Yes, we lost an American ambassador and three other Americans. We still haven't done much to try and capture those responsible. Why not?

The Issues At Hand
Current information points to the fact that the White House (including President Obama and his representatives) mislead the American public and the world about the perpetrators of the assassination. In a word, they LIED! Why?

Do you think that this is important? Why did they lie about the cause and perpetrators in the first place? Who actually lied. Was it the President? Was it Hillary Clinton? If so, shouldn't they be held accountable for misleading America?

Every time the White House gives any accounting of the attack, their story is always different. Their time lines never are consistent. Why can't we rely on them to tell us the truth? What are they hiding?

No Integrity
If the President is lying, why is he? Was this mere incompetence on his part, or is there more behind the cover up? What part did Valery Jarrett have in this? Who altered the message that was broadcast by Ambassador Rice on five networks that was a blatant LIE? Was this lying to protect Obama's re-election efforts? We need to know. Whoever is behind the efforts to deceive the American public, they need to be held accountable. This IS worse than Watergate! Four Americans are dead!

If the White House staff and the President lack honesty and integrity, how can we trust them to lead our country out of the recession, deal with the Middle East, and settle our budget problems?

Action To Take
Let your representatives know that you DEMAND answers to this cover up. Hold the deceivers accountable - even if it means charging Obama with IMPEACHMENT!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Short and Sweet

Benghazi Cover Up
General Petraeus testified today that the White House knew within 24 hours after the attack that it was driven by TERRORISTS! Now it becomes a simple matter to ask some basic questions that DEMAND answers from President Obama and his Cabinet members.

Questions To Ask
Who in the White House changed the talking points that were provided by the intelligence community? Was it Obama? Valerie Jarrett? Hillary Clinton? Who?

Why did the perpetrator change the intelligence community talking points? What was their motivation for doing so? Was it ideology? Did they actually believe that ALL terrorists had been destroyed? Or more likely, was it political? Did President Obama want to avoid the embarrassment of Benghazi by LYING to the America public so he could get re-elected?

Where This Leads
This investigation leads to the top of the food chain in Washington. Right to the very top. The White House. The President, and his Cabinet. They are all "suspects" in this investigation.

This could result in the IMPEACHMENT of President Obama. Now that's a GREAT Legacy for his second term in office. Short and sweet.

We demand the TRUTH and we also DEMAND action from Congress! Hold the White House accountable for their actions!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Petitions to Secede

Think First
If you are one of the many that are NOT happy with the possible fraudulent Presidential election results (and there are many), you'd better think before you act. All 50 states have now initiated petitions to secede from the United States peacefully. Well over 700,000 citizens have stepped forward and signed these petitions. (25,000 signatures are needed before the federal government will consider each petition validated). About 8-9 states have reached this goal.

At first glance this may seem to be a great idea. However, when you look closely, it may be a very BAD idea. The federal government is the host for all the petitions for seceding. In order to participate in signing these various state petitions you need to REGISTER with the hosting web site. That's the same government with whom you are displeased.

Pause and Reflect
Ok, you're mad and want to sign that petition. Are you ready to fill-in the registration form that is required to take action AGAINST the government? Is it a wise thing to announce to the very government who you have disdain for that YOU want to un-join from the union? After all, you're giving the government you name, address, phone number and other personal information - all in the "innocent" guise of "registration." Do you trust that the government will "understand" how you feel? Is there any chance that the government would NOT be happy with you?

Don't you think that the government will want to know who all their enemies are and where they all live? Isn't that the underlying purpose for all forms of registration? Governments use registration procedures to keep track of people, firearms, and various political activities. Are you sure you want the government to know without any doubt, that you are one of their antagonists? Seriously, isn't that just like shooting yourself in the foot? Doesn't that inflict personal damage to you and your family? Maybe.

What If
There probably won't be any repercussions for your registering. This is - after all still America! However, if there are unforeseen "changes" in the government, this information is in their databases. If the government does not take too kindly to "agitators" or "disgruntled citizens" this could be used to seek you and your family out for government interventions.

Ask yourself: Do you like the direction that the government is heading? Do you want to draw strong attention to you and your family by the government? Do you have the necessary resources to take-on the government by yourself? Aren't there other ways to relieve the negativity that you feel without endangering yourself?

