Saturday, November 6, 2010

Obama - Playing the "Victim"

Latest Message From Our Chief
In an interview with President Obama on 60 Minutes, the "Victim" President claims that his policies weren't rejected by the American voters in this week's elections. The election results were because of poor communications!! REALLY? Is he THAT STUPID?

Now he's taking the tack that he's the "victim" and we are too STUPID to know that his policies are the best thing for "Fundamentally Changing America." WOW, he's either the dumbest guy on the planet or one of the most stubborn ideologues! It's for sure he doesn't know anything about humillity! If he thinks he's the victim now, just wait until the 2012 elections!!

The Nerve of This Guy
Over the past almost two years, we have seen Obama divide our country into separate factions by his rhetoric. He pits Hispanics against their Republican "Enemies." He insults the Tea Party. He creates class warfare. He plays favorites with the Unions at our expense. What a nice Guy and what a GREAT leader!!! He should be called the Great Divider!

Now he has the cojones to insult most Americans to tell us that we just didn't get HIS message because of "poor communications." Oh there he is again, telling us that we are too stupid to understand him. Poor Obama, he's so misunderstood. It's no wonder WE are so angry!

How many friggin' speeches can he give to deliver his message? It wasn't that we didn't get HIS message. It was that we didn't WANT or LIKE his message. Obama is so out-of-touch with Americans, it cannot be put into words.

His Progressive/Marxist followers Like Pelosi and Reid are always in-tune with HIS message - but Constitutional-following Americans do NOT!

Now HEAR THIS Mr. President
Wake up Mr. President - We Don't Want to Become a Marxist State under a New World Order like your buddy George Soros talks about! You can play the "victim" all you want, but don't blame anyone but YOURSELF. Take responsibility just once for your actions!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Voters Beware

The Election's Over - Now What?
Congratulations! You got out and voted. It shows in the results across the country.

So now everything is fixed - Right? Hummm... Not exactly, because this is just the beginning. Our country got onto this mess because we helped it get that way. We were complacent and sat back and watched things going down hill without standing up for our beliefs. They we joined the Tea Party or the 912 Project and became active.

Keep The Momentum Going
Just because the election is over, it doesn't mean that the problems are fixed. We now need to keep a close watch on Congress - (especially the newly elected). They need to know that we are watching and following their every move.

When they assume office, contact them and give them your support. Let them know what you expect and what you would like to see accomplished during their term in office. Don't let them forget who put them there.

What About Incumbents?
This will also have a positive effect on the incumbents who are either already on the side of smaller government or who are lucky enough to have survived the election - in spite of their voting records. Also contact them and let them know your expectations as well. If they're smart, they WILL listen. If not, you can fix that problem in the next election.

Don't Let Up
You have the personal commitment to see that your government is behaving the way YOU want it to behave. Now you must remain active and not let your guard down. Your country is still at risk of being "Fundamentally Changed" by the Progressive. Remember, that these people didn't go away. They are still there picking up the pieces for yet another attack on America. Stand up to them!

Don't give up! We ARE winning the battle!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Weekly Polls

The Rasmussen Reports is an independent electronic publishing firm that specializes in public opinion polling. Here are some current results on some main issues:

Presidential Tracking Poll
This tracks how the President is doing by those surveyed.
  • Strongly Approve... 27%
  • Strongly Disapprove... 43%
  • Approval Index... -16
Presidential Approval Index
This chart is from

Job Approval Rating

  • 31% of voters say that the country is heading in the right direction.

  • Only 46% of voters plan on using their vacation time this year.

  • 83% of voters think it's likely that GOPs will vote to repeal ObamaCare.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

"Homer Simpson Syndrome"

Homer Simpson Is Alive!

Obama's Regulation Czar, Cass Sustein, is right! Many Americans think and act just like Homer Simpson. Recall that Sustein wrote the book "Nudge" which postulates that you can manipulate American voters because they are just like Homer Simpson. (Meaning that we are STUPID and easy to brainwash).

Michell Obama is using Sustein's theory by telling us how we should feed our children. She wants to create "Food Deserts" using taxpayer money. REALLY? She's "nudging" Americans to avoid childhood obesity. Who died and put her in charge of feeding my kids?

The "Homer Simpson Syndrome" (as I call it) is also is exemplified in several states. Take for example, Nevada. They have the second highest unemployment rate and they re-elected Harry Reid (D) to the US Senate. If things are so bad, why would you want the same leadership representing you? They say that they hate Washington politics but they re-elect the ones who are most deeply rooted in them! That's stupid!

Another example of the "Homer Simpson Syndrome" is in California where they re-elected Barbara Boxer (D). Boxer is the Senator that pulled rank over the military by insisting that she be called "Senator" because she worked hard for her title. California has the highest unemployment rate and is expected to file bankruptcy because of overspending and physical irresponsibility. Doh!

A third example is Massachusetts where Barney Frank (D) was re-elected. He's the one who is largely responsible for the home mortgage fiasco. People re-elected him because they believed the lies in his political ads. Doh!

Easily Duped?
Why is it that Some voters just don't get it? Are they REALLY just like Homer? With a Congressional ratings at all-time lows, why do Progressive Democrats keep getting re-elected when people don't like their policies?

The Victims
We may have some insight to this problem. We have a friend who lives in the Boston area. She never keeps up with politics because she's too busy feeling sorry for herself (a victim of circumstances). She's always looking for new entitlements and government "freebies." As a widowed Senior citizen she claims hardship and gets fuel assistance because she "can't afford the high price of fuel oil for home heating." She also pleads poverty when she applied for - AND GOT - assistance to bring her home up to modern day standards with new windows, insulation, and a new furnace. All of this was provided FREE by her government because she is "needy." However, she forgot to mention to the people who provided her with these things that she owns a second home in the resort area of Cape Cod. Ironic, but the government never checked to see that she is receiving THREE PENSIONS either!

