Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Get Active or Quit Complaining!

If you don't SPEAK-OUT, America will never forgive you.  Don't look now, but you have a voice in the next presidential election.  If you remain silent or if you stay at home, you will  be responsible for the fate of America.

Your grandchildren will remember this election.  They will blame YOU for not caring what happens to America. Do you even care?

This election will select the next president who will nominate the next three Supreme Court Justices. It's clear, that if Hillary gets elected, she will nominate justices who will DESTROY the 2nd Amendment.  Do you care, or are you one of the politically correct IDIOTS who are "Gun-o-phobic"?

Under Obama, we have seen what a pacifist president policies have done for America.  He has weakened our positions in the world to the point that our enemies see out inactions and reply to become more HATEFUL and destructive.

We (America) need a LEADER- not the pathetic pacifist like Obama! We have been disgraced, and disrespected more under Obama than under ANY other president and he loves it.

We need a REAL leader instead of a guy who threatened, runs, and hides. Americans are SICK of losing and want to see a True leader.

Bernie is a disaster.  He promises everything for free that only taxpayers will pay for.  He wants the government to decide who gets why.  How much, and who pays. That's NOT America. Besides, we are running-out of money!

Get smart. Vote.  Vote for change or America as we knew it will die.