Saturday, April 14, 2012

Guest Article - Our Dictator

It's Official: Barack Obama Has Declared Himself De-facto Dictator Of The USA
by Floyd Brown - The Western Center For Journalism

"He stopped trying to hide the fact that he believes that he's our king and dictator long ago. And now, it's even worse... some of his minions and supporters are no longer trying to hide the fact that THEY believe that Obama is our king and our dictator.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and the sick and repulsive "novelty item" to the right is now being flown by Obama's minions across the country. Even the see-no-evil-Obama-media has taken notice of people flying this desecration in various places across the country, including a Democratic Headquarters in Florida.

The fact that people would desecrate the flag in such a manner should make you angry, but it's also a symptom of a deep sickness. You would have expected to see such a cultish display in Mao Tse Tung's China or in Soviet Russia... but never here... never in the good ol' USA.

But it's flying here and that means that the cult of personality is alive and well in what used to pass for the United States of America. It can no longer be ignored. We are now being ruled by a tin-pot, de-facto dictator and it's about time that someone, other than Obama's minions who fly that desecration with pride in their hearts, has the courage to admit it.

The Obama Regime is a full-grown malignancy... a horrendous disease afflicting this great nation; and the picture above proves it more than any words can ever express. And there is only one cure for what ails this great nation. The time for Congress to IMPEACH BARACK OBAMA is upon us. It is now!

He's Declared Congress Irrelevant. Now, He's About To Declare The Courts Irrelevant Too.

For months, Barack Obama telegraphed that he would deem Congress irrelevant. No one believed it. When Obama adviser Josh Earnest, said working with Congress is "no longer a requirement," our elected officials simply dismissed the statement as a figure of speech.

But Obama was as good as his word. When he clearly violated Article 2, Section 2 of the United States Constitution and decreed, without the advice and consent of the Senate, that Richard Cordray would be the head of his so-called Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, he made it official.

Through this seemingly insignificant but illegal act of defiance, Barack Obama stopped sticking his toe in the water and finally took the plunge. He essentially declared himself dictator, and no one in Congress lifted a finger to stop his tyrannical usurpation of power!

And now, he's about to do the same to the Supreme Court and no one can say he didn't warn us. With totalitarian audacity and dictatorial arrogance, Barack Hussein Obama recently DARED the Justices of the United States Supreme Court to cross him and strike down his precious ObamaCare. From on high, he proclaimed that any ruling, not to his liking, would constitute "judicial activism."

And in spite of the back-tracking from Eric Holder's Department of Injustice, Obama still managed to successfully telegraph his chilling and totalitarian message. It doesn't really matter what actually constitutes "judicial activism" because only Barack Obama defines "judicial activism" and what Barack Obama, defines as "judicial activism" will NOT BE TOLERATED. Essentially he's saying: Go ahead, rule against me; I'll simply declare you irrelevant and continue to implement ObamaCare anyway!

The pundits will try to tell you that such a thing is not possible... that it can't happen. They're fools. What's to stop Barack Obama from declaring the Supreme Court irrelevant? What's to stop him from doing again what he has already done? He's violated the Constitution and usurped power on far too many occasions already and no one has stopped him.

Why, after all that has already transpired, is it so hard for the politicians and pundits in Washington to get their heads around the concept that Barack Obama will YET AGAIN usurp authority he does not have and rule this nation as he pleases? He's already declared himself to be above the law... beyond the law. What's Congress going to do? Impeach him?

Our answer? Hell yes! Our founders knew that such a thing could happen. They knew that a self-styled dictator could, one day, take control of the Executive Branch of the federal government, and they ratified Article 2, Section IV of the Constitution of the United States to safeguard our great nation against such an eventuality.

The Obama Regime is a disease. Impeachment is the cure!

Enough Is Enough.

How many times will Barack Obama violate his oath of office before conservative in Congress, say enough is enough? What will it take for our so-called conservative leaders to stop hiding behind their desks and do what must be done to save our country?

Something must be done and you're not the only one saying it.

When Obama commanded the United States Supreme Court not to strike down his precious (and unconstitutional) ObamaCare, wrote that Obama had "declared war on the Supreme Court" and Dan Collins with wrote: "This thug needs to be impeached and thrown out of office for a seditious violation of the Constitution." And yet, no one in Congress has lifted a finger.

Tony Katz, in, writes: "Obama’s pronouncement about the Supreme Court was so disingenuous and divisive as alone to warrant impeachment proceedings." And yet, no one in Congress has lifted a finger.

