Friday, February 21, 2014

How To Pass the Keystone Pipeline

We have all witnessed how Obama has usurped more presidential powers than is allowed legally by the US Constitution. EXAMPLE: He has changed, modified, deleted, delayed the Affordable Care Act 28 times without Congressional approvals.

Note: Article 2 of the Constitution spells-out the duties of the president. There is nothing stated that would allow the president to make-up his own laws without Congress. Yet, this is exactly what Obama is doing.

Hey Congress! Hello? Anyone home? If Obama can by-pass Congress, why not turn the tables? Why not pass the Keystone Pipeline WITHOUT OBAMA? This would create more jobs for Americans and help diminish our reliance on Arab oil.

Think about it. If Obama can do it - so can CONGRESS! He ignores you everyday. Give it back to him! The ends JUSTIFY the means. Deliver the message to Obama, because he needs to hear it!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Obama's Control of the Media Takes a Big Step

The Obama Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is now trying to REGULATE what gets presented as the "news" on radio, TV, and in print. Once again Obama is using his pen to get his way. The FCC have established the Critical Information Needs agency (CIN) whose purpose is to reside in the newsrooms of all FCC controlled media to "grill reporters, station managers, and editors" to see how they decide which stories to run as news. In the first phase, this effort will be merely a study of these organizations. The FCC claims that it as ONLY A STUDY of the media practices. God only knows what comes next after phase one!

The government's only reason for these actions is to "eliminate barriers to entry for entrepreneurs and small businesses in the communications industry." If you're buying that LAME EXCUSE, you're being too naive.

Recall that the FCC once established the "Fairness Doctrine" in 1949 which required equal time of the media for contrasting viewpoints of controversial issues. After numerous lawsuits and years of controversy over that doctrine, it was finally dropped in 1987. The FCC acknowledged that the Fairness Doctrine did NOT serve the public interest.

This new effort will begin in the spring of 2015 in Columbia, South Carolina.

Look at this for what it REALLY IS. This is another effort for the President to have full control over the media. It will SILENCE Conservative groups that the IRS cannot with their harassments. Let's be clear, this is just a masked for of the Obama government CENSORING the news. It ignores the Constitutional idea of a "Free Press."

Control the NEWS and you control the people. This whole concept is DANGEROUS and is a real THREAT to YOUR FREEDOMS!

Push-back hard America. Don't let this "new regulation" destroy our freedoms. This isn't America any longer. It's more like the fulfillment of Obama's MARXIST MANIFESTO!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Name Change

The United Auto Workers (UAW) lost in their bid to unionize the Tennessee Volkswagen manufacturing plant in Chattanooga. Obviously they are upset. Unions in general have been loosing members over the past decade. Workers are realizing that unions are not providing what they promised.

The UAW's new strategy is to ignore auto workers and shift their attention to other areas like higher education, casinos, and government. However, before they do so, they are going to follow ACORN's example and re-brand themselves by dropping "Auto" from their name. They will become the "United Workers" (UW) instead.

The name change won't change their organization, its leadership, philosophy, or  corruption. It will remain the same - JUST LIKE ACORN did. Rebranding is a favorite technique of Progressives/Marxists/Communists. When their original name becomes "tarnished" they re-brand themselves and continue with business as usual.

Don't be fooled America, if it walks like a Duck, Quacks like a Duck, but calls itself "United Workers" it's the same-old corrupted organization with a new name.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Don't Look Now…

Have you ever heard of "data analytics?" You'd better! There are numerous data analytics companies springing up all over the place. They used to be called "Efficiency Experts" but now with new technology, they are data analysts. (Don't you just love euphemisms?) Their job, to mine information about how YOUR work. These companies are developing multiple methods to track your work, your habits, your styles, your breaks, your lunch, your everyday work experience. Gee, this sounds something like the NSA now doesn't it?

Reason for this surreptitious intrusion? They want to improve YOUR productivity! Nothing cynical there! However, they can also use what they find to FIRE YOU! Most employees are ignorantly unaware that these activities are going on and being used against them. These methods track everything from how often you interact with your supervisor to how long it takes you to arrive at the office!

