Saturday, December 18, 2010

Rube Goldberg Congress

13% Approval - They Earned It!
Congress has had 10 years to "fix" the so-called Bush tax cuts. But no, instead, they waited until after the mid-term elections to even begin to think about it. This way it didn't affect their re-election results and helps create yet another "crisis" so they can jam legislation down our throats without reading it.

Mad, Who's Mad?
Just because we fired over 50 representatives in the House of Representatives doesn't mean that we are mad. However, it may indicate that the fired representatives are mad. Look at their recent behavior. With nothing to loose, they tried to pass (and almost did) a $1.1 Trillion dollar Omnibus Spending package without reading it. Being fired, they thought that it was still OK to include over 6,600 earmarks (pork spending) even though voters indicated that wasteful spending must stop. Frankly, they just don't give a SHXT!

Fired Get Benefits
Unfortunately, fired government representatives receive fringe benefits - even though they were fired. That's right, they still will collect 80% of their $175,000 (or $140,000) PLUS free medical insurance coverage for life. All this for just having to serve a measly two years in Washington. What's wrong with that picture?

Quick Fix
When the new Congress begins on January 5, 2011, why not ask your new reps to introduce new legislation to fix this problem? Here's what it should contain:

  • Term Limits. Max 2 consecutive terms for Senators and 3 terms for Congressmen.
  • No retirement benefits.
  • No more free medical benefits.
  • Eliminate Lame Ducks: Upon receipt of certified election results, representatives are through immediately. Pack-up, go home, and stop legislating. Swear-in the new winners immediately.
  • Make Congress part-time. 6 Months maximum.
  • Cut Congressional pay to $40,000.
  • Make it ILLEGAL for special interest groups to donate money to Congress.
  • Any Representative found guilty of ethics violations will be fired immediately. A special election will be held ASAP to fill the vacant seat.
  • All Congressional Representatives must travel on commercial airlines and be subjected to TSA body searches. No more freebie airplanes.
  • Demand legislation for a balanced budget.
  • Make it against Federal Law NOT TO PASS A BUDGET with penalty of imprisonment.

Squeaky Wheel
Be the squeaky wheel in your District. Let your new legislators know who you are, where you live and what you expect from them. Do so frequently!

Friday, December 17, 2010

UN Wants Control Over Internet!

Internet Control & CENSORSHIP
If you thought that it was bad that this administration wants to take control and censor the Internet, we have one better. Now the United Nations thinks that they should take control over it! OH REALLY? Think about this: The United Nations wants to control speech and content over the Internet. So who died an put them in charge of free speech?

Sovereignty - What's That?
Who are the leaders of the UN anyway. It is composed mainly of despots and dictators of various entities. They REALLY have no jurisdiction over America, it's laws, or its regulations. But now they want to take over the Internet! Sovereignty means "a government free from external control." "Sovereignty is the quality of having supreme, independent authority over a territory."

Apparently the UN dictators forgot this definition because they have had it THEIR way too LONG and forgot what freedom means! Funny how a totalitarian state forgets!

The idea that the United Nations actually believes that it's OK to even consider this idea is totally OUTRAGEOUS! It's bad enough that our own government is trying to silence free speech. Think about what it would be like if foreign nations decided what you can/cannot post on Twitter and Facebook - let alone on personal blogs. Things would be a LOT different Comrades! The NEW WORLD ORDER is busy at work at the United Nations.

Action To Take
Don't just sit there. Tell Congress and the State Department exactly how you feel about your freedoms being usurped by some foreign entities. Don't let this go without complaining as loud as you can. It's a foreign attack on free speech.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Progressives Don't Give a SHXT!

Have You Ever Seen Anyone Fired?
Modern-day office protocol after firing somone is to walk them out-of-the office with an escourt upon firing them-immediately. Why? To keep them from doing damage to the company that just fired them. It can be quite dangerous to leave a fired employee alone and unguarded to access the computer systems and company records. Washington needs to learn this lesson.

Lame Ducks Are Flipping You Off
In case you haven't been paying attention to Washington, the Progressive Lame Ducks that we just fired are actively giving us all the finger! They have been quite busy continuing to shove their Progressive agenda down OUR throats once again - even though they have been fired. Knowing that they have nothing to loose, they are ignoring what Americans mandated in the elections and are doing their usual thing. They have tried to pass the following:

  • The DREAM Act (Amnesty for ILLEGALS
  • Reparations for Black and American Indians
  • Food Act (control over what farmers can and can't plant - what you can eat/not eat)
  • What your kids can eat in school (Michell Obama's Food Police laws)
  • Death Tax (Making the estate of the dead give 35-50% of lifetime earnings which have already been previously taxed)
  • Bush Tax Cuts (Raising taxes on Americans during the GREAT RECESSION)
  • Omnibus Spending Bill 2011 (Bloated spending bill with over 6,600 Earmarks using borrowed taxpayer monies). Watch Obama sign it into law after he has condemned Earmarks. He's a LYING BASTARD TOO!
  • Unemployment extensions for an additional 13 months. (We have to borrow BILLIONS from China in order to do this.)