Obama was caught in an open mic moment and actually told Russia's Dmitry Medvedev that he would have "more flexibility" after the November election to put our national security on the back burner, Katz called it a "stunning statement... worthy of a conversation about treason." And yet, no one in Congress has lifted a finger.

The Obama Regime is telling the Catholic Church and other institutions of faith, in direct violation of the 1st Amendment, that they are now REQUIRED to pay for the birth control, sterilizations and abortions of others. And yet, no one in Congress has lifted a finger.

And in spite of the constitutional requirement that the President of the United States enforce all the laws of the land, Barack Obama decreed that he would not enforce the Defense of Marriage Act, and that he would not defend the Act in court. It was a clear violation of the Constitution. Peter LaBarbera with AFTAH rightly called it "another shocking act" by "the most arrogant and Constitution-abusing president in America’s history." And yet, no one in Congress has lifted a finger.

It's time for our elected officials in Congress to understand what the American people already know. Our nation is under attack from within and the source of those attacks must be removed.

Tyranny Has Become A Pattern Of Behavior With The Obama Regime.

Let's face facts; tyranny has become a pattern of behavior with Obama and he's no longer making an effort to even conceal his tyrannical abuses of power. Obama has essentially said... one too many times... I'll do as I please and I dare anyone to stop me.

Ironically, a man who is probably not constitutionally eligible to hold the office in the first place has seized powers that go far beyond those that a legitimate President would wield.

But Barack Obama is not a king or a monarch. He is not our dictator and when the man or woman occupying the Oval Office violates the Constitution, the remedy is IMPEACHMENT!

There can be no other remedy. Obama has gone too far too many times. The Obama Regime has become bold as brass.

And why shouldn't Obama and his apparatchiks be bold? At every turn our so-called Republican leaders in Congress have given him inches, and each time he has taken miles. When will these tyrannical abuses stop? How far will Barack Obama go? When will they draw a line in the sand and say: the tyranny stops today!

History doesn't paint a pretty picture. Until patriotic Americans take action and lean on our elected representatives to expose Obama's dictatorial, illegal and unconstitutional behavior, the sky is the limit.

But it's not too late. To those who may be saying that pushing for impeachment is "impractical" with an election less than year away, we respectfully ask: how much damage can Barack Obama do in one year? How much power can he tyrannically usurp in a year? How much damage can he do to this great country and our Constitution in a year?

Pending elections DO NOT trump the Constitution and at this point, patriotic Americans should not be asking WHETHER Barack Obama should be impeached but rather, need to be asking WHEN will Barack Obama be impeached!"

Friday, April 13, 2012

Voter Fraud

DEMs Support Voter Fraud
In the 2008 elections over 1/3 of the voters registered by ACORN (Obama's old community organization) were fraudulent! In most cases these votes tended to be for Democrats. Ironic that the DEMs look the other way when we have any hint of voter fraud.

Arguments Against Voter IDs
The Left always gives the argument that voter ID laws are racist and are directed towards a racial bias. The Left claims that the Republicans want to disenfranchise people who vote Democratic - including Blacks, Hispanics, college students, and low income people. They also claim that these individuals cannot afford voter identifications.


It's not about money. It's about prohibiting voter fraud crimes. Getting a voter ID can cost anywhere from $6 to $25 dollars depending on which state you live in. The ONLY people who are "disenfranchised" by voter ID laws are the ones who cannot obtain a valid voter identification. These include: felons, illegal aliens, sex offenders and any other individual who should not be voting.

Lack of Enforcement
When Americans see a failure of the national government to enforce existing voter laws, they become discouraged. No wonder, it goes all the way up the food chain to the Attorney General! Eric Holder totally dismissed a blatant case (with video proof) of voter intimidation by the Black Panthers. This kept white voters away from the polls in Philadelphia. Holder dropped the case!

We Need Voter ID Laws
Voters should all be required to show a photo identification before being allowed to vote. We are often asked for photo IDs when buying alcohol, prescription medicines, and even cough syrups! It makes perfect sense to demand IDs to halt ANY possibility of voter fraud. Recently James O'Keefe showed how easy it is to commit fraud in Vermont by getting ballots for DEAD PEOPLE and even in Washington, DC when he got a voting ballot for Eric Holder without showing ID!

Demand voter Identification in your state.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

DEMs Show True Colors

Stay At Home Moms Don't Work!
This one takes the cake. A leading Democratic strategist (Progressive Hilary Rosen) claims that Ann Romney (a stay at home mom) has never worked a day in her life! Hilary Rosen is a frequent visitor of the White House (35 visits and counting), but apparently Hilary Rosen is not a mom or hasn't any children herself!