Some of their techniques involves installing sensors that are placed inside of office furniture, inside cubicles, and in various parts of the office building to track YOUR activities without YOUR knowledge. Advocates of this say that this is especially helpful where there are cultural clashes in places like company acquisitions or similar cross-cultural situations.

Most employees are clueless about this corporate SPYING. They may know that their emails are filtered and that their Internet is blocked and monitored, but they are IGNORANT of these other activities.

Companies using these tracking methods brag of a 7% improvement in their employees efficiency! This includes the companies hiring policies. (Hint: your long commute may NOT get you hired or could get you fired). Bank of America has used these services widely!

So let the employee beware. Those who work, must now face a new threat. Just more stress in the workplace. Deal with it!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Winning Strategies

Let's face it, the GOP has picked too many losers to run for President. They are consistent and keep on giving us candidates who are Progressives or RINOs and who are NOT Conservatives. That's why they will continue to loose to the Democrats.

When the Democrats selected Barack Hussein Obama to run for President, they chose a man who is half white and half black. They called him the first "BLACK" president when he was elected. That's half-right. If you oppose him, you are designated as a "RACIST." His policies, lack of managerial experience, associations with Marxists and Communists meant little. Anyone who opposed a "Black" man was discredited.

The Republicans need to learn from this lesson and use the Democratic strategy against them. What the GOP should do is to promote and nominate Doctor Benjamin Carson as their candidate. Carson is a true Conservative who garners the support of the Tea Party. He's a self-made man who has achieved true success in America. He sets a good example to the black community that the American dream is achievable if you try hard.

Anyone who opposes Carson would be called a "RACIST." What a novel idea.

However, the Republican Elites are too stupid and too stubborn to promote a real Conservative. They are too entrenched into maintaining their own position in office. They will NEVER LEARN.

The Tea Party must oppose ALL GOP incumbents who have been in office more than 2 terms. They need to oppose all of these people in the primaries in order to flush-out the Good-Old-Boys stuck in Washington, DC. John Boehner is a great example of a RINO that MUST be dumped in the midterms.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Civil Disobedience

The state lawmakers in Connecticut decided after the Newton shooting to take drastic measures. So they wrote legislation that requires all firearm owners with so-called "assault weapons" to register their firearms. Their information would be put into a database and be shared with all law enforcement agencies.

The law was passed and the deadline for gun owners to register has passed. The state recorded about 48,000 firearms. The only problem is that they estimate that there are about 150,000 of these firearms in Connecticut. That means that there are approximately 100,000+ newly created felons in the state of Connecticut, all with the stroke of a pen.

Lawmakers are flabbergasted! They cannot believe that citizens deliberately disobeyed a law that was meant to protect them (just kidding). Apparently, Connecticut lawmakers don't read history books. If they did they would realize that gun registration took place in Germany in 1933 when Adolf Hitler became Chancellor. The following year, the NAZI government confiscated all registered firearms. In other words, gun registration is the first step to gun confiscation. It's rather obvious that COnnecticut citizens understand these consequences and would rather become "felons" by NOT obeying a law that take-away their RIGHT to bear arms.

New York state also had something similar happen. Their state lawmakers decided to BAN what they call "assault weapons." So they passed "The Safe Act." However lawmakers there apparently wrote their ban based on the appearance of what they think assault weapons look like.

So gun manufacturers and gun dealers created a New York compliant version of the AR-15. It has a modified stock and does not have a pistol grip which was banned by the law. In New York, "assault weapons" are defined as any semi-automatic rifle that accepts a magazine and has any of a list of ten features, ranging from a pistol-like grip to a flash suppressor and a bayonet mount.

The new version of the AR-15 does NOT have any of these things and thus, is New York compliant. Governor Cuomo is PISSED!

However the Safe Act ALSO forces law-abiding owners of the dreaded "assault Weapon" to register their rifles. Only time will tell to see if New Yorkers are also going to become disobedient in conforming to gun registration.

Let's hope that the citizens don't comply. If they don't push-back they too will loose their right to bear arms.