Saturday, November 12, 2011

Rick Perry is Done

The Last Debate
Although there is another GOP debate scheduled for tonight, it's a wonder why Rick Perry is going to attend. His performance in the last national debate was pathetic. Americans cannot perceive this guy going up against Obama - let alone our worst enemies without being able to think clearly on his feet. He has projected incompetence at the national level.

Perry has done this to himself. He has shown Americans that he is not worthy of the job as President. He always refers to his success as a governor but lacks the ability to remember the details on "his" own economic plans. What a disappointment.

TV Appearances
To try and do damage control Perry tried going on several TV shows to let the American public know that he's a normal guy who gets a "Brain Freeze" just like everyone else. What he didn't understand, that his performance demonstrated a huge weakness in his personality. America does not need another weak President. Not now.

Perry Needs to Concede
Just like many professional athletes, it's often hard to recognize when to quit. Perry's wife is the reason he entered the race. She's the one pushing him to continue. Perry has to make the hard decision for himself that this is NOT his to win any longer.

Americans are tired of the current administration's lies and misgivings. They are tired of America being transformed into a Socialist/Marxist state with bailouts, and government take-overs, and excessive government regulations. The failed policies of Obama will take many years to correct, even if Americans want it to happen. That's why we need a STRONG LEADER and Perry is not of that caliber. He may be fine as governor of Texas and he should stay in that position as long as Texans are satisfied with him.

As to the Presidential nomination for the GOPs... who knows at this point? It's still too soon to really tell who's emerging. What we all know is that we must defeat Obama and put someone in the White House who can turn this mess around and that's not Perry!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Weekly Polls

The Rasmussen Reports is an independent electronic publishing firm that specializes in public opinion polling. Here are some current results on some main issues:

Presidential Tracking Poll
This tracks how the President is doing by those surveyed.

  • Strongly Approve... 23%

  • Strongly Disapprove... 40%

  • Approval Index... -17%

Presidential Approval Index
This chart is from

Job Approval Rating

  • 46% of Americans believe America's winning the war on terror.

  • 7% of voters rank the economy as good or excellent.

  • 17% of voters say that American is heading in the right direction.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Voter Fraud Looming in 2012

It's Coming
A year from now we will be voting for the two candidates running for the Presidency. If you think that everything is just Rosy, you'd better think again! Our old buddies from ACORN never went away. No, they just changed their official name and are in the same business as before. It's all legal and they did it to deflect all the negative attention they received from their past name recognition. They are still collecting taxpayer money and preparing for more massive voter fraud in the coming elections. They are using that money to "Get out the vote" - just like they ILLEGALLY did in the last big election!

It Can't Happen
If you don't think that voter fraud isn't a problem, remember the voter recall in MN where Al Frankin (D) won the US Senate seat when election officials counted ballots found in the trunk of someones car? This wasn't the only thing that got him elected. They actually had more ballots in several counties than the had actual registered voters! That's called ballot stuffing where some of the people working on the election actually "Stuffed" more pro-Frankin ballots into the results. Wah-Lah! We have a new Senator elected. What the MSM didn't report there was that George Soros dumped millions into Frankin's recall effort. Just how do you think that money was spent? The ends justify the means.

What To Do About It
Now is the time to fight back and fight back HARD! You need to become an activist and demand from state and local officials that they need to create a law that demands that all voters show a valid government ID in order to vote. Don't wait for someone else to do this for you. YOU have to talk to people and get the idea put into action! No ID, no voting permitted. This will help cut-down on some of the tactics that ACORN used and will use again in 2012 everywhere they exist.

Showing identification shouldn't be a big deal for bona fide citizens. We all have valid identification, but ILLEGALS don't, nor do people who registered as "Mickey Mouse." Showing ID will prevent this type of voter fraud and help clean-up your coming elections.

So it's up to you. Don't just talk about it. Do SOMETHING! Make a difference.

NOTE: More coming on voter fraud with regards to the touch screen voting machines. It will scare you when you read it!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Foot In Mouth Big Time

The Great Orator
It seems that the man of great charisma and speaking abilities has REALLY put his foot in his mouth this time. President Obama was speaking to French President Nicolas Sarkozy after a G20 summit meeting. He thought that he was having a private conversation with Sarkozy. Each man was wearing a microphone, which they both assumed was turned off after the meeting. NOT%!

Open Microphone
Unaware to both men, their conversation was being heard by several people - including the MSM (Main Stream Media). Sarkozy told Obama that "I cannot stand him (Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu). He's a liar." To which Obama replied "You're fed up with him, but I have to deal with him every day!"

So much for diplomacy! Now we see why Obama needs a teleprompter!!

MSM's Position
Although this conversation was heard clearly by several "journalists" they did NOT report it. Instead the journalists had several discussions about the incident and decided NOT to run with the NEWS because it was too sensitive!

So it took several days before the story finally leaked-out and the world now knows exactly how our leaders feel about the Israelis leadership. This just illustrates why JEWs all over the world should not have strong feelings of support for President Obama (or Sarkozy). Obama has insulted Netanyahu in the past and has spoken out in support of the Palestinians - rather than our ally Israel. This action tops them all! It is a pure insult on the national stage. This is a major screw up by Obama. He owns it!