The list goes on, but you get the point. Why listen to Americans when Progressive Lame Ducks still remain in office? They can do as they Damn please and we cannot stop them!

Watch The GOP TOO!
Speaking of Progressives, there are Republicans who behave just like our Progressive enemies because they too are Progressives. They are voting for Entitlements, making deals, and support the new Omnibus Bill. Learn who they are and remember them at election time in the next election cycle. Publicise who they are and embarrass them. Make them feel uncomfortable for being TRAITORS to their oath of office and to the Constitution. They don't deserve to stay in office. They're worse then their courterparts because they claim to be "Conservatives" but lie and vote like Progressives.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Another Omnibus Spending Bill

Name Tells It All
The name of the new Omnibus Spending bill tells it all. It's huge and we can't afford it!

AMERICA TAKE WARNING: We are about to see another Christmas Eve TAX & SPEND surprise from the Progressive Bastards in Congress. The Lame Ducks are ignoring Americans!

SOS (Same Old SHXT)
The Progressive Lame Ducks are at their old tricks once again. Now they want to spend Another $1.1 TRILLION dollars that Americans do NOT have. The progressive movement is INSANE and is truely trying to destroy America by spending it into oblivion! They are following the Cloward & Piven strategy to bring America to its knees.

Loaded With Earmarks!
The new spending bill proposed by the Lame Ducks contains BILLIONS of dollars in earmarks (PORK spending). This is one of the main reasons why we voted these BASTARDS out-of-office in November. Here are a few of the earmarks that are included in the bill, their amounts and their sponsors:

  • Chicago Avaiation Education Initiative, $250,000 Rep. Rush (D, IL)
  • Old Taylor Road Roundabout, $500, 000, Rep. Childers (D, MS) & Wicher (R, MS)
  • Bronx Zoo Transportation Facility, $500,000, Rep. Serrano (D, NY)
  • E. stadium Bridges Replacement Project, $500,000, Rep. Dingell (D, MI)
  • Illinois Pedestrian & Bicycle Road, $2.5 Million, Sen. Durbin (D, IL)
  • Iowa Depertment of Education, $6 Million, Rep. Hackern (D, IA)
  • Advanced Genetic Technologies, $650,000, Sen McConnell (R, AK)
  • Maple Research, $165,000, Rep. Leahy (D, VT)
  • Arthropod Damage Control, $1 Million, Harry Reid (D, NV)
  • National Bio and Agro Denence Facility, $40 Million, Sen. Brownback (R, KS)
  • Fish & Wildlife Service, $6 Million, Sen. Inoye, (D, Hawaii)

Note Who These Bastards Are
The representatives and senators who supported these earmarks are NOT ALL DEMOCRATS. They also include PROGRESSIVE REPUBLICANS. Remember their names and vote them out of office in the next election cycle!!

6,600 Earmarks in All
So the Lame Ducks are at it again. Business as usual. We cannot afford to keep doing this to our future America! Senator Jim McDermit says "America loudly demanded an end to the runaway spending, but Democrats are intent on raiding every taxpayer dollar that the can grab from the Treasury on their way out of power."

Wake The Hell Up America
Do you get it yet? These Bastards are destroying America and we are just sitting by watching it happen. Don't support this behavior any longer. Get mad and tell Congress to stop SPENDING us into Hell!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Why Negotiate With Lame Ducks?

The Bogus Tax Deal
No matter what the DEMs call it, the Bush Tax Cuts, or the Obama Tax Increase, the deal being "negotiated" now on Congress is just another STIMULUS package with a different name. Please be aware that the DEMs are using the "CRISIS" mentality (that they created) so they can jam their agenda down OUR throats once again. This is BS and it has to stop.

Is a Delay Really Better?
Think about it. The Lame Duck Congress is trying to add on their extra bells and whistles (like always) so they can get some pork sent home and help make more people totally dependent on BIG Government - at America's expense. What everyone forgets is that we do NOT have ANY money to keep doing business the same old way anymore. Why should we have to borrow from China to pay for all that the Lame Ducks want anyway? They are leaving office soon. Good riddance. Why negotiate ANYTHING with these BASTARDS?

