Saturday, November 19, 2011

DEMs Defeat Balanced Budget Amendment

House Defeats Balanced Budget
While the GOP has the majority of votes in the House of Representatives, they were unable to pass a Balanced Budget Amendment. Why is this? The Democratic leaders worked hard to defeat it. They claimed that it would force Congress to cut billions from social programs during this recession. This in turn would result in Congress giving-up it's power to the courts to make the final rulings.

The bill failed to pass by a vote of 261 (YES) to 165 (NO). This bill needs a 2/3 majority to pass and this vote was 23 votes short of the required for a constitutional amendment. You should be aware that ALL DEMs voted "NO" even though we have now passed the $15 trillion dollar deficit! They do NOT want ANY cuts. No, they want to keep everything and just raise your taxes!

Midterms Fixed Nothing?
When we voted in the 2010 midterm elections, we thought that we had partially fixed the problems in Washington. WRONG! Things are so bad there that we barely touched the surface of the CORRUPTION!

However, don't give up just yet! We need to continue our work and make things go OUR way for a change. We DID in fact stop the ONE PARTY RULE that ram-roded the unpopular and unwanted ObamaCare down our throats. Now we simply have to fine-tune what we do have and keep focusing on where the problems exist. This is fairly easy in this case.

Plan of Action
Here are the TURNCOATS in the Republican Party who voted AGAINST a Balanced Budget Amendment:

  • Paul Ryan (R, WI)

  • David Drier (R, CA)

  • Justin Amash (R, MI)

  • Louie Gohmert (R, TX)

These BASTARDS have to be voted out of office. They don't want to balance the budget. They don't want to make drastic cuts. They want business as usual. Their vote is a record of how they REALLY feel about cutting and reducing the deficit. It's a matter of public record - in spite of what they say on camera in the all important sound bites!

If one of these TURNCOATS is in your district, begin a campaign to bombard their office with phone calls and emails to let them know your dissatisfaction. Tell your friends and neighbors about the campaign. Explain to them all why these guys have to be voted out in the next election cycle. AND, VOTE THEM OUT!

One person CAN make a difference. Pick-off the offending Congressmen one at a time and get rid of them. Once their colleagues see the way things go when they vote the WRONG WAY, they will start to represent you and your fellow constituents or they know their fate!

Friday, November 18, 2011

The Fairness Doctrine

Should We Bring It Back?
Where's the Fairness Doctrine when you need it? Do you remember the Fairness Doctrine when radio and TV broadcasters had to provide "equal time" to opposing views? That was abolished with the advent of the Internet and modern communications - including cell phones. The Federal government deemed it unnecessary because with the new media available, people could get a diverse set of opinions for the asking. They felt it was no longer necessary to force the MSM to broadcast both sides.

However, the Fairness Doctrine was abolished before it became CLEAR that the Main Stream Media (MSM) was totally biased for one political philosophy - namely Secular Progressivism (alias Socialism or Marxism). The way things stand now, most of the MSMs just working and supporting the Obama campaign.

To prove the point, look at their coverage on Obama. It's about 95% favorable no matter what he does wrong, or how big of a gaff he makes. Or the MSM just does NOT report it at all. They often IGNORE the news. No, the MSM rarely (if ever) has anything negative to publish or broadcast about Obama. So how many political points is that worth in free advertising? How much does this slanted propaganda actually influence the American public? Are they selecting the GOP candidate with THEIR BIAS? Only a small handful of the MSM is actually "Fair and Balanced" when it reports on Obama or the news!!

Hypocritical - YES
In case you haven't discovered this yet, the LEFT are hypocrites on many of the issues. They are the first to play the race card. In fact, it may be argued that THEY are the actual racists because of their abuse and misuse of that term. They are great at name calling in general. They believe that they are "objective" when it comes to Obama. Newt Gingrich says that "I understand there are places like MSNBC that are essentially the Obama re-election team."

The MSM reports the "Occupy" movement and says it's just like the Tea Party movement. That's just stupid and also a big fat lie. Bernie Goldberg's book on the "Slobbering Love Affair" illustrates numerous examples of the MSM's true bias to the hard LEFT!

Power Corrupts
Why should the MSM have all this power to influence the election? That's not fair, it's deceptive, dishonest, and certainly is Un-American! Whenever they report, we know that we cannot trust them to be telling the TRUTH. They have proven over and over that they lack objectivity and that they are no longer being HONEST with the American public. They are suppose to be one of the checks-and-balances to help keep America heading in the right direction. But this is no more... They are as corrupt as the politicians in Washington. No wonder America is in decline.

