Saturday, March 24, 2012

What Is a Progressive?

It seems that the word "Liberal" now has a substitution of the word "Progressive." This is because Liberal has too many negative connotations. Progressives like to change names and they do so often - especially when they get caught doing something ILLEGAL like ACORN did. Anyway, Progressives always set goals that are suppose to benefit society. You know, for the good of the "collective." Their main goal is to create "Utopia." They believe that Big Government can accomplish this objective - in spite of what history shows us about big government and utopia. This endeavour always fails for a variety of reasons!

Size of Government
Progressives all want bigger government. This is because they want the government to control your daily lives - down to the food you can or cannot eat. They want to regulate the amount of energy you consume, the type of light bulbs you can or cannot use, the type of toilet you have, the amount of C02 your car emits, and so on and so on ... forever.

They do this because they know better than you do. They believe that you are too stupid and don't know anything. They have to "help" you make the tough decisions for your own good. It's ironical that a hand full of elites actually believe this CRAP. How they arrived at the conclusion that they are actually smarter is beyond comprehension! They have no logical reason to come to this decision - they just "know it to be true."

History Repeats
What's really ironic is that these elites don't seem to understand history. Perhaps that's because they are always re-writing it all the time to make it "fit" into their scheme of things. They truly ignore that Big Government policies are huge failures. They ignore facts in spite of reality because it doesn't fit into their false logic. They ignore their own failures of their failed policies because they always "know better."

Progressives have created the dependency of about 1/2 of the citizens in the USA. This is their goal! That way the government can control their lives and hopefully every one's lives. Meanwhile the rest of us who want to remain self-sufficient carry the burden of the sand-baggers who don't want to work and who want to suck the government teat forever.

America is changing and was can thank Progressives for these changes. They have been in-play for over 100 years! Beware if you are one of us. Our numbers are diminishing! Unite and stop this "Fundamental Change" before it's too late.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cut Our Losses

Get Out Now
We have been in Afghanistan for 10 years. We went there to kill Bin Laden. We did, so why are we still there? Each day we waste our blood and human treasure for a government who can't stand us. So why not get out now?

Democratize Is The Goal
Why does the USA believe that we can create a modern 21st century government in a country that has NEVER had a government? That's pretty arrogant to believe that we have the answers to their problems. Most of the Afghans want us to leave them alone. They refuse to go along with our plan to introduce a Democratic approach to government. They would rather continue along their traditional tribal ways. So why not leave them alone?

Our mission was achieved when we found and killed Bin Laden. Incidentally, he wasn't even living in Afghanistan! By staying around, all we do is piss-off more people who want us gone and have even more reasons for us to leave than the day before.

World Police Department
The United States of America is NOT the world's police force. Each country has it's own sovereignty and we should not interfere with them - period. Our Founding Fathers had it right when they realized that the only time we should intervene in a foreign land is when they are a threat to the USA. That philosophy has been forgotten and look where the new ideas have gotten us! We are spread so thin that we can't even protect our own borders!

Action To Take
Tell your Congressional leaders to get our troops out of Afghanistan immediately. Mission accomplished.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Obama's Set a Good Example

Stay Away From Mexico...
The federal government has issued several warnings to American tourists to stay away from traveling to Mexico because it's too dangerous. Too may drug lords and gang wars are the main reason for avoiding travel in Mexico.

There's only one thing wrong with that message: I does NOT apply to the Obama family! And, now it's the oldest daughter.

Like Mother - Like Daughter
Michell Obama has set a perfect example to her daughters. Suck the American taxpayers dry while you can. (That's the 51% of us who DO pay taxes). Enjoy the four year ride and hope for four more years if you're lucky! Malia Obama, the oldest daughter (age 13) is now vacationing without her parents in Mexico. She is accompanied by 25 Secret Service agents because she brought along 12 of her school mates! She is visiting all the historical landmarks and tourist places. She arrived last Saturday. Strange how we haven't heard about this trip.

Gee, don't you wonder who paid for the jet flight and the hotel? We know for sure who's paying for the armed body guards! Of course the hotel is cooperating to the fullest. All access to the hotel is now blocked to other people (including visitors and tourists). So, she's taken over the hotel just like her mom did in Spain!

What's More Interesting
There were several web sites (including Media Matters) that carried this story. However, they all have mysteriously deleted their coverage all at the same time. The story was dropped like a hot potato. There is only one remaining web site carrying the story. It's the Montreal Gazette! (The Obama administration has no control over them!) Doesn't this also make you wonder if the Obama administration had anything to do with the media's lack of continued coverage and removal of this story? Why did all American web sites drop this story at the same time? Coincidence? HARDLY!

