Saturday, November 2, 2013

WARNING: Free Speech is DEAD

The Department of Justice (DOJ) is threatening to sue a novelty store owner and the manufacturer of those products for selling coffee mugs and tee shirts that the DOJ deems they violate the laws that guard the official seals of the agencies involved. What they really mean is that the Obama government does NOT like the satirical message they are saying and threatening litigation if they don't stop!

Here's what Eric Holder wants banned:

  • Coffee mugs and tee shirts that say "Department of Homeland Stupidity"
  • Coffee mugs and tee shirts that say "The NSA: The only part of government that actually listens"

So now the Obama government is openly banning free speech by threatening Big Government law suits against small businesses that sell items they don't like or that make fun of this administration. Obama is already purging our military leadership by getting rid of anyone who disagrees with him and his policies/regulations.

If this doesn't raise a RED FLAG for you, then forget it and just keep on ignoring the systematic dismantling of YOUR FREEDOMS!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Don't Look Now But...

Look over your shoulder. Big Government is taking over your healthcare. Have you been directly impacted yet? You will be. That's because ObamaCare was designed to be a Trojan Horse. That's why Nancy Pelosi told us we have to pass the bill to find-out what's in it. She knew if we did, that we would NEVER allow it to be passed. Incidentally, it's worthy to point-out that not 1 Republican voted for ObamaCare. It was all the doing of the DEMOCRATS which are now mainly controlled by Progressive Elitists.

If you think that you have dodged the bullet by ObamaCare forcing you to take government coverage - JUST WAIT! It is now being projected that an additional 93 MILLION more people will have their health insurance packages "cancelled" because of the Affordable Care Act. Democrats are calling these cancellations "Transitioning." Don't you just love how Progressives have a politically correct way of describing things? That's their polite way of screwing you into their program using their doctors and their hospitals and their waiting lists.

It makes no sense why men are mandated to carry maternity coverage. Seniors too! If you don't have this coverage, then the government pressures you into their program using their coverage. The law is designed to destroy existing insurance companies and make you join the government program.

What To Do
If you are a male or female under age 30, do NOT sign up for the government exchanges. This will help collapse the government system because they need young people to pay into the system and the higher premiums. If you are a senior, there's not much you can do. If you have been "Transitioned" you may be visiting soon with the Death Panels (who by the way aren't even doctors) to see whether or not they will even consider that you receive ANY medical treatment. Anyone over the age of 55 isn't worth spending the time or government money on so they will refuse treatments - especially to cancer patients. That kind of treatment costs too much and seniors are way past their prime so why bother with them? Goodbye seniors, it was nice knowing you!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

He Thought He Could Lie (Again)

oh, no, this time he got caught RED HANDED!

President Obama has committed High Crimes and Misdemeanors by LYING openly to the American Public over and over again. Why would Obama do this & jeopardize his Presidency? (Lying to the American public IS a HIGH CRIME & MISDEMEANOR punishable by IMPEACHMENT). Because he has lied about Benghazi and other government scandals and he has gotten away with them repeatedly, Obama believed that he could just continue to LIE to the American public because he thinks you're too stupid to figure it out.. His arrogance is the reason he jeopardized his Presidency. He's too wrapped-up in his own Narcissism to believe that he couldn't persuade (LIE) to the IGNORANT population into believing that ObamaCare wasn't a Trojan Horse forcing people into the single payer government system. Incidentally, that's just what the Affordable Care Act does. It forces people to take the one and only single payer system offered by Big Government as the wherewithal solution to YOUR healthcare. ObamaCare is a government take-over of your healthcare. It IS a TROJAN HORSE and it was sold to the American public that it was the only way to resolve the issue. It is a major deception.

Obama knew what he was doing. Obama LIES often and is a good LIAR!

Lying is a major problem for Obama. His credibility is now shattered because he has been caught and he can be subjected to IMPEACHMENT for his actions! Dishonesty will DESTROY Obama. Rightly so and it's about time he be held accountable for HIS actions and deceptions.

It's time to demand Congress investigate with the sole-goal of IMPEACHING the dishonesty and deceptions, coverups, and scandals coming from the President.

Obama MUST GO! Demand that Impeachment proceedings begin. We demand INTEGRITY for a change we can believe in!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

DHS Director Lied!

Kathy Sebelius lied when she claimed that the Affordable Healthcare Act starting date was specified in the law. In fact, she was the one who made the decision when to roll-out the broken software.

Knowing that the system had not been tested, Sebilious ordered the system in operation on October 1, 2013.

So what this shows is that the government has been lying to you all along. Isn't it time to hold Kathy Sebilius accountable? Why should she be allowed to claim she didn't do it when the evidence shows otherwise?

Is anyone accountable? does anyone in this administration ever get punished for breaking the law, or botching things up, or lying about being responsible for dead Americans?

The bottom line is that you cannot believe anything that comes out of this government. They lie all the time.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Stop ObamaCare

Obama lied when he said you could keep your healthcare provider & have the same doctor. That just isn't true. For example, in California 500,000 people are loosing their healthcare policies because of ObamaCare. Isn't that a description of a Trojan Horse? The government tricks you into believing one thing, while their intentions are quite different. They want full control over your life.

What would happen if Americans just decided NOT to participate in the ObamaCare sign-up? Wouldn't this force ObamaCare to collapse on itself? We hope so.

So, encourage family and friends to skip the government take-over of your healthcare treatment. Tell them NOT TO SIGN UP.

Just say "NO" to ObamaCare.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Freedom is Dying in America

Every day we lose more freedom in America. Free enterprise is dying a slow death. The government takes-over General Motors and tells them which cars to produce and which ones to scrap. Then the government sells the controlling interest to China.

Local police departments militarize their officers and equipment and train them for door-to-door searches. Then they demonstrate their abuse of power by ignoring the 4th Amendment in Boston on national TV. They searches several blocks of private homes without search warrants under the guise of "protecting us from terrorists."

Colleges tell students what they can or cannot say and what they can or cannot wear for Halloween celebrations. They want to control the youth of America and brainwash the students often. It's all about controlling them and getting them to fall-in-line for the good of the collective.

Pretty soon the Secularists will be busy again attacking the Christmas holiday season with lawsuits and other efforts for banning "offensive" displays. Catholic organizations and businesses are forced to pay for abortion medications for their employees by the government. Only Christians have to worry because Muslims can do or say just about anything they want, anywhere they want.

The government now forces its citizens to purchase a product that they may not want with penalties if they don't. There is no freedom there, just a totalitarian state controlling your lives.

No one in the government is held for their actions even when they have committed crimes. Instead, the criminals receive early retirement pensions or get government promotions instead. The government lives in secrecy and attacks those who speak-out against them.

The government tries to destroy the 2nd Amendment by signing a treaty with the United Nations that gives-up US sovereignty. They try and ban weapons and ammunition in efforts to disarm its own citizens.

Look around. This isn't America any longer. It's slowly becoming a FASCIST STATE just like Germany did in the 1930's. Our citizens remain unaware.

God help us!