Saturday, October 13, 2012

Crystal Ball

It's all over the Internet that if Obama looses to Romney, the anarchists will RIOT! The rumors floating around are nothing more than trial balloons to get the anarchists ready for their attempt to overthrow the election results and trash our government. Whether you believe it or not, these heinous individuals are following George Soros's plan to overthrow a government - OURS!

As published back on September 26, 2012, we pointed-out the five steps that Soros has used successfully (at least 5 times before) to overthrow governments. The steps are:

  1. Form a shadow government - DONE!
  2. Control the airwaves - The Corrupt Media - Done!
  3. Destabilize the state - Getting there...
  4. Provoke an election crisis - Riot the election results - DONE!
  5. Stage massive demonstrations (riots) - COMING - Fire-up the OWS guys and continue rioting until the government collapses.

Take a Hard Look
Listen-up. This is no joke. We can't make this stuff up. When you know what to look for - it's all there! American is under attack from within. Unfortunately many don't recognize it yet. They haven't connected the dots yet. There is a movement underway to follow the steps outlined above. It's happening right before your eyes today. Look around. It's in plain sight.

Don't be fooled into believing this CRAP can't or won't happen. Trust that the election results (especially if Romney wins) are the will of the people. Believe that there are those who want to overthrow our government. They WILL use the election as their excuse. Make your like-minded friends and family aware of the Soros plan. Don't allow it to happen. Don't become part of the planned hysteria that will result from these activities.

You're smarter than that. Don't become part of the mob mentality. Have your own plan of action.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Obama's Watergate

New Sign
There's a new sign posted around the White House. Too bad the Corrupt Soros Media isn't reporting much on it. A crime was committed by this administration and only a few seem to care.

White House Sign

When your own government lies to you for political reasons, it's time to get worried. They have changed the story so many times about the Libyan assignations, they can't keep it straight. It's hard when they lie because they have to remember all of the PROPAGANDA that they fed us.

They (OUR GOVERNMENT) need to be held accountable and that INCLUDES the President AND the Secretary of State. They have been involved in a cover-up to protect Obama's re-election bid. That's a pathetic reason to be dishonest with the American public.

Action To Take
Demand the TRUTH. Ask who's the source for the lame excuse that a video caused the riots. Did that make-believe-story originate from the White House first?  This will narrow the search for the BIGGEST LIARS. Encourage your Congressional Reps to continue their investigation and hold the bastards responsible for a change.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Liar Liar

One politician calls the other a liar. Wow, and people believe this? Don't people understand that ALL politicians lie? Just look to Washington, DC for hundreds of examples. If they don't lie, they bloviate and obscure the answer to the questions asked.

Liberal Logic (An Oxymoron)
So let's get this straight. When Obama looses the debate, it's not HIS fault because Romney lied. Well that makes sense - doesn't it? It does when you have a record of placing the blame somewhere else all the time.

Doesn't this kind of miss the whole point that President Obama had no rebuttals for Romney's comments? Obama looked like he knew NOTHING about the impact of his own domestic policies. We've seen 43 months of over 8% unemployment. He clearly doesn't understand ANYTHING about job creation. Why should he?  He was a community organizer and college teacher before becoming the most powerful man in the free world.

It should make Americans stop and think a bit about his qualifications. Obama has been in office almost four whole years. His policies and HIS regulations, and HIS Executive Directives are the reasons why our country is heading in the wrong direction. It's NOT because the other guy lied.

Fix It
Americans are finally waking up to the fact that maybe the guy in the Oval Office IS responsible for America's current situation. All you have to do is to vote-out President Obama because he's not getting the job done. In fact, he's making things worse for ALL of us.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Think About This
Obama is considered by some to be the "Food Stamp President" because under his term he has added well over 11 MILLION more people to the food stamp entitlement. This is because under Obama's administration, unemployment is as bad or worse than that of the Great Depression of the 1930s. Obama is proud of this record and claims that he is helping Americans by bailing them out of trouble. This is in spite of the fact that it was HIS policies, regulations, and bailouts, that are responsible for the high unemployment. Obama wants a "Nanny State" for America. He also boasts that he has helped the unemployed by getting Congress to extend the unemployment benefits to just short of three years. THREE YEARS!

Think About It
The Federal government will pay you not to work for almost three years. That's incentive for the unemployed NOT to look for work, let alone want to work. Why work at all when the government will pay you to stay at home, watch TV, talk on your free Obama cell phone, and shop for groceries with food stamps. No wonder people are comfortable being unemployed. The Obama government will bail them out and take care of them for free.