Doesn't the American public have a right to know that the President's 13 year old daughter is vacationing by her self in Mexico? We should all know so we can all see what hypocrites the Obama's are by telling Americans NOT to go to Mexico while they allow their daughter to go there on vacation. One web site used the excuse that it's not protocol to report on the President's daughters. Oh really? Recall when President' Bush's daughter was busted for under-aged drinking? That was widely published by all American media. It seems that the MSM too are also hypocrites!

It's bad enough that Obama uses Air Force One for all of his personal activities (like flying to NYC for a play with MO and going to his fund raisers). In addition, his wife has abused her position by taking lavish and expensive international vacations by herself. Now we see their daughter learning how to also take advantage and abuse American taxpayers once again.


Monday, March 19, 2012

It's Always Delivered on Fri Afternoon...

Latest Power Grab
Have you heard anything about the executive order that Obama issued late Friday afternoon? Probably not. The Main Stream Media (MSM) is asleep at the helm once again. The news outlets that do have anything to report, tell us that this executive order gives us nothing to worry about because it's just an update. Whenever the MSM tells us not to worry, it's worth looking into to decide for yourself if that is true or not.

Update - My ASS!
The executive order (EO) called the "National Defense Resources Preparedness." This new EO was issued on Friday afternoon because Obama doesn't want you to know what he's up to with this directive. By issuing proclamations on Friday afternoon, most people don't hear about them because they are already in "Weekend mode." This is a polite way of saying that this is a sneaky way of publishing with the intention of meeting obligations without repercussions from opponents or having little press coverage.

What It Does
This new EO gives Obama and all his Czars more power than Congress ever intended under the original act back in 1950! He presented the EO under the guise of an "update" because the older version (last updated in 1994) does not include the Department of Homeland Security.

Obama does not change the definition of "national defense" because he keeps the same wording. However, he does change the part which gives him much more discretion to "intervene" and control the major portions of the economy if he or any of his "heads" believe that it is appropriate to to so under the cause of "national defense."

This act authorizes the President to prioritize contract performance and to "allocate materials, services, and facilities in such manner, upon such conditions, and to such extent as he shall deem necessary or appropriate to promote national defense." That's just about everything you can think of!

It also grants new Presidential powers over the energy industry. It delegates to his Czars new powers of oversight of "all major segments of the private sector economy including all forms of energy, health resources, civil transportation, water resources and all other services and facilities including construction materials."

This executive order delegates to these department heads and Czars the authority to "issue regulations to prioritize and allocate resources and establish standards and procedures by which the authority shall be used to promote the national defense, under both emergency and non-emergency conditions."

The Act also gives Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius, more powers than granted in ObamaCare.

What To Think
If this doesn't scare the living CRAP out of you, you must have your head in the sand! This is a MAJOR POWER GRAB that happened right in front of your very eyes - if you bothered to pay any attention. You need to express your OUTRAGE at this ILLEGAL ATTEMPT to change the duties and powers of the Presidency!

Obama is silently building a big machine that HE will use against you!


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Obama's FAILED Energy Policies

Obama Says One Thing
President Obama tells us that oil production in the USA is at an all time high under HIS administration. What he forgets to tell us is that it is on private lands. Obama HATES OIL! Obama HATES COAL! Obama HATES Natural Gas! He does everything in his power to halt oil, natural gas and coal production on federal lands.

Claims to Be Open Minded
Sounds good, but look at the reality of Obama's policies on just oil. Obama REFUSES to drill in the following:
  • Off the Florida coast - but it's OK for Cuba to drill there!

  • Off the mid-Atlantic coast (near Virginia).

  • In the Gulf of Mexico.

  • In the Artic National Wildlife Refuge.

  • On federal lands in the Rockies-leases are down over 70% since Obama took office.

Don't Forget
Obama actually lobbied AGAINST the Keystone Pipeline from Canada. Not only would it bring oil from Canada to our refineries, but is would have created over 20,000 new jobs. This apparent no-brainer didn't have a chance with him. Obama would rather prolong our dependence on foreign oil indefinitely to weaken the USA!

Also, recall that Obama loaned several BILLION to Brazil so they could drill offshore - even though HE opposes offshore drilling in our country. He likes the idea of becomming a customer of Brazil's oil company Petrobras keeping us more dependent on foreign oil. (By the way, until just recently, George Soros, an Obama supporter, was a major stockholder in Petrobras).

His Message to Us
Obama tells the American public that "we start using less - that lowers the demand prices come down." Unfortunately we already have reduced our consumption and we continue to watch the increases of gas prices on a daily basis.

Obama is an IDIOT! He thinks that We are STUPID!!

Gas Prices Will Continue to Hurt Obama
As long as Obama continues with his policies against fossil fuels, he will continue to drop in the polls. GOOD! He deserves to drop. It's costing Americans every day. Let's hope that he's too stubborn to realize that this issue will defeat him at the polls in November.