Action To Take
Don't be fooled again. If you must listen to the MSM, do so with an open mind knowing full-well that they are not giving news but their political opinion blended into the "news." That's called PROPAGANDA. Don't trust them any longer. Let them know this. Stop buying the products who support them. Read the international news on the Internet. Don't let yourself be BRAINWASHED any longer.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Lie After Lie

Nationalizing GM
Remember when President Obama nationalized the 2/3 of our automobile industry and took control over GM (alias Government Motors) and Chrysler Corporation? His BAILOUT was estimated at $85 BILLION dollars. The Obama government manipulated GM's bankruptcy and fired its CEO and let the unions take partial ownership at the expense of GM's bondholders. They called all of this a "Bailout." Next, they sold Chrysler to an Italian company!

But wait, the definition for "nationalize" is to "put under state control or ownership." No, of course they didn't call it Nationalizing. No, Obama called it a "Bailout." They can't let you know that they are behaving just like Fascist dictators. Democrats, Secular Progressives, and Marxists always have a funny way with words. Nationalizing is what a Fascist government does when it takes-over control of a company like Chavez does with radio and TV stations in Venezuela. But this is America, so they called it a Bailout instead of Nationalize. Ah, they're just words anyway... No American will even notice. Hey, we saved GM and all those union jobs!

The Bailout Worked
Not too long ago there was some fanfare (more government propaganda) at Government Motors when they indicated publically that they had paid-back their federal loans. (What they forgot to tell us is that they were also given federal funds to develop an electric car).

Wow, that was certainly good news for US taxpayers who are now technically shareholders after the unions. Or so we thought.

The wonderful GREEN POWERED Chevy Volt (fully electric car) is such a success as a Green Car that they sell what 40 cars a month? Well, the price tag is over $40,000 each so the average chum can't afford to buy one. No wonder! But they also forgot to tell you that the Chevy Volt has a record of catching fire while parked in a garage! Yeah, they don't mention to owners that those nasty lithium batteries are rather temperamental. Seems that a few Chevy Volts have caught fire and turned into giant melted balls of steel and plastic.

Stock Price Falling
It seems that GM's stock price has been falling lately. Gee, I wonder why? Maybe it's their new management! The government actually sold-off some shares of GM's stock but they still control the company.

So now after a couple of years, the Treasury Department just got around to counting exactly how much we as taxpayers shelled-out (got screwed out of). It seems that they counted wrong once again. Whoops! It must have been that fuzzy math. This time they were only off by a mere $9 BILLION dollars. The Federal Government will only loose $13.9 BILLION, $23.6BILLION, or $30 BILLION (depending on which report you read). But it was worth it! Obama says "The investment paid off. The hundreds of thousands of jobs that have been saved made it worth it."

How Many Lies Can YOU Take?
Plain and simple, ask yourself if you can believe ANYTHING that the government tells you. One thing we know for sure is that AMERICA IS HEADING IN THE WRONG DIRECTION - BIG TIME! We're getting sick and tired of the lies coming from the White House and Congress. Since we're not going in the right direction, we need to change the guy in charge of this fiasco. We cannot trust "OBLAMEMO" any longer.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Obama Wants Gun Ban from Public Lands!!

2nd Amendment - What's That?
President (Dictator) Obama has now given the Interior Department the go ahead to BAN the use of firearms on all public lands. Read that again. Ban the use of ALL firearms on public land! This new government "regulation" bars lawful gun owners from target practice AND HUNTING on millions of acres of public land. This move is unprecedented and totally ignores the principles set forth in the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution.

Reason for the BAN
The Obama administration is "concerned" about the potential clash between gun owners and the encroaching urban populations who like to use the same property for hiking and walking their dogs.

Yeah, well we're "CONCERNED" about the Fascist approach by our government!

"It's not so much a safety issue. It's a social conflict issue," said Frank Jenks, a natural resource specialist with Interior's Bureau of Land Management [BLM], which oversees 245 million acres. He says that urbanites "freak out" when they hear shooting on public lands. Ignore the fluffy words being used and what exactly does "freak out" mean anyway? Maybe hikers should go to the gym instead!

So let's get this straight. This isn't about safety at all. No, it's about the good for the "collective." The "Social Conflict Issue" is the Marxist approach to banning guns. The government wants to "regulate" all guns for the good of ALL individuals.