Hilary's Words of Wisdom
Hilary's comments are as follows: "His wife has actually never worked a day in her life. She’s never really dealt with the kinds of economic issues that a majority of the women in this country are facing in terms of how do we feed our kids, how do we send them to school and how do we . . . why we worry about their future."

Actually after these remarks, it's unlikely that she will be invited back to the White House any time soon in the immediate future. Most of Obama's colleagues have already thrown Ms. Rosen under the bus for her comments on national TV - and rightly so.

Better Than We Are
This is another example of the "elites" showing us that they know more than you do about all subjects. They do because they are smarter than all of us put together (or that's what they think). Progressive elites are better than we are! That's why "regular" women stay at home to raise a family. They can't cope with the tough decisions that the SMARTER Progressive women who work have to make every day in the office.


Perhaps Hilary meant that Ann Romney and all stay at home moms don't work because the DEMs can't tax them for their services! They need taxes to help pay for all the freebies that the DEMs like to give out to about half of our population. Actually neither political party WORKS or earns money- but they sure know how to spend it!

Damage Control
Needless to say that Twitter came to life after Hilary's remarks. The DEMs quickly realized that she wasn't playing the party message of division that "it's the Republicans who are waging a war on women." The DEMs had to re-create their class warfare attacks immediately. They had to throw Hilary Rosen under the bus immediately - and they did!

In fact, all of Obama's minions quickly jumped on the BASH HILARY ROSEN BANDWAGON, including David Axel rod who said "Also disappointed in Hilary Rosen's remarks about Ann Romney. They were inappropriate and offensive." Gee do you think?

We Can't Make This Stuff Up
If you don't play by the Party line, you become the enemy. If you don't speak the message, you get excommunicated publically.

Here's a message they cannot deal with: Women working in the Obama Administration make on average 18% less than their male counterparts. So where's the REAL WAR AGAINST WOMEN?

The Message
The DEMs message to voters has to be negative to deflect the shameful results of the past three years of Obama's failed policies. Obama cannot run on his record because it is horrendous!

Get smart America. Don't re-elect Obama!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Energy Independence - BAH!

Obama Energy Policies
Obama claims to want America to become energy independent but his actions prove otherwise. Once again Obama says one thing while directing HIS government agencies and regulators (CZARS) to do just the opposite.

Obama refuses to drill for oil and closed down all offshore drilling sending the big oil rigs to Brazil to help his friends at Petrobras so they can drill offshore for oil. He told the Brazilians that he would be happy to make the USA a Big customer of their oil while denying us of the same opportunity. To add insult to injury, Obama loaned Brazil several BILLION $$$ for this project!!

His Green Energy projects have squandered literally TRILLIONS of taxpayer dollars (Solyndra) while ignoring our greatest natural resource - coal. Fact: The United States has the world's largest coal reserves!

Obama's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has re-defined regulations and have begun to close-down coal-fired electrical plants. Within the next few years their new regulations Will literally STOP ALL construction of coal-electric plants. Why? We rely on coal to generate 45% of all of our electricity. And Obama wants to close them all? This will destroy America and increase the price of every good and service provided. Why?

We are now exporting record numbers of coal to China and Europe because they want cheap energy. Pollution? What's that? By killing the coal industry, Obama is also KILLING the entire state of West Virginia. He doesn't care!

So why won't Obama admit his failures and stop throwing our money away? Obama refuses to admit that HIS administration has reduced the number of drilling permits for oil and gas by claiming we are drilling more now than ever before. What he omits telling us is that this drilling is on PRIVATE LAND not government land that he can control. He also omits telling us that the permits issued for the current drilling were issued by the previous administration! That's called LYING BY OMISSION!

Keep Your Eye On The Ball
Listen to what Obama says and then watch what he does. They NEVER MATCH. He's a master of deception and he has fooled too many people for the past three years. Meanwhile, environmentalists continue their quest to save the whole planet at the expense of the American economy and Obama goes along with this agenda. This is hypocritical because Obama lets other nations drill and burn fossil fuels and doesn't say ANYTHING about them.

Remember In November
This coming election is going to be nasty. Obama cannot run on HIS record because it is so dismal. Consequently, there will be a lot of negativity coming from the White House to deflect attention away from the facts.

If you love America and care about its future, you need to vote Obama out-of-office.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Book Review

After America: Get Ready for Armageddon
by Mark Steyn

This blog usually does not plug books, however on occasion we do take exceptions. This books is a must read if you give a care about the direction that America is heading. Mark Steyn blasts the Progressives who have driven America into our current economic Armageddon. Mark has a razor sharp wit and will keep you reading and gobbling it all up.