Isn't that lying by omission? Is she needy if she owns two homes? Doesn't the government ever check to see if she was really qualified for these entitlements? Isn't she stealing from the system? Are entitlements fair? Who's REALLY PAYING?

Why Get rid of the People Who Give Entitlements?
If you're on the end of receiving "FREE" things from the government, why would you ever want to vote-them-out of office? This would eliminate all the "free stuff" that the rest of us are paying for from OUR tax dollars.

All Is NOT Lost
Yesterday, most Americans woke up and voted-out the Progressives that have been on a course to "Fundamentally Change America." Congratulations! You broke the One Party Rule. Hopefully, there will be some checks-and-balances restored to government.

One thing for sure is that we ARE NOT LIKE Homer Simpson!

When you live in a state like California, or Massachusetts, you have Progressives running your daily lives. Maybe someday they will also wake-up!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Plain and Simple...

Action to Take Today

Please vote today. We need large numbers to vote. Take a friend along and get out the vote.

That's the message for November 2, 2010.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Do You Care About YOUR Country?

It's Time To Act Positive
If you are unhappy with the direction America is headed, you need to vote tomorrow. It's that simple. You can stop the Progressive agenda by voting the Progressives out-of-office. It was a mistake putting them there. They have NOT listened to us or even tried to represent us. They need to go!

America is at a Turning Point
Do you want to let the Progressive Agenda to continue? Obama and his elitest "friends" like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are "fundamentally transforming America" before your eyes. You can stop it by voting. Don't let America down.

Get out and vote tomorrow (if you already haven't).

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Guest Article - Progressives Are Hypocrites

Liberals at war with liberty
By David Limbough syndicated columnist.

"Why were liberals so insanely paranoid about the alleged nefarious activities of President George W. Bush? Projection, anyone? They were mortified at Bush's alleged encroachment on our individual liberties, but, now that they're in control, we see where liberty ranks on their list of priorities.

We've always known that the term 'liberal,' in modern parlance, is a misnomer. Today's liberals are the exact opposite of the classical liberals of yesteryear, who actually believed in limited government and free markets.

Liberals have been seducing Americans out of their liberties for decades with false promises of security. Prior to Obama, we were on a slow march toward statism, but now we are on a rapid gallop.

That's mostly what next week's congressional elections will be about. Ordinary Americans are horrified and outraged that Obama and his enablers in Congress are fundamentally transforming America from a beacon of liberty to a bankrupt socialist state. They are outraged that this elite bunch of officious intermeddlers are waging all-out war against our social compact. Americans want America back.

This nation was founded as a constitutional republic, with the people electing representatives to serve on their behalf and tend to the proper functions of government, but ultimately retaining sovereignty.

Most Americans are sophisticated enough to understand that we don't have a pure democracy and that we can't conduct government by daily polls or plebiscites. But they also don't expect that their wishes will be ridiculed, summarily rejected and spat upon by a sneering, disdainful autocracy.

President Obama and his henchmen are in the process of undermining the social compact in a number of ways. They are acting outside their constitutional authority, in defiance of the rule of law, to achieve political ends they – not the public – desire. They are ignoring the express will of the people and treating them like ill-informed rubes whose opinions aren't worthy of serious consideration, only phony placation. They are implementing a policy agenda that is substantively depriving us of our liberties across the board.

It's not for shock value that conservatives accuse Obama's band of being socialists. It's because there appears to be no limit to their appetite for gobbling up power and swallowing our individual liberties.

It's not just about power, either. They are imbued with a disturbing degree of moral superiority. They believe they have the right – even the duty – to tell us how we ought to live our lives because they know better than we do what is good for us. And they talk to us about Christian scolds!

This attitude underlies their views, from the seemingly least significant to the most pressing issues. Their czars and administrative dictators tell us that they are going to coerce us out of our cars and onto biking trails and walkways. They are giving people's hard-earned money away to other people to keep those other people in houses they can't afford, only to result in those others being unable to pay their mortgages and still losing their homes.

They are re-expanding the welfare state, increasing people's dependency on government, even though welfare reform was producing dramatically positive results while weaning people off the government teat. It's not results that matter; it's only the intermeddlers' professed good intentions. But how can good intentions any longer be fairly attributed to them, when the results of their policies are so uniformly disastrous, from the war on poverty to welfare to Social Security to, now, health care? And yes, I meant to include Social Security, because in its existing form, it is a complete hoax – entirely unfunded because its revenues have been hijacked from the beginning by immoral, irresponsible politicians unwilling to make government live within its means. These same politicians still refuse to reform it toward solvency, preferring fear and demagoguery to the hard truth.

People are very anxious about the depressed economy, to be sure, but they are outraged at Obama and Congress' deliberately bankrupt spending in the fraudulent name of repairing the economy; they are incensed at this immoral larceny against them and future generations of Americans to satisfy professor Obama's quixotic experiment in socialist economic theories. And they are mortified that these reckless knuckleheads are wrecking the best health-care system in the world under false pretenses – from promising more choice and coverage, when there will be less of both, to reduced costs, when costs are already beginning to explode.

America, its founding principles, its Constitution, its robust liberty tradition and its strength are being stolen out from under us by a man who has no appreciation for America's greatness and who has contempt for ordinary Americans (we're 'enemies'), whom he considers beneath him and unworthy of their sovereign prerogative to preserve this nation.

The people have had enough. Consequently, absent unimaginable, comprehensive voter fraud next week, we're going to see an unprecedented housecleaning."