That's pure BULLSHIT and it's TOTALLY UN-American!!! Thank Obama for this one!

See this for what it REALLY is. Obama is using this tactic as a means to limit firearm usage in a first step towards BANNING ALL FIREARMS. He's overstepping the use of government regulations to promote HIS MARXIST AGENDA for America!

Action To Take
Maybe we should have our own "Gun Occupy" demonstration at the Bureau of Labor and Management! Give these BASTARDS a taste of their own medicine! Better yet, the "Gun Occupy" demonstrators should march on the home of Cass Sustein (Obama's Regulatory Czar) who was probably the brain child of this idea.

Do NOT put up with this infringement on YOUR Natural Rights! It's time to stand up America and defend your Constitutional rights.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Why Congress Pays So Well

Book Review
We don't often review or recommend books, but here's one that will make you cry real blood! It's called "Throw Them All Out" by Peter Schwiezer. This book details the rampant corruption present in today's Congress and why they all should be fired from office - if not JAILED! It provides the full story of how politicians play their exclusive inside game and make literally MILLIONS from it - (all legally for now). This is all about insider trading and how Congress (both sides) violates YOUR trust and make fortunes from it. It's also about crony capitalism at its best - including the Obama administration. The book outlines how Obama has funneled hundreds of millions of dollars to HIS supporters guaranteeing campaign donations from these recipients.

After reading this book you'll know why politicians run for Congress. It's not about protecting America or defending you or the Constitution. It's all about greed, mistrust, deceit and corruption on a scale that's hard to fathom! It explains how and why our top politicians (Like Pelosi and Boehner) will leave office with MILLIONS more than when they entered office. It describes how they use the non-public information at their disposal to make KILLINGS buying and selling stock.

Now you will understand why politicians NEVER want to leave office, once they play the elite insider game. This REALLY is the best Congress that money can buy! Washington DC politicians are a permanent political class and cannot afford to loose that power! Power and money corrupts and this book clearly explains it all. Now we know how and why Congressmen are ALWAYS BIG WINNERS in the stock market, and why they will never pass term limits.

This book is a must read if you're into American politics. It will also make you want to become a term-limit advocate and want to DUMP them all out of office!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Corruption in Congress

It's a fact that more Congressmen leave Washington with much more money than when they arrived. It's also a fact that their annual pay is $175,00. So how can they amass such huge wealth while serving Congress?

60 Minutes Breaks the Story
The TV show 60 Minutes points out that it is NOT unlawful for members of Congress to buy and sell stocks. However, because of this, many are becoming rich by employing "insider trading" to amass vast fortunes. They point-out that Congress has privy to non-public information on a daily basis. Many members of Congress use this information to enrich their personal wealth using their insider position. That's NOT against the law, but it's highly unethical!

Congress has daily access to non-public information, but are NOT included in insider trading laws. Guess who wrote those laws? Every other branch of the government is included in the insider trading laws - but NOT Congress, because they wrote the laws!!

Perks Aren't Enough
If you serve just one term of two years in Congress, you can retire with full salary ($175,000) and free medical benefits for life!

60 Minutes outlined numerous examples of how good financial things happen to powerful members of Congress. For example, IPOs (Initial Program Offerings) have profited Nancy Pelosi at least on eight different occasions. While working on VISA credit card legislation, Nancy bought 5000 shares of VISA at the initial price of $44. But of course, she felt that there was no conflict of interest. Two days later it was trading at $64. She sold it!

Pelosi says, "I'm not corrupt" even though she's involved in insider trading. This remark is similar to Richard Nixon's comment, "I'm not a crook." Political hypocrisy is unending. She is the perfect example of this corruption!

Corruption Realized
In 2004 new legislation was introduced as HR 1148 called the Stock Act. This legislation prohibited all members of Congress from trading ANY non-public information stocks. It only garnered 6 co-sponsors! That's DISGUSTING! The legislation died as soon as it was introduced because too many in Congress realized that their "golden egg" was at risk!!

Ask Congress
Why aren't the people who write the laws subjected to obeying those very same laws? If you're on the Banking Committee, you can trade bank stocks all you want. If you sit on the Defense Committee, you can trade defense stocks all day long - no problem. Too many in Congress have a mixed agenda. They are working on legislation for the country but they are also working on enhancing their portfolios.

Demand that the Stock Act be enacted and get Congress back to one agenda!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Barry's World

Teleprompter Dependency

Obama's Trick or Treat

Nobel Peace Prize

Dignity Redefined...

Spread the Wealth Around