Channel your efforts in a less self-destructive way. Become active in a Libertarian or Tea Party Movement in your local community. Write a blog. Become politically active. Use your energy in a positive direction. Don't put government focus on YOU!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Obama's Secret

News Flash
Why hasn't the Corrupt Media reported on the fact that Obama is preparing to take control of YOUR lives? Obama's secret plan for a national emergency. He takes over everything! Here is his executive order. He assumes dictatorial powers. Here is his executive order:

"Executive Order -- Establishing the White House Homeland Security Partnership Council

- - - - - - -

By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, and in order to advance the Federal Government's use of local partnerships to address homeland security challenges, it is hereby ordered as follows:

Section 1. Policy. The purpose of this order is to maximize the Federal Government's ability to develop local partnerships in the United States to support homeland security priorities. Partnerships are collaborative working relationships in which the goals, structure, and roles and responsibilities of the relationships are mutually determined. Collaboration enables the Federal Government and its partners to use resources more efficiently, build on one another's expertise, drive innovation, engage in collective action, broaden investments to achieve shared goals, and improve performance. Partnerships enhance our ability to address homeland security priorities, from responding to natural disasters to preventing terrorism, by utilizing diverse perspectives, skills, tools, and resources.

The National Security Strategy emphasizes the importance of partnerships, underscoring that to keep our Nation safe "we must tap the ingenuity outside government through strategic partnerships with the private sector, nongovernmental organizations, foundations, and community-based organizations. Such partnerships are critical to U.S. success at home and abroad, and we will support them through enhanced opportunities for engagement, coordination, transparency, and information sharing." This approach recognizes that, given the complexities and range of challenges, we must institutionalize an all-of-Nation effort to address the evolving threats to the United States.

Sec. 2. White House Homeland Security Partnership Council and Steering Committee.

(a) White House Homeland Security Partnership Council. There is established a White House Homeland Security Partnership Council (Council) to foster local partnerships -- between the Federal Government and the private sector, nongovernmental organizations, foundations, community-based organizations, and State, local, tribal, and territorial government and law enforcement -- to address homeland security challenges. The Council shall be chaired by the Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism (Chair), or a designee from the National Security Staff.

(b) Council Membership.

(i) Pursuant to the nomination process established in subsection (b)(ii) of this section, the Council shall be composed of Federal officials who are from field offices of the executive departments, agencies, and bureaus (agencies) that are members of the Steering Committee established in subsection (c) of this section, and who have demonstrated an ability to develop, sustain, and institutionalize local partnerships to address policy priorities.

(ii) The nomination process and selection criteria for members of the Council shall be established by the Steering Committee. Based on those criteria, agency heads may select and present to the Steering Committee their nominee or nominees to represent them on the Council. The Steering Committee shall consider all of the nominees and decide by consensus which of the nominees shall participate on the Council. Each member agency on the Steering Committee, with the exception of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, may have at least one representative on the Council.

(c) Steering Committee. There is also established a Steering Committee, chaired by the Chair of the Council, to provide guidance to the Council and perform other functions as set forth in this order. The Steering Committee shall include a representative at the Deputy agency head level, or that representative's designee, from the following agencies:

(i) Department of State;
(ii) Department of the Treasury;
(iii) Department of Defense;
(iv) Department of Justice;
(v) Department of the Interior;
(vi) Department of Agriculture;
(vii) Department of Commerce;
(viii) Department of Labor;
(ix) Department of Health and Human Services;
(x) Department of Housing and Urban Development;
(xi) Department of Transportation;
(xii) Department of Energy;
(xiii) Department of Education;
(xiv) Department of Veterans Affairs;
(xv) Department of Homeland Security;
(xvi) Office of the Director of National Intelligence;
(xvii) Environmental Protection Agency;
(xviii) Small Business Administration; and
(xix) Federal Bureau of Investigation.

At the invitation of the Chair, representatives of agencies not listed in subsection (c) of this section or other executive branch entities may attend and participate in Steering Committee meetings as appropriate.

(d) Administration. The Chair or a designee shall convene meetings of the Council and Steering Committee, determine their agendas, and coordinate their work. The Council may establish subgroups consisting exclusively of Council members or their designees, as appropriate.

Sec. 3. Mission and Function of the Council and Steering Committee. (a) The Council shall, consistent with guidance from the Steering Committee:

(i) advise the Chair and Steering Committee members on priorities, challenges, and opportunities for local partnerships to support homeland security priorities, as well as regularly report to the Steering Committee on the Council's efforts;
(ii) promote homeland security priorities and opportunities for collaboration between Federal Government field offices and State, local, tribal, and territorial stakeholders;
(iii) advise and confer with State, local, tribal, and territorial stakeholders and agencies interested in expanding or building local homeland security partnerships;
(iv) raise awareness of local partnership best practices that can support homeland security priorities;
(v) as appropriate, conduct outreach to representatives of the private sector, nongovernmental organizations, foundations, community-based organizations, and State, local, tribal, and territorial government and law enforcement entities with relevant expertise for local homeland security partnerships, and collaborate with other Federal Government bodies; and
(vi) convene an annual meeting to exchange key findings, progress, and best practices.