All this "new" legislation does is delay the tax increase. It solves nothing. It does not prevent taxes from ever rising. It also resurrects the Death tax which is totally unfair. Frankly, we can do better than that. Eliminate the tax increase altogether by replacing the existing tax structure with a FLAT TAX of 12 % for EVERYONE. Yes, EVERYONE! No more BS about 46% of Americans not having to pay taxes any longer. Have everyone pay their fair share instead of trying to re-distribute the wealth. No more special interests getting tax breaks, and no more excuses for everyone NOT paying ANY taxes. The Progressive redistribution model SUCKS and is un-American! It's Marxism with a different name.

Aren't you getting tired of having Progressives telling you what to do? Their brainstorm idea will add to the deficit enormously! Is that a good idea during these bad economic times?

What About Unemployment Insurance?
Currently, people who are out of work can collect unemployment benefits for 2 YEARS. The Lame Ducks want to add an addition 13 more months making those individuals totally dependent on BIG Government for assistance for a total of over 3 years. This is wrong because after these 13 months pass, Progressives will want to extend unemployment benefits even longer. Ask yourself: How long should the government pay people to not to work? 3 years? 4 years? 5, 6, 7 years? Really, how long is fair? Can the government pay people forever not to work? Is that realistic?

How about this question: Who's going to want to hire you after you have been out of work for over three years? No one, because you will be viewed as a looser with no skills whatsoever! That's just not true. Everyone has some talents.

So why should every American be responsible to pay for a government program that does nothing to help those unemployed find gainful employment? Couldn't the money be better spend training those people for a new career instead?

It's a Broken Model
The Progressive model is broken. It does NOT make life better - Just the opposite! We cannot afford to keep bleeding America into economic collapse. This is EXACTLY what Progressive are doing. AND it's DELIBERATE. Obama is no angel. He's in the driver seat! This IS the direction Progressive want for America! The Cloward & Piven strategy is to collapse America. Isn't that what the Progressives are really doing?

Are you better off than before Obama took office to "fix" things? Hardly! This administration has made things worse than before. No more excuses. Obama cannot blame anyone but himself for the current state of the economy. Especially after HIS policies (Stimulus and massive spending) have put us where we are today! It's time to stop digging the hole and wake up!

Let the Deal Go Down
Skip the deal being jammed through Congress about taxes. Let the new Congress deal with it in a few days. Blame the Democrats for this mess because they are the ones who deliberately postponed solving this problem before the elections. Let the new Congress pass some REAL tax reforms that are FAIR for everyone. Get off the Progressive band wagon once and for all! Their way does not work and we need to move forward for a change.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Barry's World

The Obama Doctrine on Iran

Obama's Tough Foreign Policies


Obama's Slogan List

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Boy Scout Motto

Any Scouts Out There?
If you're not too old to remember, the Boy Scout motto is "Be Prepared." This is even a more timely message as we approach the Christmas holidays. Holiday shopping should take on some different dimensions this year because of what's happening to our economy. The forces against the United States seem overwhelming at times. Consequently, being prepared should help you to help others when the SHXT hits the fan.

Items to Consider
There are so many things we should all buy, but buying the "perfect" gift this year may be easier than you think. Here are some practical and useful items that you should consider as gifts for those you care about:

  • A Ham Radio-The quality three brands are: Icom, Kenwood and Yaesu. Remember when the SHXT hits the fan, you cell phone will be useless! A ham radio (2 meter variety) will afford you the ability to communicate when all forms of "regular" communications are compromised.

  • Bug-Out Bag-When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Always have what you need to survive for a minimum of three days packed and ready to go at all times. You can find a good bag for about $22 at Fill it with the bare essentials. Don't know what they are? Google "Bug Out Bags" and find out.

  • MREs-"Meals Ready to Eat" are the same foods that our troops have when stuck in a foxhole. You should have at least 3-7 per person. More if you can afford them.

  • First Aid KitAlways carry one in your car and have one at your home. Make your own kit with things recommended. Don't know what goes in one? Google "First Aid Kits" and find out.

  • Puzzles, Games, Cards-Have anything that can be entertaining that doesn't use batteries.

Of Course there's More...
Yes, now you should be getting the idea. There are more things you can buy as practical gifts. No more small appliances for Mom or neckties for Dad. They deserve more because you care for them. What are you waiting for, start thinking and get shopping!