Obama's true feelings are now a matter of public record - no thanks the the MSM. Americans and Israelis should be fearful because of it. Israel is the ONLY friend we truly have in the Middle East and Obama SPITS on them often.

Being the man that he is, Obama lacks the true class of a world-wide statesman and has refused to apologize for his CRASS remarks and insults.

America deserves better than that! However, we will fix that problem in the November 2012 elections.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Guest Article - The ACORN Connection

Issa Demands ACORN Fraud Probe Over OWS
By Matthew Vadum

"The House of Representatives’ top investigator has asked a federal prosecutor to look into fraudulent fundraising practices that ACORN’s New York front group allegedly used to raise money for Occupy Wall Street.

House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) wants to know if New York Communities for Change (NYCC) “engaged in fraud through its participation in the Occupy Wall Street protests.” (Front Page Magazine reported a month ago that NYCC was raising money for Occupy Wall Street.)

In a letter Monday Issa asked Brooklyn-based U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch to initiate an investigation into claims that NYCC may have “solicited donations from union members under false pretenses and misappropriated those funds to support the protesters.”

NYCC staffers reportedly collected money door-to-door for the group’s campaign to test schools for dangerous toxins and then commingled those funds with cash raised for a teachers union and to support Occupy Wall Street. One NYCC source was quoted saying money raised to help schools “isn’t going to the campaign … it’s just going to the protests, and that’s just so terrible.”

To cover up the funding funny business, NYCC executive director Jon Kest has reportedly threatened and fired employees, destroyed documentary evidence, ordered staffers not to speak to the media, and ordered the installation of surveillance cameras and recording devices at NYCC headquarters in Brooklyn.

NYCC is also reportedly destroying items that reference ACORN in an effort to cover up NYCC’s intimate working relationship with the ACORN network. Kest is a longtime ACORN operative. So is his brother Steve who was executive director for the national ACORN organization.

Staten Island congressman Michael G. Grimm (R-N.Y.) supports Issa’s call for a probe.

It is no surprise to hear that an ACORN-affiliated group may be connected to the Occupy Wall Street movement. Their track record of fraud and links to deceitful activity demand that these allegations be thoroughly investigated and prosecuted to the full extent of the law,” Grimm said.

The Occupy Wall Street protests, which have spread to dozens of other large U.S. cities, are part of what ACORN’s neo-communist founder Wade Rathke calls an “anti-banking jihad.” As previously reported, the Working Families Party, another ACORN front group, is participating in the protests by raising money and paying for rent-a-mobs in Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park.

Outside New York City, other ACORN front groups across America are involved in occupations. Some of the participating groups are Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment (MORE); Organizers in the Land of Enchantment (OLÉ) (New Mexico); Action United (Pennsylvania); Organize Now (Florida), Minnesota Neighborhoods Organizing for Change; New England United for Justice (Massachusetts); and Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE).

ACORN, which used to employ President Obama, has a long, inglorious history of fraud that I document in my new book Subversion Inc: How Obama’s ACORN Red Shirts are Still Terrorizing and Ripping Off American Taxpayers. At least 54 employees and individuals associated with ACORN have been convicted of voter fraud and ACORN itself was convicted of a type of voter fraud in Nevada earlier this year. The Obama administration has ignored a nearly $1 million embezzlement within ACORN and multiple apparent counts of pension fraud.

The administration also ignored the videos shot at ACORN offices across America by activists James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles who caught ACORN workers advising how to break the law without getting caught.

The uproar that followed the release of the videos led to a 2009 congressional ban on funding ACORN which the Obama administration is now ignoring. After a brief interlude the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) resumed issuing grants earlier this year to ACORN Housing, which now goes by the name Affordable Housing Centers of America.

Chances are U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch, an Obama appointee, won’t accommodate Issa’s demand for an investigation of NYCC."

Monday, November 7, 2011

The "Hermanator"

Polls Indicate Voter Dis-Satisfaction
If you have been following the political polls it should be coming clear that perspective voters are not overwhelmed with "Flip-Flop" Romney. In fact, Cain's popularity represents the deep dissatisfaction that the electorate has with the candidates. Romney's numbers remain on or around 25% in the polls week after week. This means that 75% of the GOP and Independent voters DO NOT SUPPORT Mitt Romney.

In addition, Rick Perry started at the top when he jumped into the race and quickly slid-down in the polls after he insulted his base of voters by telling them they were insensitive and "had no heart" when it came to giving entitlements to ILLEGALS. Screw Perry! The Texans can have him!

It's Not Just Candidates
Here's why we also HATE Congress; we wanted a change in Washington. Obama turned-out to be a a BIG disappointment! His radical changes for America are NOT what we wanted. His one Party Rule showed is that with the passage of ObamaCare jammed-down our throats! So the mid-term elections gave voters new hope to clean-up the corruption in Washington and stop the one-sided demolition of America. We voted to erase the Socialist/Marxist movement provided by the Democratic Party and renew the checks-and-balances.