This book's cover tells the whole story in one picture. A dead Uncle Sam wearing a toe tag (DOE). Unfortunately, Steyn is pointing-out that America isn't starting in its decline, but rather we are way deep in it instead. He warns of even worse things to come and for all of us. Everyone should read this!!

He describes the current "Barcackacy" and its goal to quickly lead us all as fast as possible as far away from the American Dream as possible. His predictions are scary and quite believable. Steryn's words seem prophetic because they relate to concrete examples to back-up his theories. He describes the unsustainable deficits and what exactly we have coming if we do NOT address them immediately!

He too proves that history does (in fact) repeat itself. If you care about America, buy or borrow this book and read it cover to cover. It's well worth your time and perhaps it will inspire you to do something to STOP THIS INSANITY!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Silence Is Deafening

Another Downgrade for America
Have you heard anything coming from the main stream media (MSM) regarding the second credit agency (Edward Jones) downgrading the USA's credit ratings from AAA (the best) to AA (fair). This is the second major credit agency in the world to downgrade America's credit ratings.

Isn't it strange the the MSM didn't find this to be newsworthy?

Real News!
America never had its credit rating lowered under ANY President until Obama came along. NEVER! That alone was big news. Now we have a second major player downgrading the USA and the MSM does not report it at all. WOW!

Edgar Jones warned "Without some structural changes soon, restoring credit quality will become increasingly difficult . . . without some structural changes soon, restoring credit quality will become increasingly difficult." They added that there was a 1.2% probability of the US defaulting in the next 12 months. Defaulting? Why didn't we hear this? Now they're talking about the USA defaulting on their loans! That's worth mentioning - don't you think?

Gee, why wasn't that worth reporting by the main stream media? Answer: Because they don't want to hurt Obama's chances of getting re-elected. The media would rather skip reporting that news to help get Obama placed back in the White House!

The Fix Is In
Pay attention America. You're being manipulated every day you turn on your TV or read the so-called "news" (PROPAGANDA) coming from the main stream media. They are working in concert along with the White House to put Obama back in the driver's seat.

That sounds real fair now doesn't it? How many points do you think that will be worth in the election? Free positive coverage from now until November. That should add up to a lot of uncommitted votes!

The MSM will never report the fact that the national debt grew by 23.6% the first two years of Obama's presidency! The MSM refuses to report that the national debt is more than the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) which is a BAD THING! This causes treasury notes to fall, raising mortgage rates, and all other loans, which slows the economy, which causes inflation to raise.

Action To Take
Stop wasting you time by watching TV news. Stop wasting your time reading the news as published by the MSM. Start getting your news from foreign news sources. They will at least give you perspectives you NEVER get by reading the CRAP published here in the USA.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Make Believe Fantasy

Employment Numbers Are BOGUS
Hey this is an election year! No President can get re-elected when unemployment numbers suck. So the Obama Administration needs to demonstrate to voters that it's getting better - even when it is NOT! Consequently, Obama has to show you that the number of unemployed is shrinking so he can get back in the White House for another four years.

In other words, he has to LIE to you again!

Don't Be Fooled
There is a new record-breaking statistic that the White House and the main stream media (MSM) is omitting from their reporting.

FACT: The US labor force has hit a new record high of 87,8797,000 people who ARE NOT in the labor force. Folks, that's over 87 MILLION people!

This increase in the number of people no longer in the labor force IS the reason that the government reported unemployment numbers reported look so good. These 87 MILLION plus people are NO LONGER counted or included in the government unemployment count!

Get it? The Department of Labor's unemployment figure of 8.2% does NOT include the people who have given up hope and are no longer actively seeking employment. Isn't that convenient for Obama? Obama's statistics can be "doctored" to be made to say ANYTHING including the FALSE idea that unemployment is dropping in the USA.

FACT: It is NOT! If you include the people who have stopped looking the REAL unemployment rate in the USA is 19.1%!!!

Don't Be Fooled
The numbers coming from the Obama Administration are BOGUS LIES! They are nothing more than Big Government PROPAGANDA to help re-elect Obama! Stop believing the CRAP you're being fed by this guy and understand why he's doing it. He cannot run on his REAL record!

Example: Look at HIS deficit numbers since HE has taken office. What do we have to show for them? A failed economy, rising inflation, unsustainable debt, and high unemployment!

We cannot have four more years of this guy and his FAILED POLICIES!