(b) The Steering Committee shall:

(i) determine the scope of issue areas the Council will address and its operating protocols, in consultation with the Office of Management and Budget;
(ii) establish the nomination process and selection criteria for members of the Council as set forth in section 2(b)(ii) of this order;
(iii) provide guidance to the Council on the activities set forth in subsection (a) of this section; and
(iv) within 1 year of the selection of the Council members, and annually thereafter, provide a report on the work of the Council to the President through the Chair.

Sec. 4. General Provisions. (a) The heads of agencies participating in the Steering Committee shall assist and provide information to the Council, consistent with applicable law, as may be necessary to implement this order. Each agency shall bear its own expense for participating in the Council.

(b) Nothing in this order shall be construed to impair or otherwise affect:

(i) the authority granted by law to an executive department, agency, or the head thereof;
(ii) the functions of the Director of the Office of Management and Budget relating to budgetary, administrative, or legislative proposals; or
(iii) the functions of the Overseas Security Advisory Council.

(c) This order shall be implemented consistent with applicable law and appropriate protections for privacy and civil liberties, and subject to the availability of appropriations.

(d) This order is not intended to, and does not, create any right or benefit, substantive or procedural, enforceable at law or in equity by any party against the United States, its departments, agencies, or entities, its officers, employees, or agents, or any other person.


October 26, 2012"

Monday, November 12, 2012

More Probability of Fraud

Statistically Impossible 
When you look at the election results in Ohio, there is a good reason to suspect foul play in the Presidential election. Here's why…

What's the likely hood that Romney would not receive one vote in 59 precincts in Cleveland? That's just physically IMPOSSIBLE! Probability would tell you that he would have to receive at least some votes. The odds of NOT receiving ANY votes is astronomical. But that's exactly what happened!

This fact strains the validity of this election results in Cleveland, Ohio!

What's also ironic is the fact that early voting in this same area showed what officials called voting "irregularities." We have discussed these anomalies before. It was reported in several "Swing States" that electronic voting machines were changing the votes for Romney to Obama. Local state officials said that things were under control. REALLY?

Demand Investigations
We should demand that these "irregularities" all be investigated - including the actual voting machines themselves. This evidence points to a STRONG possibility of election fraud and perhaps a FIXED PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

What If?

Close Race
So what if you're the President and you have a bad record on the economy? How could you win a tight political race? First, you would smear the daylights out of your opponent. If that didn't work, what else could you do to win to stay in office?

Fix The Election
This is so obviously impossible to do that no one even considers it. But wait just a minute. Take a closer look at this possibility. Computer experts agree that it only takes about 100 lines of computer code to rig the electronic voting machines to switch candidate votes. If well written, this code would self-destruct after the tallies are taken leaving no trace of the tampering. Thus, committing the perfect crime of "fixing" the election.

In a tight election like the one we just had, you don't need to tamper with all the machines in all 50 states. The only machines you need to "fix" are in 4-5 key states with the highest number of Electoral Votes. These states are the so-called "Swing States." That makes throwing the election easier and more plausible.

Step Back a Minute
Do you recall reports surfacing during the early voting in several Swing States describing voting "irregularities?" As a matter of fact, there were problems reported in OH, NC, NV, VA, and even PA.

Early voters were complaining that when they double-checked their ballots just before casting their vote, the machines had changed a "Romney" vote to "Obama." Were these "Irregularities" just that? If they were an accident, why were all the lopsided votes ALL being cast for just Obama? Why were they only being reported in the Swing States? Coincidence? Why weren't those voting machines investigated? How secure are electronic machines from tampering?

Recall Minnesota
A while back, there was an election recall in Minnesota. Incumbent Norm Coleman (R, MN) was running against Al Franken (comedian). Franken called for a recounting of the votes because Coleman had won by just 725 votes.

Frankin immediately asked billionaire George Soros for financial help along with the Democratic Party. Strangely, during the recount, the people counting were finding ballots everywhere  - all for Frankin. They found 300 ballots in the trunk of one of the poll workers. Oddly enough, they were all cast for Al Frankin!

243 people in MN were tried and convicted for voter fraud in THAT election alone. In the end, Frankin only won by 312 votes. This election still smells of rampant voter fraud.

Can't Happen
So if it possibly happened in the state of Minnesota, why couldn't it happen elsewhere? With a billionaire like Soros, money to fund such a project is not a problem. All you have to do is to "Contaminate" the voting machines in the Swing States and thus, Obama wins re-election.

Think about it. It IS possible - especially in a tight race. Unfortunately, we will never know.