Although wasteful, these Federal "programs" are considered to be "entitlements." You don't have to work to get free stuff. The poor suckers who pay Federal taxes (53% of us) foot the bill for their free stuff. The 53% are the fools because they work, pay taxes and get NOTHING FREE in exchange for doing so - except the ethic that they can take care of themselves. The 53% are all self-sufficient and want it that way. The 53% believe that all people are created with the same opportunities for happiness and prosperity - if they work for it! And, most important, the 53% still have their self-respect!

Obama's Entitlements
Think what would happen to President Obama and his wife Michelle, if Romney wins the November election. Whoops, there goes all of Obama's "entitlements." No more Air Force One for those vacations and campaign money raising events. Only one or two body guards instead of the carloads required to guard the President when he travels. No more golf and vacations at Camp David. No more expensive rides in "The Beast." No more multi-million dollar bus rides either. No more government paid political campaigns. No more free food, free house, free everything!

And Michelle, poor Michelle. She won't be able to take those lavish vacations to exotic places on the taxpayer's dime. Boo Hoo. No more White House dinners with Hollywood stars. No more State Dinners for foreign dignitaries. And no more lavish wardrobes of designer clothes. No, she will have to pay for them.

And don't forget their two daughters. They won't be able to take expensive trips to Mexico with 30 of their classmates on the taxpayer's credit card. All these entitlements will disappear.

The Obama's REALLY have a lot to loose, don't they?

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Campaign SPAM

Sound Familiar?
SPAMMER: "Hi, my name is Tanika and I'm taking a politically neutral survey…"

YOU: "Ah, no thanks Tanika, I don't want to participate and thanks for calling me right in the middle of my dinner hour."

SPAMMER: "But this will only take a moment, can we count on your participation?"

YOU: "Tanika, please put me on your no call list. I appreciate your cooperation."

SPAMMER: "Well then if you don't have time to participate, perhaps you would like to make a political donation to your favorite party."

YOU: What's the use? CLICK!

Worse Yet
PHONE: Ring, ring…

YOU: "Hello?"

PHONE: "Hi, I'm Barack Obama and I approve this message… "

YOU: Click.

That was another machine recorded way of badgering voters. Candidates are now using electronic messaging systems to deliver their respective PROPAGANDA to anyone who has a telephone. It's worse than junk mail - especially if you get it on your cell phone where you pay for each minute! This is an example of computer assisted telephone SPAM - AND it's even more annoying to find-out that there is no LIVE person at the other end! No instead, the caller insists on being so impersonal as to use a machine to call and talk to you. This method is more economically viable because there are little or NO OPERATING COSTS!

Do they REALLY think that this will make you change your mind? Would you feel more compelled to vote for the bastard who keeps on annoying you at all times of the day and night?

It's bad enough to be bombarded with all the negative ads on TV by both parties. If you're in a "Swing State" you are the chosen lucky ones to receive the extra special treatment of TELEPHONE SPAM! Thanks a lot!

Glad When It's Over
There's less than a month left in the Presidential campaign. We can't wait until this election is over and done. The money WASTED on negative campaigning, TV ads, and Telephone SPAMMING is wasteful, disgusting, and down-right deplorable. All this money is spent to attract those pesky "independent voters" who haven't made up their mind yet. Are these people living under a rock? It ignores the fact that the MAJORITY of voters have already made up their minds and it's being wasted on them. In fact, it could even turn-off voters from going to the polls. This is especially true in those all important "Swing States."

If you haven't made up your mind yet, then you're an IDIOT! Don't bother to clutter up the voting polls on November.

Monday, October 8, 2012

IRAN Is Getting Nukes

When You Vote
Remember when you go to vote for President of the US, that President Obama has allowed IRAN to create and develop nuclear weapons. The Middle East is much less safe and Obama's foreign policy of appeasement and apologies is NOT working.

Do you REALLY believe that Obama has done a good job in the Middle East. Do you believe that the disastrous attacks in Libya were caused by a video and a spontaneous uprising? Obama has tried to cover-up the fact that THIS WAS A TERRORIST ATTACK. It occurred under HIS watch. This is the THIRD TERRORIST ATTACK under HIS watch. (The Shoe Bomber, and the Fort Hood Massacre).

Ask yourself if we can afford any more of these failures to protect Americans both here and abroad.

We need to get rid of Obama from the White House. He is NOT performing up to expectations.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Barry's World

Here are a few cartoons to remind us of what a GREAT President we all have.

DNC Convention

The Debate

The Debate Aftermath

Obama's Direction for America

Not My Fault (again)

Real Job Situation