Sunday, March 27, 2016

Privacy Invasion or Police State?

It Never Stops
If you  think your privacy IS important, then pay attention. Law enforcement is "DEMANDING" people who have private DNA databases to yield their information for the new POLICE STATE that is growing in the US. Much like the Apple computer fiasco, police are overstepping their authority by commanding cooperation with no legal basis for doing so. Apple refuses to give police the "key" to unlock their phones.

Police departments across the US are aware that thousands of individuals have paid $200 to $300 to have their genetic material analyzed to determine family lineage. is one of the most popular of these entities. Ancestry has cooperated with police and released genetic details on several customers whom the police were interested in investigating. They did so without asking for the customer's permission. Where's the privacy protection? There is NONE!

The police can and do, use this information much like fingerprints at crime scenes to prosecute individuals. It's like the "black box" that's installed in all new cars. The recorded information can, and IS used in accident cases AGAINST the drivers.

OK, you say you have nothing to hide because you're NOT a criminal. That's NOT the point! What's happening is the blatant deterioration of your privacy and the destruction of the 4th Amendment (ILLEGAL SEARCH AND SEIZURE). The police in these examples do NOT have any search warrants and are truly INVADING individual privacy unilaterally. AND, the bad thing is that the companies who have your private information are freely giving it to the police.

Bottom Line
Don't pay to have your genetic material analyzed. It can be used against you without ANY LEGAL MEANS! Insurance companies would LOVE to know your genetic information so they can raise your rates because of risk of specific diseases. They may be the next to "demand" your information.

Why take the risk?