However, since the 2010 midterm elections the Good-Old-Boys (GOBs) in the Republican Party have subverted the new Tea Party candidates into "seeing things" THEIR WAY at the voters expense! They were led astray from Conservative values and the US Constitution. Prime Example: The Patriot Act. Only a hand full of the newly elected representatives voted AGAINST renewing it. (The Patriot Act, written by Joe Biden (VP) when he was a Senator, destroys your Constitutional rights against illegal search and seizure, it also attacks and nullifies your 1st Amendment rights, and it expands BIG Government's ability to invade your privacy).

So it's no wonder that Americans are NOT satisfied with Congress. The whole system is corrupted (both sides). They betray us the first chance they get! True politicians! And it's time to let Congress know that the GOBs are also part of the Problem. We have the solution. Vote-out ALL incumbents, the good, bad and the ugly! We have to dump the ones who are the problem. All of the career politicians MUST go. ALL of them, especially those with more than two terms behind them!

Along Came Cain!
When Herman Cain threw his hat in the ring, no one took his candidacy serious. He was immediately placed on the so-called "second tier" of candidates by the Main Stream Media (MSM). Some even claimed that he did it because he wasn't serious and just wanted to make fun of the system by running. They couldn't believe that Cain had ANY chance of getting anywhere and they tried to influence voters by ignoring him. Of course the MSM has been co-opted (owned by the elites) and they "THINK" that they are part of the "solution" by supporting the Socialist/Marxist agenda! They have already decided that Romney will be the GOP's candidate for the White House. FAT CHANCE if citizens stick together!

Skip The BS
However, American voters have shown that we are heeding Cain's message. Slowly, we are no longer listening to the MSM because we now know they are just as corrupt as the Politicians in DC! And, in spite of how the MSM has villified Cain with nothing but "anonymous" allegations, WE DON'T CARE! Hell, we kept Clinton in office after having ORAL SEX in HIS OFFICE! Wasn't that sexual harassment in the workplace? The MSM are just playing interference for Obama while he pisses away America and runs for re-election! They don't deliver the news, instead they give us their propaganda dressed as "news". It's disgusting and we're getting wise.

Herman Resonates
Cain resonates with us because he FEELS our PAIN and understands where WE are! This new phenomenon is called the "Hermanator"! He's been there and done that! Cain started with nothing and made a success for himself in America. He's a man of integrity and we trust him! What's more important, he's NOT a politician! We don't want another "Mainstream politician" to represent us ANYWHERE!! We don't really care if he has no foreign policy experience. He listens to us and we trust that he's smart enough to get people who do have the necessary experience to help him in his Presidential cabinet. He's had successful positions of leadership and God knows we need a TRUE leader to get this country out of this mess.

We don't have to let the MSM choose our next candidate like they have for the past several elections. It's time to STAND UP America. Take back what's ours.

So where do you stand? Are you a "Hermanator"?

Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Awakening

What Is It?
An awakening is rousing or coming alive. Waking up! It's the act of becoming conscious about something.

The Great Awakening is used to explain periods of religious revival in American religious history. Don't worry, we're not getting religious in today's blog. We're just making the point that throughout various times, there were widespread revivals that were associated with wide-spread movements across all denominations.

America may be experiencing another "Awakening." This one isn't religious, but rather political. Americans are becoming aware that our liberties and freedoms are severely under attack. The American way of life is being assaulted and we see it every day on TV and the evening news.

There is a book titled "The Coming Insurrection" and it is happening to America, and the entire world right now. Look around. The book is a formula of how to destroy and take down a government. We've seen the "Arab Spring", the riots in Greece, Spain, and France. It's all around us every day. Now it's here in America.

The "occupy" movement is NOT a spontaneous movement like the Tea Party. No, "Occupy" is planned, well thought out, well organized, and well funded. It's sole purpose is to "Take-down the government." Organizers and protesters are paid to demonstrate, unlike the Tea Party who wants limited government and lower taxes. You can discover all of this if you take the time to research its origins. This assumes that you are not relying on the Main Stream Media (MSM) who is part of the movement to bring down government. It's all there, and more and more Americans are becoming aware of this evil intent. The organizers of the "Occupy" movement are Marxists. Listen to their message. It's clear they want to take us down.

The Sleeping Giant
America was asleep on December 7, 1941, just like we are now in November 2011. It took bombs and loss of lives to jar us into believing that we needed to fight back.

Slowly, the "Occupy" movement is making Americans become aware of the assault on us. It's not violent yet, but it soon wll be. Count on it. These people will do anything to achieve their goal. They are evil and must be stopped.

The Message of Awareness
In the middle 1700s, before the American Revolution, there was a poet named Lawrence Tibble. He spoke to his contemporaries in the form of this poem:

"One man awake,
Awakens another.
The second awakens
His next door brother.
The three awake can rouse a town
By turning
the whole place
Upside down

The many awake
Can cause such a fuss
It finally awakens the rest of us.
One man up,
With dawn in his eyes
Surely then

His message was clear and needs repeating today. If you love freedom, you need to stand for your country. Awaken your friends, family and neighbors. Take a firm stand against the tyranny which is at America's door.